Weekly Ramblings

Hey guys! It doesn’t feel like Tuesday today! I took Jackson to daycare first thing this morning which I haven’t done yet. We normally do his first nap at home and take him around 10:45, but I have to start working at 9am once a week now, so I wanted him to get used to an “early” morning drop-off. So I’ve been all on my own this morning! It’s kind of strange! I planned on waking up to go to the gym (at 5:30, ahhh) but then decided my legs are way too sore. I thought about picking up at work (still a few hours short- so I need to pick up to actually cover the cost of daycare!) and then I decided not to. And then I decided to go get coffee at a coffee shop, since it’s been awhile since I’ve done that. However, what I actually did with my morning was come home, immediately lay on the couch, and sleep for two hours. It was fantastic. I hardly ever nap (despite my many plans to nap- it just never happens) and I think I could have napped the entire day away! But, boobs.

I went back to CrossFit yesterday! I am joining CrossFit Chamblee. I sort of forgot that I had planned on doing MissFits for a month since it’s only $55 a month and is at 10am, which is convenient. So scratch that plan. We did some cleans, snatches, and then we did 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of OHS. I ended up having too much back pain to do OHS, so I did front squats (after making it through 2 rounds of trying to make it to 21 with OHS, so I ended up doing 30 extra squats before starting that). I only used 35# and today I am SO SO SO sore. Holy cow. It’s also super obvious how weak my core is. We did pull ups at the beginning and I can actually feel how little strength I have. It feels like my c-section scar is pulling a little too sometimes, but it’s not painful. Just kind of there. It feels good to be back though. I’m excited about being back at CF, but I wish the hours there were more flexible. They have 6am and 7am classes, which would be fine once I wean, but right now, I have to pump before going to the gym. (Don’t get me started on pumping right now. My right boob is not emptying well and getting constant clogs and I’m actually thinking I may need to quit pumping because I think the boob is going to stop responding the pump entirely soon.) And there are only noon classes on MWF, which means on T/TH, I need to figure out something else (may use LA Fitness again).

Jon and I went to the store last night and I was wearing Jackson. I decided to look at the electrolytes in SmartWater since I’m working out now and breastfeeding. They’re just added for taste so I decided it wasn’t worth the money and went to put it back on the top shelf. I dropped the entire liter bottle on Jackson’s head! The cap hit him square in the forehead! I felt awful! I started crying (obviously, I cry all the time now) and he was hysterical! Thankfully, he calmed down in less than a minute and was totally fine, but I felt so bad! The water also fell from his head and onto the floor and busted all over the place. And Jackson has already spit up all over the floor. We were a mess. I’m sure I’ll do much worse in the future, but this was the first time that I’ve bee the one to hurt him!

I also had an appointment with the chiropractor yesterday and was so excited about getting a massage there! It was so disappointing! It was free technically, but the lady (who talked like, 1/2 the time) asked how the pressure was and I said it needed to be harder. I could barely tell she was pushing harder. It was so light. I need a deep tissue massage. These back muscles need some serious massaging! I wish Jon had the stamina to massage me for long periods of time because his back massages are amazing. I rarely enjoy a massage as much as I enjoy his. I was really hoping this lady would at least be decent, but it was underwhelming.

Gina is getting married this weekend! Woohoo! I actually can’t believe there is a wedding this weekend! It is incredibly hot so I have a feeling her actual ceremony may be a little toasty, but I’m excited about it! We’re all getting together tonight to work on some wedding crafts and then Friday night is the rehearsal and dinner. I’m hoping Jon can make it, but it’ll be a bit of a pain in the ass because he’ll have to juggle getting Jackson up to my mom and dad’s house for the weekend and then get all the way back downtown during Friday rush hour. I’ll be headed downtown again early on Saturday to get ready with Gina and then her wedding is at night! Crista will be married in October and then whenever Laura and Doug get engaged, all of my friends will be married! (I only have like, 5 friends though, so there aren’t that many, haha.)

I need to go shower and pump and then go get Jackson. I’m sure he’ll be exhausted since he didn’t get any naps at home today.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Ramblings

  1. I saw your Facebook post about dropping the bottle on Jackson’s head and laughed out loud, but I’m glad he’s okay and i think he will be okay (and you will be okay too). I’m glad you got to join a CrossFit gym and hopefully you can find a class schedule that works out well for you there. Hope the wedding isn’t outside since it is so hot… that is one thing I hate about summer weddings, and I think it’s more difficult for the guys in suits and tux’s. At least we can wear less clothes!

    • Yep, the wedding is outside! Just the ceremony thankfully, but it’s supposed to pour this weekend too so we’ll see what happens! I always have to wear my hair back too for summer weddings since it’s such a mess if I keep it down! Jackson was totally fine after a minute! I think it’s probably worse for me haha.

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