Eating Unhealthy

Lately, I’ve been totally failing on the eating front. Well, that may be a bit dramatic. I still eat quite a bit of healthy foods, but now I just tend to eat a lot of unhealthy foods too. But I have always been healthy and have always had quite a bit of self control when it comes to eating. Aside from my nightly handful of Enjoy Life chocolate chunks (which I had just recently started eating), I didn’t buy sweets at all. I didn’t bring bread into my house. I stopped eating yogurt because it just is really not friendly to my digestive tract. You know, things like that… Just being in tune with how my body reacted to foods and keeping those things out of the house.

Lately? Well, it’s been quite the eating shit show over here. I used to be able to easily pass up the peppermint bark pretzels and chocolate and peanut butter drizzled popcorn, but now? Those sneaky treats just keep on making their way into my shopping cart, and then I eat them all. Sometimes in one sitting, sometimes in multiple. (Just a side note here: Those peppermint bark pretzels are seriously amazing. I mean, they may be up there as my number one favorite store bought dessert. I can’t even put into words how freaking delicious they are.) I also used to be able to look at the box of Dunkin’ Donuts on the break room table at work and pass them by, but those days are long gone. A donut and three donut holes? Sure. Why not?!

The sad thing about this is that my body is getting accustomed to this type of eating again. I will never forget visiting my sister in Wisconsin a few years back. I had been eating strict Paleo for a solid five months, and I’d say that I ate Paleo 99.9% of the time. I was even eating Paleo at Mexican restaurants, and all I ever want is chips, cheese dip, and a bean burrito. But I stuck to my diet. And I was totally fine with it. I mean, I ate Paleo baked goods occasionally, but I had no problems with eating that way. It became easy. But when I went to visit my sister, we made some muffins and they were so freaking good. I ate three of them. (I could easily kill three muffins now like it’s no big deal.)


I actually just came across this picture of those exact muffins! They were pumpkin cream cheese muffins. No wonder they were so good!

After my muffin gorge, I went to bed. I woke up  in the middle of the night and was miserable. I was sweating, my heart was racing, I was nauseous, and I felt insanely uncomfortable. It was like there was a rock sitting in my stomach and I had literally never felt that before.

(Another random site note: I was a vegetarian for 13 years and expected to feel that way when I started eating meat again because I thought my body wouldn’t be used to it. Oddly enough, I have never had that reaction to any meat product. The fact that it was so severe to bread after just five months of not eating it was crazy to me.)

I’ll really never forget that experience. Clearly, my body doesn’t tolerate bread. I just never knew it because I had never gone without it before I started eating Paleo. If you read about a lot of food intolerances, you won’t even realize you have them because your body is in a constant state of inflammation. Until you cut the foods out, you won’t notice your body react to them. And I had a major unexpected reaction.

Lately, I notice when I binge eat sugary stuff at home and then sit down and relax, my heart is definitely beating faster than usual. It’s that same response that I had to bread, but it’s not nearly as severe because my body is already constantly inflamed from eating these foods on a daily basis. It just gets worse when I eat a bunch at once.

I have no idea why it suddenly became so hard for me to go back to Paleo. It wasn’t a hard transition the first time around. Then again, I was living on my own, not pregnant, living at a CrossFit gym pretty much, and my best friend who I spent all of my time with was eating Paleo too. I know how much better I feel when I cut out certain foods, but it has been so hard to get back on track. And I know it isn’t time. I was working close to 60 hours a week back then and I was working on my bachelor’s degree online, plus going out all the time. Yet I still managed to shred my own sweet potatoes to make hash every week and cook literally every single thing that I ate.

Anyway, so I have no idea what the point of this was. Maybe that I need to somehow find a way to motivate myself to eat healthier. You would think growing a baby would be enough motivation to make sure he’s growing healthy in there (especially since the effects of glyphosates on babies in utero seem like to they could cause some serious health issues- although I think further research needs to be done and I’m sure Monsanto would have a field day trying to hide those studies). Perhaps I’ll just blog about this more frequently until eating healthy becomes more of a habit again as a way to kind of hold myself responsible. We’ll see.

Fun fact: I also maintained my heaviest weight while eating Paleo. I was 105lbs, but also lifting heavy. I easily grew and maintained muscle though and never used protein powders. So I know I was properly fueling my body for muscle gain.


I just scrolled through my mobile uploads and found a picture from that time! So much muscle! Man, I miss those days! Also, I forgot how much fun I had back during that single year (2012- when Jon and I were broken up. I also had some harder times, but overall, it was quite the fun year!) And now I’m having a baby and life will NEVER BE THE SAME! Waaahhhh!

Anyway, time to go relax for a few more minutes before heading off to LA Fitness for a quick and easy workout (I’m doing CrossFit for the next 3 days, so nothing crazy today).




Traderspoint Creamery, Orange Cats, and Workouts

Hey-o. Happy Wednesday. It’s another dreary day in Atlanta. Atlanta really has way too many rainy days, but I’ve actually been enjoying the rain this time around. Maybe because I need to get schoolwork done and it’s easier to sit inside on the computer for hours on end when it’s drizzling out. It was also in the 50s yesterday and I was really excited about it. I’m kind of excited about winter in general this year, despite the fact that winters are usually harder for me mood-wise.

