Kassie’s Wedding Weekend!

What a fun/busy week! I’ll update you guys on just the weekend and maybe tomorrow I’ll do a random updates post! It was Kassie’s wedding weekend this past weekend! FINALLY! I don’t have many married friends and I haven’t ever been a bridesmaid in a wedding before (I won’t count my sister’s when I was 11- I just showed up and wore a hideous dress with equally hideous hair). I’m really loving going to weddings lately but was even more excited about actually getting to be in one! Considering I don’t have many friends (and especially not close friends), I know this will only happen one or two more times!

The wedding was an all weekend affair! It started on Friday, when I picked Gina up around 3:30 to head down to the lake where the wedding was being held. Kassie basically found a huge rental house on VRBO with another little house on the property, all on the lake. So the wedding party was able to stay at the house and there was plenty of room!

Once we arrived, we had some down time until we did a quick rehearsal followed by a Mexican buffet! Having Mexican catered was the way to go! I’d seriously consider doing that for a wedding too! The food was so good and oddly enough, from a place right near my house that I have always thought looked really sketchy (Kassie’s now-husband grew up not even a few miles from my house, and they catered the dinner so I guess they know the good spots nearby!). We spent our evening making bouquets and having some girl time.


Gina and me.


Awesome view from the deck.

Saturday was wedding day! We started off with a little breakfast and then did a few random wedding set-up tasks. Around 10:30, we all started getting ready. We were all doing our own hair and make-up, and my hair pretty much looked like my usual from the front, but I used all bobby pins in the back. I got a ton of compliments on it, so I guess I did okay! Kassie and Billy did their first look photos at 2pm and then we started our photos, so it was a totally different feel than my wedding. I only had the girls get ready with me on my wedding day and then Jon and I didn’t see each other before the wedding. My guests weren’t allowed to come into the reception area where we were, so it was a little more formal (despite how ridiculously casual our wedding was). We had tons of girls there for Kassie’s wedding throughout the day and then guests showed up in the house before the ceremony.

IMG_4009 11111

Me, Kassie, Gina

IMG_4022 111111

IMG_4024 11111

The ceremony was really nice and Kassie had her matron-of-honor’s husband marry them. During the ceremony, a huge bee landed on the bouquet that Hallie (matron-of-honor) was holding! We were laughing so hard during the ceremony and come to find out, Kass thought I was crying like a mess from pregnancy hormones, so she apparently was laughing too. It was so fun to watch my best friend of 15 years finally get married!

After the ceremony, we had some southern home cooking by the groom’s family and Nothing Bundt Cake cupcakes (my favorite!). We danced the night away next to the lake and had a great time!

nothing bundt cake

LOVE Nothing Bundt Cake!

IMG_4070 111111

IMG_4103 11111

Fun fact: This dress was so insanely tight up top after getting pregnant. These girls did not enjoy fitting into that dress for the night.

The wedding party decided to jump in the pool in our clothes which was a fun ending to the night!

IMG_4110 11111

IMG_4115 11111

Since some couples were camping out and other couples were staying in the house, we were able to have a late night, so it was much different than traditional weddings! Since I have to be a Sober Sally these days, I decided to head home around 2am so I could get a good night of sleep! The party was winding down around then anyway so I didn’t feel like I was missing out! It took about an hour to get home, so I was able to get in bed around 3am and catch some sleep before my Sunday!


List for Sunday

A list because I’m lazy.

1. This past week, I went to the cabin with my sister, brother-in-law, and Jon. I already mentioned it. We stopped by Vogel State Park for a quick waterfall sighting and then spent the night playing Scrabble (I won) and listening to the boys talk about football. Boring.



2. I bought a new computer! I got a MacBook Air. It’s the same computer than Jon has and I really wanted to hold off because I’m feeling like money is just going down the drain lately (wedding time is expensive time- trust me- money just disappears), but I wanted some time to get acquainted with my computer before heading off to MA. I need to be able to Skype with Jon while I’m gone and keep everybody updated.

