Lacking Energy (thanks baby), Wedding Dress Shopping, & Birthdays!

Happy Monday! It’s a beautiful day in Georgia and the fall weather has really set in! It was in the upper 30s yesterday morning when I left for work and I LOVE it! Thankfully, I’m off for the next 3 days, which is much needed! I need some time to be productive.

Speaking of, productivity is at an all time low around here. I have no energy. I just rolled out of bed at 11am, despite having a million things I’d like to do today. I just lay there and can’t even muster up the energy to get out of bed to start my day. Even on weekends that I’m off lately, Jon and I stay in bed until the very late morning and I used to want to get out of bed to enjoy my days off with him. When I come home from work, I can’t even bring myself to rinse out my dishes from the day, and instead they pile up on the counter. Clean laundry is all over our house, our floors haven’t been swept, the toilets have mold growing in them… Unloading the dishwasher seems like a huge feat, even though I typically would do it in the mornings before I left for work. I have a paper I need to begin working on. I’m not going to the gym as much anymore. Or I am, but my workouts suck.

On Friday, I told myself that if I just went to LA Fitness for 10 minutes (I had other things to do and none of my usual classes were up on ClassPass for some reason, so decided on an LA Fitness day) and did the elliptical, I’d get in the mood to work out. That’s always my trick. I just make myself go, start on some cardio to warm up, and I usually end up with a great workout! Last Monday and Wednesday, those workouts were over in 30 minutes, although I at least did something. Friday, my legs felt like 1,000lb pieces of lead and I seriously struggled through 8 minutes on the elliptical. I didn’t even make it to 10 minutes. And then I left the gym for the first time in my life (those few minutes of warming up always motivate me to work out!).

I think that was really an eye opener to just how exhausted I am. And with no reason, either. I’m not working nearly as much as I used to. I mean, I understand I’m pregnant, but everybody talks about that huge increase in energy in the second trimester! I feel like these last few weeks, I’m the most drained I’ve been in my entire life. And it’s not even that I want to sleep all the time; I just don’t want to move from the couch. I got off work on Thursday at 3pm and ditched my plans to go stay downtown at a hotel with Jon, and instead laid on the couch all night, only getting up to pee. (I was also really nauseous for some reason, so I didn’t have to get up for food.)

This feeling of being drained is getting old! I feel like this when I’m sick too, so I can only imagine if I get that tired when my body is using its energy to fight away a virus, that growing this baby is probably expending tons and tons of my energy. But I just want to be in the mood to go to the gym and be active! I want to enjoy this beautiful fall weather! I want to finish my papers before the last minute! And I want to stop looking at a disastrous house!

This wasn’t meant to just be me complaining, although I suppose that’s what I did!

Luckily, Friday night I did get to go have an evening out with Gina and Kassie for some wedding dress shopping! Gina’s mom also came and so did the other bridesmaid, Hannah. The shop was so swanky! I never went to look at a place like that because quite frankly, even the cheapest of those dresses are out of my price range! But it was so much fun having that fancy wedding dress shopping experience, and Gina even found her dress!


It has been so fun having my best friends get married! I really love that we have all been friends for the last 15 years (which makes me feel really old- I can’t believe my memories with them happened that long ago!) and we get to be there for each other’s weddings and babies and buying houses and new jobs. It really is amazing that I found such wonderful friends when I was so young and stupid (at 14), and that we really have all had completely nondramatic friendships. We’ve all always gotten along without any hiccups at all.


Not the best picture, but I can’t post the good ones I got on my camera since Gina is in the dress she found!

Other than that, last week I had tea with Laura one night at a local coffee shop. We sat outside and enjoyed the cooler weather. I haven’t been spending nearly as much time with Laura lately and I definitely miss seeing her. I’ve really just been kind of lazy on my evenings off work though, but I should probably get back in the habit of trying to at least do something in the evenings!

Anyway, I’m off to go start cleaning my house. My goal is to clean this place up today, and if I have time, I’ll go to the gym too. Jon and I are going to Capital Grille to celebrate his 32nd birthday tonight!


I just pulled up my Europe pictures to find this one and it reminds me that I really should at least do a brief trip update since we had an AWESOME trip! Also, look at that small belly on me! Little did I know that this was only a few days before I’d get pregnant!

Speaking of how lucky I am to have my friends, I’d say I’m pretty lucky to have this guy too. He drives me crazy sometimes, but I really can’t imagine my life without him. I sat down with him last night to have a serious chat about some issues we’ve been having lately, and it just reminded me how far we’ve come in being able to talk things through without getting upset with each other. It was also a great reminder at how supportive he is, and how much he really does try to make me happy. Recently, I had to bring up him spending so much time with Andrew (his best friend who just moved here), because I feel like he and I should be spending more time together before this baby is born and our life changes. He has done a fantastic job to be available when I’m off work (he has two free evenings each week and most weekends free while I work to do whatever he wants). Marriage is definitely not always exciting and it’s not always fun and it takes a ton of work, but I do love my husband and love the life we’ve created together. I picked a good one and can’t wait to celebrate with him tonight! He is, by far, the best part about my life (other than my immediate family- because I’d be lost without them, but I didn’t choose them and I chose Jon!).

This post was random and all over the place. I hope you all have a good day and maybe I’ll be back this week!

6 thoughts on “Lacking Energy (thanks baby), Wedding Dress Shopping, & Birthdays!

  1. I hope you get your energy back soon! I love how you have such good friends like Gina and Kassie- you have been friends with them forever and that’s so cool. I’m not in touch with any of my friends from high school and only a few from college (it’s hard to believe that was already 8 years ago). Love the pre-belly pic of you and Jon from Europe too!

    • I’m not really in touch with any friends from college since I had such a nontraditional college experience (with leaving so many times for Army stuff), so I’m REALLY glad I have my friends from high school! I keep telling myself that I need to make more friends now, but clearly, right now is not the time since I can’t even keep my house clean, haha.

  2. It’s good that you are listening to your body and not just pushing on but I do hope you get your energy back!
    I have a dinner date to celebrate with my school friends on Friday night, as a group we have been friends for 20 years, although Lyndsay I’ve known since pre-school as we lived next door to each other when we were born! I love that we are still friends after all this time too!
    Yes please share the Europe trip!!! 🙂

    • Maybe I’ll work on that tomorrow! I totally could have done it today, since I really just ended up cleaning out my kitchen appliances and not cleaning ANYTHING else, haha.

  3. I can’t even imagine how exhausted you are. I also feel like the cold weather is energy zapping too.

  4. I hope you start feeling better soon and start getting your energy back! Sometimes pregnancy seems miserable haha but also like a miracle.

    I wish my friends and I were a little closer and had more time for each other. It gets difficult when everyone is settled down and youre the only single one haha.

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