USAA vs State Farm + CrossFit

I have some really fantastic news. This is going to be totally boring for all of you, but I had switched my car insurance and homeowner’s insurance over to USAA so Jon and I could be on the same policy. Come to find out (which I should have known but somehow missed in my 3 hour long conversation with my insurance companies), when I went from State Farm to USAA, my homeowner’s doubled. I decided, clearly, to switch back to State Farm. In switching back, my homeowner’s insurance amount stayed the same, but somehow my car insurance decreased by $75-100 every 6 months! And if Jon comes over to State Farm, our total payment for both cars for six months will be $729. Holy. smokes. guys. That is INSANE. I just canceled my coverage with State Farm in February and was paying around $550 so to have two cars for $729?! Absolutely!!!! (By the way, USAA was $1029 for both cars with the multi-line “discount.”) And for all you other insured people out there, that’s for 100/300/50 with a $250 deductible for both of our cars. So, despite all my anger that Jon has had to endure after wasting 3 hours on the phone with the insurance companies to double my homeowner’s insurance, it was totally worth it. And besides, that was all my fault in the first place anyway.

Alrighty, so now that we have the boring adult stuff out of the way… I woke up feeling super energized today, which was surprising since I got home fairly late from having sushi with Crista last night and then Jon and I stayed up until close to two, which is super late for this grandma.

photo (3)

I woke up and started cleaning right away and handling insurance bi’ness. I made it to the noon CrossFit class for 8 minutes of power cleans and a 1 mile run. The 1 mile run felt great. It surprised me since I usually struggle through the first mile but I guess the beautiful weather helped. I used 63# for power cleans (it was supposed to be 90% of your 1 rep max- which was 95# today and I could have gone heavier, but opted not to- my real 1RM of power cleans is 105#) because I’m still really paranoid about re-injuring my thumb. In 8 minutes, I did 60 reps. The mile was untimed.

After that, I came home and did a quick arm workout and then went to The Fresh Market. I thanked my cashier so many times and she didn’t acknowledge me at all. How irritating. Anyway, now I’m getting to some blogs and about to start working on my study guide for my biology lab final tomorrow. I was supposed to be off all day tomorrow, but I’m covering from 7a-11a for somebody and am totally wishing that I wasn’t. But I was only scheduled for 24 hours this week, so I guess I should be glad to up that number by 4. I wish Jon had time to go sit on a patio and have dinner with me, but I think he may have some homework to do. Can’t keep up with him now that it’s finals time!

Everybody have a good evening!


Weekly Roundup and Homeowner Surprises

My workouts this week included: 

Monday: 5mile run in 48:37, squats, deadlifts

Tuesday: 14 minutes of NTC abs and arms because I forgot my sports bra for the gym (and was not motivated to work out at home)

Wednesday: 2 mile run in 21:19 (AM run, totally not motivated either)

Thursday: 2.67 mile run in 27:32, squats, push ups, shoulder workout

Friday: Nothing at all! 12 hour shift

Yesterday was SO nice out! Jon and I had lunch together and then I came home and worked on my lab write up for class. I also happened to check the mail and see that my escrow has a shortage and a deficit of $1000! WAH! Talk about increasing my mortgage in this coming year. Even if I pay the shortage in full, my mortgage payment is still going to increase by $75 anyway this year. Aside from my leaky shower, this is the only other first thing that has made me be like, wtf- I should have rented. But I’m going to file for a homestead exemption this coming week so who knows what will happen with my taxes.

By the time I finished calling my mortgage lender (cause the letter was way too confusing for me), it was 3:30. I decided to get a quick work out in the living room done and do a 30 minute run. I turned around at 15 minutes and guess I ran faster on the second half (as always). I also almost got hit by a car, but not really. The driver totally would have hit me but I’m observant when crossing streets, so their failure to yield to pedestrians wasn’t that serious. In all fairness, I can’t hate on that woman because I once ran into a guy, but he was a black guy, in black clothing, in the dark. So maybe I can be hating on that lady for almost hitting me during daylight. I also had to stop at three lights for a long time each. I don’t normally go that route cause of the lights, actually. Oh well.

