Bloggeriffic. What I did. What I ate. What I worked out. Pictures included.

I had a really productive day for once today! I worked until 3:30 (I start getting really antsy to leave at 15 after whatever hour I should be leaving, so by 3:15 I was calling my relief and asking what was going on!) and was actually glad to spend my last 4 hours at work at the greeter desk. It’s the only area in the ER that we have any windows (since it’s in the waiting room), so I got to enjoy looking at the bright, sunny day for once!

I came home from work and was motivated to run! I was starving, so I had a quick snack:

photo 3-2

A gluten free biscuit, two mango slices, and Boar’s Head Tuscan turkey breast- it’s nitrate and nitrite free and costs $11.99/lb at Kroger, but let me just tell you, Jon and I agree that this is hands down the best deli meat out there! It is delicious!

Jon ended up walking in the house while I was finishing up my snack so he agreed to go on a run with me! I kind of forget at times that my running actually has improved, so I run farther and faster than him. We headed out to do a 4.2 mile run (I don’t think he knew how far he agreed to when I asked if he wanted to run to Wal-Mart) and after 2 miles, he was done. A 21 minute 2 mile. I was planning on going to CrossFit tonight, so I was fine with it. Besides, it’s rare that Jon agrees to run with me so I was just happy to have him go!

We spent our 2 mile walk home talking about our future wedding plans and freezing our asses off. We were dressed to run! So a walk in 40 degree weather in the shade was definitely cold!

photo 2-2

I don’t normally add pictures of what I look like before running, but today I’m fancy. Also, I don’t have a clue if that’s a headband or ear warmer, but I think it’s the perfect ear warmer and a stupid headband, but I’m not really up on all the fashion trends in the fitness world. I own all the same shorts, pants, tank tops, and long sleeved shirts to work out in.

We got home at 5:50 so I stretched until I headed out the door to CrossFit. Tonight was 5 rounds of 20 ring dips and 14 thrusters. Since this is my first real workout with my thumb, I went light on the thrusters. 33#. And I scaled the dips because my triceps died. It was awful. It was absolutely not a cardio workout at all for me, but I definitely hit muscle failure on my last round of dips.

After getting home and talking Jon into massaging my triceps for me, I made us some quick dinner.

photo 1-2

Salad with ranch dressing and then portabello mushrooms, spaghetti sauce mixed with cream cheese, and parmesan cheese. I ate another mango slice too (not pictured). Also, that looked like a ton of mushroom when I started sautéing them, but then we hardly had any by the time they finished cooking. Lesson learned.

I was way too lazy at the store this week to think of a real meal and I didn’t feel like having to cook much on a week where I was working every day, so that was it. But it was good.

In case you wondering about what I ate for the rest of my day, my breakfast at 6am was roasted carrots, chocolate milk, and pumpkin coffee with So Delicious French Vanilla coconut creamer (I don’t ever have carrots for breakfast but I left my tupperware with sweet potatoes and goat cheese at work and I’m pretty sure my eggs are expired). Side note: I bought Dunkin Donuts mocha k-cups and hate them. They expire at the end of this month though, so I’ve been drinking them every morning and just adding plain coconut milk and hating my morning coffee. So today I splurged and went back to my good old favorite- Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice k-cups with the above creamer. Mmmm… End side note. For lunch at noon, I had spaghetti squash with parmesan cheese and spaghetti sauce and a Noosa yogurt… Which come to think of it, after that small lunch, it’s obvious why I was so hungry when I got home from work at 4 because that’s a really small lunch for me when I’m at work.

Anyway, after dinner, Jon and I cleaned our room and bathroom and now we’re working on laundry! How exciting. I was all excited about watching Nashville tonight after we finished our cleaning, but it’s not on till the 15th!

I’ll leave you with this last picture before going to cuddle on the couch with Jon and head to bed soon. Another work day tomorrow!

photo 4-2

My loves on the couch. Jon and Tom. Although most of you don’t follow me on Instagram, this is an accurate representation of my Instagram. Jon on the couch with Tom on his chest. Nightly occurrence.

PS- This post was really bloggeriffic with all the photos and what I ate and what I did.


First weekend of 2014!

This has been quite the weekend! Friday after work, we drove down to Florida. Luckily we got to see Brad and Rebecca (Jon’s sister and brother-in-law) for a few before bed. Saturday morning I slept until 10, had a nice stack of french toast for breakfast from Mimi’s Cafe (I love french toast but know I need to fully give up bread again for awhile, so it was a last big breakfast shebang), and then Jon and I went back to Brad and Rebecca’s and napped. For four hours. It’s not even like we got home and relaxed and fell asleep. We both laid down and were out until 5pm. I guess I needed it because I never nap for that long! We ended up driving out to Jon’s parent’s to drop off some flooring stuff and then spent our night watching The Heat with Brad and Rebecca. Sunday morning we went out to Jon’s parent’s house again because his twin sister, husband, and new baby were in town from Iowa! It was a good little family time and I enjoyed seeing everybody again! We took a few family pictures (I can be included now cause I’m the fiancée!).




