The last day, one more time!

IMG_4214 2


My last day (I know what you’re thinking- wasn’t this morning’s post already her last day post?!)! It was a beautiful day, as most days have been so far! I enjoyed an hour long walk along the canal and can’t believe that I haven’t been enjoying it all along! It’s only about 15 minutes from where I have been living!

Jess texted me while I was out walking around, so I went to meet up with her for breakfast. I enjoyed some french toast (one day I’ll get back to eating Paleo) with her. I’m sad she isn’t coming to Portland with me, but we’re set on meeting back up in January for our New Mexico adventure! Can’t wait to meet back up and keep traveling with her! She has made this assignment so much better! It’ll be hard to stay sane without my travel buddy!

After our lunch, I managed to talk myself into going to the gym despite really wanting to skip it! I’m glad I went because I actually had a really good workout!

I did sumo deadlifts, which I have found to be more effective for me than regular deadlifts when it comes to really strengthening my hamstrings. I did some more legs and then did an upper body workout! Felt great! There was a girl in there doing legs and the usual guys, and then there were 3 younger guys. They were so young that they were taking pictures of themselves at the gym. Probably to put on Facebook or Instagram with lots of hashtags. Anyway, while I was between sets of ring dips, the girl came up and said it was so funny to watch the younger guys follow me around. Then she went on to tell me what great legs (and what a great body in general!) I have! We chatted for a bit about CrossFit and she kept saying how I must be so young. I told her that I’m 28 and she was shocked! She thought 22. And then she said the guys should get on it and get my digits (sarcastically, I’m sure- they were babies) since I had mentioned it was my last day in town. Then I said I was married and really threw her off (I never wear rings to the gym). She was so sweet and it was nice to hear such positive words about all my hard work! And I felt like my legs had gotten so skinny when I quit working out with my thumb injury and I feel like it has taken so long to even start coming back! I have felt them getting somewhat bigger but Jon can never tell, so they really must be!

This evening I packed my whole room up! I brought SO much underwear! I didn’t even realize how many pairs I brought but I guess I thought I’d never do laundry! How many thongs can I need?! I also have tons of clothes since I was expecting to actually get dressed up more often and was expecting a bigger change in weather… Definitely could have left tons at home! I have no clue how Jon is going to fit his suitcase in my car! I also have my huge painting from Rhode Island to fit too! Ahh! Other than that, all that’s left is a backpack, my camera, and a computer! Not too shabby! I stopped by work to drop Jessie’s Keurig off and left some munchkins (all about the DD here) and a thank you note for my coworkers! Already miss them! They were great!

Time to head to bed! I plan on leaving around 6:15ish tomorrow! I thought about going to the gym at 5, but let’s be real… I need to sleep! And we’re going to be hiking for two days so it’s not that important!

Counting calories. Counting protein. The pointless “diet.”

I just read a blog about a girl who is trying to lose weight and get toned. She’s majoring in all these molecular sciences and says that she knows the science behind how to lose weight. Fantastic! Awesome! BUT, the only thing she tracks on a daily basis on her blog are calories and protein.

In general, I totally disagree with tracking your food intake by using calories, fat, carbs, anything. Unless you are an elite athlete of sorts or use your body to to an extreme, I think it’s pointless and that it’s unhealthy. It puts an emphasis on your intake and when you emphasize something for long enough, it becomes an obsession. I don’t think obsessions are ever good for you, especially with food.

I’m not against tracking for a week or so to see where you stand. Actually, it’s probably good to know your general intake at times. In the past, I’ve tracked everything and gotten a general idea of where I stand. I think the emphasis on intake should be how you feel and on eating real food.

I’ve been building muscle over the last five years, and when I quit working out or eating my normal amount, I lose weight. When I start working out and increase my food intake (because I’m hungry from working out), I build muscle. I am still building muscle now. How do I know? I can see it. I make gains in my weight lifting. Do I have any idea how much protein I eat on a daily basis? Not a clue. I don’t know how many carbs I eat. I don’t know how much fiber I eat. I don’t even know how many calories I eat. I pay attention to what I put on my plate and make sure I’m eating nutrient rich foods. I’m not some crazy athlete. I’ve gone through periods where I lifted heavy and worked out about 10 hours a week, and still made strength gains. I now have weeks where I spend 0 hours at the gym and weeks where I spent 7-8 hours at the gym. On gym days, I make an effort to increase my intake because I know I burned off more energy and need to refuel. On days where I don’t work out, my intake is still healthy (typically), but less.