3. I’m dying to get back to the gym. I had a nice week off but now, my arms are feeling small again and I just want to be active. Between my insane work schedule coming up and needing to spend time with Jon, I’m putting it off till I get settled in my new home.

4. After today, I have one full week and one weekend between me and leaving! Every night when I get in bed, I snuggle up to Jon (I am NOT  a cuddler in bed) because I’m going to miss him! And my cats! I don’t know what Kitty is going to do without me for so long! I’m worried it’ll stress her out and she’ll start eating the fur out of her back again. She’s such a mommy’s girl. But really, I’m going to miss my own house, my own kitchen and food, my cats, and Jon like crazy. I feel like I’m preparing for a deployment because I have no idea when I’ll be able to fly back. I may end up having to go two full assignment without coming home (26 weeks).

5. My brother posted some wedding photos online!


I do wish my sister had put the ring bearer pillow down for the photos!



He got some really good ones of the ceremony. I’m looking forward to getting our professional ones back, but I may not see them until I come home next time around since I don’t think they’ll be done in time for me to leave. I wish I could just have a million wedding days over and over again. It’s such a fun day! Minus all the planning.

6. I have started planning my trip to Maine with Jon and decided I want to go to Nova Scotia. I don’t think it’ll work in our time frame (it’s 13 hours from Boston to Nova Scotia) and I’m bummed! We COULD make it work, but it’s too long in the car. Also, people at work freaked me out thinking I would have to change my name on my passport. But if I’m not driving, I don’t see why. My passport is a valid form of ID, and if I ever fly out of the country, I would think I could just book my ticket under my old last name, since they never see my driver’s license either. I’ll probably still send my passport in soon for a name change, but it doesn’t seem necessary.

7. I am going to go make some breakfast and start a day full of errands. We have groceries to be bought and food to be made. And other things.

Wedding Weekend! I’m a married woman!

I’m finally back! Woohoo! I’m  a married woman! This past week has been insanely crazy! Who knew getting married took so much time?! Friday morning rolled around and I knew we were getting close! I woke up and got my nails done, picked up my car (I ran over a nail just in time for the weekend), and then headed out to our rehearsal!



Jon showed up in that cute tank top! All his groomsmen had on gray ones. Cute.


Practicing our ceremony! Oddly enough, that is our friend Danny, who we were in the Army with. Since Jon and I aren’t religious, we were brainstorming who could actually perform our ceremony. I mentioned Danny and we laughed about it for awhile and then finally one day, we were both like, “No, but really, that would be awesome.” He’s well spoken, well organized, and it was an honor to have a person we both know stand up there with us to marry us. This was the first wedding he did and it went off without a hitch. Amazing job.

Friday night we spent the evening at my parent’s house having dinner with Jon’s family and the wedding party. My aunts and uncles came in and it was so nice to see everybody! I had really wanted to stay later, but left around 8pm since Jon and I were checking into the Westin downtown. When we got down to the Westin, we decided to run up to the Sundial Cafe to see the city, and we happened to run in to quite a few people who were in town on Jon’s side of the wedding. We stayed out till midnight with them and headed back to the wedding!


Saturday morning (after barely sleeping all night), I went over to Gina’s parent’s condo to get ready with the girls. My hairdresser, Malcolm, met us over there to start on my hair! It was so fun having my hair professionally done up like that! Jessie did my makeup (not done in the photo below) and we listened to that I’m so Fancy song about a million times since Jessie and I had been singing it all week long. #weddingsong #wesofancy (I hashtag cause I’m cool.)


We got there are 10am and thought we’d have tons and tons of time, but when the alarm went off at 1 for us to pack up, it had come really fast! We rode out to Lake Allatoona Inn for our ceremony!

When we got there, we had plenty of time to go! We got there early for me to change, but my mom wasn’t there yet and the photographer wanted to photograph me getting dressed. So we hung our in the room until Mom was ready to get me in my dress! Luckily, we were able to get it zipped.


