Cabin Weekend and Vacations!

OMG SO MUCH TO SAY! Well, first of all, new bump pictures (I know I swore I wouldn’t be one of those people to post pregnancy pictures all the time, but it’s way more fun having your belly grow than I thought it would be).


The one on the left was actually last week sometime (so 18 and some weeks), and the one on the right was this past Saturday (19 weeks). I think my belly just looks bigger in tighter shirts.

I finally made it to the coffee shop I had been wanting to try last week! It was a wonderful day out and I was so happy to just sit outside and attempt homework (it’s too hard for me to concentrate while sitting outside). I also ended up finally finding new glasses and sitting in a ton of traffic!

roswell provisions

This past weekend was a cabin weekend! I had plans of CrossFit on Friday morning but ended up not going so that we could get ready for the cabin. I felt a little lazy since I only went twice last week, but honestly, I’m not really feeling the gym lately. I have no idea why, but I just don’t feel like working out at all, and that’s just not normal for me! My body just feels tired every time I go to the gym, even though don’t feel tired.

We ended up stopping by the outlet mall and buying some maternity jeans for me (as shown on the right above)! Life saver jeans! They were originally $215 and I got them on sale for $105! Still insane for pants, but I figure I only need one or two pairs of maternity pants and I’m set for the winter. They’re a size 24 and the only maternity pants I’ve found like that (basically in petite maternity) are all expensive. But hey, I found some, and I thought it’d be nearly impossible to find pants for such a small frame.

We also stopped by Dahlonega for a lunch in the beautiful weather before making it to the cabin. I realized that we haven’t been to the cabin since before we went to Europe in June, and I don’t even remember our last trip there. We used to try and go regularly but life has just been so busy lately that we haven’t been able to. I’m trying to get in as much cabin time as I can, since I think my parents are going to be selling it soon as they head into retirement. It’ll definitely be a sad day when it goes, as the cabin has been our relaxing place for over 10 years now.

It was dreary up in Blairsville and I had a pounding headache, so I napped while Jon went and bought some more firewood. We ended up going out for some cajun-ish food (small towns never have great food) and I had fish and chips. After eating out for two meals in a row, I felt completely awful. I did, however, start a new fantastic book! I recommend it to anybody and I wasn’t really thinking I’d like it at all, but it’s called Honolulu by Alan Brennert. I haven’t read a book in a long time that I didn’t want to put down, but I finished that book in just over 24 hours!

Friday night was a rough night of sleep since I tried to sleep upstairs with the rain pounding on the roof (love that sound, but it keeps me awake) so I finally moved downstairs at 7am, read for a few hours, and then napped. So we had a late day, but it was wet and dreary again so we enjoyed it! We got some breakfast and coffee that morning and drove around exploring. We stopped at an olive oil place and bought some new olive oil that was delicious.

My friend Shelby just moved up to Blairsville, so Jon and I stopped there to visit for about an hour. Jon and I were both feeling lazy so we headed back to the cabin, built a fire, read some books, and ate leftovers for dinner.

Yesterday morning we woke up and went out to a southern place for breakfast. I was already feeling horrible so that food sure didn’t help! I wanted to throw up the whole way back to the cabin to pack up our stuff! It was finally sunny outside but we had to head home, unfortunately! At least we got to enjoy the views!

north georgia

We ran some errands on the way home and watched some Netflix documentaries last night while cuddling with Tom! I slept with the windows open last night and it was so cool and wonderful out!


I got up at 7am today and headed out to the gym. I had a terrible workout. Terrible. I was nauseous still from eating horribly all weekend long and I seriously felt like my legs were 1,000lbs on the elliptical for 10 minutes (at a level 1). I did a few squats, had a pathetic arm workout that made me want to pass out, and then stretched. All in 30 minutes. And that was enough for me.

I decided since I got my workout in early, I’d pick up 4 on call hours in the ER today for 1.5x pay (hey-o $$$$$). I also ended up picking up 8 hours of on call for Thursday from 7a-3p, so that’s a decent amount of money this week! (I work my PCU job tomorrow and this weekend.) My 4 hours today were crazy busy, but they’re over!

