Monday Eats & Daily Life

Since I’m being lazy and have pictures of most of what I ate on Monday, I figured I’d just do a WIAMonday and WID(id)Monday.

6:45am: Woke up and laid in bed, hoping to fall back to sleep.

8:00: Jon left for work. I was hopeful of going back to sleep still.

9:30: Nope. Not happening. Got up and ate 2 scrambled eggs and a glass of Organic Wallaby blueberry kefir (no pictures, sorry). Started some laundry, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, and looked at ClassPass.

11:00: Got dressed and brushed my teeth.

11:15: Headed downtown to The Training Room for a FitCamp class.

12:00: Class for an hour. This was essentially the exact same as CrossFit, despite the coach telling me that it’s different than CrossFit and is more of a personal training type of thing. Well, in almost 6 years of CrossFit, I can say that this was a CrossFit gym without having to pay the affiliate fees. Smart. They did also have a personal training area in the back, which is nice. I fell in love again with HIIT and was able to do 135# deadlifts with no pain. I didn’t push it any further, but I think I’d have been fine to go up in weight. We basically did 6 minutes of abs, 2 deadlifts (mine at 135#) every 2 minutes for 4 rounds, and then a 20 minute AMRAP of 10 deadlifts (85#), 15 box jumps, 20 knees to elbows, and 30 plank rows. I made it for 4 rounds and 35 reps. It felt fantastic and now I’m considering if I really want to even keep up with ClassPass or just head back to CrossFit and work with my hip there.

1:00: Left gym and headed to Costco for 2 dozen organic eggs, organic plant based protein powder, organic bananas, and organic medjool dates (so easy to go organic at Costco).

2:30: Came home to throw together some post-gym food and switch over some laundry. I decided to count the protein in my meal- 35-40g of protein. I was too lazy to count anything else but was curious for a minute. (Pancakes made with 2 eggs, 1/2 banana, 1 1/2 scoops of protein powder, a tablespoon-ish of cocoa powder- made 4, but I saved 2 for later.) I should have turned my plate the other way and I would have had a smiley face.


3:30: Went to Whole Foods for some steaks, raspberries, arugula, frozen hashbrowns/fries (also all organic- look at me go), kefir, cream cheese, bacon, and sour cream.

4:45: Got home. Long drive thanks to traffic. Switched over some laundry and started making some bacon wrapped dates filled with cream cheese. Ate 5 of them upon completion. So. Stinking. Good.


5:15: Started working on taxes. Decided that I hate my life and wondered how I ended up being the one who has to take care of taxes in our family. And paying bills. And grocery shopping. And managing money. And cleaning the house.

6:15: Finally took a shower. Admired my legs that are finally getting some muscle back in them, even if it’s not much. Also admired some abs since I feel like I’ve been doing more ab work lately.

6:45: Jon came home and I cleaned up the kitchen some more and prepped some meals for work for Tuesday and Wednesday.

7:15: Started looking at houses on Trulia.

8:00: BACHELOR! (How did I even get into this show?) I drank a large smoothie made with 1/2 banana, arugula, frozen mixed berries, and carrot juice.

10:00: Spent some time with Jon.

10:30: Got ready for bed.

10:50: Read the end of Wild. Good book. Everybody should read it and then go hike the PCT with me.

11:15: Went to bed and cuddled with Kitty till I fell asleep.


One Year Anniversary Weekend, ClassPass: Svelte, Land of a Thousand Hills

I had a great weekend, despite being sick! Saturday night was mine and Jon’s one year anniversary date night at The Melting Pot! We used to go there on Christmas Eve, but this year we weren’t feeling like spending $100 on dinner right after a cross country road trip and Christmas shopping! So we pushed it back and made it our one year anniversary night.

Although most of you don’t know this, Jon and I actually got married on January 24th, 2014. We decided to go ahead and do a courthouse wedding because I wanted to start getting licensed in other states under my new name and didn’t want the hassle of changing it all around right before starting to do travel nursing. So we went to the courthouse on a Friday afternoon when I was hangry and had a 12 second ceremony in the hallway of the courthouse, with all the other couples waiting to get married as our guests. I was too hungry to even make it for the 10 minute ceremony and we knew we had a real wedding coming up. So, here we are in the courthouse.


Stunning wedding photo. Afterwards, we went to Leon’s Full Service Garage to eat since we had heard great things about it and we were both slightly disappointed. Then we went home and Jon took a nap. So ladies and gents, that was our real wedding day.


We’ve decided to celebrate this as our real anniversary since we felt like we were married after that. I had to change my name at work, so quite a few people found out about it (although, we kept it from most people attending our wedding).