Also luckily, although it’s the end of May in Georgia, the weather was really not too bad! It was a little humid out, as always, but really, in my wedding dress, I wasn’t nearly as hot as I had expected. The girls and my family took our pictures and Jon and his guys and his family took theirs. Then it was 4:30 and I was shut back in the bridal room till the ceremony!

I started getting a little nervous at this point. Well, not nervous, but my stomach started feeling a little off. I sucked it up, loosened my dress for a bit, and then just kept hanging out. Right before the girls walked down the aisle, Laura came back in and we had a moment. This is the only time I cried! I managed to get it together and then went out for my dad to walk me down the aisle!


For me, this is really the part of the wedding I was so excited about! I couldn’t wait for Jon to finally see me in my wedding dress! I almost cried twice walking down the aisle, but then at the end, my dad (who hadn’t come to the rehearsal), my dad forgot to hug me and just walked away after he said “Her mother and I and the whole damn family” were giving me away, so I had to call him back and that made me laugh. Once I got up next to Jon, I didn’t even come close to crying (total surprise for me- I thought I’d cry for the entire ceremony).


It was really awesome standing up there next to him. I could tell the ceremony was going smoothly and aside from a few small things, it was perfect (I forgot to repeat Danny, Jon’s hand was swollen from his broken elbow and I had to visibly force his ring on, etc.)


The ceremony lasted 19 minutes total (Jon said), and that was with a train that came through. At the end, Jon Rick Rolled me. His vows totally ended with the Never Gonna Give You Up song. It got a good laugh from the audience.


After the ceremony, we did all of our family pictures while the guests had cocktail hour. Then we were announced, Jon and I shoved our faces with barbecue that we got tons of compliments on (it’s my favorite place- Cue), and then had our cake cutting.


Right after the cake cutting, Jon and I left to do our pictures by ourselves. Since Jon had smeared cake all over my face, I’m hoping the icing isn’t visible in the photos after that! We came back in to music playing and guests dancing, and then Jon and I did our toasts and then our first dances (we did this out of a traditional order so that people wouldn’t be sitting around during our photos). Kassie and Adam gave our toasts and they did a great job! I was really impressed! And then Jon and I finally had some time to enjoy our wedding! We danced for over an hour and then we did our getaway in the Jeep!

Jon and I headed down to our house to swap out cars and headed back down to the Westin since we were staying there. A bunch of guests came out to Meehan’s downtown to meet us for drinks.


Although Jon and I didn’t get to sleep until 3am, we both finally slept so good! I hadn’t slept all week so I was so excited! We met Jon’s family for breakfast on Sunday morning at Cracker Barrel and then headed over to my mom and dad’s house to hang out with my family. We got there just in time to see my aunts and uncles for about an hour before they headed out. Jon and I headed home after that and finally had a chance to relax! After cleaning up a bit (we had 9 people stay in our house all weekend), we sat down to watch a movie and then ended up falling sleeping not even halfway into it.

Jon and I talked about our wedding pretty much the entire day on Sunday. First of all, we got so many compliments on our wedding. When Jon and I looked at the venue in the winter, we picked it because it was in our budget and it had the dates we needed available. But everybody absolutely loved in. People liked the mix of the indoor and outdoor area, there are horses on the land that the kids liked to look at, there’s a big driveway to hang out in. Not to mention there is nice shade there and there is just so much greenery! It ended up being really pretty! Tons of people said that it was really simple and that it was laid back (our goal). We were told it moved along well and didn’t seem to last forever (which is really important if you go to a lot of weddings). Second of all, Jessie hands down made our day! I don’t even have a picture with her, but she coordinated the entire day! She was the go to woman. She told everybody when to walk during the ceremony, handled the DJ and bartender before and after the ceremony, cued the DJ for the bouquet toss and first songs. Although she has never coordinated a wedding (but I think she said she has now gone to 22 weddings or some crazy number, and she’s had her own) she really could have been a professional. She made our day! So, Jon and I were extremely happy with our wedding and really loved everything about it.