Now, say, if I was going to the gym and doing the same lifts and never increasing my weight or never seeing any physical gains, would I look at my diet? If I was constantly tired and drained, would I look at my diet? Absolutely. Then I would think something in my diet is lacking because clearly, I’m dragging. Gains aren’t happening even though the physical work is there. And then there will be more than just looking at protein. Am I lacking because I don’t have any carbohydrates so I don’t have the energy to lift heavier? Do I need more protein? Are my chicken sausages just not enough?!?!?!

I just don’t get the point of picking ONE thing to track. You want to track protein? Well, what about cholesterol? What about fats?! (Fats are SO important!!!!) In the blog I just read, I saw hardly any fats at all. The omelets were egg whites (who doesn’t eat the yolk anymore?! It is so good for you!). There were plant of veggies and some tofu, but not much else.

I’m glad that nutrition is becoming more recognized these days. I haven’t decided if it’s because I surround myself with healthy people so of course I see health related articles and statuses all over Facebook or if it really is becoming a big deal all over the US! Staying fit and eating real food is really the only way to turn the healthcare industry around and to lead long, healthy lives. For the average person, this means doing anything active and making sure your plate consists of plenty of different colors that didn’t come from a box. In time, you learn how to pay attention to your body and to how you feel. You know what to eat and what not to eat and don’t have to count to figure it out…

(Again, people with exceptional fitness goals here are exempt from this belief… Fueling a body for 26.2 miles of running or becoming the next Ironman may take a little more nutritional planning.)


Love having Wednesday off work!

Today has been a really productive day! Finally! I decided not to set an alarm last night since I typically wake up earlier when I don’t set one, but I ended up sleeping till 9:45. I guess the good part about that was that at least I was well rested instead of being tired after snoozing for almost 2 hours (I really do snooze for almost 2 hours on days off). I started cleaning as soon as I woke up and cleaned until I left to meet up with Kassie at 11:50.

Kass and I just ran an errand for her boyfriend’s birthday and then I dropped her at her office. It took 1 1/2 hours, which was kind of nice since we got to hang out a little bit longer than our usual lunch dates!

I headed to the gym afterwards. I was really in the CrossFit mood but had decided to skip it (it was back squats and running) so that I could get in my friend time. I only ran a mile, did back squats, deadlifts, weighted lunges, and then some quick shoulder exercises. I stretched a bit and then left. I had a lot to do today so not a whole lot of time to just hang out at the gym!

Not sure what I did between yesterday and today, but I definitely pulled something. I can’t turn my head very far to the right or the base of my head feels like it’s about to tear off. Not fun.

I came home after that and Jon ended up getting home at the same time. We headed to my mom’s to do my taxes. I have to say- KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS FOR DONATIONS! Jon and I donated tons this year and of course, we didn’t ever fill out the stuff on the Goodwill website for tax returns (when we file next year). But it makes a huge difference! I was totally shocked at how much of an increase you get back just for donations. For $250 of clothing last year, my return went up over $50, which is huge since I would barely be getting anything back if I wasn’t a student. I’ll definitely be keeping track from here on out, especially since we have a ton of Army stuff and an entertainment center to get rid of still.

Once we got home tonight (after Jon cleaned my car at my parent’s house), I finished cleaning the whole house! Now I’m 30 minutes from Nashville and still have an assignment to do and a shower to have and some dinner to eat. I’m starving and dirty! Tomorrow I work 7-3, need to grocery shop, go to class, and then pick up Jon’s twin sister and her baby for the weekend. So don’t expect me to be around too much!

Have a good night, guys!

Back at CrossFit

I made it to CrossFit yesterday for the first time in over a month! I was feeling really unmotivated but typically leave any workout feeling much better. Not yesterday. We did an 10 minute EMOM of 4 thrusters (I only did 45#) and 6 bar over burpees (where you jump over the barbell after your burpee). It was AWFUL! The thrusters felt like a million pounds and it’s been so long since I’ve done burpees that I was dying. I wasn’t the only one, thankfully. Everybody struggled with that big time and it looked so easy. Then we did an 800m run and 50 pull ups, which was way easy and I was done in 8:12. My upper body is sore today and it feels so good! I love being sore.

I came home feeling like I was going to puke and lacking any energy at all. I normally eat when I get home but couldn’t. I made a bunch of phone calls and aside from my Massachusetts nursing license, got everything else taken care of. I’ll be doing that tomorrow. Then I had class, which I was also exhausted for.