Anyway, yesterday was a work day, as most Tuesdays and Thursdays are. (In case you all aren’t tracking my schedule, I pretty much only work on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and then 2-3 weekends per month.) I was at my new(er) job and was so happy to be over on the PCU side instead of tele. While I stayed busy, that side just seems to be a lot more calm and quiet. That’s my jam at work these days- calm and quiet!

I got home and caught up on some TV. I had planned on working on school stuff, but really, my brain was over thinking by the end of my day. So TV it was. Jon got home from a work trip last night so I hung out with him for a bit, but he didn’t get in till almost 10pm. He fell asleep early, so I read part of Moloka’i and then called it a night.

I got out of bed for a 10am Elite Edge workout this morning. Wednesdays are arms, thankfully, since my legs are beat from Mondays workout. I’m not really tired, but my body definitely is feeling drained again. I made it through the workout with a lot of breaks and then went grocery shopping, but by the time I got home, I was just beat. My body doesn’t even want to stand. Oh, being pregnant… I really look forward to having some energy back one day, but I doubt it’ll be with a newborn. I have a feeling adjusting to early morning workouts (I’ll probably try to go before Jon leaves for work most days) after staying up feeding a baby at night is going to be even more difficult.

Random side note: I always work out in my spandex Nike booty shorts, so a lot of times I hop into my car in those and then when I get to the store after the gym, I throw my pants on when I stand up outside of my car (I’m usually too hot to do it before I leave). The last two times I did that, old men have commented on how they thought I was taking my clothes off. Old men are creepy. Or maybe that’s just what I get for putting my clothes on outside of my car. Who knows.

I bought the most random stuff today, including three new types of tea. One of them was The Republic of Tea’s pumpkin spice tea, which I’m enjoying right now. I also bought a ton of fruit that I hope I can eat before it goes bad. And salami. Because I just so happen to love salami. Also, Whole Foods started selling Traderspoint Creamery yogurt (they sell a yogurt drink that I like too, but I don’t usually buy it) and I love it. I usually stick with Noosa, but I really want my dairy to be grassfed. I haven’t found any grassfed yogurts that I like though, until this one! The raspberry is so good! If you live in Indiana, they even have a restaurant. I’m so jealous. I wish Atlanta had such awesome grassfed farms. (We do have some up north, but not super close, and none that sell such awesome stuff.)

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Traderspoint Creamery

Tonight I’m going to be meeting up with Crista for what I’m sure will be a fairly short dinner. I’m still glad to get to see her for a little while though! It’s been too long! Up until then, I’ll probably be trying to make a dent on my paper since I have so many assignments coming up that I need to get started on! And since Jon and I want to go on vacation in December, I have a ton of work days coming up in November.

Also, in case you guys want to know how hard Tom makes it to get work done:

Photo on 10-28-15 at 1.27 PM

He always wants to lay like this, purr loudly, and make happy paws all over my keyboard. I push him down and he comes back up and the process repeats about fifty times before I give up and just work around him.

orange cats

And there he was last night, demanding my attention while I tried to sit on the couch with my laptop in my lap. He wasn’t having it. He is one spoiled cat. (Also, his diet is clearly not working. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t lost a pound and all he does is stick his paws up into his automatic feeder trying to scoop food out of it all day long.)

Weekend Ramblings, Baby Ramblings, Workout Ramblings

Happy Monday! It doesn’t even feel like Monday! I guess cause I only worked Sunday this weekend, so my body is confused. Friday night, Jon and I decided to finally start out baby registry! We headed over to Babies R’ Us and started scanning away! It was kind of fun but also kind of stressful. We realized we needed to look up safety ratings for car seats and wanted to research the bigger items and also the body wash type stuff to make sure we’re using something chemical free. After coming home and reading, I think I feel like our baby is destined to just get cancer in the future because of all the chemicals in products in the US.

I had planned on working out Saturday morning, but when I woke up, I decided I wanted to finally get breakfast with Jon at Sun in my Belly instead! We showered and headed downtown to go eat, but ended up standing in line for 45 minutes. Oh well. It was worth it! We each ordered a full meal and split a full meal, so I was stuffed by the time we left!

Jon and I ran some errands and tried to find him sweaters at Nordstrom Rack, but I ended up finding a few t-shirts that are more maternity friendly. They’re just longer t-shirts, but at least they’ll cover my belly! We decided to head home afterwards and I crashed on the couch for 2 hours while Jon finished up his errands.

I finally drug myself off the couch at 4pm to go have dinner with my mom and dad for my mom’s birthday! My brother ended up coming too and I haven’t seen him in months. We went out for Mexican, which I enjoyed despite still being sort of full for breakfast. We were also celebrating Jon’s recent birthday (October 19) and my dad getting a new job! I was secretly (not secretly at all, actually) hoping my dad would retire (he is over retirement age) so he could watch Jackson when he’s born, but my dad loves to work too much. So, despite my free babysitter being gone, I’m still really glad my dad found a job since he’s happiest when he’s working! (I have no idea why that gene skipped me, but I would love it if I loved to work as much as my dad does.)

I laid down when we got home to read, and I’m assuming I just didn’t digest any food once I laid down. Around 10pm, right when I was going to go to sleep, I ended up getting really sick feeling. I only threw up once, but it was basically my entire dinner. I was worried that it was some sort of food poisoning at first because certain types of food poisoning can cross the placenta, so it always gets me so worried if I randomly get sick after eating! It really just reminds me how much I want a healthy baby and I’d be devastated if anything happened to Jackson at this point. (Thankfully, I’m getting close to 24 weeks, which is when the NICU can really work some miracles and that makes me feel a bit more reassured.) After I threw up though, I felt much better than I had and fell right to sleep.

