Weekend Recap and First Pregnancy Appointment

Hey guys! Happy Monday again! I even had this past weekend off so I have lots to update everybody on! But first, I’m going to just do a random quick update on foods I have been eating. Nothing exciting. And these are from different days too.


I was really craving cereal the other day at Costco but talked myself out of buying the overly processed food. But then I went to Whole Foods and 365 brand makes organic Frosted Flakes! Score! Three ingredients- corn, sugar, and salt. That’s it. So I bought it and my cereal has been delicious! This is also probably the first time in over 2 years that I’ve bought cereal. Or longer.


Grapes and cottage cheese. I never eat cottage cheese anymore either (I try to do minimal dairy) but I had a craving. And it has protein and since my meat intake has severely decreased and I’m trying to grow a baby, I went with it. Grapes are about the only fruit I really want and they happen to be delicious with cottage cheese.


My WTF meal. Organic mac & cheese, certified halal chicken nuggets, and some Dr Praeger’s sweet potato shapes. This plate looks like a 5 year old’s. But it was good. I actually bought those foods when my nausea was really bad and ended up not feeling like I could eat them, so I threw them together out of desperation last night because we literally had nothing else to eat.


I don’t know how to rotate this now that it’s uploaded. Oh well. My breakfast. The usual. Except I’m not trying to do healthy smoothies anymore. All fruit, OJ, and still some spinach. No veggie juice or almond milk.

Alright, now that we got some food out of the way! Friday morning I went to my MissFits class. I told the trainer I’m early in pregnancy and she wouldn’t let me do pushups? She asked if I had talked to a doctor about doing them and I said no, but I know I’m allowed to do them and still frequently do them. But she said no. So when I go back next time, I’m going to just tell her my doctor said it was fine (which he technically did, cause he said I can do any exercise up until 20 weeks, and then I just can’t lay flat on my back). I ended up getting ridiculously nauseous and having to sit the last minute out.

I had a pool afternoon and then dropped my car off for an oil change. They ended up saying it may be overnight cause they were so busy, so I had to hang out at my parent’s house for two hours until my mom got off work so I could take her car home. I ate dinner with them since it was Friday at rush hour and just hung out for a bit. My Friday night was spent cleaning the house till about 11pm.

Jon was out of town, so a sleepless night ensued. I got up in the morning for Cardio Muscle Mix. It’s a pretty intense hour long class and after about 40 minutes I was so over it. My body was seriously exhausted. Like, did not want to move. But I sucked it up and finished the workout and then Laura and I went for breakfast afterwards! Love our Saturday workouts and breakfast time, but I’ve been working so much lately that I haven’t been able to go!

I ended up running errands with Laura all afternoon on Saturday. We had quite the expensive day of running errands, but I did buy a few picture frames for our Europe pictures finally! I took a quick nap Saturday afternoon and then went out to Mexican with Gina. (I’m dying my hair this afternoon, so bye bye roots!)


Mexican was delicious! As always! We hung out for a bit at her house and then I decided to go spend the night at my mom and dad’s. I just don’t sleep well when Jon is out of town and I had to switch our cars back anyway, so I got there around 11pm, slept, and left by 9am on Sunday morning!

I finally finished cleaning the floors in Sunday morning at my house (along with deep cleaning) and then decided to make a shelf. Laura joined me at the pool for a bit first, and then we bought all the stuff for the shelf. She went home and I decided to tackle the shelf alone. It didn’t go well. And I got so frustrated and threw out the ($79) shelf. I would have salvaged it when I calmed down, but the wood cracked when I threw it out. What a waste.

Jon and I argued pretty much all night last night (he got home yesterday afternoon) because I can be a hormonal b*tch since I’m pregnant. I’m sure I was really pleasant. And then I decided I just don’t want to have this stupid baby anyway and looked up abortion clinics. Then I told Jon we shouldn’t have this baby cause I don’t want one anyway and we’re probably going to end up divorced anyway and that he was not allowed to come to our baby appointment this morning! (These are crazy things I should not admit publicly, but in case anybody else ever gets pregnant and does this type of stuff too, at least I can assure you that it’s just your hormones.)

But then I woke up from a good night of sleep and made him come with me to the appointment that I banned him from last night. I took this picture this morning before I ate, since I get so bloated easily and it’s hard to tell if there’s a bump or not after I eat. I’d say this is still normal for me. Aside from the big boobs, no other physical indication of pregnancy.