I had a little bridesmaids drama last night. Not even because of the wedding. I’m totally not like that. But just some issues with one of the girls in the wedding that we’ve been having (so really just friend drama). So we kind of got into a bit last night and it totally bummed me out. So my evening became really unproductive. Oops.

I slept till 12:30 today since I’m working 7p-3a. I woke up SO many times wanting to get up but forced myself to stay in bed. I just ate a tiny breakfast and am going to head to the gym for a run and leg day. I have a feeling I’ll be rushed to get out of here tonight before traffic gets bad but am hoping to get my biology done tonight before work starts, and I have a bunch of stuff to fax in to the tax commissioner and the board of nursing (you know, if that number actually works, since I never got the number listed for the BON to ring).

Since I haven’t done any WIAWhatever-day-of-the-week, I’ll do yesterday. It’ll be more like two random pictures of food I ate yesterday though. I actually had a biscuit with cream cheese for breakfast around 11am since I woke up at 10:30 and was going to the gym at noon.

photo 1-2

Probably ate my “breakfast” around 3. That’s a protein drink with chocolate almond milk too. Around 6:45 I ate my Noosa.


photo 3-2

Chili with ground beef and some other stuff at 9 after I got home from class.

That was it. Sure doesn’t look like much when I put it down, but I wasn’t hungry for anything I ate except for my chili. I typically eat less on days that I’m off cause I sleep in later, don’t eat much before the gym, and then have time for two real meals of the day cause I end up sleeping in. I’m not waking up in time to eat a full meal before the gym either. My sleep is important.

photo 2-2

Since I was talking about using new hair products, that was my hair last night with just my regular leave in conditioner (I use a TIGI one and an Aveeno one) with the Loreal anti frizz cream. It wasn’t humid at all yesterday so I didn’t use the mousse and curl cream. And that picture was taken while I was reading for class before it started, so excuse me not trying to take an appropriate selfie (just kidding, we all know I hate selfless).

Time to get dressed for the gym! Everybody have a good day!

Monday List

1. I’m sick AGAIN! For being around sick people all the time for my job, I rarely get sick. Last year, I think I got sick once. We’re going on #4 since Christmas here. This time it’s a horrible cough with a lot of nasty mucus. I’m hoping this is as bad as it gets, but I get so tired when I’m sick. My nephew and Jon’s sister both had a cough going on, so I’m assuming I picked it up while on vacation.

2. Wisconsin was awesome! Annie and I cooked up some dishes and made some homemade protein bars. It was fun to be in the kitchen with my sister, even though she’s not really much of a cook. I really wasn’t ready to leave when Wednesday rolled around! I could have stayed for at least a few more days!

ImageI got to see this little face! My favorite!


Lot of snow!


Played Bingo with Annie and Beth (Beth is my step grandma- but she’s been around since I was little and is my last grandparent left!)

ImageWent to the Milwaukee Zoo with this little guy!

2. Florida was also awesome. Jon’s sister (Rebecca) took our engagement photos on Saturday night and I can’t wait to see them! However, my hair doesn’t do well in humidity because it’s so naturally wavy, so despite all the oil I put in my hair, it was a huge fro when I looked in the mirror after the shoot. Hopefully that’s not captured on camera… She’s still editing, but I’ll share when they’re done!



I love beach time with Jon! It was super windy and the first day, I laid out with my yoga pants and long sleeved shirt on and took a killer nap. It was the best. The second beach day was so windy that the sand was painful, so Jon and I took a long walk along the beach!


A friend of mine from high school opened Crave Food Truck in St Augustine. The food is all really awesome and healthy! I surprised her by showing up out of the blue and it was really awesome to see her! It was also in a fantastic location on a marina. Jon and I were daydreaming about future houses when he’s a doctor.

4. Jon and I spent $300 on groceries last night to welcome us back. That’s a new record by a TON! We did stock up on some bigger food items that cost more, but I was in shock when that came up on the cash register.

5. I’m starting to take protein again. Just one scoop a day, and for now I’m not coinciding with my workouts. This is how I did it a few years back when I had lost a lot of weight and I put on weight fairly quickly, which is my goal. I don’t even know what I weigh now, but from the looks of me, I’d like to gain about 10lbs again. I need to get back into lifting heavier again, so I’m going today for a run and some legs. I did skip CrossFit today because it entailed 5 rounds of 800m run, 5 rope climbs, and 50 push ups. I don’t think I can muster through that long of a workout when I feel like this. That’s one month off, so I’ll talk to the owner about applying my last month of payment to this coming month.