Our faces were a little washed out from the sun behind us, but I’m sure that can be edited. Just not right now. They’re definitely a tall family and I’m definitely not!

We had a long drive home on Sunday in the Jeep. Because of possible snow on Sunday afternoon, we couldn’t take my car. Luckily, it didn’t snow before we got home, but there was still a chance of snow and ice. Since hospitals don’t close, I ended up staying in a hotel near work (after unpacking, repacking, and making food for three days at work). I didn’t arrive there till about 11:30, so after watching a few episodes of House Hunters, I fell asleep!

I worked 11-7 today and was happy to see no snow when I woke up this morning! It was still really cold out and we still have threatened snow storms all week. I really wish Atlanta was more prepared with snow plows and salt trucks, but I guess they’d rather shut the city down once or twice a year than spend all that money for a day or two of snow. After work, I had to grocery shop for a bit. I think I made it home around 8:45 finally.

I cleaned up a bit and made Jon’s lunch for work tomorrow. It’s 10pm now and I work again at 7am tomorrow, so it’s off to bed in a few. Since I work every day this week, I have a feeling I’ll be spending a night at the hospital. I’m taking bags with me every day and enough lunch for two days! I think Wednesday night is supposed to snow again.

Oh, if anybody out there loves Benadryl as much as I do for sleep, I discovered Zzzquil! I used to take the Benadryl tablets and always thought I should start drinking baby Benadryl cause liquid would probably work faster and then I saw Zzzquil at CVS over the weekend! It’s 50mg of diphenhydramine (equal to two tablets of Benadryl) and it actually doesn’t even taste bad! Anyway, thanks to that, I’ve been sleeping like a baby. And I’m probably the only person to get this excited but I use Benadryl for sleep fairly often (just about anytime I’ve had more than one day off work, I take it before having to wake up again at 5am).

I’m really hoping to make it to the gym, CrossFit, or running at least twice this week! I know it’ll be hard because of working all five days and possibly having to spend the night at work, but I’m really wanting to get back to the gym now!


Christmas Eve day!

My first full day as an engaged woman is coming to an end!


Because what you all need is another picture of my hand creeping up from the bottom of the picture.

It really is crazy. We’ve started talking wedding planning already, mostly because Jon’s sister is planning the wedding for us down in Florida so we have to give her an idea of what type of venue to look for.

Anyway, I managed to wake up at 7:30 today feeling wide awake! I was surprised but grateful! Jon and I got up and hung out with Zoe and Slade for awhile before we got ready to go get some Christmas shopping done. It was surprisingly cool when we went outside this morning! It was in the 80s all the other days and we’ve been used to our 40s in Georgia, so it actually felt kind of good not to be sweating! We had a quick breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then went on with the day of trying to find gift cards and buy food for my baked french toast casserole thing that I’m making for tomorrow morning! We also went to Dick’s and I ended up buying a new hat since I lost my North Face fleece hat that I loved (and went between another North Face hat today and a Spyder hat for like, 15 minutes before making the final decision- lucky Jon). I bought two new ear warmer headbands for running in, which may or may not actually just be headbands. I really can’t tell. I also really don’t care. They’re ear warmers for me. And then I bought another pair of the Under Armour running pants that I love. I actually prefer to just run in spandex short and compression socks, but I wear pants if it’s windy or I’m running near my house since it’s all shaded. I also live in those pants if I wear leggings or sweatpants. They’re like my long johns. Best pants ever. Anyway, so that was how Christmas shopping went for me today. But those are all things I have been meaning to buy. My last “gift” on my list (because I really only like to buy for myself at Christmas) is a green Lululemon shirt. Then I’m done.

I’m really bad at Christmas. Everybody I know can afford to buy what they want, and because I don’t like random knick knacks (aka: crap) around my house, I don’t like to give it to other people. I want people to only have things they really want- which are things I think they buy for themselves. This is how I feel anyway, and I can’t imagine how somebody who actually really likes gift giving or receiving gifts feels. So it all seems pointless. Like, I’ll spend $50 on you and you’ll spend $50 on me. How about you just go buy whatever you want with your own $50 and I’ll buy what I want with mine? In our secret Santa with Jon’s family, I asked for a gift card to Sherwin Williams so I can paint. I got a Visa gift card (note: Sherwin Williams does not have gift cards available; I imagine this is because nobody but me wants paint as a gift). I’m very happy with this.