I’ve still not been feeling great. I wonder if I just got to the point in pregnancy where my digestion has slowed down too much and I was still eating huge meals. I also tend to drink a ton with meals, and drinking with meals actually hinders digestion (other countries don’t really do drinks with meals like we do). So now I’m trying to eat smaller meals and not drink anything at all while I eat, in hopes of it helping. My appetite still took a huge turn from where it was just a few days ago though. I get hungry, but nothing sounds good and nothing seems to sit well right now. The joys of pregnancy.

Yesterday I worked all day. I had to work with the adults for the first four hours of my shift, and I had a really, really, really difficult drug seeking patient that really irritated me for the entire four hours. I got rid of him right before heading over to the children’s side, and let me tell you, I was so insanely happy to get back to my kids! Unfortunately, the children’s ER ended up being slammed all day long, while hardly any adults came in at all! I rocked an IV on a 7 year old (it was easy- he had a good vein), but I didn’t even get nervous before going in there. It’s little things like that that remind me of my progress as a peds nurse. I used to get so nervous about starting IVs in kids, and now it’s not as traumatizing (for me).

Last night I had to go let Andrew’s (Jon’s friend) dog out since he lives right by my work. Except I forgot. And drove all the way home before I remembered. So I spent almost 90 minutes in the car after working. I’ve never met Andrew’s dog and considering that I’ve been bit by three dogs (two of them were my friends and I knew the dogs, and one ran up to me while I was running and bit my leg), I get nervous around dogs that I don’t know. I went into his house and his dog was hiding from me, and then his dog started growling and barking. No way was I messing with that dog! Jon said she’s super sweet and she probably wouldn’t have done anything, but I wasn’t about to test that theory out.

My pregnancy hormones made me emotional about not being able to let his dog out, so I got a little teary on my way home and I was just feeling inadequate. And really, I am not sensitive at all about my fear of random dogs. I was never scared of them till I got older and was bit by the three dogs. Even after the second one, I wasn’t too fearful, but the third just made me have no interest in random dogs. Goes to show what pregnancy hormones will do to you though. (I should totally make a blog post of all the things I cry about now that I’m pregnant.)

This morning I went to work out and it was decent. I had worked out at CrossFit on Friday, but we had to run and with my first run, I got a ton of cramping in my belly again and had to walk. That night, Jon and I tried to go on a walk, but I started cramping up as soon as we started moving faster. (I had been at the table writing a paper all afternoon so hadn’t noticed earlier.) This morning, we were doing glute bridges and I got sharp pains in my belly. I’m assuming it’s just ligament or muscular pain since everything is stretched out and it’s superficial pain, but still, I just don’t do whatever makes it hurt. So my workouts have felt lame lately. Although, I did a good one this morning regardless. My workout tops are all getting too tight and I had to take my shirt off this morning because it was so annoying stuck to my belly once I started sweating. I really don’t want to invest in maternity workout clothes, so maybe I’ll just start going topless again. Let this baby hang out.

Mmmkay, I just finished breakfast and my cup of tea, so time to get started on my paper. Ugh. I’m so over grad school. Five more semesters to go after this one. (That was depressing.) I’m heading over to my parent’s house tonight most likely to spend the night, but I’m not positive yet. I have to work tomorrow and am dreading it for some reason. I just dread going into my PCU/tele job now. I think cause the mornings are such a hassle with getting report and giving the morning meds, but then the afternoons are usually decent. The mornings just make me dread it though.

When You Have a Fat Kid…

My doctor and I had a conversation this weekend with a mother. She had a 10 year old daughter who was a large 10 year old. She was probably around 5’4″ and was about 170lbs. When Mom was asked if her daughter’s illness had caused any weight gain or weight loss, she said, “No. I wish it would cause weight loss since I know she needs to lose weight, but she hasn’t.”

First of all, totally inappropriate to say in front of your daughter. I find it really discouraging when parents approach their children’s weight that way. I could just imagine the shame that poor girl was feeling as all these adults are in the room making a spectacle of her weight.

Then, the doctor tells Mom, “Make sure she’s active and that you’re feeding her healthy foods. She’s only 10 and you’re the mother. You get to decide what she eats.”

Mom goes on about how when she tries to pack her daughter a healthy lunch, she complains too much because her three brothers and sisters get a different lunch, but Mom says those kids don’t have a problem with their weight. The doctor tells her that it’s not about an all or nothing mindset and that she should be able to eat what she wants at times, but overall, she needs to be giving her fruits and vegetables and limiting junk food.

Mom continues on about how she has to buy junk food for her other kids so her daughter wants it too and it’s too hard to limit it. She says, “If I give her the choice of a pizza or vegetables, obviously she’s going to choose the pizza.”

To which I say, “You don’t give her a choice. There is no pizza. You give her vegetables.”

This is what amazes me. This mother can’t make healthy decisions for her children. As a parent, you make the decisions. And not only that, but you make the decisions for all of your kids. Why would three kids get pizza and one get veggies? All the kids can have veggies and healthy lunches. You should raise your kids eating healthy, but aside from that, you should really raise them all equally. You should not make one kid feel different than the rest because they are heavier than their siblings. It’s not some shame game. It’s your fault as their parents that your kid is fat. (I understand once kids can drive, they make a lot more of their own decisions. I also understand that some kids do actually have health problems, but you’d be amazed what a healthy diet does for health problems in children, too.)