Anyway, that’s the end of the weekend. I have more to talk about, like my new job as a travel nurse (it’s official, guys!), but I’ll do that tomorrow. By the way, almost all of the photos above (except for the one of my mom and me) were taken on phones. Laura had a camera but I haven’t gotten her photos, and all my others are still on my flash drive and I’m not skilled on Jon’s computer, so that’s just the mix of Instagram and Facebook photos.

Suggestions for wedding hair? Anyone? Annnyyyone?

No gym again today! I slept until 10:30 because of this dreary weather (I’m hoping this isn’t the norm because it’s stressing me out thinking it’s going to rain on my wedding day- our venue is not okay for rain!). I had planned on going to the gym but as I planned out my day some more, realized I don’t really have a ton of time. Besides, my last final is Friday so I can jump back on board after my finals are over. I can deal with not getting beefy over the next few days.

I managed to clean up the house some since it’s a serious disaster! By clean up, I still mean that the house is a disaster, but just less of one. I have Saturday evening and Sunday off this week, but it’s mine and Jon’s first weekend off in a month together where he’s not on call and we don’t have any homework to do! So I want to get the house in some sort of order prior to our weekend since I have a hard time relaxing in a mess and we have to finish painting still! We’re going to start on our outlet covers and buy new vent covers this weekend too. Maybe once the house is back in order, I’ll take some after pictures. No before pictures. I forgot about them. And I actually have to go grocery shopping. I have nothing but eggs, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns, and turkey to eat. I’ve now eaten that for the last 10 meals and I can’t handle not having any fruits and veggies in my house.

I have a hair appointment at 4. I’m still not sure what to do with my bangs since I don’t know what is going on with my hair for my wedding day. I know we’re 3 weeks out and those are things I should know by now, but I don’t. So I’ll just talk to my fabulous hair guy and see what he recommends. I have a feeling my bangs will stay and then once I decide on my hairstyle, I can go back and have them cut if I need to (or I definitely will after the wedding!). I’m getting my hair colored next week too and don’t even know what I want to do! I haven’t had highlights in over a year because of the cost ($110 for highlights, $40 for all over color) and I felt like they were damaging my hair, but I had highlights before that I loved.




 Gina and Kassie next to me.

Those are the highlights… I liked them a lot when my hair was wavy and I have a feeling my hair will somehow be wavy and in a low side bun thing. But I also just like my hair dark.


By the way, that’s my oldest sister, Tonie.

That was taken a few years ago (obviously since my hair was so short), but I couldn’t find any pictures of my hair dark with it longer. I haven’t colored my hair in about 8 or 9 months, so my hair color is back to my original color for most of the roots and then darker at the ends. So, I’m either going back to highlights like above, or that color there, which I also like. Either way, I doubt I’ll keep getting highlights permanently. I hate sitting at the hair salon for so long and I’m kind of used to not having them anymore. If anybody has any input, just let me know! I really need to decide and am feeling too indecisive since there are so many decisions to make!

In other news, today is my last day being 27. Tomorrow I turn 28! Jon has a huge box for me in the living room and I’m dying to open it! I’m secretly hoping it’s a laptop, but I know it’s not! I don’t know if he’ll let me open it tonight or not, but it’s just sitting there taunting me! I can’t take it! I’m working from 11-7 tomorrow and then going to have a birthday dinner with my friends and Jon! I think it’s just going to be Kass, Gina, Laura, and me. And Jon. And maybe their boys. I invited some more people but haven’t heard back or they’re busy. I don’t mind at all though! I wasn’t even going to do anything but last night decided to go ahead and plan a little something, but with all this wedding stuff this month, I feel like a birthday celebration is too much! So just a small dinner! Not sure where yet, but I’m glad my best friends from high school are able to make it! And Jon, of course.