I had class last night for a whole hour. I love this lab cause the professor is so laid back and it’s so easy (I got a 108% on my midterm- really?!).

I worked for 12 hours today and was really steadily busy for the entire shift. Almost too busy, but not quite. I had plans of the gym afterwards, but no way. As soon as I sat in my car, that motivation was totally gone and the exhaustion set in. Besides, I’m going to Body Pump in the morning (I am SO excited to FINALLY try this class) and think I’ll do a few miles if I have time. I know that I need to be smart about running and that there really is no need to go crazy in my first real week back at running.

Tomorrow is CAKE TASTING for my wedding and then Jon and I are going to a wedding of a girl that I work with. I’m pretty pumped about the cake tasting. My mom and Laura (my maid of honor) are coming with me since Jon is going to a going away party for his friends. I’m in desperate need of friend time since I haven’t seen my friends in over 2 weeks and have only been hanging out with Jon (we were on vacation) or working. I need my girl time or I go crazy.

Okay, time to get changed, eat, and start working on my discussion postings for class. I’m exhausted and think Jon’s going to pick up a red box for tonight!

Happy Valentine’s Day

I was hoping to have an extremely productive day, full of studying for biology and taking my test online! Well, and I was going to go to CrossFit at noon. Instead I ended up calling USAA to switch over my car insurance and my condo insurance and spent a good hour on the phone with them! By the time I finished, it was 11:45 and I didn’t have time to change and get to CrossFit. I decided to head to LA Fitness!

On my way to LA Fitness, I decided it was too nice out and that I wanted to go to Stone Mountain to hike instead. If I do a quick hike, I can end up sweaty and definitely feeling like I worked out! However, today the mountain was closed because of ice! I decided to brave it anyway and I’m really glad I did cause it was pretty, but it was a fairly slow hike cause of how icy some parts were!



Despite how snowy it was on the mountain, it was still a beautiful day outside! I was planning on heading to LA Fitness after to go for a run and do some legs but I was starving since I barely ate anything this morning (I had planned on being done working at by 1pm and it was already 2:30 when I left Stone Mountain).

On my way home, I decided to make a Valentine’s Day collage for Jon (anybody notice how much I didn’t want to study?). So I put together this little beauty of pictures from our last 5 years together and then had it printed at CVS and bought a little card to go with it:


Once I did that, I finally came home to eat! And now I’m back on the phone with USAA trying to get my condo insurance settled (this makes 1 1/2 hours on the phone with USAA so far- but I’m on hold to get conferenced in with my mortgage lender so they’re taking care of everything!).

Anybody who has ever bought a house- the agony apparently never ends. I actually have put switching my insurance company off for months now because I didn’t know how to do it. Come to find out, it’s easy, you just spend a lot of time on hold.

Enough of boring house stuff. I was having a conversation with myself on my hike today because I was feeling like I really needed to lift weights. I don’t want to get to a point where I do all the same exercise. I only did CrossFit for over 4 years. But I found that I actually do enjoy running now, and I know that I should do yoga to work on my flexibility, plus it’s nice being able to use LA Fitness sometimes and do other classes. And on days where I hike, I need to just enjoy hiking and not worry if I’m not lifting weights and running and all kinds of other mess! (By the way, just finished all my insurance stuff! WOOHOO!!) I really want to make sure that being active and healthy is permanent in mine and Jon’s lifestyle and making it to the gym every day just won’t be possible, just as it won’t always be possible to go outside and run. Besides, I’m not working on any specific goals (other than to run a 1/2 marathon sometime this year) so I have some flexibility with the type of workouts that I do.

As my last note for the day: Although Jon doesn’t read my blog, I feel incredibly lucky to have him in my life. Sometimes I probably need to remind myself of that. I can be very trying at times and also completely bitchy, but in our time apart and in our time back together, I really think we’ve learned how to have a much better balance. Even when I’m not exactly acting the most appreciative, I still know how much I love him and how grateful I am for him. I really do feel lucky to have him and can tell a huge difference in our relationship this time around. I know that he loves me unconditionally. One of my biggest goals in our relationship is to always put him first. Not that I’m not important because I clearly am (duh), but if both of us strive to put the other first, the other person will always want to do that. Who doesn’t want to do nice things for the man who treats them so well?! I notice a huge change in our interactions when I make the effort to really make him happy instead of just nagging him for the things he’s not doing (like the laundry… or dishes… or cleaning up after himself… haha). And when I try to make him happy and stop nagging, magically he starts making more of an effort to do the laundry and dishes and cleaning up after himself! Anyway, this blog doesn’t go into much in the way of our relationship, but I’m just feeling immensely grateful for having such an amazing man by my side every single day, and also for the rest of my life! Hard to believe that he still had another girlfriend at this time last year, huh?