It really disgusts me that parents think they can’t take junk food out of their house or their kids will complain about it. So what? So what if your kids complain and whine? You’re the parent! You get to set the boundaries! They won’t complain forever. Eventually, they’ll learn to eat what they have in front of them (and they may never love broccoli or carrots, but they’ll find something better than Pop-tarts and Lucky Charms). The decisions parents make with their young kids last a lifetime. Not only that, but obese children are at risk for so many diseases! Why would you knowingly subject your children to that over food? Food is meant to fuel your body. It’s supposed to be nutritious. It shouldn’t cause you harm.

Jon and I have already talked about not buying junk food when we have kids (you know, in like, 5 months). It just won’t be in our house (it’s not in our house now and never is, so why would that change?). Kids won’t crave candy as a two year old unless their parents introduce them to it. I see so many kids actin’ a fool over chocolate. It’s ridiculous. Why is a kid who can’t even speak in full sentences having a meltdown over something that they never had to have in the first place? It might be tough to stick to our guns since it’s so common and accepted to let children eat horrible food, but I’m not all about that. And you know what? We’re the parents. We get to make those decisions and our children will listen, maybe with some screaming and fighting, but they’ll listen.

Gender Reveal Party and CrossFit

Happy Thursday! I’m off today (obviously) and tomorrow, but it’s back to work this weekend! Sad face.

Monday was another missed workout day. I had my very first case of vertigo that put me out of the gym at 10am due to lack of sleep and fear of the vertigo coming back with changing positions too much. So I spent the majority of my day lazing around and watching trash TV.

Monday evening was my Gender Reveal “Party.” I went in the afternoon to CamiCakes to pick up a random assortment of cupcakes to stuff with colored icing myself.


I had to buy myself a mini one to eat right away and it was SO GOOD. I’ve never had CamiCakes before but I’m sold. I’m not a huge cake person in general, but something about this baby is making me crave sweets nonstop and I’ve been really wanting cupcakes lately. It was like a little piece of heaven. Far better than any other cupcake I’ve ever had.

I spent the afternoon cooking and stuffing the cupcakes with green food coloring (it went fairly well, except one ended up with no green icing inside and Gina was the poor recipient of that one, so she didn’t get the surprise, haha).

Kassie, Gina, and Laura were all here by 6pm! We cut the cake for the reveal and they were all excited about a baby boy! They all thought I was having a girl cause they thought I would have been more depressed if it was a boy, haha. I’m still disappointed about having a boy, but I’m excited too. It’s still going to be my baby. We all ate some chili (yay chili! it’s fall!) and took ridiculous photos. Then we dug into our cupcakes and let me just tell you, if you can get to a CamiCakes, order a cinnamon swirl and a sweet potato cupcake. Those two were out of this world. I told myself like a month ago today that I’d start eating better, but it’s taking all of my willpower not to go get more cupcakes.


Tuesday and Wednesday were work days for me. Unfortunately, my amazing pregnancy took a bit of a turn and I’m now having some horrible lower back pain. I couldn’t figure out what exactly was going on but it was making work absolutely miserable. Last night, Jon massaged my lower back and everything was extremely painful. I woke up with back pain last night (and Jackson going crazy in my belly).

We did make it out to trivia last night, which was a lot of fun but also kind of miserable to sit in a booth for two hours. I’m feeling more comfortable with the trivia group (there are only usually 6 or 7 of us) so it’s more enjoyable to go to now. I’m hoping we start back up with going since it’s nice to have some social time.

This morning I was supposed to go to an 8am CrossFit class via ClassPass, but instead I set my alarm for 8am. Awesome. They seemed laid back last time I went (most CrossFit gyms are), so I went to the 10am class instead. I was still uncomfortable before going (but my back pain wasn’t as bad- it’s usually not until after being on my feet for a few hours during the day and then it just gets miserable) but I will say that this has been one of my harder workouts for sure. Running makes me have to pee with every. single. step. so I rowed for my 2nd and 3rd rounds (800m each) and that was miserable too. I have to row at a pace of 2:35-2:55/500m in order to breathe enough where I feel like Jackson gets some Os too, and then I can’t lean forward cause it feels like I have a watermelon in my pelvis and I can’t lean back cause it strains my abs. And my back pain started up during the workout and yeah, rough. But I’m not quitting the gym if I can avoid it. I’ll just suffer and waddle through workouts if I have to.

I did read today that this is the time where my ligaments loosen up and your center of gravity really starts shifting, so lower back pain is a common complaint now. I was relieved to read that cause I really felt like it was way too early to be having back pain (I’ve only gained 10lbs) and everybody at work seemed so surprised when I told them how I was feeling. The stuff I read didn’t mention if it gets better though. I have an OB appointment tomorrow, so I’m going to discuss it with my doctor.

Today will be spent doing schoolwork and heading over to my parent’s house. I’m spending the night there since I haven’t seen them in awhile and they’ll be going out of town soon. My doctor is closer to their house anyway. I need to finish up a book too cause Monday is our next book club meeting and I’m only 14 pages into our book. Oops.

I’ll leave you all with a picture of me today (excuse everything but my belly- I just got home from the gym). I’m finally at the point of feeling like I actually look like I’m pregnant instead of just looking like I drink too many beers. I also felt like my belly was stuck at the same size for weeks on end and these last two days I’ve felt bigger. (I’ll be 18 weeks on Saturday.)