6. I’m already cooking. Although I really don’t love to cook, I was so happy to get home and be able to eat my own food. Already working on a casserole for tonight and for lunches this week. I’m basing it off a recipe but I’m making changes for some more flavor.

7. I have a test tomorrow, so aside from cleaning, cooking, and some gym time, I’ll be studying ALL DAY LONG. Bummer.

Time to go be productive!

Random Updates on Nothing

Any love I had for exercising is just gone this week. I’ve been doing great the last few weeks (like two) at staying motivated and wanting to go to the gym. Being sick totally ruined this. Whenever I get sick enough to actually throw up, it messes up my stomach for at least a week after (or more). I also didn’t feel well enough to eat anything other than crackers and soup for three days, and eating any bread (and larger amounts of dairy) makes it hard for me to get things moving to go to the bathroom, if you know what I mean. So I’m left feeling rather disgusting.

I think today I may try and at least do a short run near my house to get things moving, but CrossFit looks miserable today because of how plump I feel, and I normally love long WODs. I also have a test tonight that I’ve been studying for and really need to dedicate time to it and don’t think that a long noon WOD would be ideal today. So there goes another week paid for that I’m not going, but I’m not going to worry about it. I’ve got enough on my plate without worrying about a wasted $20 for the week!

I spent the first hour of my day cleaning and am really dying to clean my house! I cleaned up and swept, but I still haven’t gotten all the glue off the floors from when we installed them in December! I noticed rings appearing in my toilet yesterday (unacceptable!) and I feel like the spare bedroom is being overrun with stuff! I also really want to stain my wooden stand in the kitchen and PAINT THE WALLS! And I want to start my photo collage for the wall behind my couch! But this is a really rough month, so all of that will probably get pushed off until April/May/June.

Last night, I asked Jon to pour our cat food from our big storage container into the little one that we pour from. The container is huge and I always spill it.

He said: “You should do it yourself and learn how to be independent.”

Me: “I already was independent and now I’m getting married for a reason. Now can you please do it?”

I mean, really. I lived alone for various years throughout my adult life. Clearly I’m capable of being independent. But isn’t one of the perks of getting married that now you have somebody to do the man chores?! (Man chores include: pouring the litter into the bin- 35lbs of an awkward shape doesn’t work well for me, taking out the trash, changing light bulbs that I can’t reach, pouring cat food from big container to little container, and taking out recycling. Jon also checks the mail in this family.) I think he was feeling overwhelmed because the recycling bins had to come in, we have a light bulb out, and the cat food ran out all at the same time. He’s not used to having three things on his list all in the same day! Wouldn’t it be nice if all men were able to see the time women actually put into keeping the house clean? Clean toilets, clean laundry, clean dishes, and clean floors seem to magically appear in the mind of a man. (Clearly not all men and women function this way. I know there are men out there who are clean and women out there who are messy.)

I’m totally talking to myself now. I’m just going to stop here and go start typing up my cheat sheet for my biology test (how awesome is that- all this extra credit and cheat sheets in my lab is making me feel like I got screwed by my lab professor last semester- but we’ll see how hard this test is tonight).

A list for Thursday

A list. Because I feel like it and my thoughts are all over the place.

1. I wanted to go to the gym last night, but was crazy at work and too exhausted to go. Oh well.

2. Amy’s Gluten Free Mac & Cheese is 100x better made with Greek yogurt than milk and it reheats up way better too.

3. I met Kass at the gym at 7 this morning. It was easy. 20 minutes on the elliptical, two shoulder exercises, some dips and pull ups. Nothing crazy.

4. I then napped all morning long instead of doing anything productive. I hate cloudy weather.

5. I did make it to CrossFit! I was excited about it today! We did:

1 RM back squat

138# (Let me tell you, after taking months and months off, this was huge! My PR is 155# and that was during a powerlifting cycle!)

21-15-9 (6:37)

Deadlifts (113#)

Box jumps (24″)

6. I am super happy that my muscle is reappearing! My upper body seems more noticeable to me than my legs, but I’m sure my legs are getting bigger too and I’m not noticing. My butt seems to be getting bigger again too!