Enough of how I feel about Christmas. This was supposed to be all about what I bought for myself today. I’m kidding. After our Dick’s outing (which I wanted to craft some clever Facebook status about how even though I’m engaged, you can’t take away my love of Dick’s but thought Jon would prefer for his mom and dad not to witness my classiest moments like that), we went to visit with Jon’s mom and dad #2 (as in, the number two, not the hashtag 2). We hung out for a bit and then headed back to Brad and Rebecca’s so I could make my french toast casserole and spend some time with the family.

I spent my whole night on failbook. I read 24 pages of it. Sorry I didn’t have time to reply to any blogs, guys. Busy on failbook. You know how it is.

Okay, time for me to rest up for the big Christmas day tomorrow. I’m assuming I’ll be up way too early for my liking since Zoe and Slade wake up way too early and I’ll be up to watch them open presents. We’re going to a movie with Jon’s parents and then we have to visit a friend of his who is coming into town, and then we’re driving back to Georgia. I have to work from 11a-7p on the 26th, which is really depressing.

Christmas-time greetings!

Well well well! I’m making this in the quiet of the guest bedroom at Jon’s sister before I go out to the living room and his niece realizes I’m awake! There is no peace and quiet with children around. Which I love during my visits to Florida at all times except for when I first wake up!

I finally made it out for a run on Wednesday afternoon! With all the floors, it has just been so hectic that time to run seemed impossible to come by. I probably could have found some, but I was also happy having a few minutes to relax when I had the chance. Priorities. And running isn’t number one. However, I was impressed because I planned on going about three miles and ended up going five.


Mile 1: 8:48, Mile 2: 9:06, Mile 3: 8:50, Mile 4: 8:25, Mile 5: 7:46 Total: 43:14

I was so excited about the 7:46! I was feeling good at the start of my last mile and decided maybe .2 or .3 miles into it to try and go for a mile in the 7s and I made it! So excited!

After working Thursday and Friday, Jon and I came down to Florida. Unfortunately, I woke up on Friday morning feeling sick. I was so paranoid about having the flu because I have been surrounded my patients with the flu at work! But I realized that I seemed to have more cold symptoms than anything else. I got off work 4 hours early on Friday and I was so grateful to come home and nap before driving 6 hours to Florida!

Saturday morning we woke up in Jacksonville! I was still feeling really under the weather (slightly nauseous) and had barely slept all night, so we ate a nice Panera breakfast because I crave carbs when I’m sick and then got our gift cards from Target. I got my nails done in a nice red for the holidays!

We spent the afternoon at Jon’s parent’s house. I was surprised that we got so many gifts as a couple. We ate tons and tons of food and then went in the evening to see Handel’s Messiah. Jon’s brother in law is in the chorus. It got a little lengthy for me, but I was impressed with how awesome they sounded.


His brother in law is in the back row, 5th from the left.

Sunday morning Jon and I went for a walk on the beach! I was hoping to run, but my throat was killing me when I woke up and I had no energy at all! So we went for about a 45 minute walk total and enjoyed some 80 degree weather for a change!

1510717_938241205452_1685143428_n 1458711_938241220422_793863174_n

After that, we came back to his sister, Rebecca’s, house and took a two hour nap! Like I said, no energy at all. I was still tired when we woke up but knew we had to shower and head out. As soon as we got in the car to go back to his parent’s house, I fell asleep again.

We hung out with his parents again last night. We enjoyed some leftover Christmas dinner, ping pong, and the card game Golf (which I won!). We stayed for awhile and then headed over to see his other “parents” that I also love seeing! We were only there for about 30 minutes before heading back to Rebecca’s to hang out and sleep.

And that’s where we are now! I just woke up this morning and we’re watching Zoe and Slade (niece and nephew) while Brad and Rebecca look at apartments. I’m hoping to go for a run today for once! I need to start drinking some water and eat some breakfast. I still don’t feel 100% but have no specific complaints this morning. Jon and I were taking Zicam like it was going out of style. But I’m pretty sure I can at least manage a three mile run. We need to get Christmas shopping done and then tonight, we’re going on a date with Brad and Rebecca.

Anyway, the little Zoe monster just found me awake, so I’m going to go hang out with them! Merry Christmas if I’m not back by then!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This has turned out to be a good Thanksgiving this year! I slept in until 10 and it was wonderful! I had planned on making it to my parent’s house earlier in the day but ended up being in no rush whatsoever! We did make it by about noon and Annie just woke up not much earlier so it worked out just fine!

Jon and I decided to make this pineapple soufflé for Thanksgiving. We weren’t going to make anything since my parents were making plenty of food, but I saw that recipe the other day and thought it might be the same pineapple recipe a girl at work made last year at Thanksgiving that was delicious (and looked like vomit but who cares?!). It turned out really well and everybody really liked it!