My blog has no direction at all. I’m such a disaster. Back to working on biology before my hair appointment! I can’t wait till this final is over on Friday night! I calculated it out and I think that without the final, I’m right at 70/100 points total. The final is worth 20 points, so I doubt I’ll make an A, but I can probably end up with a B. It looks like I can’t fail the class though! Woohoo! Maybe that’s why my motivation is seriously lacking. Or because it’s my last class for my bachelor’s and I am finally done with my undergrad!!!!!!

List for Tuesday

1. I took my wedding dress to get altered. I had put it on when I brought it home the first time and had that I-don’t-know-if-I-like-this-anymore moment. I was pretty worried that I would end up hating my dress and I was still in love with the $1000 dress that I tried on, but I didn’t really worry about it much more. After getting it all pinned up today, I love it again. I even almost got teary eyed standing there because I can’t wait for Jon to finally see me in it! Since the dress flows around (hard to explain), my bustle is costing way too much. Total, my alterations are $244, and that doesn’t include the length! (Thankful for 4 1/2 inch wedges.)

2. I’m wearing shorts, tank tops, and flip flops! WOOHOO!!! Loving this weather like crazy! And I opened the windows at home! I love airing out the house! Tomorrow is going to be a deep cleaning day since Jon’s sister is coming on Thursday!

3. I skipped Body Pump on Saturday morning. I slept horribly and woke up so angry about not getting a good night of sleep when I was finally off work! But I had breakfast with Laura and then lunch with Gina, so my day was complete. Nobody needs to work out.

4. I went to yoga with Laura last night (after 12 hours of work and I need new work shoes so my knees were killing me- good thing I was meeting up with Laura or I would have skipped it). Worst yoga class EVER. The one thing I did like about it was that we did a ton of stretching for our posterior legs and my posterior chain is so tight. I really need to work on that on a daily basis. I say that all the time and never do. But the girl who taught it was way too boring. We spent the first 15 minutes just sitting and stretching our necks and stuff. We rubbed our hands together and then put our faces in them… WTF? I was dying. Laura and I made eye contact right at the moment where we were about to put our faces in our hands and it took all my energy not to burst out laughing. Had I not been starving, tired, and if it wasn’t 9pm, I really would have liked to have gone for a run afterwards.

5. I made it to CrossFit today. It felt great to be back. Not only that, but I can still clean my bodyweight! I don’t even know how. My max clean is 105# (I think- it was so long ago) and I still did 100#. Then I did 18 cleans at 90#. Although I am nowhere near the shape I was in back in 2012 or early last year, I can’t believe that I can still actually get fairly close to most of maxes (within 20# on deadlifts and back squats), especially since I still barely work out!

6. I want to run. But I’m not going to cause I just showered before my dress fitting.

7. I have started looking at master’s programs again. I have to take the GRE and opened up a pretest online and there were exclamation points in the math problems! Whaaaa?! I took math models in 2005 and stats in 2010 (and high school algebra in 2004). I don’t know anything related to math anymore unless you want me to figure out some medication dosages. I need to study really bad. And once I knock out the GRE, I need to start studying for my CEN (Certified Emergency Nurse). Anyway, I need to decide for sure about whether I’m going to go the route of public health or healthcare administration and leadership, but I’m starting to lean towards healthcare administration and leadership (it’s a master’s in nursing still). One school I’m looking at (which is a university close by that offers this online) also has a DNS (doctorate of nursing science) so I think I may apply there. Regardless, I am surprisingly stoked to get on this and unfortunately, can only begin in the fall if I do go with healthcare admin, so I would have to take my GRE in June and apply by July 1st. So, I may possibly be starting grad school earlier than expected. Which I will probably regret not having a longer break, but I need to knock school out anyway in case we have baby makin’ days in our future. I’m about to be 28 (in exactly 1 month- May 1st) and I’m not getting any younger!

8. Contacting the board of nursing of any state is a pain in the ass. I’m adding you to the list, Massachusetts. I may never get licensed.

9. Jon found his cheese grater for his feet (I know it’s not a cheese grater, but I still call it that) and I’ve been using it. I’m on my way to baby soft feet.

