Netherworld, new running shoes, and moving day!

This weekend was really busy! Friday I was finally off for the first time in over 2 weeks (aside from the wedding weekend that was not very relaxing). I was so excited. I finally made it to the gym for a fairly quick arm workout of sorts and then went to buy new running shoes. I settled on the Newton Energy ones after trying a million pairs on. I ran 1.8 miles in them after and was pretty disappointed. They felt okay, but the bottoms of my feet were on fire! The shoes are snug so there shouldn’t have been much friction, so I’m thinking it may have been my socks. I wear thicker Saucony socks (that I really love with my New Balance Minimus shoes) but maybe they were too thick for those. I think I have some thinner socks so I’m going to try those this afternoon. If the same thing happens, I think I’m going to exchange them for the Nike Free ones and try those out.

Friday night, Jon and I went to Netherworld , which is a huge haunted house in Atlanta. Crista’s boyfriend, Billy, was in town and this was her idea. The lines were insanely long but they did a good job on the haunted house. There was the main house and then the Boogeyman house, and that one was more creepy stuff (like Silence of the Lambs type stuff and It). I don’t get scared by things like that, but it was hilarious watching Crista in there. Everything freaked her out. I would recommend it if you get scared easily or have a friend who can entertain you, but the tickets were $30 each and I doubt I’d ever pay that again to go there.



Saturday I had to work from 11-11. I probably annoyed Jon in the morning by snoozing my alarm 10 times, and then drinking coffee in bed so I could spend some time with him. I think he would have preferred sleeping to spending time with me, and I ended up spilling coffee all over the bed so he had to wash the comforter and sheets while I was at work. Oops! Good thing he loves me! Work was fairly busy, but not horrible. I was definitely glad when 11pm hit, and also really glad I hadn’t decided to work 3p-3a since it was daylight savings!

Sunday I had big plans of the gym and running, but that never happened. We slept until 9 and Jon made me breakfast! He doesn’t cook very often, but I like to sleep later than him so sometimes I get lucky and wake up to breakfast already cooked. I was contemplating going to the gym, but knew we were going to be busy moving him so I decided to knock out grocery shopping with him. I actually love taking him grocery shopping with me. It’s nice to have company and we usually end up browsing Whole Foods together, which I never do alone. I’m off all week (unless I get called in today or Wednesday) so I finally have time to make us dinner! I bought a bunch of stuff and am pretty excited about trying a new recipe tonight!

We have been planning on replacing the wire shelving in the pantry and in the bathroom since everything tips over all the time (drives me c.r.a.z.y.), so we decided to head to Lowe’s since we had some time. They ended up being out of the shelving we need, so I’m hoping it comes in tonight so we can organize the closets better. We also decided to walk through the flooring section since I want to put in wood floors. While browsing, Jon said he was going to install them. He has never done it, but I’m all about it! It’s around $2/sqft to install the foors, so that saves me $2,000! His brother actually owns a flooring company in Florida, so we’re going to have him to come up in December to help us get started one weekend. He can teach us how to join the tile and wood and meet up with the walls. I’m a little nervous about it (after all, I’m the one who owns the house), but if Jon wants to do it, then we’re going to learn! It’ll be nice to know how to redo our own house for the future!

Anyway, after that, we started moving his stuff into my house. It was fairly quick, but he has a lot of stuff. And we still have his storage unit to move in here! We spent the evening organizing, making dinner, and doing homework. There is still stuff all over the place and it’s driving me a little crazy. I like things in set spots and I hate having little objects everywhere. So we’ll have to get more of it done tonight. I think things will be a mess until December, when we both finish the semesters at school and have to move everything in order to put in our floors.

We enjoyed the fire place for a little while last night. We had a fire for about 15 minutes in the morning (our first one) and then had it on for awhile last night. It’s gas, which is so nice so we don’t have to spend forever starting it and putting it out. Tom was pretty entranced, but I think he may have burned his nose on the mesh wire and then didn’t go near it again. I hope he learned his lesson. Don’t play with fire!


I planned on getting up early today, but that definitely didn’t happen. Tom and I cuddled in bed till 10 and then I started on some biology. This unit has me totally lost (gylcolysis, the Krebs Cycle, Calvin Cycle?!) and I’m so over school. I’ve made 3 As on tests so far and only have two left, but one grade is dropped. So I think I may just review minimally and go into this with an I’m going to fail attitude. At this point, I just don’t care. I’m about to head to the gym for a leg day and then try to run another 2 miles to try my new running shoes with new socks. If I still don’t like them, the shoe store is in the same building at the gym and I can just run along the main road, so I’ll just swap them out.


My cuddly TomCat this morning.

Tonight is the first Homeowner’s Association Meeting that I’m going to (I think they do one big one a year) and I’m pretty excited. I haven’t met a ton of people who live in my condo complex aside from my neighbors, so I’m curious to see who else is living in here. They’re going over the plans for the next year too. Jon said he was going to come, so hopefully his homework is done so he can actually come. I’m starting to feel like a real, old married couple here…

I’ll leave you all with a picture of us from the wedding, since I never managed to put up any photos of it!


He doesn’t normally dress up in suspenders and a bow tie, but this was the groomsmen attire. Handsome man!