And just to reminisce, here was my Valentine’s Day date last year! Crista and I went to Two Urban Licks downtown and we were the hottest couple of the night 🙂


On that note, I’ll be off to shower seeing as it is now 4:30 (I feel like this was such a wasted day!). No clue what Jon and I have in store for us tonight, but probably nothing fancy since we didn’t make plans ahead of time! I think tomorrow we may go hiking and just enjoy spending the day together! And we may go buy my wedding band too since I’m definitely going to need that for our wedding!

Have a great day, everybody!

The weekend and rhabdo!

Friday I got off work at 3 and drove over the the gym. I got to the gym and had a bathroom emergency and was exhausted, so I wrestled with whether or not I really wanted to go to the gym at all. I had decided to at least do 45 minutes at the gym doing whatever my heart desired once I got in the doors, but once that bathroom emergency hit, it was over.

I came home, got out of my scrubs, and crashed for 2 hours. Maybe I dream too big for working 5 days in a row. Nurses aren’t used to that sort of thing. I did feel justified in my decision not to work out when I slept that hard though cause clearly I needed it.

I woke up hungry and grumpy and waited for Jon to get home (he was supposed to be home way earlier and hadn’t let me know he was staying later at work). Once Jon got home, we packed for the cabin as quickly as possible and headed out the door.

Our night started with awesome massages. After going back to CrossFit, I needed it. I thought I was going to cry when he dug into some of the knots on my back. Jon loved his massage just as much as I loved mine, so maybe we’ll go back. After our wonderful massages, we headed up the my parent’s cabin in Blairsville.

I woke up throughout the night with intense pain in my triceps. I’ve never had that happen before. After not working out as much and still being in the mindset I was in 7 months ago with CrossFit, I overdid it. I’m extremely careful going back into doing lifts, but not as much with the number of reps of bodyweight exercises. I’m almost positive I ended up with a mild case of rhabdo. Luckily, it was just in my triceps. People with the highest risk for rhabdo are athletes who are getting back into working out and overdo it. Hm, sound familiar (and by athlete, I just mean former CrossFitter- I don’t feel like an athlete of any sort). I barely slept all night because of the pain in my arms and could barely move them. I’ve done CrossFit for over 4 years so I know what it’s like to be sore. I’ve been in agony when I’ve been sitting down on the toilet before. My muscles frequently hurt just to touch and feel bruised. But this was different. It wasn’t just a sore muscle. My arms at rest were in a constant aching pain and that radiated into the surrounding muscles, leaving them feeling like they were in constant muscle failure. If I moved my arms, it felt like a tearing pain, and when I got to a certain point (which was after very minimal movement), it felt like I was having the most severe muscle cramps in my triceps. They were swollen and Jon said my left one looked bruised. I drank tons of water to flush out the myoglobin casts so they didn’t occlude my ureters (I peed way less than normal- oddly enough, but my pee was still light). I was feeling nauseous a lot of the day also. Jon even had to dress and undress me. I couldn’t bend my arms enough to get my clothes on and off. Last night I still went to bed in pretty bad pain, but luckily woke up this morning (only woke up a few times overnight) and was able to move a little bit more. Tonight, I’m able to move more for sure, but bending my arms is still really painful and the constant ache in my left arm is about 1/2 of what it was the other day! Anyway, I blame myself completely. I know who is at the highest risk of rhabdo. I know my own limits. I definitely pushed them and the coach on Wednesday had told me to only do 14 dips per round and not 20, but I still did 20.

