Lake Tahoe Vacation

Well well well… Lake Tahoe has been less than exciting since the last post I made! I was worried before coming here that we’d run out of stuff to do since it’s definitely a winter activity town, but we decided to come and have a relaxing trip anyway! And relaxing it has been!

Jon and I have both managed to stay on east coast time, so the latest we’ve stayed up is 9pm and our sleep hasn’t been great. It’s so incredibly dry here that we both wake up all night long blowing our noses and feeling uncomfortable in this bed. But I’ve still spent a ton of time in bed anyway. I eat breakfast and dinner in bed, lay in bed during the day, watch movies in bed every day… It’s kind of nice!

I am definitely looking forward to coming back here when I’m not pregnant and can comfortably hike! I’m sure the views are amazing! But with having to pee every 10 minutes and having the weight of a baby on my bladder, that just can’t happen this trip!

Since we don’t have a car anymore, we’ve gone exploring pretty minimally. We did walk out to the water yesterday and it was so insanely windy! There were also these huge metal things in the water blocking the pretty view.


We also rode the gondola up to the ski area the other day. I’m glad we decided to get it done that day because the gondola has been closed most of the days we’ve been here due to wind! Since I hate being in uncontrolled environments up high (like flying), I didn’t really enjoy the gondola ride. It was scary. But there was a platform overlooking Lake Tahoe that was beautiful!


Once we were up at the top, we just sat around watching skiers and snowboarders. There wasn’t much to do other than that! Jon wished he had gone skiing and obviously, I can’t ski anyway, so I didn’t really care. It was a nice few hours though!

We’ve also been playing a ton of chess. I hadn’t played in years!


Today is our last full day here! We woke up at 7am and ate breakfast in bed while watching Get Hard! Nice and relaxing! It’s snowing a ton right now and it’s starting to build up on the ground! I love it! I’m about to go work out (they’ve been super quick workouts here!), shower, and then Jon and I are going to go walk around in the snow! At lake level, we can have up to a foot of snow today and tonight, so we’re hoping we can get to the airport in the morning! Fingers crossed! Otherwise I’ll be calling out of work on Saturday, cause we already don’t land until after 9pm tomorrow!

Alright guys, have a great day! I better get my workout on cause Jon is nagging me, hah.


2 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe Vacation

  1. Those pictures look so gorgeous! The lake just looks beutiful! That’s what I did in Vail, just walk around and relax cause it was the off-season and everything was closed, it was great. Sometimes you just need a relaxing vacation.

  2. Ahhh that view is incredible! It sounds so relaxing, chill time is always great at this time of year!!

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