18wks pregnant

Day in the Life and WIA-Monday.

I’m going to do a WIAMonday and a day in the life-ish, plus a random survey cause why not?

9:10am: I woke up and had a bowl of 365 brand Organic Frosted Flakes while I checked emails and read some blogs. I used to skip breakfast before the gym, but with being pregnant, that’s not going to happen these days! I also brushed my teeth and threw on some gym clothes.


9:50am: Left for the gym.

10am: Did an hour long leg workout at Elite Edge. I was really over it because of how tired I’ve been getting while working out, but my legs always get so sore from doing these leg workouts there and I absolutely love it!

11:10am: Got home from the gym and read blogs. I was feeling pretty nauseated and weak from working out and didn’t want to eat or move, even though I really try hard to get some protein in within an hour of the gym. But sometimes, that just doesn’t happen anymore. Even the thought of drinking protein makes me nauseated.

12:15pm: Decided to eat something. I ended up making two eggs, about 1/2 cup of ranchero beans, about a cup of hash browns, and added 1 1/2 slices of colby jack cheese and about 4 tablespoons of sour cream. It was delicious! I ate this while sitting on the couch and catching up on Naked and Afraid from last night. I was still feeling really weak and typically eating really helps me feel better, but I was still feeling rough. I thought maybe some more food would help even thought I just ate.


1pm: I ate 8 strawberries mixed with 1/2 honey Noosa yogurt and about 1/4 cup Udi’s vanilla granola while Naked and Afraid finished up. I had actually stopped eating yogurt completely awhile ago because it upsets my stomach, but since I’m not eating meat much, I want to get more protein in. And I really just want yogurt and since I don’t feel well most of the time anyway, why not?!


1:45pm: Naked and Afraid ended and I still had no energy at all, even after more food. I decided to take a quick nap before hopping in the shower.

2:40pm: Woke up feeling super weak still. Checked my resting heart rate and it was 100-105. No wonder I was feeling so weak. I decided I need to really increase my water intake but I just get so full from drinking so much water and I always. have. to. pee. now! I got up, hopped in the shower, and got ready.

3:15pm: Left my house to go have my retainer remade.

3:40pm: The dental assistant showed me the expected bill of $522 for a new retainer! I about had a panic attack! I told her the last time it was made, it was way cheaper. She checked my chart and said she’d be back. She came back and said it’d be $100. It was what I paid last time (years and years ago when I used to work for the same dentist) and apparently she asked Dr. Grady about it and he said to only charge me for that, which is the lab fee. I’m so glad I used to work for him! Whew! Saved me $422!

4:30pm: Arrived back at my house. Read more blogs. Sat on my couch. Tried to clean up the house a little.

5:45pm: Decided to start dinner. Ate about 3/4 cup of couscous, three organic Applegate Farms chicken tenders, three of Dr Praeger’s sweet potato littles, and two kiwis.


6:30pm: Headed out to Kroger to pick up eggs and strawberries.

7:15pm: Got home and chatted with Jon on the phone.

7:30pm: Cleaned up my house!

8pm: Bachelor in Paradise! Felt thankful that even with these pregnancy hormones, I’m not as crazy as half these girls on the show. No wonder they’re still single.

9pm: Cleaned up my bedroom and put laundry away and unpacked from the weekend.

9:45pm: Got ready for bed while I hardboiled eggs for work. (They weren’t boiled enough, which is randomly happening even though I make my hardboiled eggs the exact same every. single. time.)

10:20pm: Chatted on the phone with Jon.

10:45pm: Bed time! But I didn’t fall asleep since I was so busy peeing for the next two hours. The joys of being pregnant.

And now, for a totally random survey just to throw in here!

  • How much water do you a drink a day? It totally depends. Some days I probably drink about 40 oz, and then other days I probably drink close to 120 oz. I definitely drink more on days that I work.
  • What is your favorite workout? CrossFit style workouts.
  • What is your favorite fruit? I’ve always been a big berry girl (strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries mostly), but lately I’ve been really wanting grapes. Grapes seem to be my pregnancy fruit.
  • What is your favorite vegetable? Sweet potatoes and any squashy veggie! Love butternut squash, spaghetti squash, pumpkin, and zucchini.
  • What are your favorite healthy snacks? Lately I’ve been loving cottage cheese and grapes. Typically, fruit. I also eat a lot of dates stuffed with cream cheese.
  • What do you usually eat for lunch? Totally depends. At work, I always try to eat a meat (although this one has been cut out since being pregnant, but now that my major food aversions are gone, I want to get back to this), a veggie, and a fruit. I’ll occasionally do two veggies or two fruits.
  • What is your favorite and least body part to train? I don’t specifically train my back cause I don’t enjoy it, but I get in plenty of back work with other lifts and pull-ups. So that’d probably be the least favorite. I love legs, arms, shoulders, and abs…
  • What are your ‘bad’ food cravings? Chocolate. And Zukerino’s baklava.
  • How often do you eat out? Depends. Some weeks, once. Other weeks, 3-4 times. We used to rarely eat out, but especially since being pregnant, I haven’t wanted to actually cook my food. I would get nauseated by the time my food finished cooking, so we’ve been eating out more lately.
  • How do you stay motivated? Honestly, it’s not that hard. I see so many people who haven’t taken care of themselves in my field of nursing and I know I don’t want to live like that. I feel better when I’m eating healthy and working out, so I want to do those things.
  • Who is your biggest supporter? In working out? Myself. If I was part of a something where I ran races or competed in CrossFit still, I’m sure Jon would be there for me. But I tend to have a more relaxed approach. Jon definitely supports my activity (and has never even questioned by $120 a month in gym memberships) but I don’t think he cares if I’m active or not.
  • Do you have a gym membership? Yup! I use ClassPass which I absolutely love, and then I also have an LA Fitness membership for days where I just want to do my own thing or go on an off time.
  • How often do you work out? I try for 4 times a week, but sometimes it’s once a week and sometimes it’s 5. I rarely work out on work days, so almost never more than 4… I’d say consistently 3-4 days, which I have really found is perfect for me.
  • Are you a ‘morning’ or ‘night’ workout type of person? Both. I used to only like night workouts, but on my days off, I’ve gotten into the habit of doing 10am workouts and getting them out of the way. I also enjoy noon workouts. But I feel like I have more energy and get in better, more productive gym time in the evening.
  • Do you have a “cheat” day? I don’t need them. I don’t eat nearly as strict as I used to, and even when I was a strict Paleo person, I never thought of them as cheats. It was just me choosing not to adhere to my strict eating habits.