Anyway, yesterday morning Jon and I woke up to this:


Instead of enjoying a day hiking as I had hoped for, we went to The Sawmill Place for breakfast. Afterwards, we ended up heading back to the cabin and we both napped for a few hours. I’ve been really taking a ton of naps lately, which is so rare for me. I usually never want to nap. I slept so good too after being up all night in pain the night before. We woke up to a nice sunny afternoon so we decided to head out to look for possible wedding venues.

We drove around and enjoyed some nice scenery! Didn’t find much in the way of venues, but we have a few places we want to check out. We had dinner at an Italian place that was okay. Enrico’s in Young Harris. Jon made fun of the girl when he ordered “caprese” and she verified that we wanted the “capreeese.” It’s “capraysay,” duh. We went to Italy. We know. (I’m kidding, but we did go, and Jon does feel all Italian now.) They used sandwich tomatoes for their caprese which ruined it. But our entrees were pretty good!

We went back to the cabin and read all night. This morning, we woke up to a beautiful morning!


I would love to get married in a field like that! Jon and I wondered if we just set up in a field, if anybody would stop us. We don’t think so, but I think the logistics may be a little tricky. We ate a really good breakfast at The Crimson Moon Cafe in Dahlonega and then headed to Amicalola Falls to check out their B&B as a possible wedding venue.



The view from the lodge. Unfortunately, you can’t see the falls from the B&B.

I’m curious to hear the pricing on that place. Anyway, we went to pick up Jon’s wedding band and sent off my engagement ring for resizing. I have a feeling it’ll squish my fingers when they swell in the summer, but I’m tired of worrying that it’ll fall off into the sinks at work when I wash my hands a million times a day!

My parents came over tonight to help us hang up pictures. After they left, we’ve been organizing all day. It sucks that we left so much to do today because it was a beautiful day out and we could have done so many fun things! Our guest bedroom was still in shambles after we did the floors, so I have most of that together. Now I’m catching up on laundry. I really wanted to clean the glue off the floors but my arms are still really tired and hurting, so I didn’t. I also didn’t want to run today because I didn’t want to damage any other muscles and release anything else into my bloodstream to be filtered out by my kidneys! I’m such a paranoid nurse, huh.

Anyway, time to go relax and watch a movie with Jon. It’s back to reality this week… I have a class for work tomorrow and am on call till 3 (I hope to check out a wedding venue after!) and then Tuesday is back to class. Ugh.

Lazy Monday Morning and Engagement Photos!

I just stayed in bed till 10am and it was awesome. I snoozed for 2 hours. I’m a master snoozer. Now I’m watching TV shows on my new couch! I’m going to make some breakfast and sit on my couch and relax! I know my next day off isn’t until the second weekend n January, so I’m soaking this in. We’re going back to Florida this weekend and then the following we’re finally going to my parent’s cabin! We used to go all the time when we were together the first time, but now Jon needs the internet for his homework and we don’t have the internet up there, so we never go! I’m sure it’ll be freezing up there but I’m hoping for some good weather at least! I just need to make it out alive to that weekend! I hate being at the hospital for so many days in a row, so being there 4 days one week and 5 the next already makes me feel mentally exhausted!

Anyway, I’m hoping to get in a run and a workout at the gym today. My only other plans are grocery shopping and trying to do something around the house. I feel like I’m at a stopping point with putting things away cause we need most of the stuff left. Jon did make progress on the outlets last night! It takes him awhile to get one done, so it’s definitely not a fast project, but the white outlets seems so nice compared to the old yellow ones! Ah, love it! I know Jon wasn’t excited when I bought my house, but I really love having my own place! And I really love that Jon is around to make this our house together!

Okay, I was just being lazy so though I’d at least update my blog!

I’ll leave you all with a few of our engagement photos!


Our kiss right after the engagement.


One of my favorites! Always making me laugh!


This was supposed to be the background for all the photos, but Jon stopped early in all her nervousness!

House projects galore!!!!

Wow! What a week! Christmas day we spent in Florida with Jon’s family! We got up fairly early (I was glad the kids are too young to wake up at 5am and annoy everybody to wake up) to watch Zoe and Slade open presents. Then we ate my french toast casserole, which was pretty good, and hung out with Brad and Rebecca and then Jon’s parents came over. After some family time, Jon and I headed out to meet one of his high school friends that I’ve been hearing about for 5 years now, and then it was back to Georgia!