7. I’ve been struggling with the amount of food that I eat. Struggling is way overdramatic, actually. I’m only 100lbs so my appetite is that of a 100lb person. Not huge. When I work 12 hours, I eat a much larger portion of food for a day. But when I don’t work, I don’t eat nearly as much. And I have no appetite after working out but don’t believe in protein drinks because of all the additives. So now that I’m lifting again and running, I really need to find a diet that is suitable to this. And luckily, I have noticed that the day after a high activity day, my appetite is definitely much bigger than my more inactive days (when I used to do CrossFit all the time, I never had a problem with eating enough because I was always hungry). But still. I’m going to have to up the calories somehow. And I’m going to have to get that food in sooner after  working out than I do.

8. I’m going all rBGH free (the growth hormone used for cows). I try not to have a ton of dairy (I’ve quit drinking milk completely again), but I do like dairy and my stomach doesn’t seem to have issues with it in smaller amounts. But I can’t do the hormones. No bueno. So I’ll be spending $6 on a bag of cheese since I don’t have my own cheese farm.

9. I finally feel the passion for working out again. Passion sounds silly, but it’s true. After burning myself out and then being forced to take time off because of my thumb injury, I’m really enjoying being active again. I also like that I’m becoming a little more well rounded in terms of what I do to stay in shape. It’s not all CrossFit and I like that.

10. I’m sitting on my porch and my cats are out here too. Tom is in the recycling bin. I love those fur balls.

11. I need to go make some food. My stomach has been a little upset today though so I haven’t wanted to eat much (but ate a little gluten free biscuit at 6:30 and 2 scrambled eggs at 10:30). But I need to. So I’ll cook me up some bacon, of course.

Valentine’s Day Weekend!

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! It ended up being a pretty good weekend over here! Jon and I went to Brio for our Valentine’s Day dinner on Friday night.

photo 3-4

The food really wasn’t anything that special but Jon and I had a good time anyway.

photo 1-6

We were planning on riding the ferris wheel in Atlanta but the line was so long and it also started to rain as soon as we drove up to it! So we came home instead and I crashed early!

We woke up Saturday morning with big plans to go hiking, but then I started cleaning and got ready really slowly and I wanted to go buy my wedding band… So no hiking happened at all! I did, however, buy my wedding band (for like $300 more than I was expecting! shocker) as well as three new shirts from the outlet mall. Definitely not what I need while saving for a wedding.

After that, Jon and I decided to head up to join my parents at the cabin for the rest of the afternoon.

photo 4-2

We saw some snow capped “mountains” on the way! We actually had thought about going up that mountain, which is Brasstown Bald but I figured it’d be closed because of the snow. We hung out with my parents for a bit and then Jon and I decided to head out and go for a drive and hang out for a bit in town.

photo 1-3

photo 5-3

We stopped along our drive to get a picture of one of our favorite views! Apparently I deleted most of the pictures already off my phone though! Oh well! Once we finished that, we stopped to pick up some barbecue to take back to the a cabin for  dinner with my mom and dad. We ended our night with a game of Scrabble (that I won!) and then Jon and I stopped to pick up my resized wedding band and headed home!

photo 2-2

This morning I was going to wake up early and go to yoga but I could not fall asleep for the life of me last night! And Tom woke me up all night and so did Jon snoring! So I got up, studied for my test and then took my test (it’s online), and then headed out for a run! It was pretty warm out and although I actually wanted to go to speed work at LA Fitness, I decided I better take advantage of the weather when possible!

I ran 4 miles and felt like dying! I also went a different route than usual and one road was really hilly and then my third mile was almost entirely up hill. One road is 95% up hill and I hated every minute of it. I didn’t notice any knee pain at all though, but my left ankle was feeling it, as always. At least that pain immediately goes away when I stop running. I finished in 37:13 and all my miles were between 9:06 and 9:29, so really not very good. I’ll take it though since I haven’t been running in so long!

I got home and had planned on going to the gym for a leg day but it was just way too nice out! Jon said he’d go to Stone Mountain so we headed over there. It was really packed, so we decided to walk some trails instead of walking up the mountain.

photo 3-2

We grocery shopped after that and now we’re home! I’ve been putting off a lot of biology since we’ve been out of class so much lately. It’s so hard to stay on track with so many snow days! The test I finished today was supposed to be taken 3 weeks ago but has been delayed! So tonight I’ll be studying and heading to bed early. Doesn’t feel like tomorrow is Monday! Waaah!

Have a good night!