I will say, this past year has been better than I could have imagined. I’ll ignore the parts prior to our actual wedding when I think we may have hated each other (wedding planning is a bitch, what can I say?), but after that, things have been great! I truly love him more now than I thought I could after one year of marriage. We’ve grown together and are really becoming a team. I love planning our lives together in the future and knowing he’s mine for the rest of my life!

Anyway, so back to date night… We had some delicious fondue at The Melting Pot! I was hoping Jon would let me ask our server to take our picture, but he refused. So we took an “ussie.”


Afterwards, we come home and Jon surprised me by having my Gina, Kassie, and Laura over with their boyfriends! He was hoping to get all of my bridesmaids, but Annie (my sister) couldn’t make it down from Wisconsin and Crista was sick.


 (I have no idea why all our blankets ended up on our fireplace that night, and Tom has to always be near us. I should have put my heels back on so I’d be taller!)


(Kassie, Gina, me, Laura.)

We all hung out for awhile and then when they went home, Jon and I read our one year anniversary letters and reread our vows and danced to our song. I have a sweet man!

Sunday morning, Laura and I woke up for a barre class at Svelte. This class was nice since it was actually close to our houses! I’m not sure that this was the exact same as a pure barre class or not since I’ve never taken one, but it was definitely tiring! I still prefer workouts where I actually work up a sweat, but my legs were shaking during this workout so I still definitely enjoyed it! I’m hoping to go back, but I work almost every Sunday in February so I don’t know that I’ll make it to that particular one! I’m really having fun trying some different types of workouts though!

After our class, Jon and I decided to go to get coffee at my new favorite place but the parking lot was full so we weren’t allowed in! Instead we found Land of a Thousand Hills, which I have actually been wanting to try! I thought it was cute and the coffee was so good! I’d definitely go back there!


We somehow decided to go look at open houses, so we spent the next two hours looking at open houses! We loved the first house we saw, but of course, we aren’t ready to buy quite yet! We’ll put our condo on the market whenever I get pregnant (not yet). I think we’ll make open houses a regular thing when I’m off on Sundays though. It was a ton of fun to just go look around!

After our housing explorations, we stopped by my mom and dad’s and Jon and I went on a walk with my dad since it was such a nice day out! After eating some dinner with them, we headed out to see American Sniper. Definitely a good movie. Oddly enough, the trial is coming up for the guy who actually killed Chris Kyle. I’m curious how the jury will end up ruling since it sounds like the guy had some serious PTSD when he killed Chris Kyle.

Anyway, I’m up and moving around this morning! I’m heading out to another ClassPass class at noon. This one looks just like CrossFit without the name attached, so we’ll see how it goes! I haven’t been doing CrossFit for months and have stayed away from the lifts because of my hip, but I’m excited to do a fast paced workout! I need to get some grocery shopping done after the gym and really start on my taxes now that my grad school application is 100% finished!

Everybody Poops! But What Does Your Poo Tell You?

I’m going to do something really unladylike here. I’m going to talk about poop and then I’m going to post this and go to sleep before I change my mind cause the world doesn’t need to know about my poop.

The thing about poop is that it reflects upon your digestive tract, so everybody really should pay a lot of attention to their poop. In the last few weeks, I’ve been eating tons of sugar and tons of dairy. I’ve mentioned before that I cut out my Noosa (yogurt) all together, even though it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. I noticed I was feeling much better when I wasn’t eating it. I was pooping less. I wasn’t feeling such an urge to go all the time, and I had way less gas (I can talk about poop, but hate talking about gas).

I’ve been eating Noosa every day at work again because it’s easy and it’s good. I get a lot of breaks at this job and it’s easy to just eat something cold instead of having to heat something up and then eat it (10 minutes is too short for that). I’ve also been snacking on a lot of chocolate lately. I just bought a gallon of Tillamook Fireside S’mores ice cream (to die for!) and I’m already almost done with the whole gallon! And aside from the chocolate/ice cream combo goin’ on, my Noosa has 27g of sugar just in one container!

After two weeks of eating all this mess, I’ve been noticing an increase in gas over the last few days. Today, I noticed today that there was a lot more clear “jelly” in my poop. I’m quite in tune with my normal poo, and this is not it! Your intestines creates lubricant to help everything move through nice and smoothly, but when the lining of your intestines becomes irritated, it creates more of this lubrication. So clearly, something is causing this irritation in my intestines. I can take my guess and assume it’s a combination of all of this mess I’m eating! Oh, and I’ve had two beers in the last two weeks too- also abnormal for me.

