Annoying grocery store people

You know those people who are always outgoing and happy and have everything together? They like everybody and think people are the greatest! They’re so positive it can drive you crazy?! That’s totally not me. I think I have a tank and once I hit my fill of dealing with people all day, I’m just over everybody. I don’t even know my people tank is about to be full till it happens.

Sunday after work, I was so excited to see Jon, but got home and was probably the most annoying, grumpiest person ever. Thankfully Jon is a little bit more patient than I am (but he’s still not the most patient, I promise) so it was fine. We mostly just ignored each other and did our own thing.

Monday when I got off work, I decided to go grocery shopping.

As I stood in line behind this guy in his gym clothes while he ordered everything from their already prepared counter, my impatience grew. Then he asked for a sweet potato. When she put it in a bag for him, he said, “That potato looks really good. That’s like my cheat. That’s my dessert.” This guy is probably a CrossFitter. And yes, I’m going to judge. I feel like I’ve seen enough and heard enough comments to be able to pick them out of anywhere. Clearly I love CrossFit, but some of these people are so ridiculous. You probably work out all the time and have to tell the counter lady how that itty bitty tiny half of a sweet potato is your cheat? Man, your life must suck if you get excited about a sweet potato.

THEN I went to unload my groceries onto the belt to check out. I had one of those carts with two little bins on the top and bottom. I had a ton of stuff but had taken all my cans out of the top and moved to the front of the cart to get the ones on the bottom out so that all my cans would be put in bags together. The family behind me stepped up to my cart so I couldn’t get back behind it, put the divider down, and started unloading their groceries! I still had an entire cart full of groceries! So I was unloading my groceries and having to inch their little divider back and stack my stuff up to fit in. How rude. And they just totally acted like it was no big deal.

These are things that generally probably wouldn’t bother me, but after I dealt with patients or 24 hours in two days, I couldn’t take them.

Anyway, I’m about to head out to CrossFit for once. I’m not motivated to go and really don’t feel like doing any CrossFit at all lately. But maybe I’ll change my mind. My afternoon will entail making tons of phone calls to take care of a bunch of business. My first phone calls of the day were to the board of nursing, which never rings but just beeps. So, I don’t know what that is all about. I definitely should have rolled out of bed before 10:30, but I didn’t. So most of my day feels wasted.

Have a good day everybody!