Asheville, NC Bachelorette Weekend!

What a great weekend! I had a pretty busy week last week between work classes and my first actual orientation shift at the new job on Thursday, but it wasn’t a bad week! I had planned on gym time on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons (class was over by 4:30), but no such luck! I was extremely tired both nights and decided to skip the gym. I also planned to wake up early Friday morning for the gym, but I snoozed instead! Sometimes I just need sleep more than working out.

Friday was a hectic day! Laura and I were in charge of groceries for Kassie’s Bachelorette weekend in Asheville, NC, but I realized when I woke up that I totally forgot to get my nails painted! So we met at the nail salon at 11am and then ran into Costco and Publix for food! It’s really hard deciding what to buy for 12 girls. We thought maybe we were under shopping, but we ended up having tons of food left at the end of the weekend! Oops!

Laura and I finished our errands by about 12:45 and headed to Asheville. It was such a beautiful drive through the small mountain towns! I was in love! Jon and I usually go to my parent’s cabin at least every other month or so, but we haven’t made it in a long time and I must be missing the quaint little mountain towns! I’m totally dreaming of a fall trip to Asheville now! And the Chimney Rock hike I want to do is right up there! I can’t wait for cooler weather!

Laura and I decorated as soon as we arrived (after exploring the amazing house!!!) and waited for the next car of girls, which included Kassie! Once Kassie arrived, we relaxed on the beautiful porch before heading out for a barbecue dinner!


Look at that porch! The house was absolutely adorable too! I looked it up online and in 2012, it sold for $276k. Maybe Jon and I need to move to a beautiful house like that in Asheville! That’s a whole lot cheaper than Atlanta!

IMG_3820 111111

After dinner, we hung out on the porch some more until all the other girls arrived. We ended up playing games and it was a ton of fun! I don’t think I even have 12 friends, so it was fun hanging out with a big group of girls! We all headed to bed around midnight since most of the girls had worked all day on Friday and we had a big day planned for Saturday!

Saturday morning, we woke up somewhat early and made a big breakfast for the group. The pans at the house were shoddy, so our breakfast was pretty pathetic, but I got some eggs in so I was happy!

We left after breakfast to go tubing! The tubing trip took about 3 hours from start to finish and that was a little long for me! At the beginning, you’re warned that the 4th bridge is the last bridge and to start getting ready to exit after the bridge. So I think we all saw the bridge and were prepared to end the tubing trip, but it was well over an hour before we actually got to the exit! We were all getting hungry so it was nice to be out of the tubes! I also managed not to get any sunburn except on the tops of my feet and on one of my side boobs. It really was fun to go tubing though. I hadn’t gone in years and it was a big, wide open river that was really perfect for tubing. We all strapped to each other with the cooler in the middle and floated along!

Back at the house, we grabbed some lunch and then napped and showered and got ready for the night out! Hallie (matron of honor) had made reservations at a tapas place, Zambra. Of course, we all took pictures on the porch before leaving!

IMG_3834 11111Hallie, Kassie, me.

 IMG_3866 11111

We headed to Zambra after our photo shoot was over and enjoyed some delicious tapas! I definitely recommend going there if any of you ever make it to Asheville! Their drinks were delicious (I only had sips to try everybody’s) and the food was so good! For tapas, it was reasonably priced as well. The service wasn’t the fastest, but I don’t think any of us were in a huge hurry. They didn’t refill my water in a timely manner (my biggest pet peeve, especially since they were constantly bringing out food), but other than that, it was definitely worth it. And the ambiance was great!

IMG_3902 11111

The high school friends from the Bachelorette party! Bottom: Laura, Rachel, Gina. Top: Me, Kassie.

IMG_3912 11111

I think some of us missed the memo that this was a goofy photo! Also, fun fact: I bought that green purse the other day for $5 at Charming Charlie’s! I love it and it was so cheap!

We ended up walking around Asheville after dinner in search of a good place to go! We decided on Wicked Weed Brewery since so many people recommended it to us! They had an amazing cucumber beer! I have been totally okay with not being able to drink because of this pregnancy, but that cucumber beer really had me wanting one! Maybe if I was further along, I would have had some of one, but I feel like it’s too early to be partaking in alcoholic beverages! Next time! The brewery was packed, but it was really nice!