10. I’m going to go finish my coffee and head down to class so I can sit outside and read before class tonight.

11. Sorry I’m sucking at reading blogs lately. I’ve been busy with living life. And working 12 hour shifts.


Cake tasting and Body Pump!

Today was cake tasting! Woohoo! I managed to start my day with Body Pump! I was really excited to get up and go for a run this morning, but I snoozed for an hour instead! Laura and I met at the gym for our first Body Pump ever. I actually really enjoyed it and definitely felt the burn, but by 45 minutes I was so over it. I’m used to CrossFit, where most workouts are done in less than 15 minutes and even the really long WODs are all under 50 minutes. Aside from the length of the class, I didn’t sweat really at all. My muscles definitely felt it, but I really like to work up a sweat! I do plan on going back for sure though. It was something different and since my goal is to be more well rounded in the gym, I think this class is a good choice. I’ll just run when I finish it on a regular basis, but today I didn’t have time and there were also no treadmills available! Who knew so many people got out of bed that early on a Saturday morning to go to the gym.

Then it was time to cake test! Thankfully I didn’t run since I made it just in time to meet my mom! Since Jon was busy today, Laura and my mom got to go. I’m actually glad it worked out that way because I’m really feeling the need to spend time with people other than Jon (I love him tons and love spending time with him- but I really crave time with other people too).

We went to Confection Perfection  for the tasting! We managed to decide on a cake, which is totally nothing fancy. My mom kept trying to get me to add some color but who really needs color on a cake? Not me. Or Jon. I was feeling kind of full from trying to stuff my face after my workout this morning so sadly, the cake tasting wasn’t all I’ve ever dreamed of. And I can’t handle that many sweets! But we made a unanimous decision to go with white chocolate chip, which I’m really happy with! It was so good and reminds me of white chocolate bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cake which are my favorite cakes ever.

photo 4

My mom and me!

photo 3

Laura, my maid of honor!

I just got home and am going to a wedding for a girl I work with tonight! I have no idea who else from work will be there, but I hope there are at least a couple of us so we can hang out there! I’m about to change and make sure my hair is decent and then we’ll be on our way! Unfortunately, I work tomorrow so it definitely won’t be a late night out!

Also, I went to CVS today and found the following Loreal products on sale, 3/$12:


I’m really a hair snob and actually don’t even know when the last time I used Loreal anything was, but I’m giving them a try and so far, I’m happy! My hair is super hard to tame in the humidity, but it’s humid today and seems to be holding up! Also, mousse really makes a big difference in wavy hair, but I typically forgo it in the winter because it’s too drying. I like this one though and I’m hoping that between three different products, I’ll be able to manage the frizz and my hair won’t be a fro on my wedding day. So I’m basically testing out products now. And on day 1, am happy.

Alrighty, time to make sure everything is together for the wedding! Everybody have a good weekend!

Typical week! Too much work and school!

Let’s not talk about how many times I’ve eaten out this week. Seriously. Except let’s. I don’t typically eat out for meals because it’s expensive and I just prefer my own food. However, I noticed a Fresh 2 Order right near the Whole Foods I go to and I love their Asian chicken and sweet potatoes. If you have an F2O, do yourself a favor and order this.


 That was on Tuesday. But I did find my wedding dress on Tuesday and was able to finally have some time hanging out with Crista, so I was glad!

Wednesday Jon and I found our wedding venue! Lake Allatoona Inn. I don’t think I can even begin to put into words how happy we are to have found a venue! And even better, they had Memorial Day weekend available, so our wedding is set for May 24th! There are three bedrooms at the B&B, so Jon and I will have a room, his best man and his wife, and my maid of honor and her boyfriend. It’ll be so nice to have them there with us the whole weekend! We are beyond excited and I think both of us are breathing easier! Jon and I celebrated with a meal at Iberian Pig because we were in the area. I should have gotten pictures of my bacon wrapped dates and pork cheek tacos, but I didn’t. Delicious, however. I had been craving that! We topped our meal off with Cheesecake Factory cheesecake and I was a happy camper!