We got in around 10pm, did laundry, and went to bed. I woke up for work early on Thursday and Friday. I had been planning on having productive nights, but instead Jon and I had two movie nights in a row. I can’t tell you how nice it was to just sit on the couch and cuddle up with him. I really wish we had an entire day to sit and do nothing together. But we don’t!

This weekend was spent painting from sun up to sun down! By sun up, I mean sun up for me. At like 9am. But still till sun down. My mom and dad came to help me for the weekend! I had picked a nice, light gray, which ended up being a nice, light blue once it went on the walls. I still like it though. It made a huge difference in how the house looks! I had planned on a greenish gray kitchen, but then realized I’d have to extend the wall into the dining room and I’m not okay with that, and I’m not okay with stopping paint in the middle of a wall. Anyway… One wall left tomorrow because we had to patch a hole and it wasn’t dry this afternoon. Another perk to painting was taking down all the alarm systems that were on my walls! Apparently nobody removes them. Ever. I had three alarm systems on my walls and they weren’t small.

Unfortunately, when my couches were delivered yesterday, the accent chair couldn’t be put together probably because the people didn’t try hard enough because it was “broken,” so I don’t get that until the 13th. But my couch is amazing! I was having buyer’s remorse about it because I thought it would look bad, but it doesn’t at all! And it’s really comfortable!  Now that everything is painted, I’m dying to decorate! I want to hang everything and go find rugs and buy new pillows! Unfortunately, I have spent an insane amount of money this month and am not buying anything until I pay off most of the floors.

The house is still a mess (when will it be normal again?!?!) and Jon is trying to change all of our outlets and light switches. Not just the plates, but the actual little pieces too. They were all yellow cause this place was built in 1985 and when it was renovated, it was only done enough to resell and not really up to a high standard, so we’re working on all the little things. And every light in our house is apparently controlled by one breaker, so I’m chilling in the dark while Jon works by lantern (for real, his dad got us one for Christmas).

I did get to go to our annual high school Christmas reunion last night! We normally go to Taco Mac for it, but this year had it at a girl’s house. It was a blast. Those kids crack me up all the time! I actually wasn’t even that good of friends with most of them in high school, but became friends with some of them over the years and am now friends with some of them solely because of our Christmas get together. We had a blast! I, of course, was the first one to leave (at 1am though, so I made it pretty late!). I also only drank one glass of wine and woke up with a headache that lasted the entire day, even with motrin and BC powder. Not sure if that was because of the wine or how I was sitting when I was painting trim all day yesterday, but it still made me feel old.

Clearly, I haven’t been exercising. I did take a look at my thighs last night and they look so small. I hate it. Where is my muscle?! Just kidding. I know it disappears when I don’t do anything active. But I’m itching to get back into working out. I’m thinking of dropping in to CrossFit tomorrow, but it seems pointless because I work Monday-Friday for the next 2 weeks after that, so I’ll probably wait since I couldn’t go back for so long. It has also been really dreary in Georgia (seriously, are we in Seattle?! this is so depressing!) and it kills my motivation and so does living in a messy house. I’m easily influenced by my surroundings. I’ve also been eating horribly. I can’t recall the last time I ate this much bread. French toast casserole, cinnamon rolls, bagels galore, Dove chocolates, popcorn (three bags in three days)… What is wrong with me?! I can’t wait to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

I also can’t wait to get this house back in order. I wish I had a nice, relaxing break from school all month, but it wasn’t at all. Is it sad that I’m hoping that by Thursday night, we have our house back in order (because we go back to Florida on Friday)? Three entire weeks of a house in shambles! I’m over it. This is the first time since the 12th that I’ve sat down and read blogs because I’ve been doing too much house stuff.

Enough about my house and lack of exercise. Boring.


Our dining room. Don’t let looks deceive you. This is the only clean room in our house. Also, can’t wait to get a nice, round rug to put under the table and to hang up some pictures! It’s finally starting to feel like home in here!

House projects numero uno!

