List for Tuesday

1. I took my wedding dress to get altered. I had put it on when I brought it home the first time and had that I-don’t-know-if-I-like-this-anymore moment. I was pretty worried that I would end up hating my dress and I was still in love with the $1000 dress that I tried on, but I didn’t really worry about it much more. After getting it all pinned up today, I love it again. I even almost got teary eyed standing there because I can’t wait for Jon to finally see me in it! Since the dress flows around (hard to explain), my bustle is costing way too much. Total, my alterations are $244, and that doesn’t include the length! (Thankful for 4 1/2 inch wedges.)

2. I’m wearing shorts, tank tops, and flip flops! WOOHOO!!! Loving this weather like crazy! And I opened the windows at home! I love airing out the house! Tomorrow is going to be a deep cleaning day since Jon’s sister is coming on Thursday!

3. I skipped Body Pump on Saturday morning. I slept horribly and woke up so angry about not getting a good night of sleep when I was finally off work! But I had breakfast with Laura and then lunch with Gina, so my day was complete. Nobody needs to work out.

4. I went to yoga with Laura last night (after 12 hours of work and I need new work shoes so my knees were killing me- good thing I was meeting up with Laura or I would have skipped it). Worst yoga class EVER. The one thing I did like about it was that we did a ton of stretching for our posterior legs and my posterior chain is so tight. I really need to work on that on a daily basis. I say that all the time and never do. But the girl who taught it was way too boring. We spent the first 15 minutes just sitting and stretching our necks and stuff. We rubbed our hands together and then put our faces in them… WTF? I was dying. Laura and I made eye contact right at the moment where we were about to put our faces in our hands and it took all my energy not to burst out laughing. Had I not been starving, tired, and if it wasn’t 9pm, I really would have liked to have gone for a run afterwards.

5. I made it to CrossFit today. It felt great to be back. Not only that, but I can still clean my bodyweight! I don’t even know how. My max clean is 105# (I think- it was so long ago) and I still did 100#. Then I did 18 cleans at 90#. Although I am nowhere near the shape I was in back in 2012 or early last year, I can’t believe that I can still actually get fairly close to most of maxes (within 20# on deadlifts and back squats), especially since I still barely work out!

6. I want to run. But I’m not going to cause I just showered before my dress fitting.

7. I have started looking at master’s programs again. I have to take the GRE and opened up a pretest online and there were exclamation points in the math problems! Whaaaa?! I took math models in 2005 and stats in 2010 (and high school algebra in 2004). I don’t know anything related to math anymore unless you want me to figure out some medication dosages. I need to study really bad. And once I knock out the GRE, I need to start studying for my CEN (Certified Emergency Nurse). Anyway, I need to decide for sure about whether I’m going to go the route of public health or healthcare administration and leadership, but I’m starting to lean towards healthcare administration and leadership (it’s a master’s in nursing still). One school I’m looking at (which is a university close by that offers this online) also has a DNS (doctorate of nursing science) so I think I may apply there. Regardless, I am surprisingly stoked to get on this and unfortunately, can only begin in the fall if I do go with healthcare admin, so I would have to take my GRE in June and apply by July 1st. So, I may possibly be starting grad school earlier than expected. Which I will probably regret not having a longer break, but I need to knock school out anyway in case we have baby makin’ days in our future. I’m about to be 28 (in exactly 1 month- May 1st) and I’m not getting any younger!

8. Contacting the board of nursing of any state is a pain in the ass. I’m adding you to the list, Massachusetts. I may never get licensed.

9. Jon found his cheese grater for his feet (I know it’s not a cheese grater, but I still call it that) and I’ve been using it. I’m on my way to baby soft feet.

10. I’m going to go finish my coffee and head down to class so I can sit outside and read before class tonight.

11. Sorry I’m sucking at reading blogs lately. I’ve been busy with living life. And working 12 hour shifts.