Valentine’s Day Weekend!

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! It ended up being a pretty good weekend over here! Jon and I went to Brio for our Valentine’s Day dinner on Friday night.

photo 3-4

The food really wasn’t anything that special but Jon and I had a good time anyway.

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We were planning on riding the ferris wheel in Atlanta but the line was so long and it also started to rain as soon as we drove up to it! So we came home instead and I crashed early!

We woke up Saturday morning with big plans to go hiking, but then I started cleaning and got ready really slowly and I wanted to go buy my wedding band… So no hiking happened at all! I did, however, buy my wedding band (for like $300 more than I was expecting! shocker) as well as three new shirts from the outlet mall. Definitely not what I need while saving for a wedding.

After that, Jon and I decided to head up to join my parents at the cabin for the rest of the afternoon.

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We saw some snow capped “mountains” on the way! We actually had thought about going up that mountain, which is Brasstown Bald but I figured it’d be closed because of the snow. We hung out with my parents for a bit and then Jon and I decided to head out and go for a drive and hang out for a bit in town.

photo 1-3

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We stopped along our drive to get a picture of one of our favorite views! Apparently I deleted most of the pictures already off my phone though! Oh well! Once we finished that, we stopped to pick up some barbecue to take back to the a cabin for  dinner with my mom and dad. We ended our night with a game of Scrabble (that I won!) and then Jon and I stopped to pick up my resized wedding band and headed home!

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This morning I was going to wake up early and go to yoga but I could not fall asleep for the life of me last night! And Tom woke me up all night and so did Jon snoring! So I got up, studied for my test and then took my test (it’s online), and then headed out for a run! It was pretty warm out and although I actually wanted to go to speed work at LA Fitness, I decided I better take advantage of the weather when possible!

I ran 4 miles and felt like dying! I also went a different route than usual and one road was really hilly and then my third mile was almost entirely up hill. One road is 95% up hill and I hated every minute of it. I didn’t notice any knee pain at all though, but my left ankle was feeling it, as always. At least that pain immediately goes away when I stop running. I finished in 37:13 and all my miles were between 9:06 and 9:29, so really not very good. I’ll take it though since I haven’t been running in so long!

I got home and had planned on going to the gym for a leg day but it was just way too nice out! Jon said he’d go to Stone Mountain so we headed over there. It was really packed, so we decided to walk some trails instead of walking up the mountain.

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We grocery shopped after that and now we’re home! I’ve been putting off a lot of biology since we’ve been out of class so much lately. It’s so hard to stay on track with so many snow days! The test I finished today was supposed to be taken 3 weeks ago but has been delayed! So tonight I’ll be studying and heading to bed early. Doesn’t feel like tomorrow is Monday! Waaah!

Have a good night!

Love Saturdays!

I have had such an unproductive day as far as studying goes! After spending all morning working on an essay for our test on Tuesday, I found the information when I sat down (finally) at 8pm tonight and rewrote the entire essay in 10 minutes. Ugh. And I’ve only done maybe 3-4 hours total of studying today. Not great. And that was mostly spent playing with the cats.

I noticed it was sunny out while making some breakfast this morning and was really excited thinking Jon would be home early enough from work to go to Stone Mountain with me! I was also really wanting to go sit outside at some cute place to eat somewhere new! Unfortunately, his first case started late at the hospital so he was there for almost the entire day. Luckily, Crista was able to meet up with me at Piedmont Park for an afternoon walk! I spent a good 45 minutes getting to the park because of a really minor accident on 85 and rubberneckers ruining my drive for me.


By the way, my hair looked really good today and I didn’t even get it in the picture. Like, really really good. Anybody with wavy hair knows how exciting that it.

Crista wanted to go for a run but there’s still no way I could possibly run with these sick lungs. So we enjoyed an hour long walk all over the park and then I had to head back home. My drive home was spent in an hour of traffic because of road work trying to get on 400 and I thought I was going to lose my mind. You know when you get stuck in road work traffic on a Saturday afternoon unexpectedly, after getting stuck in rubbernecker traffic on your way to your hour long walk in the park when you’re supposed to be studying for a test anyway? Irritating. But I managed not to be too insanely miserable because I could at least have my windows down today while my car was at a standstill.

Since traffic had me backed up, I had Jon drive my mom’s car up to their house and meet me there (my car has been all better so far, thanks to Jon for fixing it for me!). I had planned on staying for a few to look at their Puerto Rico pictures since they just got home today, but then my mom mentioned making French toast for dinner so we stayed! Sadly, I really don’t spend nearly as much time with my parents as I used to and I really should. Working with so many elderly people really makes me appreciate my mom and dad so I need to spend more time with them while I can! Also, my mom makes pretty bitchin’ French toast and since I don’t buy bread, it’s my chance to eat things I wouldn’t eat at home (like grilled cheese or fried egg sandwiches!).

As soon as we got home after dinner, I started back on biology. I found Jon asleep on the couch at 9 and then found him in bed at 10, so I guess he’s having an early night! I’m super excited because I’m meeting Gina at the gym for yoga in the morning! I don’t even like yoga but I’ve been kind of bummed that my first week of getting back into the gym for good was spent being sick instead! I think I’ll get there a little early and try to run at least 2 miles and maybe do some squats or deadlifts or something. And hopefully meeting her there will start my day off productively and I’ll stay on track with biology (that’s not going to happen).