Finally the wedding weekend!

This past weekend was Adam and Jessie’s wedding weekend, finally! Jon and I left on Thursday night around 8pm to go down to Jacksonville. I managed to stay awake almost all of the 5 1/2 hour drive, which was pretty impressive. Friday morning his niece and nephew came in early and hung out in bed with us (mostly me because I did not want to get up yet!). Jon and I had breakfast together, and then I ended up dropping him off for the rehearsal (he was the best man). Then I headed out to the beach for 45 minutes. It was cold out but still really relaxing! After working 80 hours in the 8 days before the trip, I was in need of some relaxing. I was hoping to get my nails done and study, but after the beach, it was time to head to Adam’s parent’s house for the rehearsal dinner.

The rehearsal dinner was so nice! Adam’s mom set up all the tables and it was suprisingly fancy for a backyard dinner! The food was awesome and it was good to see some of the girls that went on the bachelorette cruise and one of Jon and Adam’s other good friends, Joe. I ended up meeting Joe’s girlfriend, Jessica (now fiance, after this weekend), and she was awesome. I really like that the wives/girlfriends/fiances of the boys all get along. We ended up heading out around 9:30 or 10 and going back to Jon’s sister’s house.

Saturday was the wedding day! Jon and I had breakfast again and he went with me to get my nails done. Once we finished that, it was a rush to get everything together to drop him off at the hotel. The wedding was at the Club Continental in Jacksonville. It was really nice! It had hotel rooms, the venue, and then a bar for the after party. I was hoping to go back to the beach and enjoy an afternoon to myself, but I ended up running errands with Jessica all afternoon because Jon hadn’t had time to complete all of his best man duties before going out there. I finally made it back to the hotel at 4 and was supposed to have the groom’s room to myself to get ready (which was mine and Jon’s room for the night) but they were all running late! So I got ready with all of the guys in the room. Cool.

Then it was wedding time! It was such a beautiful ceremony! Adam and Jessie both went to grade school with Jon, and I met them both shortly after they started dating 5 1/2 years ago. I cried without even realizing it! I was just so happy for them! The wedding was 160ish people, so it was pretty big! I was glad that Adam and Jessie seated the wedding party next to their dates, so I ended up spending most of the night with Jessica and Adam’s little brother’s girlfriend. The food at the reception was amazing! They had Asian noodles and Asian chicken! I ended up drinking entirely too much at the reception and passing out at 10:30. Somewhere in there, the bartender at the after party gathered up half my bottle of Fireball (that I snuck into the wedding) and I never got it back. I ended up waking up in my dress at 5:30am, with Jon passed out in the bed next to me. I felt pretty miserable when I woke up, but luckily felt fine in the morning.

We all went to brunch in the morning at Casa Marina on the beach. It was also really delicious food. Great to see Adam and Jessie again before they head back off to Italy (where they live). I also really love Adam’s family! Brunch was fairly short since a lot of people were heading back out of town that afternoon. Once we left, we went back to visit Jon’s sister, brother in law, and niece and nephew for another hour.

The whole weekend was really awesome and it was so nice to be able to spend some time with Jon! School and work makes it nearly impossible to actually enjoy each other, and I really loved seeing Adam and Jessie get married!!!

I’m running late for class and my computer won’t let me upload any images for some reason, so no photos this time! Sorry guys 🙂