Ramblings of a 20 something girl

I had such a nice day off work yesterday! I can’t lay on my couch all day normally because I have so much to do! But I justified it by telling myself that I would normally be at work and I didn’t feel well, so I could lay on my couch and watch horrible Lifetime movies if I wanted! So I did until 1, and then I got up and tried to create four graphs for my biology lap report, which ended up taking forever and I made a ton cause I kept messing them up. It’s times like that where I wish I was an Excel pro. I spent my evening cleaning and grocery shopping. I had to drop Jon’s softball clothes off to him which took an entire hour because he was late.

I felt really guilty about being home all day without going to the gym or running, but I knew there was no way I could do either. Any moving for long periods of time would really upset my stomach so I just had to be smart and skip it. I have those Nike Pro Combat shirts that are fuzzier on the inside and super warm (I die if I try to run in them, even in the middle of winter here, which is like 20 degrees) and I have some Under Armour pants like that, and I’ve been wearing those with sweatpants and my North Face fleece nonstop. Seriously. I’m wondering if I’m ever going to get dressed again this winter. For some reason, I have absolutely zero tolerance for being cold when I’m going outside the house right now. I’m about to break out my real winter jacket for my mornings going to work. (I realize that paragraph was about two entirely different subjects. Whatever. That’s how I am in real life.)

Today I was really busy at work and didn’t leave until about 4:20 (I was off at 3). We were busy, but I was in no real hurry anyaway because I lost 12 hours of pay yesterday! So I helped out, came home, and then went to class. I was practically falling asleep in class, which never happens  (but did on Tueday). I finally realized it’s because I’m sick, even though I really don’t feel that bad anymore (still have occasional waves of nausea). But whatever is making me somewhat nauseous must be working my immune system cause I was struggling a ton today.

I had dinner plans with a college friend but cancelled (we always cancel on each other). I wish I could have gone but I have to get this lab report done and I have to get some sleep tonight! I can barely concentrate now. I was going to write mine and Jon’s love story part 4 tonight but can’t focus enough.. Hoping to feel much better on Saturday so I can get some gym time in and go running!

Jon’s at drill (he left while I was in class) which is probably good cause we were both super irritable this week. Everything we did got on each other’s nerves and neither of us handled the other’s irritation very well. So I’m thankful for a bit of a break and having some time by myself. I’m sure I’ll be ready for him to get home on Sunday night!

Oh, and I finally gave in and turned on the heat at my house 😦 It was 63 in here when I got home and I couldn’t take it anymore! So I put the heat on 65. Can’t get too crazy! I wish I had something exciting to say or wanted to give some thought to something other than just talking about my day, but I can’t. Just can’t do it. Sorry guys. Time to start this lab report until I pass out from exhaustion.