Happy Valentine’s Day

I was hoping to have an extremely productive day, full of studying for biology and taking my test online! Well, and I was going to go to CrossFit at noon. Instead I ended up calling USAA to switch over my car insurance and my condo insurance and spent a good hour on the phone with them! By the time I finished, it was 11:45 and I didn’t have time to change and get to CrossFit. I decided to head to LA Fitness!

On my way to LA Fitness, I decided it was too nice out and that I wanted to go to Stone Mountain to hike instead. If I do a quick hike, I can end up sweaty and definitely feeling like I worked out! However, today the mountain was closed because of ice! I decided to brave it anyway and I’m really glad I did cause it was pretty, but it was a fairly slow hike cause of how icy some parts were!



Despite how snowy it was on the mountain, it was still a beautiful day outside! I was planning on heading to LA Fitness after to go for a run and do some legs but I was starving since I barely ate anything this morning (I had planned on being done working at by 1pm and it was already 2:30 when I left Stone Mountain).

On my way home, I decided to make a Valentine’s Day collage for Jon (anybody notice how much I didn’t want to study?). So I put together this little beauty of pictures from our last 5 years together and then had it printed at CVS and bought a little card to go with it:


Once I did that, I finally came home to eat! And now I’m back on the phone with USAA trying to get my condo insurance settled (this makes 1 1/2 hours on the phone with USAA so far- but I’m on hold to get conferenced in with my mortgage lender so they’re taking care of everything!).

Anybody who has ever bought a house- the agony apparently never ends. I actually have put switching my insurance company off for months now because I didn’t know how to do it. Come to find out, it’s easy, you just spend a lot of time on hold.

Enough of boring house stuff. I was having a conversation with myself on my hike today because I was feeling like I really needed to lift weights. I don’t want to get to a point where I do all the same exercise. I only did CrossFit for over 4 years. But I found that I actually do enjoy running now, and I know that I should do yoga to work on my flexibility, plus it’s nice being able to use LA Fitness sometimes and do other classes. And on days where I hike, I need to just enjoy hiking and not worry if I’m not lifting weights and running and all kinds of other mess! (By the way, just finished all my insurance stuff! WOOHOO!!) I really want to make sure that being active and healthy is permanent in mine and Jon’s lifestyle and making it to the gym every day just won’t be possible, just as it won’t always be possible to go outside and run. Besides, I’m not working on any specific goals (other than to run a 1/2 marathon sometime this year) so I have some flexibility with the type of workouts that I do.

As my last note for the day: Although Jon doesn’t read my blog, I feel incredibly lucky to have him in my life. Sometimes I probably need to remind myself of that. I can be very trying at times and also completely bitchy, but in our time apart and in our time back together, I really think we’ve learned how to have a much better balance. Even when I’m not exactly acting the most appreciative, I still know how much I love him and how grateful I am for him. I really do feel lucky to have him and can tell a huge difference in our relationship this time around. I know that he loves me unconditionally. One of my biggest goals in our relationship is to always put him first. Not that I’m not important because I clearly am (duh), but if both of us strive to put the other first, the other person will always want to do that. Who doesn’t want to do nice things for the man who treats them so well?! I notice a huge change in our interactions when I make the effort to really make him happy instead of just nagging him for the things he’s not doing (like the laundry… or dishes… or cleaning up after himself… haha). And when I try to make him happy and stop nagging, magically he starts making more of an effort to do the laundry and dishes and cleaning up after himself! Anyway, this blog doesn’t go into much in the way of our relationship, but I’m just feeling immensely grateful for having such an amazing man by my side every single day, and also for the rest of my life! Hard to believe that he still had another girlfriend at this time last year, huh?

And just to reminisce, here was my Valentine’s Day date last year! Crista and I went to Two Urban Licks downtown and we were the hottest couple of the night 🙂


On that note, I’ll be off to shower seeing as it is now 4:30 (I feel like this was such a wasted day!). No clue what Jon and I have in store for us tonight, but probably nothing fancy since we didn’t make plans ahead of time! I think tomorrow we may go hiking and just enjoy spending the day together! And we may go buy my wedding band too since I’m definitely going to need that for our wedding!

Have a great day, everybody!