Bachelorette Party Shopping, New Jobs, and Protein!

Another day, another dolla. I’m kidding. I didn’t even work today. I rarely blog on days I work. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I did my first Body Attack class last night through ClassPass! It was just weird, you guys. It was basically like a cardio class where you just run in place and jump up and down and wave your arms and punch the air and dance your little feet in square shapes. Not at all what I was expecting. Actually, I thought I signed up for Body Pump, so really not what I was expecting. But it was good. I actually got my heart rate up and got my sweat on, and it was nice to have a break from weights because my body is so tired. So I may do it again. I’m not really sure.

After another sleepless night last night, I got up and headed up to the new hospital for my employee health appointment and medication test. (By the way, I totally just realized I forgot to have my Hep B titers drawn today, which I hope doesn’t mess up my start date! How did I even do that?!) The medication test was actually pretty hard but we got to use a book, thankfully! I am a bit worried because ALL of my new employee paperwork has me listed as working PCU (progressive care unit, a step down from the intensive care unit) and I was very clear during my interview that I wanted telemetry to be my main area and that I could float to PCU as needed since I have ER experience and am familiar with everything they’ll do in PCU, aside from pulling sheaths after coronary intervention. So, I’m a bit miffed because I think I may have been mislead, but I’ll speak with the manager at orientation next week and get it straightened out. Jon told me I should email them now, but either way, I need a break from my current job so bad that I’d really work either… But still, I’ll be reviewing this with them.

After I finished up there, I headed to Whole Foods to grab some stuff for work. Still totally not feeling hardly any food, so I’ve been kind of winging it at the grocery store and hoping I’ll be able to tolerate one of the few items I buy. I also stocked up on some Orgain Protein Almond Milk in hopes of adding it to my fruit smoothies since I’m not eating any meat these days at all.


Gina met me at my house once I got home so that we could do some Bachelorette Party shopping for Kassie’s big weekend! I actually had been planning on going to her house, so when we switched it last minute, it gave me a reason to do a quick clean on my house and now it’s finally cleaned up! I can’t be having people see my house messy.

Gina and I went to Party City for some basic pink Bachelorette goods, but they sadly don’t have any penis decor! I guess I should have expected that since they can’t really throw penises out where little kids are. We also needed to find some lingerie for her lingerie shower (which we’re doing at the Bachelorette Party), so we stopped by TJ Maxx for some sexy underthings! Then we headed to a sex shop thinking they’d have some penis stuff, but they didn’t aside from a penis cake pan (for $19!). Who knew?! And their non-penis shaped stuff was really expensive! So we decided to go in search of a Spencer’s, not even knowing if that store still exists or not. But it does! And they have plenty of penis stuff!


Kassie said no to that penis nose! WHY?! Haha. I would have totally rocked that! Their penis cake pans were only $8 too! I’m going to frost two penis cakes- one peach and one chocolate. I’m super excited!

After our shopping adventures, Gina left and I read up on some cloth diapering discussion boards (I really think Jon and I are going to go the cloth diaper route because I am way too environmentally conscious to just be throwing away tons of diapers, and cloth diapering is cheaper in the long run). I learned a lot but the whole cloth diapering thing is a bit overwhelming! I think I’m going to register for various types of diapers on my baby registry in hopes of getting different stuff.

I’m thinking I may head out for a quick elliptical session at the gym and maybe some arms. Why not? I’m feeling cabin feverish and hopefully all the post-work gym goers are heading out since it’s 7pm. Maybe I’ll take a walk outside after that too for some nice, fresh humid air! I’m not sure how I’m still so energized today, but I’m loving it! I wish this nausea would go away, but whatever! At least my body hasn’t been drained all day!

Lots of Cooking and Food Aversions!

It’s FRIDAY! Which really means nothing for me since I work all day tomorrow and Sunday. I’m looking forward to Monday! In sad news, first and foremost, I found out that Jon and I will be going quite some time without seeing each other next month. I’ll be out of town for Kassie’s Bachelorette party, and then when we get back, Jon will be headed to Minnesota for a few weeks. The night he’ll fly home is the night that Laura and I will leave for our 1 1/2 week road trip! I know we went months without seeing each other while I was doing travel nursing, but I hate being at home without him. I never sleep well because I’m always paranoid somebody is going to break in. So, I may be spending some nights at my mom and dad’s to at least get some good nights of sleep, but because of the cats, the majority of the time will still be spent at home! I can’t wait till his training is done so we can spend some more time together! And, starting now, we don’t have any more days off together until mid-September! I’ll just be grateful that we’re together more often than not though, because plenty of people go much longer without their spouse (and we have too!).

