Newport, RI and Roomie Hangouts

finally got to spend time with Jessica this week! After living together for two weeks now, I figured it was bound to happen at some point! Sunday we headed out to Newport, RI in the early afternoon. We didn’t really have any plans and didn’t stay for all that long, but we want to head back and do a tour of the mansions there.

We started the day with breakfast at the White Horse Tavern– the oldest tavern in the US. (There she is below.)



I had cranberry and pecan french toast that was pretty decent but way too sweet for me! I barely finished two pieces! The breakfast there was pretty pricey too and there really weren’t all that many options. I’m also a big eggs and bacon kind of girl and they didn’t have an option to just add a scrambled egg. They did have an $8 egg breakfast but ain’t nobody paying that much for eggs. I could have bought 32 eggs at the store for that price. The tavern was really cute on the inside though and the service was great.

IMG_2465 2

After breakfast, Jess and I spent the afternoon walking around Newport! It was super cute and for the most part, there was a nice breeze! I also found an art store that was closing out and bought this beauty!


I was so excited about how cheap it was (still expensive- but for an original painting WITH a frame, it was a really good deal for art in the US- European paintings are always way cheaper). I can’t wait to take it home in September and find a place to hang it! Pretty much everything I have in my house is from my travels somewhere and I was looking to find a piece out here, so glad I was able to get this already!


We also got our very first picture together! Awwwww, roomie love (my Mac just changed that to rookie love). And yes, I was holding my hair for the picture because it was windy out. Don’t hate. I ended up googling things to do in the area and found Ft Adam’s State Park, so we headed over. It was on the water (as all the forts are) and did some walking around.


Pretty amazing views there! I love the water up here. I still have only had one beach day where I have spent some time sitting on a towel, but I don’t feel like I need it. I’ve been to beaches and got my tan on in my previous, non-travel nursing life. I just want to walk around and see all the rocky beaches and wharfs and marinas. And there are so many in Massachusetts so I’m pretty much happy no matter where I go. Even the most ghetto areas have coastlines that I like.

On our way back, we decided to get dinner at a Chinese place in Fall River, MA. We yelped it and found a place with 4 1/2 stars and 6 really good reviews. It was totally in the ghetto and served ghetto quality food (for the record, I’m really good at finding places to go in the ghetto- it’s becoming my new thing, which is also how I know that I like the coastline in ghetto areas). I can’t even remember what it was called now but if any of you ever go to Fall River (which you should probably just avoid), avoid their Chinese. If that one had great reviews, I can’t imagine what the other Chinese in the area is like.

Back on track now. So, I lazed around Sunday night and then Monday morning, Jess and I had our hospital orientation which was soooo boring. We were done by noon though so we had time for lunch in Plymouth before I had to go to work. We actually had breakfast for lunch (we both love breakfast- we’re a match made in heaven) and then went to see Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower from afar.


The Mayflower. In our scrubs, because we’re totally awesome nurses. And because I was totally working right after this picture was taken. Thankfully I only had to work 4 hours. They were busy hours but easy (I don’t think my old job has ever had a Monday that good).

After work, Jess and I headed down to Cape Cod for a Mexican dinner. I’ve realized that Mexican food is just really not all that great when you’re so far from Mexico. The Mexicans making my food (maybe they weren’t Mexican, but they looked like it) didn’t even speak Spanish. They didn’t even have queso. WHAT KIND OF MEXICAN IS THAT?! Clearly not. But my burrito was actually really good for the fake Cape Cod Mexican that it was.


Definitely had a good time with this girl. We walked around and ate ice cream and I imparted all the wisdom I’ve gained in my 28 years on this planet. But really, we did have good talks and I’m really glad we ended up finding each other on (/

Anyway, this was pretty lengthy, but all I did today was go to CrossFit and then head to Salem and Gloucester. I ended the day with lots of traffic and a trip to Whole Foods. Salem was alright, but not good enough to write a whole blog post on right now. Maybe if I’m bored later and am impressed with any of my pictures. And now I’m about to FaceTime Jon and sit in wet misery because the humidity has come back in Plymouth and we’ve already established that nobody in Massachusetts believes in air conditioning.