I’m going to attempt to really clean up what I’m eating. I felt so fantastic when I ate Moo Paleo (but I only ate small amounts of cheese- I seem to do fine with cheese), but I also felt absolutely miserable when I strayed from that diet. It would take one muffin to have me up with palpitations and feeling sick all night long! (Oddly enough, after being a vegetarian for 13 years, when I went back to eating meat, I never once got sick and always assumed that I would.) And I don’t need “gluten free.” I just don’t really do well with processed foods at all and have just been ignoring it because I’m surrounded by delicious food in Portland!

Also, when I decrease my veggie intake and eat too much bread (which is not super common, but happens every once in awhile), I get super constipated. It really only takes about 2 days to mess up my BMs if I start eating bread (on sandwiches or an English muffin at breakfast, usually when I’m road tripping), and I can feel disgusting and constipated for days after I start eating normal again. Not to mention that my stomach gets hugely bloated when I eat grains.

I even had a short stint of drinking avocado smoothies every morning. After a few days, my gallbladder threw a dang fit. I ignored it and kept on drinking my smoothies every morning (they were so filling! I could go till 1-2pm at work without needing a snack), and about 20 minutes after I finished, my gallbladder would get severe pain and then an hour later I’d be having the biggest BMs of my life. I’m pretty sure I could have had a colonoscopy on a daily basis without needing any other prep for it. Finally I had enough and quit drinking them, no matter how good or filling they were.

So, the moral of this story is really not all about my poop, but just to really pay attention to what your body is telling you. It always surprises me when people discuss their bowel issues with me and then act like I’m a fool for telling them that it’s probably what they’re eating, or when they act like they can’t stop eating a certain way. Really? You can stop. Your poop is a direct reflection of what you eat. For that matter, so is your entire GI tract. It responds to what you put into it. If you notice something seems off, don’t do it. It can take 14 days for the inflammation in your GI tract to go down after you go eating something it doesn’t like, so is it really worth it if it causes that many problems? (Luckily, I just get a little gas and jelly poop, not severe pain at this point.) I read a lot of blogs about “intuitive eating” that never even touch on this topic, and I think your poop (and urine, for that matter) are really good indicators of how intuitively somebody is actually eating.


Road trip Monday and GARDEN OF THE GODS Tuesday!

Road trip recap!

Monday I woke up at 5am to head out before 6am. I got ready, finished packing, ate, and said my goodbyes to Jon! It was definitely hard leaving him, but no time to dwell! I’ll see him in 9 weeks!

The drive really went well on Monday. I stopped every 2 1/2 hours or more (mostly more) to pee, so I didn’t make very good progress on Monday at all!

I had planned on making it to Kansas City around 6pm their time, but realized pretty early on that there was no way that could happen (peeing plus accidents, not going to happen)! I decided to find a CrossFit gym in Missouri for an evening WOD to stretch out my legs after sitting all day! I picked CrossFit COMO in Columbia!

I was excited that it was near Mizzou cause I haven’t been to a “college” gym in awhile! It’s fun to have a younger crowd, but all my gyms lately are young professionals (like myself). It was really weird though cause the drop in fee was $16.20. Usually $10-$15 is the drop in, but $16.20? Really? Also, I had planned on running before the class, but because of 5pm traffic, I got to the gym right at 4:55 so there wasn’t time.

The group was really welcoming but the class was gigantic for the space! We did a decent warm up but I think I needed to warm up my legs a bit more. We started with a 10 min EMOM of overhead squats, but we teamed up on the bars. A bit of mass confusion at that time. So I did 5 sets. Unfortunately, at the bottom of my squat (105#- not heavy at all), my right hip popped and it hurt like a bit. I kept going with the squats and didn’t add weight, hoping it’d get better. WOD as follows:

10 Min EMOM of

10 push ups

Double unders for the remainder of the minute

Total score is the number of double unders (130, I was totally shocked that I did that many double unders since it’s such a weak point for me!)

My hip felt fine for this WOD, but then we had to sit on the floor to stretch at the end and I realized how sore it was to lift off the ground or swing side to side (all movements that I didn’t do for the WOD).

After the gym, I headed to HyVee for some deli meat and sushi. Pretty sure the Japanese guy making sushi offered to help answer questions I had about the sushi, but I was confused and asked him to make me an avocado roll with cream cheese. We had a conversation but I’m not sure what he said cause of his accent… All I know is that he did actually make me the sushi and it was phenomenal for grocery store sushi! So fresh!

My hip was really getting sore and I knew this couldn’t be good. I ended up driving to Kansas City to stay with my aunt that I haven’t seen in about 15 years! It was great to catch up, but once I got in bed, it was misery. Laying down was beyond painful and my sleep was not pleasant!