It has been a busy week! I’m so glad not to be having to study this week, but it’s been nonstop. I drove 130 miles on Wednesday! My bad mood finally let up once I got to Massage Envy for my 90 minute massage! I wish they had spent a little more time really working into my sore legs, but I was too relaxed to even care enough to mention in. And they must have done an okay job because my legs are now sore all over, so she clearly worked something out of there! I came home after my massage to this:

photo 3

Progress on the house! Thursday I worked from 7a-3p and then went to my friend’s house to watch her daughter. It was nice out so we went to the park and went on a walk. I ended up with a horrible headache, so I struggled a bit to help the little girl make it through her homework. Once she went to bed, I did a few deadlifts and kettle bell swings and some shoulder stuff in my friend’s garage gym. Then I relaxed and watched Parenthood. I passed out when I went to bed last night! My friend works till 11 (she works in the ER with me) so I stayed at her house last night. Something about the peace and quiet over there just put me right to sleep! It was awesome!

I only worked 4 hours this morning. When I got home, I saw all of this progress (Jon was off work yesterday so he could get the house ready for our floors!):

photo 2 photo 1

It’s a disaster in here! I’m not sure what Jon and I were expecting, but both of us are surprised and what a mess the house is. Stuff is everywhere! David (Jon’s little brother- he’s actually my age) is on his way here right now from Florida to help install our floors! I’m so glad! Also, both beds are in mine and Jon’s bedroom, so I guess him and David will be sharing a room tonight! So I’ll be heading to my mom and dad’s house for a night of sleep without being sandwiched between two men (even though that’s every girl’s dream, right? Kidding!). I can’t wait to get home on Sunday and see the progress that they’ll have made! I’m hoping the floors look awesome! I already feel like the house seems lighter without having the dark carpet in here and my kitchen window blinds aren’t even open (the windows are blocked by furniture). I can’t wait to get the house painted and brighten it up even more!

Anyway, I need to go buy some food for the boys and make my lunches for work. I also need to clean up the kitchen since it’s a disaster too and probably throw in some laundry (I don’t even know where to fold it!).

Oh, and for a quick before picture:

photo 4

That picture wasn’t supposed to be of the house. It’s of Tom and Jon watching football together. But I don’t know if I even have any good pictures of the house at all before! Oops. And by the way, I didn’t seriously decorate my mantle like that. I threw those up there when I moved in thinking that I’d hang pictures later, but then I had no motivation to do so with these green couches and the ugly carpet (it was just so dark and boring- worse in person than in the photo). So, after painting, I’ll finally be decorating the walls! Can’t wait to actually feel like this is our house that we put some hard work into!

Okay, time for a quick nap before tackling the rest of my day!

Ramblings from a rained in girl.

It’s still raining out here! I haven’t gone running since early last week and probably still won’t if it continues to rain. My motivation is at -10 right now. I am hoping to talk myself into going to the gym this afternoon since I haven’t even done that in awhile, but with this weather affecting my motivation so much, it’s hard. I really wish I was a person that wasn’t affected so much by the weather. I don’t mind the cold but I need some sun in my life! I’m at least grateful that it hasn’t affected my mood other than feeling lazier than normal, but my poor muscles just continue to shrink and I’m probably going to die when I go running.

I also like my surroundings neat and clean, and with 44 boxes of wood all over and carpet cut up, it makes things feel unorganized!

I spent my Friday running errands and then saw Crista for about an hour in the evening. The weekend was spent working (7a-7p on Saturday and Sunday) and then I stopped by Kassie’s last night for an owl crafting party. I was only there for about 2 hours, but it was nice to hang out for a little while! My social life feels nonexistent these days. And even then, my social interactions consists of owl crafting parties for two hours or a lunch date. Does anybody else constantly feel like they are saying, “When suchandsuch ends, I will have so much free time!” And then suchandsuch does end, but you still are just as busy?


Mine is the 4th from the left with the baby owl.

Jon came home from drill last night so I was excited to see him, but it was his grace period for precalc so he was trying to finish up some assignments from the semester. We didn’t really get to spend much time together, unfortunately. Also, his laptop is the only way I can read other blogs (mine stopped loading them!) so when he’s gone, no blog reading for me!