Thursday was work and class. As usual, my day consisted of nothing else other than a quick nap.

Today I was off again! I did homework this morning and made it to my first workout of the week! We did 30 pull ups, 30 ring dips, 21 clean and jerks, and a 2000m row. I finished in 21:07. Nate (the owner) tried to jump my 55# C&Js to 75# during the WOD, which after not lifting in so long, I could barely do. Which is sad because I used to do all my C&Js in WODS at 85#. But I’m just not feeling it. I love CrossFit. I love lifting heavy. But my heart isn’t where it used to be. We did muscle up progressions and I have done 3 muscle ups in my life. On my attempt to get the fourth, I felt like I almost ripped my shoulder off. After not working for three months because of a stupid injury (my thumb, not my shoulder), I refuse to put myself in a position where I feel like my body could be compromised. I can’t afford to be out of work for so long because I hurt myself working out. I want to push myself to my limits- not where other people think I should be. I felt exhausted after the WOD, which is rare for me. I was exhausted before it though, too.

Jon came home and we had some things to take care of. Then we went to Leon’s Full Service Garage for dinner. I had been wanting to try it.


We decided to get somewhat fancy today. You can’t tell by my sweater, but I did have a dress on. It was just really cold.


I had some zucchini fritter thing and a sandwich with a portobello mushroom, cashew and basil pesto, cheese, and tomatoes. It was really good! Then Jon and I came home and took naps.


Way to take off your clothes and get in bed before our squishface.


Anyway, my head had been hurting since after dinner and I woke up with a headache, so I took my Goody’s powder and did some homework tonight. Jon and I cleaned up the house a little bit and now I’m heading to bed! I have to work from 7-3 tomorrow and Sunday morning we’re running a 5k. I haven’t been running at all because life has gotten in the way lately (work, school, wedding planning!) so I’m sure I’ll want to die. I’m a little disappointed that my running ability has decreased, but at the same time, I just don’t have the time right now to do CrossFit and run and with my schedule this month, something had to take the backseat and I choose running. My schedule seems better next month, so maybe I’ll be able to get back to running more.

Off to bed!

Wedding planning some more

I want to apologize for my lack of reading blogs! For some reason, my trusty old desktop hasn’t loaded any blogs in quite some time, but I happened to forget all about that in the last month of only using Jon’s laptop. Now that he takes his laptop to school and work, I can’t read blogs regularly. Also, ain’t nobody got time to be reading tons of blogs.

As I hit on in my frustrated post last night, I have been super busy. However, everybody cross your fingers and toes, I think a venue I’m going to see at 2pm today may work! Unfortunately, the woman had to move the time up in the day so Jon probably won’t be able to get out of work to go see it with me, but I’m ready to throw down some moolah if it looks good! It’s a B&B on a lake and it’s only 45 minutes away! We did really want a barn style wedding, but that’s just not happening for us! This place has a great outdoor area for us to have the ceremony and is only $1300 to rent the venue, which includes tables and chairs! By the way, at the end of this, I plan on doing a cost breakdown of everything. Anyway, $1300 is cheaper than most of the stuff that we’ve seen but does require a bartender. However, it’s also at a B&B. So hopefully the wedding party can book rooms at the B&B. We can drink Fireball and Jack all night by ourselves.

If this works today, I can buy the dress! The dress is $575 and I’m honestly hoping to get away with no alterations. David’s BRidal doesn’t carry 0s in the store unless they’re returns, so I was only able to try on one Vera Wang size 0 dress. The dress I want is made by Galina, which runs bigger. I tried the Vera Wang 0 on with a tank top and shirt on underneath and it was snug in the ribcage, but I didn’t have a real bra on (I had already gotten dressed again). If the real dress needs alterations, the price will go up. But in all honesty, if we can do that venue, it’s cheaper than we were expecting anyway so it saves us some money to put towards the dress. So, if I order it Friday, it can take up to 12 weeks to come in.

Bridesmaids dress shopping is happening this Wednesday! That’s another thing we have to get as soon as possible!

