1st Day Home

I am SO happy to finally be home! We had an extremely busy few days of traveling along with no wifi at some of our hotels, so I’ll update you all on the travel happenings later on! Our trip was an absolute blast though and I’m so grateful Jon was able to come out to make the drive home with me!

We got in around 7:45 last night and immediately started unpacking and doing laundry. (Unpacking is way more of a pain after 11 weeks away.) I ran out for a quick trip to Whole Foods so that I wouldn’t have to go first thing in the morning. We had nothing but a few slices of colby jack cheese in our fridge and about $30 worth of old deli meat!

I fell asleep next to Jon and Tom cuddling and a full heart!

I woke up a bit later than I had hoped today but it was so nice to lay in bed with my cats! I continued to unpack and ate breakfast before being called into work for a little less than 3 hours!

It was great to see my work friends again and I was really glad to only suffer through 3 hours! It’s always a learning curve when I come back, especially cause it’s been 6 full months since I’ve really worked there much!

Jon was off early today so we struggled through Christmas shopping for 7 kids! I don’t know the difference between Anna and Elsa. I have no idea what an Olaf is. I don’t know who Jake is. There were way too many kids at Toys R Us (why do parents take their kids?)! We spent so long there deciding on whether or not we could get an Easy Bake Oven for a 3 and 4 year old and of course, nobody was answering their phones to help out this childless couple!

I’m about to enjoy a very late (10pm) dinner and movie with Jon!

I have to say, I am SO beyond happy to be home with my husband and cats again! My little heart is just so full!


2 thoughts on “1st Day Home

  1. I’m glad you’re home with Jon for the holidays. Good luck with shopping! I know some of those characters but only because I have friends with kids and some friends who are majorly into Disney. I’m glad I don’t have little ones to shop for though.

  2. Shopping for kids is always an adventure- I lucked out buying huge books with multiple bedtime stories for the three girls I used to nanny for and they were a huge hit!

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