Monday List

1. I’m sick AGAIN! For being around sick people all the time for my job, I rarely get sick. Last year, I think I got sick once. We’re going on #4 since Christmas here. This time it’s a horrible cough with a lot of nasty mucus. I’m hoping this is as bad as it gets, but I get so tired when I’m sick. My nephew and Jon’s sister both had a cough going on, so I’m assuming I picked it up while on vacation.

2. Wisconsin was awesome! Annie and I cooked up some dishes and made some homemade protein bars. It was fun to be in the kitchen with my sister, even though she’s not really much of a cook. I really wasn’t ready to leave when Wednesday rolled around! I could have stayed for at least a few more days!

ImageI got to see this little face! My favorite!


Lot of snow!


Played Bingo with Annie and Beth (Beth is my step grandma- but she’s been around since I was little and is my last grandparent left!)

ImageWent to the Milwaukee Zoo with this little guy!

2. Florida was also awesome. Jon’s sister (Rebecca) took our engagement photos on Saturday night and I can’t wait to see them! However, my hair doesn’t do well in humidity because it’s so naturally wavy, so despite all the oil I put in my hair, it was a huge fro when I looked in the mirror after the shoot. Hopefully that’s not captured on camera‚Ķ She’s still editing, but I’ll share when they’re done!



I love beach time with Jon! It was super windy and the first day, I laid out with my yoga pants and long sleeved shirt on and took a killer nap. It was the best. The second beach day was so windy that the sand was painful, so Jon and I took a long walk along the beach!


A friend of mine from high school opened Crave Food Truck in St Augustine. The food is all really awesome and healthy! I surprised her by showing up out of the blue and it was really awesome to see her! It was also in a fantastic location on a marina. Jon and I were daydreaming about future houses when he’s a doctor.

4. Jon and I spent $300 on groceries last night to welcome us back. That’s a new record by a TON! We did stock up on some bigger food items that cost more, but I was in shock when that came up on the cash register.

5. I’m starting to take protein again. Just one scoop a day, and for now I’m not coinciding with my workouts. This is how I did it a few years back when I had lost a lot of weight and I put on weight fairly quickly, which is my goal. I don’t even know what I weigh now, but from the looks of me, I’d like to gain about 10lbs again. I need to get back into lifting heavier again, so I’m going today for a run and some legs. I did skip CrossFit today because it entailed 5 rounds of 800m run, 5 rope climbs, and 50 push ups. I don’t think I can muster through that long of a workout when I feel like this. That’s one month off, so I’ll talk to the owner about applying my last month of payment to this coming month.

6. I’m already cooking. Although I really don’t love to cook, I was so happy to get home and be able to eat my own food. Already working on a casserole for tonight and for lunches this week. I’m basing it off a recipe but I’m making changes for some more flavor.

7. I have a test tomorrow, so aside from cleaning, cooking, and some gym time, I’ll be studying ALL DAY LONG. Bummer.

Time to go be productive!