Things on the list for today: Laundry (x3 loads), clean the kitchen, grocery shop, STUDY, take my computer science final at 7pm (I had to pay $20 to have the stupid thing proctored online), and hopefully make it to the gym. I have hopes of actually making dinner tonight too, but with that final right at 7, we’ll see how that goes!

My last final is tomorrow night at 7 and then I’m a free woman for a month! However, I work Thursday from 7-3, am heading up to my friend’s house to watch her daughter (we were college roommates in 2005, but she works with me now), spending the night at her house (at least she has a home CrossFit gym set up), working 7-7 on Friday, spending the night at my parents cause Jon’s brother will be coming in to do the floors and I need a good night of sleep, and Saturday I work 7-7 and have our work Christmas party after. The Christmas party may get skipped after all of that though. And all that also means Wednesday will be spent cooking lunches for 3 days and packing clothes! Whew. So really, my Christmas break starts on Sunday morning and our floors will be done around then and the house will be back in order! Very excited!

WIAW (From Monday, posted on Friday) and house stuff!

This is my first WIAMonday (posted on Friday, whatever!).


Breakfast was leftover sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving, a kiwi, and Pumpkin Spice coffee with french vanilla coconut creamer. This was around 11:30 since I slept in too late. Oops.


Around noon, I decided I wanted bacon. I normally prefer the 365 brand bacon from Whole Foods (all my bacon is nitrate/nitrite free- the health of my colon is important) but they were out so this was some other brand that was far too salty.


Thought about running. Nope. Not yet. Too dreary. Kept on studying.


Pre run snack around 3:30. Those are paper thin crackers and goat cheese and basil pesto that they mixed for me at Whole Foods. So good.


I ended up running 4 miles in 37 minutes and some seconds. Post run around 5, I had some herb roasted turkey (three slices, sliced thick per stack) with cut up apples, some leftover homemade cranberry sauce, and brie as my little Thanksgiving snacks. Then I ate some gluten free mac & cheese with shredded cheddar on top.


Busy studying so I didn’t want to cook. Around 7, ate some honey Noosa yogurt. It’s expensive, but guys, this is the best yogurt ever. I’ve converted many people at work, even yogurt haters.


One macaroon. These are from Whole Foods too (I’ve never seen them anywhere else). They are so freaking good. Made with all real ingredients and are so cocounuty and delicious.


Around 8:30, Jon talked me into making portabella mushroom pizza things. I bake a big portabella, topped with basil pesto, spaghetti sauce, goat cheese, and parmesan. I ended up only eating 5-6 bites of this because one of the mushrooms had gone bad (and they were new!) in the package so Jon and I shared it.


I think I went to bed around 11. I studied pretty much all day long. These were the babies that greeted me in bed. Fluff and Tom.

And there you have it. I actually do try not to eat so much dairy, but I’ve increased my dairy intake lately. I’m going to have to  decrease it because despite how much fiber I eat, dairy just doesn’t seem to keep things flowing regularly, you know? I wasn’t sensitive to it before, but I cut dairy out other than cheese in my eggs for months and months, so my body doesn’t handle it as well anymore. Shame, because it’s delicious. And I also typically don’t eat pasta or breads at all, but lately I’ll eat small servings of gluten free pasta occasionally (maybe 1-2x per month). I was going to do a WIAW on Wednesday so it would be a work day, but I was so slammed at work that it never happened.

I took my final last night in my biology lecture class.  I guess it went well? I’m not sure. Then I drove in the pouring rain to get my dad’s car (Ford Escape) so Jon and I could pick up our wood for the floors this morning. It was pouring all the way back and I never drive my dad’s car! I borrow my mom’s if mine or Jon’s goes into the shop so it was hard to get used to that gigantic thing. Thankfully we decided to get his car, because 44 boxes of wood was a tight squeeze even in that tank this morning!

We have all our wood for the floors! Jon made his first cut into the carpet last night!


We both got nervous after he did it! I can’t believe we’re installing our own floors next weekend! I’m so thankful that his brother owned a flooring company and is coming to help us and bring all his tools! I don’t have any actual before photos, which I had wanted to get. Unfortunately, the house is loaded with 44 boxes of wood now, so it’s not accurate if I take them. I have a few that I can post later on to compare though! I plan on painting at the end of the month and we should be getting our couches after the floors are in! I just have to find some rugs!