Alrighty, have a good night everybody!


Washington DC, Red Sox, Plymouth

Jon and I had an AWESOME trip together (honeymoon trip? saying goodbye trip? road trip?)! I haven’t traveled much inside the US since I tend to go out of the country when I have the time/funds to travel (all you non-married readers- go travel while single with a friend when you can split the costs- traveling when you have to pay for two people from the same bank account is a bit more depressing), but I am so glad we did this trip.

We started out trip out early on the morning of the 12th (after staying up way too late watching Orange is the New Black). I drove for the first three hours and slept the entire rest of the drive (that’s an entire day of sleeping really, don’t ask me how I did it), aside from a quick stop we made in DC. I loved DC! Unfortunately, it was dreary and I was in my road trip clothes, but whatever. We saw all the monuments in The Mall within a few hours before getting back in the car. My personal favorite was the Potomac River there.




IMG_0721 2


Sorry, no descriptions. Those are major monuments and the river. I’m sure you can all figure it out. We ended up getting to Beacon, NY that night and staying with Jon’s friend, Paul. We didn’t end up getting in till around midnight and we were exhausted after spending the whole day in the car! We had breakfast at a diner early in the morning and then went back to Paul’s to shower and pack our things.

The next stop was Boston! We got into our hotel and I was already feeling sick from eating out for the last two days and sitting in the car for so long, so Jon and I walked a total of 2 miles in the rain for some deli meat and fruit and veggies. He loves me. Then it was time for a Red Sox game! We took a two mile walk there…

IMG_0765 2

IMG_0772 2

We enjoyed some scenery on our walk. We were totally in love with Boston! However, I must say that the insane roads (who has three roads to one intersection) and the traffic made me so thankful that I am not living in Boston for the next three months! But still amazed at how pretty this city is! Anyway, so we made it to Fenway Park for the game. I have to be honest here… Red Sox games suck. I’ve only ever been to Braves games because they’re awesome, but the crowd at a Braves game is so much more fun! We tomahawk chop and chant and clap and stand up and cheer and the camera is constantly on the crowd and the 7th inning stretch is interactive! At Fenway, the 7th inning stretch is just long enough for a quick Take Me Out to the Ballgame and that’s it. I was seriously disappointed. No fun cameras, obviously no tomahawk chopping, nothing. I did learn what the Green Monster was though (see green wall below).

The next morning, we went to a Fenway tour. It was decent. Not my favorite, since I’m really only a Braves fan and don’t even care about any other baseball, but I was fairly entertained throughout the tour. I do have a ridiculously hard time understanding people over a speaker though, so I only caught about half of what the guy was saying (not his fault- I always have a hard time hearing people on any type of tour).

IMG_0810 2

IMG_0818 2



After our thrilling tour, we headed down to Plymouth to tour the area a bit before meeting up with Diane, the woman I’ll be living with. We drove by and saw my new place of employment and enjoyed Marylou’s Coffee. Guys, BEST COFFEE EVER! I am already dreading having to leave this area because there will be no more Marylou’s! It was like instant love with my pink cup of delicious coffee! And I loved the little beach we found!

IMG_0985 - Version 2

IMG_0996 - Version 2

After our exploring, we went over to my new place to meet Diane! Jon and I really enjoyed meeting her! It’s such a perfect fit for my first travel assignment! I loved both rooms that she has available (Jessica will take the other room)! Also, she lives on an awesome pond!


Seriously. AMAZING. Jon and I spent about an hour talking to Diane and then we brought all of my stuff in and unpacked a bit. We decided to head down to Cape Cod since we’re so close, but it was almost dark when we got there. We had some dinner and then made it back to Diane’s to sleep around 11pm. We got up early (the sun rises at like, 4:45 here!) the next morning to head up to Portland, Maine!

I haven’t made it to going through any other pictures yet, so the rest will be to come! Besides, the rest of the trip was what I loved so much, so more to look forward to now! This was long enough! I’m headed off to run since I have time to kill and don’t feel like exploring anything else since we just finished such a long trip!