Tuesday I headed out by 6:30am to get to Colorado! Long, boring drive through Kansas and the eastern part of Colorado! I got to Colorado Springs at 2pm (good timing!) and had a meal at Whole Foods and grabbed some stuff for the road. Then I went to Garden of the Gods.

I LOVED Garden of the Gods! It was so beautiful and again, great weather! It wasn’t too crowded and it felt great to stretch my hip out! (I even considered running around the paved sidewalk there but decided I needed to rest longer.)


IMG_4909 111111

IMG_4958 2 111111

IMG_4962 2 111111

IMG_4963 11111

IMG_4967 11111

I could have walked around forever there, but I had been tired all day and knew I needed to head out to make it to my other aunt’s house! I ended up hitting rush hour through Denver so I decided against stopping in the city. I still would really like to see Denver, but since I prefer nature, I feel like there will be another time for that! I stopped at a burrito place for some dinner and then got to my aunt’s around 8pm! We chatted for 2 hours (also haven’t seen her in probably 10 years or more). Great to catch up with family!

Tuesday night I edited some photos and then headed to bed for a day of Wednesday explorations!

Gym Time & Portland

I had to work 7a-7p yesterday (always a bummer going into work when Jon is cuddled up in bed). Luckily, it wasn’t awful. My first 8 hours was easy and the last 4 were busy, but I can do anything for 4 hours! I met up with Laura afterwards for some Mexican and then headed home. Jon was sound asleep when I got home at 9pm, so I hung out for a bit and then spent an hour (literally) watching the cats kill a cockroach. Such little killers. I headed to bed after the excitement ended with Tom eating half of the unfortunate nasty little fellow.

Holy smokes, I slept until 11:45 today! I woke up at 9 and was feeling somewhat motivated to get up, but then noticed Tom sleeping at the end of the bed. I got up for a minute and decided laying back down sounded even better than starting my day. It was dreary (I think I forgot how rainy Georgia is- at least Portland shouldn’t seem so miserable after this weather) and a perfect sleeping morning!

I barely managed to get up at 11:45 but decided I needed to get the gym in or would risk missing it completely today. I was completely unmotivated at the gym and was starving, but I didn’t wake up in time to eat. Fail.

Squat Clean- 3 reps @70%, 2@75%, 2@80%, 1@85%, 1@90%, 1@90% perform reps every 90 seconds (I have no idea what I did, but I ended up at 90#, which was really surprising since that’s 90% of my bodyweight and I don’t even try to lift heavy these days)

WOD: (Finished in 7:53)
OHS-115# (I did front squats at 65# since I don’t do OHS because of my thumb)
Toes to Bar

Midline: (I did one round of this and then left since it was 1:10 and I had things to do)
A. 60 second Front Leaning Raise (Leaning onto rings)
Rest 60 seconds
B. 60 seconds of Hollow Rocks
Rest 60 seconds
X 3

It was a good workout and I was glad I made it! Afterwards, I had to head to the grocery store in the rain and traffic was so bad! I forgot how I always seem to time my grocery shopping perfectly with the rainy days, too (although, when it rains 75% of the time, I guess that’s easy to do). I ran into Whole Foods and grabbed some stuff and made a mad dash back home. I threw together some eggs and bananas and ate some squash from the WF bar, and then headed out to my eye appointment.

My eyes are still getting worse! No need to repeat my Lasik yet since they get worse every year still. I was tempted to get another pair of glasses with my new prescription, but they were a little pricey and since I only wear my glasses for driving and TV watching, I decided against it.

I’m home now, eating some dinner (bacon, maple sweet potatoes, and apples sautéed in coconut oil and cinnamon) and then probably heading down to see Kassie, Carly (Kassie’s friend from Spain- she lives in Cali now), and Gina. It’s always fun to see Carly when she comes in town so I’m excited about it, but I won’t lie- I’m tempted to stay at home in this rainy weather and just have a movie night/paper writing party (for my missed skills day at work) with Jon. Traffic is awful in the rain and I already heard a bunch of accidents on the radio report, so not looking forward to heading into the city. And I’m just sleepy and lazy after spending too much time in bed last night.

Oh, and last bit of news! Portland is a go! The hospital said they really wanted me and switched me back to evenings. I’m glad this is working out since it really would have messed up my plans had it not (with mine and Jon’s Cali trip and with the next assignment with Jessica), but I’m getting really sad to leave Jon on Monday. I hate that I have to leave him and it feels so good to be home for these two weeks. Part of me just wants to call it a day and end the traveling,  but I know I’m not ready yet. I need to save more money for grad school still and I’m not ready to be back at my job here for good yet. Still need more of a break! Once I get out there, I’ll be happy! But right now, leaving Jon is looming overhead!