And then we went to the appointment! I had to do my regular annual first, and I was wondering if they’d even do an ultrasound cause they said they may not. But my periods were slightly irregular and the doctor couldn’t hear fetal heart tones (I also had to pee so bad that I couldn’t relax my abdomen), so we got an ultrasound! And I am so glad we did! It was way more awesome than I expected!


The ultrasound tech said this is the teddy bear phase and I totally see why! Doesn’t our baby look like a teddy bear?! And I know some people are like, “gross, I don’t want to see your ugly fetus” but I’m so excited that I want to show everybody! It has little arm nubs and leg nubs and she showed us its spine too! And I didn’t realize this, but you can see the heart beating inside the baby. I wish we had taken a video of it! It was the most awesome thing to see the little quivering in the tiny baby chest! She said I’m 9 weeks and 2 days (I thought I was 10.5 weeks) and due March 5th, and my little baby is 6cm long! Jon wants to do the genetic testing, so I’ll have another ultrasound done in about 2 weeks to look at the nuchal folds and the nasal bones and have some labs done for that. So I’ll get to see the baby again!

So today, this baby gets to stay. And maybe I’ll even stay married to Jon too and stop believing that our marriage is destined for divorce (at least until my next hormonal episode). Oh, and the best part so far is that my nausea seems to have almost gone away completely over the weekend! I still have it mildly at times, but overall, I barely notice it! I’m hoping it stays that way but since I’ve had constant nausea now for weeks, I’m hopeful!

I’ll leave you all with a picture of Fat Tom sleeping last night. He’s so weird. But I love his weird face.



13 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and First Pregnancy Appointment

  1. Tiny and awesome!!!! Baby does look like a little teddy bear, cute!
    You can get away with anything for the remainder of the pregnancy, just blame the hormones haha! X

    • Haha, I am trying NOT to just blame the hormones! The worst part is is that I really don’t think it’s the hormones at the time, but then the mood swing just kind of ends and I’m like, “Oh, maybe I’m not really crazy. It’s just the hormones.”

  2. It’s hard to believe how far technology has come with the babies. I think I would want to show everyone as well. I’m so excited for you.

  3. Congrats! Your baby does look like a little teddy bear. 🙂

  4. That picture of your cat is too funny! And I can definitely see how your baby looks like a teddy bear! It’s actually kind of cute & not gross at all!

    • I’m glad it’s not gross! I never cared about seeing other people’s ultrasound pictures but I’ve looked at mine about 1000 times already!

  5. I heard on the radio that General Mills is on a mission to take out the percevatives and food colorings from their ceral. Lucky Charms will never be the same again haha.

    That baby looks cute! It’s crazy to see how little it is! You’ll start showing soon, as long as the baby doesn’t like to hide in the back. What is the genetics test?

    • I know! I actually realized the baby is only 2.3cm, not 6cm! I read the ultrasound wrong! Even smaller! The genetic testing is a blood test to check me to see if I’m a carrier for certain genetic abnormalities (there are 3 but I don’t remember them), and then apparently they check the US for features of down syndrome. I know they can do a chromosomal test now that actually checks the baby and can also check the gender, but I don’t know if that’s the same thing I’m having done. I heard that about GM too from reading other blogs! I think they’ll obviously still have questionable ingredients, but I’m really hoping that the US picks up on having healthier and less processed foods! But it’s true- Lucky Charms will probably be forever ruined, haha.

      • Ah ok. Isn’t testing the fetus itself invasive and may cause harm to it? That’s what I seem to hear from doctors.

      • They aren’t testing the fetus. They draw my blood to look to see if I’m a carrier for certain things. However, the test they can do with the gender is a blood test from the mom (it’s called the Harmony test) and it’s able to draw the baby’s DNA from your blood. I think that test only tests for trisomy 21, 18, and 13 but it’s supposed to be super accurate. Since they can count chromosomes with it, they can count the Xs and Ys to determine the sex. I would assume since they said they’ll be testing for additional genetic diseases though, that they probably aren’t going to do that test. I know it’s common now for all high risk pregnancies, but I think due to the cost, they don’t routinely do it for others still. I doubt Jon and I would do an amniocentesis or CVS unless we were high risk, since those are the tests that put the fetus at risk. I was actually going to refuse genetic testing until they said it was just a blood test and US screening to look for certain characteristics on the baby.

      • Ah ok. I wasn’t sure, all I have heard is testig on the fetus which is high risk. I didn’t know they could do so much now a days with a blood test! Medicine is always changing and advancing. I would want to do the same thing too, test the genetics.

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