Now it’s a wonderful evening and Jon and I are going to make tacos tonight! Our fantastic news for the week is that Jon requested vacation in December this morning and it was already approved! So we have an entire week to go somewhere for a Babymoon and I’m thinking Paris! He even said he would go, despite him really not wanting to go to Europe in the cold weather (but Paris in December! ROMANTIC!) ! Woohoo! I just need to look at the cost and decide if it’s really responsible of us to go with so many expenses coming up- but I mean, this is our LAST trip overseas before we have a baby! I feel like we just need to go, despite how anxious I already am about having to fly over the ocean while pregnant (I always swear I’m going to get blood clots when I fly and it only increases with pregnancy) without any Ambien to help me with my flight anxiety! And how anxious I get over money, especially with unpaid maternity leave coming up so soon.

I want to go enjoy some weather now! Have a great night!


13 thoughts on “Cabin Weekend and Vacations!

  1. Wow, you’re practically halfway through! I can’t believe how fast it has gone! Originally $215 for jeans? Holy crap.. thank goodness for the sale! What a beautiful view you had from the cabin. I would want to spend weekends out there all the time! I hope you guys get to go to Paris too. Or anywhere before the baby comes since you might not get to go for awhile!

  2. That’s a crazy amount of money for jeans but I totally understand how it’s hard for small girls like us to find maternity clothes. I know there’s some sort of band you can buy to wear your current jeans for much of the pregnancy too so maybe one pair will go a long way (plus I guess since you’re a nurse, scrubs are kinda accommodating…). Glad you guys had a fun weekend at the cabin and are enjoying it while you still can before your parents sell it!

    • These jeans have a huge belly band, so they should fit for the whole time! I saw the regular bands you can wear with your regular jeans, but I though the buttons area would get kind of annoying with the band pushing it into your rock hard belly. So I invested 🙂

      • I don’t blame you, you could use them again if you had other kids or probably resell them on one of those Mom Swap Facebook groups to recoup some of your money post-pregnancy.

  3. I can’t believe you are halfway through your pregnancy. Wow it seems like just yesterday that you announced it. Maybe not for you though! 😉 I haven’t spent that much on jeans in a long time but I will say I would spend it on a good quality jacket. 😉

    • I haven’t bought jeans in FOREVER! Probably sine 2009 when I got back from Iraq! I actually had been thinking about splurging on a pair and then I got pregnant! So I guess the maternity jeans are a splurge! This pregnancy is totally flying by! I need it to slow down! There’s so much that we need to do still!

  4. That view is incredible! I have to say, I don’t blame Jon for not wanting to come to Europe in winter however Paris is amazing and romantic whatever the weather. You must go!!
    Loving the bump photos you are looking great!
    Don’t beat yourself up about the workout, your body is probably tired from growing a human!!! Ha!

    • My body is definitely tired! I’ve stayed in bed until 10 or 11 lately than I have in YEARS! I love going to Europe in December! It’s not the same as having sunny days, but there aren’t nearly as many crowds as in the summer! I’ve enjoyed my winter trips to Europe way more than my summer trips!

  5. I would want to document the progress of my belly if I was pregnant too, I see some girls turn it into a collage at the end and it’s cute!

    Ah Paris!!! That would be awesome! I would be scared of flying pregnant too but you should be fine. Maybe you’ll be so tired that you can sleep on the plane?

    Man I didn’t know how expensive pregnancy pants are! That’s insane! Maybe they have some pregnancy clothes at like the Salvation Army? That’s surprising!

    • Not all maternity pants are THAT expensive! I actually got from online from The Loft (petite maternity) that happened to be a petite 00. They were on sale for $40ish and they actually fit decently. The top bunches where the jean fabric meets the band, but I figure it’ll be fine for looser tops. They’re not skinny jeans though, so they won’t be as good for boots. So I figure I have two pairs of jeans and that’ll be it for maternity pants! I wish I could find pants at Salvation Army! I’m too small! I need a petite 00 or a size 24 and that’s really not common at all. I got the ONLY pair of size 24s at Motherhood Maternity! I just need to find tops I can wear now!

      • Haha, yeah $40 is a lot better. The fabric may get better as you get bigger. Have you seen the H&M maternity line? They may have tops.

      • I hadn’t seen that! I usually go to H&M too. Is it in the regular stores or online? I’ll need to look into it! I like H&M.

      • I’ve seen it in a few stores, some don’t have it, but it’s definitely online. They don’t have a ton but it’s cheaper!

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