Speed work, homework, work, and broccoli and eggs

Jon started complaining yesterday that he was starting to feel like he was getting what I had all of last week (and still have, but I can live with this). I warned him about how much it sucked. When we got into bed last night, Jon warned me that I better not wake him up if he started to snore because he had to sleep on his back and obviously, being sick, he’s going to snore. I felt sympathy for him cause I’ve had to sleep on my back every night since being sick and hate it. Last night as we were trying to fall asleep, all I could hear was sniffle sniffle sniffle, swallow, open mouth, close mouth. I thought I was going to lose my mind! I’ve barely slept in over a week because of being sick and it was the first night I wasn’t miserable. So I just brought him some Nyquil and then moved into the guest bedroom!

I probably got to sleep around 1 and then slept until 10. It was wonderful! Both cats kept me company and we cuddled under out blankets in the dreary weather! I pulled up the WOD at CrossFit since I wanted to go at noon, but it involved 50 Pull-ups, 115 pound Squat clean, 50 reps, 50 Box jumps, 24/20. Uh, no. I typically would love that, but after doing 50 thrusters last night and having my legs cry the whole time, I figured it probably wouldn’t be happening. Then I stood up and felt my legs and knew there was no way that I was about to go do another 50 squats plus 50 box jumps. Cherry picking at its finest.

Instead I went to LA Fitness for a run since the weather still seemed okay. I did 4 miles of speed work, which I wasn’t expecting. I went from 6-8 at an incline of 1.5 (getting crazy, right? haha). 6 was my base and for the most part, I alternated every .2 miles from 6 to 6.5, 6 to 6.8, 6 to 7, 6 to 7.5, and 6 to 8 (and then just went up or down or whatever I felt like doing). I actually kind of enjoyed my run on the treadmill, but as I was getting into the higher speeds, my feet started burning from the friction of the treadmill since my shoes only have 4mm soles. I had planned on doing 3 miles but kept going, and I really felt like I could have kept going without any problems but I’m trying to be conscious of how quickly I start building miles again because of my knee, and my nose also kept running and I was starting to blow snot bubbles. Not cute. I did some pullups and dips and then decided to try shoulders. My shoulders felt like they were near muscle failure after just starting out, so I tried triceps. Same thing. So I kept it to just a few sets of each and then called it a day. If my arms were shaking like that from the start, it’s not going to be that productive of a workout anyway. Might as well save it for a better day.

I came home, showered, and made some breakfast.


I shredded broccoli in my food processor (everybody needs one of these) and then cooked about a cup of it with two eggs, garlic, and cheddar cheese. So good. It’s a nice spin on some eggs cause I get really tired of eating regular old eggs all the time. I really couldn’t even taste the eggs much. And bacon. Of course. If I take the time to make a real breakfast on my days off, I almost always make bacon. But it’s nitrate and nitrite free, so that counts for something. And saturated fat isn’t even bad for you, so I’m still winning.

I’m about to start on my plethora of biology that I’ve been putting off, but I decided to hold off until I was eating because it entails putting pictures like this into a lab write up:


Yep, so biology had to wait till breakfast was done. I really need to start some cooking for the next two days because I have a feeling I won’t be coming home from work tomorrow night. It’s supposed to get bad after midnight, so when Jon gets home from work, we have to discuss if he’s comfortable taking me to work tomorrow. Unfortunately, I need my car when I get off work on Thursday at 3, so I’m not sure how to work out the car situation if he drops me off (maybe drop mine off tonight before we go to bed). This prospect of snow and ice is really a pain! If I didn’t have class on Thursday night, it wouldn’t be a real issue, but I have to have my car to make it there Thursday after work. Also, if I wasn’t a nurse this wouldn’t be a big deal. And even more, if I wasn’t PRN and got paid for being off work, I wouldn’t be as stressed. But if I miss out on 20 hours of work (between tomorrow and Thursday), I lose out on a lot of pay, and we can’t be having that! Health insurance and car insurance were both due within a two week period this month, so responsibility calls- gotta make that money honey.

Okay, breakfast is all done, so time to go be productive for the rest of the day! Can’t believe it’s already 2:30pm! All I did was go the gym, shower, and eat! The day is almost over!

(By the way, Kitty always sleeps behind me when I’m on the computer and she snores so loud. Does anybody else have a snoring cat? I think it’s the cutest thing ever but she is seriously so loud. I recorded it on my phone the other day and it’s the best. I’ll include a picture of how cute my cats are… Kitty’s the fluffy one in the back that I just woke up, and Tom is the orange one. Excuse the bed with pillows with no pillow cases. The guest bedroom isn’t anywhere near finished yet.)

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