Laura and I met up Wednesday night for some errand running (this is how friends hang out at almost 30). Laura had to get a baby gift from Babies R’ Us and we had the longest experience of our life there. Also, there is so much stuff at that store! I refuse to buy my kids that much stuff. I feel like kids should learn to be creative with their toys- not just get ten thousand new gadgets to play with all the time. And the amount of other random stuff they had was just ridiculous. I’m going to try and be a more minimalist parent. Anyway, then we went to Old Navy to return some stuff. I hadn’t been there in forever, but I found two necklaces. One I wasn’t sure of but Laura liked it, so I bought it since it was so cheap. There were no mirrors under about 5’7″ at the store, so Laura snapped this picture… I feel like the dangles at the bottom are a little much for my style.


I worked all day yesterday with the kids again, thankfully. The days with the kids are just so much easier than working with adults. I have a feeling I’ll spend my weekend with the adults since that’s typically how it goes, but at least my time in the ER is going to be coming to a bit of a close since my hours will drop down so much shortly. I’m more than ready!

Last night, I decided to make Jon a peanut butter pie and breakfast casserole for his last day at the hospital! I was exhausted and not in the best mood. I crashed around 10:30 and slept great until 4am!

I was up once 4am hit, but I laid in bed till 6:15. I got up to finish the breakfast casserole for Jon’s work.


I ended up watching some shows this morning before Jon even left for work and then napped for a little under an hour. I was really wanting to go to a ClassPass class this morning, but I was kind of waiting to see how I felt. I felt like I never digested my dinner from last night and was nauseated, but I signed up for MissFits (the less hardcore CrossFit class for all ladies) since I love that class. I snacked on some Ritz crackers with peanut butter and then headed out the door!

I definitely was feeling rough at the gym, but typically I make it through working out okay. As long as I don’t stop to rest too much, I don’t really feel the nausea. It’s when I stop and rest that it catches up with me. It wasn’t too hard of a workout today thankfully, but I still worked up a sweat and it felt good to do something active since so much time has been spent on my couch lately.

I came home and ate some oatmeal and grapes that did not really hit the spot at all, but I don’t think anything would have. Then I headed to the pool for about 20 minutes before coming back home to shower and take the peanut butter pie to Jon’s work. I was congratulated by and said goodbye to all of his coworkers (I go have lunch with him at work occasionally, so they all know me). Thankfully, they enjoyed my breakfast casserole (I had never made it) and my peanut butter pie! My pie crust was really crumbly which didn’t happen last time, but oh well. Still delicious!

I headed to Whole Foods for a few things and came home to throw together rice, broccoli, and cheese for work.


These food aversions are crazy. I always imagined it just being that certain foods would make you sick. Like, suddenly chicken would make me want to vomit but everything else would pretty much be okay. Nope. That is not it at all. Instead, everything makes me want to vomit except for maybe one or two random things that I can decide about an hour in advance. Know what I had for lunch at work yesterday?


And I seriously suffered through the strawberries I brought. I brought chicken salad and carrots too, but I couldn’t even bring myself to look at them. Or I’ll decide that I can eat ice cream and the thought of anything else makes me sick. Or I just don’t want anything and think maybe I’ll be able to tolerate Ritz with peanut butter (like this morning). But it’s not ever the same thing. So I bought mac and cheese because the other day, I could stomach mac and cheese. But now? That sounds horrible. I bought that chicken salad the other day because I thought that sounded good. I ate it once and now, I can’t bring myself to eat the rest. It’s really expensive to waste so much food. Instead, I guess I can handle that disgusting fake cheese that I would seriously never ever eat if somebody paid me to normally and the disgusting french fries from work. The saddest part? I can’t drink coffee. The thought of drinking a cup of coffee makes my stomach churn and I love coffee!

Anyway, so in hopes of being able to eat my lunch this weekend, I figured something plain would work. There is hardly any flavor to my rice and broccoli at all, which is exactly what I need to be able to tolerate food. I thought about leaving the broccoli out for fear of not being able to eat that either, but I just steamed it with no seasoning and chopped it in the food processor. I feel like I still need to get some nutrition in but it’s so hard! Sorry this is all about food, but that’s really all my life is about lately. Food, nausea, and feeling so tired that my arms feel like 10,000lbs while I brush my teeth. Seriously.

I’m going to go lay on the couch now. I’m going to dinner with Crista, Billy, and Jon tonight. I doubt I’ll eat. And then tomorrow is back to work! So, couch siting and TV watching for a few hours before I have to pry myself up again!

4th of July Weekend Update

Sunday nights are just the worst when you have to work on Monday! But anyway, to finish my weekend recap that I started yesterday! Of course, in true Crista fashion, I was unable to get ahold of her to go to fireworks with her. Since Jon and I were planning on being at her house at 8, it kind of put a damper on our night since we didn’t know until 7:30 that we wouldn’t be heading over there. Since the nearby fireworks were booked up and we’re also not big on crowds of people, we decided to maybe skip fireworks.

