Last Georgia Weekend (again)

It has definitely been a busy last few days! I’ll start with my last weekend in Georgia, just because it was actually a pretty fun one! On Friday, our new bedroom furniture was delivered! I am so excited about how it looks and I love it!


I feel like we’re real adults now that we have such a fancy bedroom set! I also love how it fills up the space in our room! Unfortunately, we had a lot of cleaning up to do after the furniture was delivered since almost everything from our bedroom was in the living room, so we spent the next 4-5 hours getting organized and taking stuff to Goodwill!

I did manage to fit in a trip to CrossFit:

Hang Power Clean- 2 TNG EMOM @80-83% x 10 min (I used 85#)

WOD: (103 reps total)
4 min AMRAP @77% of Power Clean 1RM (75#, 36 reps)
Rest 2 min
4 min AMRAP: (12# ball cause I hate wall balls, 60 reps)
Rest 2 min
4 min AMRAP: (7 rope climbs)
Rope Climb-15″

After getting everything together for the weekend, Jon and I headed to my parent’s cabin in Blairsville. We got in pretty late and headed to bed shortly after getting there.

We woke up to some brisk weather on Saturday- perfect for a fall day at the cabin! We had planned on doing a hike but Jon was getting impatient about breakfast, so we had to go grab a bite to eat first. Over breakfast, we decided not to hike and to have a fall day! I was so excited because my favorite view in Blairsville is right by the Southern Tree Plantation and they always have pumpkins out in the fall!

We headed out to the Plantation, only to find that there were no fall festivities this year! Bummer! We decided to check out a local winery instead- Odom Springs Vineyards.

The winery was only about 20 minutes from the cabin and it was so adorable! They had a little bonfire going and we were the only people there. To top this place off, they had a cat! And this cat was the sweetest cat ever, so of course it’s my favorite winery now. We did a tasting of 6 wines. I really liked the rose, but the others were dryer than I prefer. We decided to each get a glass and sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and the cat.


We spent some time hanging out by the fire and walking around. I’m a lightweight, so by the time we finished that tasting, I felt a little bit buzzed! So of course, another wine tasting seemed to be in order!


Odom Springs told us about a few other good wineries in the area so we headed up to Nottely. It was a little farther away but I really liked the location! Very picturesque.


It was a really minimal winery- outhouses instead of real bathroom type of thing. The guy doing the tasting was great! Very educational, which I really like because I like learning more about wines! Unfortunately, after the first tasting and some more wine from this one, I don’t remember many of the fun facts he taught us…

We headed out from that winery to go to a third, but then we came to a sign for Chattanooga and Jon mentioned never having been there. I love Chattanooga and I was drunk so I said he should go if he wanted to! We grabbed some sushi as soon as we got there at Sushi Nabe since they do the Delta Skymiles Dining program and you might as well make bank on those points cause sushi is never a cheap meal! They had nice outdoor seating that we really enjoyed! They also had a pumpkin roll (I added cream cheese) that was awesome! Their sweet potato tempura roll was one of my least favorite sweet potato rolls I’ve had, but the pumpkin made up for it. I was pleased.

After dinner, we walked around Coolidge Park and then crossed the river via the pedestrian bridge. We enjoyed the downtown area and then decided we should probably head back since it’s a 2 hour drive back to the cabin!


We slept by the fire that night (love real wood fire places) and then woke up early on Sunday to head back! It was another beautiful day and I would have liked to enjoy the weather outside, but I had packing since I had to leave for my road trip on Monday!

As soon as we got home, I started doing laundry and packing. My parents came by to say goodbye for a bit and so did Laura. Packing took quite awhile (as expected) and was harder than I thought it would be since the weather is still in the 70s-80s! I was expecting all cold weather! Totally messed me up! But I took way less for this assignment than the last one, so I’d call it a success!

I talked Jon into going for a run before it got dark out! I hadn’t gone for a “real” run in awhile (I’d done a few shorter ones with other stuff mixed in) so I was curious as to how it would go! We went about a mile together and he was ready to head back but I was feeling great so I kept going! I did another two miles but have no idea how long it took. I didn’t use my MapMyRun cause I thought it’d just be a short run, but I’d be curious about my time! It was my old 3 mile go to from last year! I must say, I really enjoyed my run! I may have to get back into doing a few short runs a week!

Jon and I headed to bed around 11 on Sunday night. I really didn’t wan to go to bed and kept bugging him since I knew when we woke up, it’d be time for me to leave! I was super bummed about having to leave him since I enjoyed my time at home with him so much! And I always hate leaving Tom and Kitty too!