Awesome Sunday!

I ended up having a really awesome Sunday! So much that I’m going to forgo what I wanted to talk about and just talk about my day. After having another really horrible night of sleep, I managed to drag myself out of bed in time to make breakfast and head to the gym for a 10:15 arrival. I was hoping to run and get in some squats and deadlifts, but I figured I had left too late for that since Gina was meeting me for yoga. Right as I finished up a really fast 2 miles on the treadmill (which didn’t continuously tell you your distance and I hated it), Gina showed up. I was still super snotty but was able to breathe surprisingly well for being so sick. I’m sure running inside helped with that. We did our yoga and I wasn’t super miserable this time. This is my first time going at a regular gym and not at a yoga studio. Crista has managed to drag me along to random yoga studios a few times and I just hated it. It was all about breathing and they named all the poses and people were doing some crazy shit, but today it was way less advanced! I was still definitely shaking a ton, but people were pretty tame and I was able to do most of the poses. I still don’t like yoga, but I’m definitely going to try and go more often to really start working on my flexibility. But I didn’t even sweat. So that makes me feel like I didn’t get a real workout in (aside from my run).

After the gym, I called Crista to see if she was available. She was just down the road from me and was about to have brunch with Amy and Austin (a married couple she is friends with that I have met a handful of times), so I went over and we sat outside and enjoyed some brunch! The weather was perfect! I had on yoga pants and a long sleeved shirt and was comfortable! I really soaked it in because it’s supposed to snow again next week!

I left from there and went to Taco Mac to meet with Jon and his friend, Megan. We hung out for about an hour and then headed home.


I started studying on the porch when I got home. Tom joined me. I have been easily distracted still since Jon and I are trying to finish up the wedding invitation stuff and make sure the website is fully ready since people will be looking at it now! Now I’m about to get back to biology. I should have definitely spent more quality time with my biology this weekend, but the nice weather was calling my name! And it was really nice to be able to actually spend time with people too!

I’m hoping for a good week at the gym, but the snow is supposed to hit sometime tomorrow or Tuesday (depends on where you look) so I have no idea what will happen! I think on Tuesday, but I really hope it doesn’t get too bad! I have to work Wednesday and Thursday and we have our test on Tuesday night on campus at 7pm, so we’ll see. This winter has really sucked in Atlanta! We only have one big snow a year usually so two will really be inconvenient! And if I’m snowed in, no running and no gym! Womp womp.


First weekend of 2014!

This has been quite the weekend! Friday after work, we drove down to Florida. Luckily we got to see Brad and Rebecca (Jon’s sister and brother-in-law) for a few before bed. Saturday morning I slept until 10, had a nice stack of french toast for breakfast from Mimi’s Cafe (I love french toast but know I need to fully give up bread again for awhile, so it was a last big breakfast shebang), and then Jon and I went back to Brad and Rebecca’s and napped. For four hours. It’s not even like we got home and relaxed and fell asleep. We both laid down and were out until 5pm. I guess I needed it because I never nap for that long! We ended up driving out to Jon’s parent’s to drop off some flooring stuff and then spent our night watching The Heat with Brad and Rebecca. Sunday morning we went out to Jon’s parent’s house again because his twin sister, husband, and new baby were in town from Iowa! It was a good little family time and I enjoyed seeing everybody again! We took a few family pictures (I can be included now cause I’m the fiancée!).




Our faces were a little washed out from the sun behind us, but I’m sure that can be edited. Just not right now. They’re definitely a tall family and I’m definitely not!

We had a long drive home on Sunday in the Jeep. Because of possible snow on Sunday afternoon, we couldn’t take my car. Luckily, it didn’t snow before we got home, but there was still a chance of snow and ice. Since hospitals don’t close, I ended up staying in a hotel near work (after unpacking, repacking, and making food for three days at work). I didn’t arrive there till about 11:30, so after watching a few episodes of House Hunters, I fell asleep!

I worked 11-7 today and was happy to see no snow when I woke up this morning! It was still really cold out and we still have threatened snow storms all week. I really wish Atlanta was more prepared with snow plows and salt trucks, but I guess they’d rather shut the city down once or twice a year than spend all that money for a day or two of snow. After work, I had to grocery shop for a bit. I think I made it home around 8:45 finally.

I cleaned up a bit and made Jon’s lunch for work tomorrow. It’s 10pm now and I work again at 7am tomorrow, so it’s off to bed in a few. Since I work every day this week, I have a feeling I’ll be spending a night at the hospital. I’m taking bags with me every day and enough lunch for two days! I think Wednesday night is supposed to snow again.

Oh, if anybody out there loves Benadryl as much as I do for sleep, I discovered Zzzquil! I used to take the Benadryl tablets and always thought I should start drinking baby Benadryl cause liquid would probably work faster and then I saw Zzzquil at CVS over the weekend! It’s 50mg of diphenhydramine (equal to two tablets of Benadryl) and it actually doesn’t even taste bad! Anyway, thanks to that, I’ve been sleeping like a baby. And I’m probably the only person to get this excited but I use Benadryl for sleep fairly often (just about anytime I’ve had more than one day off work, I take it before having to wake up again at 5am).

I’m really hoping to make it to the gym, CrossFit, or running at least twice this week! I know it’ll be hard because of working all five days and possibly having to spend the night at work, but I’m really wanting to get back to the gym now!


Nephew and sister time!

What an exhausting weekend! After Jon made me breakfast yesterday morning, we enjoyed our meal and I studied some biology! I took a quick nap and then worked from 3p-3a. It was a really tiring shift because of my crazy assignment, but I made it out alive! I came home and cleaned my house at 4am but I couldn’t stand the mess! I like things all neat and organized and the house was definitely neither of those! But it’s looking better now! Had I not been so tired, I think I would have finally scrubbed my floors too!

This morning Jon and I went to look at floors for the house! We have a few samples laying around the house and I think we may end up looking again on Sunday morning before making our final decision! I can’t believe we’re 3 weeks away from laying our own floors (with the help of his brother)! I have a feeling that’ll give me the push to get the rest of the house done but there’s no way I can take that much money out of savings!

I got my hair cut and then went over to my parent’s house (just a side note: he did not cut my bangs enough so I need to get that fixed) with Jon. My sister Annie and my nephew Tank got in town last night! We ate dinner and Jon played with Tank for so long! It was so fun watching them interact! Best future uncle ever. And Tank seriously just gets cuter and cuter. I love that kid! I was hoping to stay and hang out for awhile tonight but there was no way it was going to happen! I didn’t fall asleep till after 5 last night and was up by 9:30, so I’m about to head to bed! Jon wanted to make it home to watch football anyway, but I need to get up early enough to study tomorrow and have some family time!

No exercising this weekend cause there just wasn’t any time or energy! Maybe tomorrow, or maybe not. It may have to wait till after my test on Tuesday night.


The man.


The sister.


The nephew! SO CUTE!