Since Jon’s friend was in town, I decided to head up to Laura’s parent’s house since I knew she was up there for a little shindig. I love her mom and dad and haven’t seen them since my wedding, so I was actually really excited to go over there! I was only there for maybe 1 1/2 hours before Laura decided to leave, so I had an early night in!

Unfortunately, somebody in the area decided to set off fireworks from midnight until 1:30- at least one firework every minute. I was so irritated. How rude to shoot them off that late at night! Needless to say, it was a late night for me, although I wish it hadn’t been!

I ended up laying in bed, in and out of sleep, until about 10am today. That’s the latest I’ve stayed in bed in awhile but honestly, I really wish it had been more restful! Once I got up, I was still feeling completely exhausted so I lazed around the house and got back in bed for a little while. I finally managed to head out to the gym at 11:15. I’m really impressed that I didn’t skip it entirely, but I really don’t want to get into the habit of letting exhaustion always win over the gym.

I had a 40 minute workout, but it was pretty good! I’ve been doing the elliptical and I can tell my cardio is improving again. I did some leg stuff and decided to call it a day.

Jon and I ate breakfast/lunch when I got home, showered, and then headed out to Whole Foods. After dropping our groceries off, we went to Coffee Bianco for a coffee date!

coffee bianco

This latte was so good! It was citrusy and nutmegy and just really good! I was impressed! And the coffee shop was quiet and cute too, so I’m thinking it’d be a good place to get some work done once grad school starts in the fall!

We headed over to my mom and dad’s house after our coffee since my sister is still in town until Thursday or Friday. I ended up falling asleep there and am so tired now! I plan on reading since my sister gave me some books, and then I’ll be having an early night! Fingers crossed that I can actually get some sleep tonight!

Tomorrow is an 8 hour workday, so I think I’m going to make it to my first ClassPass class again in over a month! There’s a few new studios on there that I’m excited to try, and the one I picked for tomorrow looks like a CrossFit-esque type of class and is one of the few nearby that offers evening CrossFit classes! All the big CrossFit gyms are either too far away with traffic, or offer morning or noon classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Not sure what that’s all about! It’ll be good to get some variety in my life since I essentially do the same moves at LA Fitness and like to get the more complex movements through my ClassPass workouts.

Alright, off to read a book and wind down before bed! 5:15am comes early!

Gravity Studio, Wedding Dress Shopping, and Travel Nurse Dinner

Happy Monday Funday! I had a pretty awesome weekend and Monday! On Friday, I had a STEMI Summit that ended up being really, really, really boring. I was bummed cause I was actually really looking forward to the conference because cardiology fascinates me! But the speakers that were there were really less than stellar and didn’t hold anybody’s attention. I decided to dip out at 4pm cause I couldn’t handle it anymore!

That night, Haley (my new “roommate”) and I went out to have dinner with a few other Atlanta based travel nurses. It was actually a lot of fun and one of the old nurses I used to work with while I was a tech was at dinner too.


We stayed out until 10:30 and I really felt like I was getting crazy! Is it sad that I don’t even know the last time I stayed out till 10:30? (Surely it wasn’t that long ago! I just can’t recall it. Right?) I was definitely ready for bed as soon as I got home though and went right to bed like the old lady that I am at heart.

Saturday morning I had to miss my favorite ClassPass workout, but it was worth it since it was Kassie’s wedding dress shopping day!!! Kassie and I have been best friends for over 14 years now (fun fact: Kassie threw me a surprise 15th birthday party) and I’m so excited to be in her wedding!


We were twinning accidentally.

Dress shopping was so much more fun when it was for somebody else! I could have watched her try on wedding dresses all day long! Her mom and her soon-to-be sister-in-law were there also (and Gina), and we facetimed her maid of honor while we were there.


We all headed to lunch at Olive Garden after Kassie decided on a dress (clearly #notthisdress). Kass, Gina, and I tried to find some bridesmaids dresses at the mall after but had no luck! I’m not sure why dresses have to be so ugly these days! None of them were flattering at all!

Saturday evening, Jon and I headed over to my parent’s house for dinner. I hadn’t seen them in two weeks and I like my weekly dinners with my mom and dad! My mom and I finished the night off with the cinnamon rolls I’ve been recommending!

Saturday night I took benadryl and crashed at 9:45 so I could get a full night of sleep before losing an hour of sleep before a day at work! I had a surprisingly great Sunday at work, which I was thankful for because my poor neighbor got killed the entire day so I was able to lend a hand all day long so she didn’t drown! I was so excited to head out of work into daylight! I’m pretty sure that daylight saving is my favorite time of the year! After work, Jon and I had a chill night at home relaxing!

Jon was called off work this morning. It couldn’t have happened on a better day because he has been sick all weekend and has been exhausted! I still crawled out of bed somewhat early for Gravity. This is definitely up there with my top ClassPass classes! I did a poor review the other day, but I realized today that the machines we use are total gym machines. I love them! If the power tower wasn’t $5,300, I would totally buy one. You can get an awesome full body strength workout on that thing. I really enjoyed the class today and definitely felt the burn! We did legs too so I was happy to get in a good leg workout, even though my knees just aren’t what they used to be!

Jon and I ate some breakfast when I got home and then headed to drop my car off for an oil change. We decided to grab some coffee and groceries and look at a few more Jeeps (welcome to our life). Although it’s cloudy, the weather is fantastic today! I think we may head out for a short walk before The Bachelor finale tonight! I’d actually like to go for a run, but I want to spend time with Jon and he definitely won’t go running with me while he’s sick!

Have a good night, everybody!