Survey time!


Hiiii my name is Liz! I’m 28, closing in on 30 (I think this blog will have to change to at30something when the time comes). I’m currently in Plymouth, MA on a travel nursing assignment but my home is in Dunwoody, GA, just north of Atlanta! ATL represent.


 From The Westin.


This part is so fun now that I’m married! On my side, I have my mom and dad (happily married 33 years), my oldest sister Tonie and my oldest brother KJ, who are technically my half siblings. Then I have my sister Annie and her husband Pat, and my favorite (and only) nephew Tank! I also have a brother, Jake. And I’m the youngest! (As we’ve talked about, I have youngest child syndrome, which is why I need a blog to talk about my life.)


These are definitely not the professional pictures and the only picture I have on my computer with Jake is one where he’s messing with his glasses. My oldest brother, KJ, wasn’t at the wedding because of his job! But there’s my cutest little Tank!!!!

On Jon’s side (my husband), we got lots of little ones in the family! His mom and dad are also happily married, also over 30 years. His oldest sister Jessica is married to Ryan and they have our youngest nephew, Levi! His next to oldest sister, Rebecca, is married to Brad and they have our only niece, Zoe, and another nephew for us, Slade. Zoe was the first baby on both sides 4 years ago and Jon and I definitely have a soft spot for her! Next up is Jon’s twin sister, Jamie Lynn, who is married to John and has a son named Micah and is pregnant again with another boy. Jon’s youngest brother is married, but his wife is pretty much nonexistent, and he has a son, Devyn.


The only one not pictured here is David’s wife.

Jon and I have two fur babies, Tom and Fluff.


I’m going to try to find them cat sweaters so Jon and I can take family Christmas photos this year, but as of now, we don’t have a family photo with my main loves.


I’m a pretty baller ER nurse. I kid. But I am really an ER nurse. I have worked at my main job for the last 4 years, 3 of them as a nurse. All 4 in the ER. And now I’m traveling around doing ER nursing and will return to my job at the end!


The only picture of me I have at work!


I have a new found love for hiking! I’ve been doing day hikes here and there for awhile, but now I want to hike all the time! And I want to hike big things and do long hikes, not just easy peasy day hikes!

IMG_2118 2

TRAVELING! I think this should be number one! I LOVE to travel. Love it. Love everything about it! Below was my very first trip out of the US that I ever took, to Switzerland (on top) and Italy back in 2007! I’ve wanted to see the world ever since!



And of course, the gym. Is that lame? The gym for real. I started working out on deployment in 2008 and started CrossFit when I got back in 2009. I’ve done CrossFit off and on since then and have been at globo gyms off and on since then too. I love different things about my own gym time and CrossFit, but I’m thankful for a nice, healthy body thanks to both!


And lastly, I love doing anything with my friends. Although I am fairly good at being alone, I crave my friend time and am always so extremely happy to spend time with them! I don’t care what we do, I will be happy! I’m definitely happiest with my high school bunch, Crista (my only really close non high school friend in Georgia), or Jess (my nurse travel buddy).


Favorite food

If I’m going out to eat, Mexican and sushi! But in all honesty, I prefer eating at home, and I don’t have a favorite food at home. I tend to cook everything healthy and I mostly only enjoy it because it’s good for me. There are things I’d rather eat, but don’t really have a favorite.

photo 5

Favorite color

Green. I just love everything green. Bright green, dark green, forest green, any green.

Standard coffee order

Well, I mostly drink my Keurig. My favorite are Brown Sugar Cake k-cups (from Target). I tend to get mochas if I’m out. All time favorite though, European coffee.


 In Croatia with Laura last year, loving our 2+ coffee breaks a day to cool off! (And that’s my cute thumb splint from when I tore my ligaments.)

Standard bar order

Fireball whiskey and sprite. Hands down my favorite. But I also really love beer, although I tend to go easy on the beer because of the old tum tum.


My favorite beer is Weihenstephaner Hefe. Pictured on the right, but not in the correct glass.

Places I shop

Banana Republic outlet! Most definitely. And Von Maur.


Hello Von Maur dresses. The best. Especially for people my size.

Bedtime/wake up time

Whenever. I work a big variety of shifts, so it totally depends. At home, I would be in bed by 11 on work nights and up at 5:15. On days off, in bed by 11-12 and up around 9-10. These days, I go to bed anywhere from 12-3 and get up anywhere from 7:30-10.

Beauty products I can’t live without

I really like Almay. I love my Almay liquid eyeliner and would probably be lost without it. I would also be lost without concealer for under my eyes, powder, and bronzer. And as for hurr, I use S Factor leave in moisturizer and Aveeno leave in conditioner every single time I wash my hair. So those two as well. And I need my Vaseline for my chapped lips.

What I blog about

Myself. Duh. Cause I’m the best! And about my boring working out, my boring job, my boring marriage, my boring cats, and my boring food. Sometimes I throw in a fun traveling post, but not much lately.


First blog I read

Let’s take this back. I don’t actually know. I started blogging at 14 (yup, before it was cool). I actually used to read Amy Lauren’s blog back in high school! Aside from that, I don’t remember all of them, although I am actually friends on Facebook with some of those bloggers from back then!

How did I start blogging

I have no idea. I started on Kiwibox, which is now a completely different type of site. Back then it was a “journal,” not a blog. I started this blog because every blog I’ve ever had was anonymous (except for live journal, and if you know my old name, you can still google it and find it). I started reading public blogs and decided to start this and stop sharing all my dirty little secrets! So here we are!

Why I blog

Youngest child syndrome.