The Last of Lake Tahoe & Weekend Updates

After my last blog post, I went to the hotel gym for a pretty awesome workout. I was pretty impressed. Then, Jon and I went out to have our last breakfast in Lake Tahoe. Over the last month, I’ve had quite a bit of pain in my stomach region, mostly right under the left side of my rib cage. It seems uncomfortable a lot with certain positions, eating, and whatever else. It has been getting worse and I was commenting to Jon the other morning that even touching my skin over that area is tender.

Well, while we were eating, the pain there just kept getting worse and worse. It ended up getting pretty excruciating, so Jon and I headed back to the room. Once we got there, I ended up with a lot of left sided abdominal pain in general and lower right sided pain (which I get also on the lower right side- I think I have adhesions from having a hernia removed when I was a baby). It was pretty scary since we were nowhere near my OB and I had no idea if this was just related to a stomach issue or if something was going on with Jackson. I also wasn’t really thrilled about the idea of paying an entire deductible or even possibly hitting our out of pocket yearly max three weeks before the new year if we had to go to the hospital, especially since we’ll be paying it all again come March! After a ton of back and forth, I decided I’d try taking some Maalox to see if that helped and if it did, at least we knew it was just some acid irritating my stomach. And it definitely helped. (This portion of this blog will play into my next post…)

We made it out long enough in the afternoon to explore in the snow and play some more chess before cuddling up in bed for another movie.



The snow was beautiful and it made me want to stay even longer! Unfortunately, we had an early wake-up on Friday morning to head back to Reno for our flight home. Of course, I was a ball of nerves cause I absolutely hate flying and it was super overcast on our entire drive out to Reno. Taking off is the worst part of flying and if the weather is bad, I can’t stay calm no matter what because I know the take off is bound to be rough! I was pretty nervous for that entire flight, but thankfully it was only an hour. I did much better on the second (three hour) flight home. Because of the time change, we ended up getting home around 10:30pm!

Saturday was an 11a-7p workday, so I got up in time to go grocery shopping and head to work for a super easy day. That night Jon and I attended my ER Christmas party. Jon was dressed when I got home since I hit horrible traffic on my way home, and I casually mentioned as I was attempting to find a dress that fits my big ol’ belly that this was a Great Gatsby themed party. I didn’t care cause I was planning on wearing anything that fit, but he was like, “Seriously?! You didn’t tell me this was a themed party! I can’t wear this! I need to find a suit! I could have gotten a hat and a bow tie for this!” Men. We only stayed for maybe 1 1/2hrs since my heels were hurting my feet! Total mistake wearing them, but really, I’m not super into social work gatherings anyway so I was totally fine leaving.


I know that picture of us is super small, but I cropped it from a collage that a lady from work had posted on Facebook! I meant to have her text it to me when I saw her at work today, but then ended up being too busy to even think about it!

Yesterday morning was another 11a-7p day at work. Super easy day again! I was working with the kids all weekend, but even our adult side was tame! Love that on a weekend! When I got off work, I met Jon downtown at The Iberian Pig. I honestly probably wouldn’t have gone, but he had spent the day with his friends who were in from New York. We stayed with them when Jon and I drove through New York and I was such a butt during that whole trip. Not necessarily outwardly to his friends and I’m not even sure if they knew what a butt I was being, but I still feel like a jackass for how I acted. So there was no way I was going to skip a chance to meet up and redeem myself! I’m glad I went though because I did have a genuinely good time and it was nice to see them again too! Unfortunately, that restaurant is not cheap and it’s hard to leave under $100 and with so many expenses lately, I wasn’t thrilled about that. But alas, that’s life.

I picked up from 11a-3p today at work. I had planned on working out this morning, but I fell asleep at 2am and woke up at 6am and all I wanted to do was sleep! It never happened, so Jon and I hung out for a bit this morning before I headed into work. Today was an insane day at work but it was over within 4 hours and then I went to my mom and dad’s house to make Christmas cookies with the momma!


We used to be way more into it when we were little. I was surprised my mom even made shapes this year! No colored icing or anything crazy! My mom also made chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter balls before I got there today, so we have tons of desserts at our house now! So much for eating less sugar. Woops.

And now, for the latest bump picture since we just took one this morning… I’m 28 weeks and 2 days today. (Also, Jon decided not to tell me what I went to work with my tag out and deodorant all over my work shirt. Like, ALL OVER it. What kind of husband is he?!) I gained 4lbs just this week and I definitely feel like this belly got bigger just in the last 1-2 weeks. It seemed huge today. Not sure what’s going on with it.


4 thoughts on “The Last of Lake Tahoe & Weekend Updates

  1. Those snow pictures make me want snow so bad!!!
    Wow bump is looking awesome 🙂

    • The snow was awesome! Especially because we were in a place where people are prepared for it! If that happened in Atlanta, the city would shut down till it melts! And thank you 🙂 The bump is starting to get in the way, but I still kinda like it!

  2. That’s scary having pain and not knowing what it is! I would be packining too, I hate going to the hospital.

    Those cookies look great! I love decorating Christmas cookies!

    Wow the belly is getting bigger! You’re not at the full mark yet so it will continue to grow.

    • Ah I know! I’m hoping it doesn’t get TOO much bigger because I’m really trying to avoid new gym clothes, haha. But he lays all sideways in there with his feet to my left and I feel like he’s going to run out of room eventually and have to turn and maybe that’ll make him stick out more!

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