IMG_3921 111111

Kassie wanted to go out dancing afterwards, so we went to a club downtown called Scandals. It was the weirdest club I’ve ever been to. (By the way, I just googled it and it’s a three story club- we totally missed that!) It was a gay club but a lot of straight people were there. But there were a lot of older people, including a 50-60 year old woman taking tons of photos of everybody on her cell phone. So weird. And then a very elderly woman showed up and was dancing. Another girl kept dancing up on the elevated floor in her insanely short skirt. I wasn’t really in the mood to dance much, so I did a lot of people watching. We were there for about 3 hours and our time there ended with a drag show that was a ton of fun to watch!

We got back to the house around 1:30am and then Kassie had her lingerie shower and a fashion show of all her new goods! It was tons of fun to see what everybody picked out. I think the best gift was two pregnancy tests, haha. We cracked up! I’ll remember that for future bridal showers.

It was a late night (3:15am), but we still crawled out of bed by 9am the next morning to clean up and get ready to go! We decided to head to a biscuit place for breakfast before we all went home! We decided on Biscuithead and we were glad we did! The biscuits were huge and so good! And they make tons of sauces to pick and one of them was a sweet potato chai jelly that was amazing! If I go back, I will be getting another biscuit from there!


I drove Gina and Laura home yesterday and as soon as I got home, I crashed for two hours! I did manage to make it to the gym for a 30 minute arm workout, followed by grocery shopping, and then the Bachelor in Paradise. I had a pretty late night since I had napped, but it felt good to just be lazy at home! I also made zucchini noodles with a ground beef pasta sauce, making that the first time I’ve cooked meat since being pregnant! I had a craving and since I never want meat, I decided I better go with it!

This morning I went to Elite Edge via ClassPass. I actually meant to register for my MissFits class cause I love that one, but I registered at 10:20 last night so once I clicked the wrong one, I couldn’t cancel it or I would have had to pay a fee. But it was still a good workout so I was fine with it!

I just got home a little while ago. I was feeling too nauseous to eat, but I think now I’m fine! So I’ll do breakfast, maybe go to the pool, and I definitely need to clean up! I have a dentist appointment at 3:40 to get a new retainer made since I left mine in Asheville (so annoying- it’s like $200 to get a new one made, but the cleaning lady didn’t mention finding mine at the house in Asheville). I may go get dinner with Kassie and Carly tonight, but I’m not sure yet! I’m hoping for a bit of a relaxing day, but I think that’s possible! Tomorrow and Wednesday are work days, and then I’m off Thursday, and Friday it’s down to Covington for Kassie’s wedding weekend! It should be a good week, other than this working business that I’m really not looking forward to!

Have a good day, everybody!


10 thoughts on “Asheville, NC Bachelorette Weekend!

  1. I saw your pics on FB and it looked like you girls had an amazing time. I haven’t been to Asheville in years and want to go! The house you stayed in looks gorgeous and it’s so amazing how much cheaper real estate is up there compared to cities like ATL. I would love to sit on that porch basically all day too. Good luck with everything today and with getting back to work.

    • I want to rent out another house there with views like that! The porch was really cool too and there weren’t any mosquitos or anything, so it was PERFECT! I think I could have stayed a few more days and just sat outside the entire time!

  2. That Sounds so much fun!! I’m currently helping organise my sisters bachelorette weekend it’s not till April but getting excited for all the fun stuff! xo

    • We HATED planning this weekend cause it was stressful to try and get 12 girls on the same page (most wouldn’t respond on Facebook at all), but it ended up being great!

      • Oh I can imagine, I’m having trouble with some of them responding just to confirm a date that suits, but trying to not let it stress us out! xo

  3. A bachelorette “weekend” sounds so fun! All of my friends just had their parties on one night & didn’t plan on doing anything else. I’m not sure if I’ll have a party yet but if I do, a trip like this would definitely be considered! And cucumber beer?? Sounds so weird! I’m not a fan of cucumbers but I would just want to try it so I could say I did, haha.

    • I’m not a huge cucumber person either but the beer was really light and refreshing! It was really good! I guess the girls thought about doing a weekend bachelorette trip for me, but they ended up not doing it. It’s definitely a pain to plan, but it was SO much fun and so worth it! I recommend doing some sort of trip!

  4. that traveling nurse

    Im glad you had a fun time in Asheville. I forgot which places I recommended to you but Wicked Weed and Biscuit Head are on our list too. I haven’t been to Zambra’s yet as I am dying to go to Curate (another tapas place) and Scandals sounds like an interesting place to go with friends.

    • Scandals was definitely interesting! I’d recommend going for some strange people watching, haha. Definitely get the cucumber beer at Wicked Weed! So good!

      • that traveling nurse

        I tried a cucumber beer once at a different bar and it was ugh!!! tasted like soap!!! I promised myself I will never have cucumber beer again. 😦

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