Anyway, I spent the day napping today and swapping out cars! I had planned on returning our wood samples (since we had to pay $35 to bring them home) but thought my computer final was due at 6pm so I turned around to come do it. Turns out, it was supposed to be proctored on campus this week but I had no idea, so now I have to pay $17 to have it proctored online. Dumb.

My leg feels much better to either run or go to the gym, but honestly, this dreary weather for the last week has killed my motivation. I have no reason not to go to the gym other than I just don’t feel like it. I don’t even feel guilty about it. The weather forecast is showing showers for the next 10 days except for on Wednesday (mostly sunny) which I am not happy about at all. The weather affects my mood (I could never live in Seattle!) quite a bit, so I don’t do well with weeks of rain at a time, which by the way, is how our entire summer was this year! It was miserable!

I do feel like my body is shrinking into nothing and I need to start lifting weights again seriously. I’m seriously considering CrossFit again now. My thumb is noticeable when I lift weights, but other than that, I have no pain at all with gripping things to open them. If I keep a soft splint on while working out, I think I’d be fine. I just can’t lift heavy anymore, but I’m okay with that. I just have to find a decent price for it.

Anyway, I need to go make some of my pad thai now cause I’m working all weekend. Jon left for drill today! I was sad to see him go, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy some quiet time after work tomorrow and Sunday night! Tonight my friend is babysitting a 5 month old so I’m going to go stop over for a visit just to get out of the house for a bit and see her! Have a good weekend, everybody!


New couches and the start of my run goals!

I’ve had a busy day! I spent the morning buying couches! I fell in love with an off white couch! It was the perfect shape, perfect size, good price, and I loved it! But I talked myself out of it because, well, a white couch?! There is a 5 year warranty where they will come out to clean any stains on your couch though… and Jon and I aren’t particularly messy people, but it just seems like white fabric as a main couch would wear fairly quickly. So I went with a gray couch, which I also really like except the sides are squared and not rounded. This really caused me a dilemma at the store. Thankfully, Laura was with me to walk around the furniture store 1000 times and sit on the couches repeatedly and send Jon pictures. I also bought a chair because I want to buy two sitting chairs (like, designed chairs- not sofa chairs) for each side of the couch. So one down. I like what I bought, but if I hate it, I can always return it and we aren’t picking them up till the 28th, so it gives us time to think more about it and hopefully get Jon’s opinion in person. But they had 20% off of everything there today because of Black Friday, so I had to jump on it. And I think I’m feeling good about my decision. Jon and I picked out the floors yesterday too, so now I just have to call to order them. We got a deal on them too which is really awesome since I found out I need 5 buckets of glue and each bucket is $180. (Please kill me now.) But Jon talked to his brother again today and he is still planning on coming to help install the floors, so all this is really happening!

After making it back home (a few hours later), I realized that today is December 1st! My running goals were going to start in December so I had to get on it! I have decided that my goal is at least 15 miles a week. I want to increase how much I go to the gym, but no set goals on that as of now. After running to the grocery store, I went for a 4.75 mile run (43:something). I felt like dying the entire beginning of the run and just felt like my breathing was off the whole time. It was kind of chilly and I think my lung capacity sucks (I had it tested once and it was 70%… they made me repeat it like 4 times but I never got out of the 70s), so it was rough. But I thought I was only doing maybe 4 miles so I was surprised to see 4.75. Good start to a 15 mile week.

I have finals to study for but I can’t do it! The Holiday is on and I’m about to make some dinner! Jon was called in right before I got home from my run, so I think he could be gone for most of the evening. So it’s just me and I always feel like I need to take advantage of nights alone with my girl shows/movies.

I think I might try a WIAM tomorrow. I can’t do a WIAW because I work Wednesday and don’t feel like taking pictures of my food at work and will probably forget about it at 5am. Not that anybody cares what I eat. But it could be fun. Or maybe not because I hate adding pictures to my blog. Okay, whatever, have a good night!