I won’t show you all of our other boring Thanksgiving food because that’s boring. What Jon and I made is probably more exciting. Jon and I cuddled up on the couch together and took a nap. This is my off week on my birth control so I was probably definitely more emotional than usual. Luckily Jon’s a good sport and just ignored my bad mood. Mom finished up cooking and then it was dinner time! After we ate dinner, we were all lazing around and my mom forced us to get up and do something (oh the similarities between my mother and me). We ended up playing Spoons and Scrabble and some other game that wasn’t much fun. We were about to start an exciting game of the Dictionary game but Jon got called into work. It was already about 8:30, so after hanging out for a bit, I headed home too.

I’m feeling pretty full and disgusting of foods filled with butter and sugar! Tomorrow morning I’m hiking with my sisters! I’m glad, and I think I may end up going for a run tomorrow night. I may get together with a few high school friends in the evening but am not positive quite yet. I’m really enjoying having time to spend with Jon for once so I’m not really wanting to do a whole lot! And after being so busy with school and work, I kind of like having a few days where I don’t have to do anything. I think that makes me lame or antisocial or something. I’m not sure. And I don’t really care.

Anyway, I’m going to head off to bed. I’m tired and cold and need to wake up to clean up the house in the morning!


Family time!

I feel like I won the lottery because last night, Jon fell asleep at 9something and I got to catch up on Parenthood! Tonight, he fell asleep again at 9something, so I forced him into bed and have the house all to myself! I love him, but I also love my me time! I should be studying, but I need a break.

I woke up fairly early today and considered running, but decided against it. It was in the low 30s when I woke up anyway, so that’s not really enticing, although I actually don’t mind running in the cold weather as long as it isn’t cloudy and dreary (which it definitely was!). Besides, I had already kind of realized that this would be mostly an off week from the gym and running because of having family here. Oh well!

I got to spend time this afternoon with Annie and Tank!


That kid has no interest in pictures at all! My mom, Annie, and Tank all came over to my house. Annie hasn’t been in town since I bought it and it was nice to get their input on my floors! I’ve decided to go with a darker wood and paint the house a lighter gray color. I’m still a little nervous because of how dark it is in here and I don’t want it to seem super small! But I do love dark wood. Jon said he’s fine with whatever (glad the organization of the fridge is so important but he lacks input on the floors for the entire house!). We headed over to The Sugar Shack  which is pretty much my new favorite little coffee place (along with The White Windmill). The Sugar Shack has such good pumpkin muffins! And since I’m eating whatever I want this week, I’m eating pumpkin muffins too. And sandwiches. And lots of coffee.

My family headed home and I started studying. Jon heated up some of my mom’s chili for me for dinner! I think I’m going to finally learn how to make it. My mom has been making the exact same recipe since we were little, so it’s our winter staple. It’s nice to throw something in the microwave to eat too.

My oldest sister and her fiance came in town tonight! I would love to go see them tomorrow, but I may be studying for my test. I haven’t really decided yet. I really can’t wait until the day when I no longer have to consider school. Even when I’m done with my bachelor’s in May, I’ll still have grad school looming overhead! Anyway, I work all day Wednesday and really am wishing I hadn’t picked up the shift since I want to spend time with the family. Ah well! Such is life!

Time to go enjoy some of my TV while I have it all to myself!

Nephew and sister time!

What an exhausting weekend! After Jon made me breakfast yesterday morning, we enjoyed our meal and I studied some biology! I took a quick nap and then worked from 3p-3a. It was a really tiring shift because of my crazy assignment, but I made it out alive! I came home and cleaned my house at 4am but I couldn’t stand the mess! I like things all neat and organized and the house was definitely neither of those! But it’s looking better now! Had I not been so tired, I think I would have finally scrubbed my floors too!

This morning Jon and I went to look at floors for the house! We have a few samples laying around the house and I think we may end up looking again on Sunday morning before making our final decision! I can’t believe we’re 3 weeks away from laying our own floors (with the help of his brother)! I have a feeling that’ll give me the push to get the rest of the house done but there’s no way I can take that much money out of savings!

I got my hair cut and then went over to my parent’s house (just a side note: he did not cut my bangs enough so I need to get that fixed) with Jon. My sister Annie and my nephew Tank got in town last night! We ate dinner and Jon played with Tank for so long! It was so fun watching them interact! Best future uncle ever. And Tank seriously just gets cuter and cuter. I love that kid! I was hoping to stay and hang out for awhile tonight but there was no way it was going to happen! I didn’t fall asleep till after 5 last night and was up by 9:30, so I’m about to head to bed! Jon wanted to make it home to watch football anyway, but I need to get up early enough to study tomorrow and have some family time!

No exercising this weekend cause there just wasn’t any time or energy! Maybe tomorrow, or maybe not. It may have to wait till after my test on Tuesday night.


The man.


The sister.


The nephew! SO CUTE!