Anyway, aside from wedding talk, no workouts have been happening. I may make it to CrossFit later today, but I work tomorrow and need to clean, grocery shop, make food, do two assignments for school (should take 2-3 hours), and drive out to the lake to see this venue. Not a ton of time! I actually sat down now to work on biology but got distracted. It’s sunny out so I’d love to go hike Stone Mountain, but no time.

I really hope the day comes where I can focus just on my fitness. Obviously not just on that, but where so many things that have to get done don’t get in the way. I guess that’s what happens when you spend 10 years in school! I hope to be able to get back into CrossFit more when I’m doing travel nursing since I’ll be completely out of school by then!


Finally the wedding weekend!

This past weekend was Adam and Jessie’s wedding weekend, finally! Jon and I left on Thursday night around 8pm to go down to Jacksonville. I managed to stay awake almost all of the 5 1/2 hour drive, which was pretty impressive. Friday morning his niece and nephew came in early and hung out in bed with us (mostly me because I did not want to get up yet!). Jon and I had breakfast together, and then I ended up dropping him off for the rehearsal (he was the best man). Then I headed out to the beach for 45 minutes. It was cold out but still really relaxing! After working 80 hours in the 8 days before the trip, I was in need of some relaxing. I was hoping to get my nails done and study, but after the beach, it was time to head to Adam’s parent’s house for the rehearsal dinner.

The rehearsal dinner was so nice! Adam’s mom set up all the tables and it was suprisingly fancy for a backyard dinner! The food was awesome and it was good to see some of the girls that went on the bachelorette cruise and one of Jon and Adam’s other good friends, Joe. I ended up meeting Joe’s girlfriend, Jessica (now fiance, after this weekend), and she was awesome. I really like that the wives/girlfriends/fiances of the boys all get along. We ended up heading out around 9:30 or 10 and going back to Jon’s sister’s house.

Saturday was the wedding day! Jon and I had breakfast again and he went with me to get my nails done. Once we finished that, it was a rush to get everything together to drop him off at the hotel. The wedding was at the Club Continental in Jacksonville. It was really nice! It had hotel rooms, the venue, and then a bar for the after party. I was hoping to go back to the beach and enjoy an afternoon to myself, but I ended up running errands with Jessica all afternoon because Jon hadn’t had time to complete all of his best man duties before going out there. I finally made it back to the hotel at 4 and was supposed to have the groom’s room to myself to get ready (which was mine and Jon’s room for the night) but they were all running late! So I got ready with all of the guys in the room. Cool.

Then it was wedding time! It was such a beautiful ceremony! Adam and Jessie both went to grade school with Jon, and I met them both shortly after they started dating 5 1/2 years ago. I cried without even realizing it! I was just so happy for them! The wedding was 160ish people, so it was pretty big! I was glad that Adam and Jessie seated the wedding party next to their dates, so I ended up spending most of the night with Jessica and Adam’s little brother’s girlfriend. The food at the reception was amazing! They had Asian noodles and Asian chicken! I ended up drinking entirely too much at the reception and passing out at 10:30. Somewhere in there, the bartender at the after party gathered up half my bottle of Fireball (that I snuck into the wedding) and I never got it back. I ended up waking up in my dress at 5:30am, with Jon passed out in the bed next to me. I felt pretty miserable when I woke up, but luckily felt fine in the morning.

We all went to brunch in the morning at Casa Marina on the beach. It was also really delicious food. Great to see Adam and Jessie again before they head back off to Italy (where they live). I also really love Adam’s family! Brunch was fairly short since a lot of people were heading back out of town that afternoon. Once we left, we went back to visit Jon’s sister, brother in law, and niece and nephew for another hour.

The whole weekend was really awesome and it was so nice to be able to spend some time with Jon! School and work makes it nearly impossible to actually enjoy each other, and I really loved seeing Adam and Jessie get married!!!

I’m running late for class and my computer won’t let me upload any images for some reason, so no photos this time! Sorry guys 🙂