Kids, kids, kids!

I’M SICK! Ah, wtf. Not miserably. But I have that thing going on in my throat that needs to be surgically removed and it got infected again this week. I’m on antibiotics for it and that part feels better, but now my entire throat hurts. Can’t win! I’m feeling pretty run down after 39 hours of work in the last 3 days and staying up so late every night, but I’m beyond excited to have today off work (and the next 5 days!). I slept till 1pm and am now eating, about to shower, and then go check out the gym. I’m holding off on working out today cause of feeling under the weather and lacking motivation, but tomorrow I’ll get it together.

I was super excited to talk to Jon for an hour after waking up! There may be some changes in our household (not pregnant!) coming up, so I’m looking forward to that! I’ll make some announcements after final decisions are made, but I will say, I am rooting for change! Yeah, definitely no babies.

But speaking of babies, Jon has said he’s pretty sure we’ll have kids, which means that I have to have kids. Although I don’t know that I want them, I will have them if he does (and I’m sure I’ll love them too). Now that I know they’re probably in my somewhat near future, I’m feeling like I’m living my very last days. It’s kind of like I’m dying… Because my no-kid days are coming to an end, and I really love my life without kids. I’ll be honest, I think on a daily basis how awesome my life is and how incredibly lucky I am to be TRAVELING FOR A LIVING! I’m dying to get to Iceland pre-kid (I WILL NOT HAVE KIDS IF I HAVE NOT GONE TO ICELAND!), Germany, the Netherlands, Machu Picchu, the Swiss Alps, and all these places just can’t happen once we start poppin’ them babies out! Life as I know it will be o.v.e.r. and that is really a scary and depressing thought. But I know that I will adjust to mom-life and be so glad I had kids one day (at least I really hope so, but how many parents say they really wish they didn’t have kids? that’s the only thought that keeps me going). What if these are my last 2-3 childless years?! THAT’S SO SHORT! Guys, it’s already the end of October! I don’t even know where this year has gone! Two years will just fly by and then I’ll be a giganto pregnant lady wearing children’s maternity clothing! I need to stop before I have a panic attack.

That was totally not the point of this. I didn’t even plan on talking about kids.

I found these awesome snacks at Whole Foods! They do have cane sugar in them (I believe) so they aren’t totally healthy, but they are seriously delicious:


And alas, a Tom picture, cause he’s so adorable and it melts my heart when Jon sends me adorable cat pictures!



Time to go shower, clean the kitchen, and head out to get some Dutch Bros coffee and go take a look at the gym I plan on joining! I may try to find an outdoor store so I can look for some hiking boots since the ground here is always so wet! Since I have 6 days off, I’m taking today easy and just catching up my energy so that I can start a day of exploring tomorrow! I’ll have to head east in hopes of finding some sunny skies tomorrow!