Hello out there on this fine Wednesday! I can’t even remember what my Monday entailed, but I assure you all that a workout wasn’t part of it! I believe a trip to Whole Foods and the Fresh Market (because Whole Foods puts their eggs in a big tub fridge thing in the middle of an aisle and I always forget eggs) was, along with some cooking. And some adult coloring. Oh, and The Bachelor! Of course! I told Jon about 190 times that I want to marry Ben, even though I think his whole “unloveable” insecurity would probably get annoying. Like, come on dude, just know your own worth. Then again, this is coming from an “older woman,” haha.

I had to work yesterday at my PCU/tele job, which I was totally dreading. Weekdays there always end up being miserable because it is always crazy and I’m always on the tele side and I don’t particularly enjoy that side of things. But it was slow and steady and I had great patients, so I’m going to call that a successful day!

Jon came home right before I did, so we ended up hanging out for a bit together. I tend to need lots of winding down time after work and for some reason, I was seriously exhausted last night. We had a pretty early night and I was glad, cause I think I needed it!

I stayed in bed till just after 11 this morning! I was up briefly for about an hour off an on in the morning while Jon got a bunch of stuff together this morning, but I surprisingly had no problems going back to sleep. I did wake up hourly after that, but it was so warm in my bed and the cats were snuggling with me so I just enjoyed my morning being cozy. Besides, grad school starts back on Monday so I’ll have more to do on my days off, and my countdown till Jackson’s arrival keeps getting smaller and smaller too!

I got up in time to grab something to eat and then head to CrossFit. I was feeling extremely unmotivated, which is how I just feel overall towards working out. I know I can technically quit working out whenever I want to, but I’m really trying to make it till delivery being active. I also am so tired of feeling like a pain in the ass because of the minimal movements that I am actually comfortably doing. For example, this is how today’s WOD went:


Back Squat 5×3

Increase weight each set. (I increased for 4 sets and did the 5th at the same weight. Sets were as follows: 55#, 75#, 95#, 125#, 125#)


4 rounds of 4 minutes each:

200m Sprint (I did 15 wall balls at 10#)
12 Hang Power Snatches (95/65) (I did a 35# bar)
10 Pullups (I subbed ring rows)

Rest the remainder of the round. Record finish times for each round. (I didn’t record my time because I do not care one bit how fast I work out these days.)

And then I did one strict pull up afterwards just to see if I could. All 125lbs of me made it up, but one was definitely all I could do.

I actually felt pretty good, except for the last round. I was glad to have built in rest because I get so extremely short of breath when I’m working out now. But the last round, I started feeling nauseated, which is what has been happening lately. I guess 16 minutes is my max these days, haha. I was pretty glad not to feel completely depleted of energy after we finished, although I am definitely feeling it now… DOEF (Delayed Onset Extreme Fatigue).

I came home to throw some clothes on, where I tried about a million things on hoping they’d be warm and then I got irritated that Jon has to be twice my size so I can’t even wear his hoodies while I’m pregnant. I should have married a smaller man. I’m kidding. I’m glad he’s big, but I do wish he had just one hoodie that I could fit my belly in!


Excuse that face. I was just being silly and then tried to retake a better one, but this is the one my belly looks the best in! 31 weeks,  4 days! Random thought: I took my rings in to get rhodium dipped and for some reason, it’ll take 3 weeks? (I hope they’re back for my baby shower on the 23rd!) So now I feel like people are judging me for being an unmarried, nonworking, pregnant 20 year old because everybody always tells me how young I look. And you know, I’d totally own it if I was 20 and unmarried and pregnant and not working, except I’m really 29, working (just not frequently during the week), married, and pregnant… Jon’s always like, “Why do you care what people think?” and I guess I don’t really care that much, but the thoughts cross my mind. Whatever. I’m hormonal and pregnant. I can care about whatever I want.

After finding something to wear (glad this Nike shirt still fits), I grabbed a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel from Goldberg’s because I wanted one and was totally disappointed that they forgot to put cream cheese on it too. I decided to be a big girl and just eat it that way. I ate it on my way out to Chattahoochee Coffee Company since it was a beautiful day out and I wanted to write my 2 year anniversary letter to Jon! It’s the same place I wrote my one year letter last year too and I sat at the same table! I guess when it feels like 40 out, people aren’t dying to sit outside.


I even spent 30 minutes watching nature from the hammock that they have by the water! Love that coffee place! Especially since it’s less crowded during this time of the year and there are plenty of places to sit outside!

I just got home a little while ago. I have to shower and clean up all my dishes in the sink. Laura and I are getting together tonight to do something. Perhaps we’ll go search out baby shower decorations since I’m slacking on that. I’m pretty exhausted, so hopefully it’ll be an early night so I can chill on my couch and prepare for my day at work tomorrow. I just have 8 to do in the ER tomorrow and am hanging out with Crista in the evening, so hopefully I’ll have enough motivation to squeeze in some sort of afternoon workout tomorrow. Who knows anymore these days though.



Cats, Coffee, Crepes, & CrossFit

OMG so much to say, guys! I’m kidding. Except it has been a really busy week. Oddly enough, I took this week off to finish up my assignments for the semester and I have literally done no work at all related to school so far. But today I have to finish my paper because tomorrow, I have far too much to get done before we head out for vacation!

Anyway, so I can’t recap all my days in detail because that’d be too long and really, nobody cares, I’m sure. This post is brought to you by Tom and me.

Photo on 12-3-15 at 1.54 PM

Sometimes you just want to eat a piece of cheese without your cat trying to be all up in your business, but I’m just so happy that this big orange blob is healthy again that I just let him run my entire house and sit anywhere he wants.

In other news, yesterday Jon got had a light day of work so I asked him if we could finally go to Julianna’s Crepes. I have been wanting to go there for so ridiculously long but just never end up going. It’s not really in a convenient part of town for us. But I saw it on a link I had saved and it reminded me how much I wanted to go, so we made it.


It was so freaking delicious! They have a handful of sweet crepes and a handful of savory crepes. Their Nutella and strawberry crepe was better than a lot of the ones I had in Europe. Their savory one was also really awesome too, so I am seriously excited about going back and trying more of their crepes. They brew Batdorf & Bronson coffee so it really put me in the mood for a latte, but they don’t make lattes there.

Afterwards, I got Jon to stop at Dancing Goats for a Batdorf & Bronson vanilla latte.


I’m definitely loving Batdorf & Bronson coffee lately. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many places that brew it around here (and make actual coffee drinks- some places make regular pots of coffee with their beans). The coffee is just so smooth though. It reminds me so much of Dutch Bros because Dutch Bros is some of the smoothest coffee I’ve ever had. Even Dutch Bros 911 (which is 6 shots of espresso) is super smooth and not bitter at all.

Speaking of Dutch Bros, there’s one in Carson City, Nevada! And it’s like, a mile off the main road we’re taking to Lake Tahoe! I am SO FREAKING EXCITED! I am definitely going to get some Dutch Bros! I seriously crave it all the time and can never get it, obviously, since it’s a Western US thing. I told Jon I want to open some franchises in Atlanta because Atlantans love their coffee too, but he told me no. #dreamcrusher

Monday night, Jon and I also had a date night together. We went to an older movie theater and saw Spotlight. We were one of three couples in the whole theater! And it was such an old theater and I just loved it. I want to make it our new date spot because it’s close and it was so cute! The movie was pretty good but the end was kind of disappointing. Gina said she saw the movie too and wasn’t a huge fan of it, but it has good reviews.

Tuesday night, Laura and I went and got Buford Hwy foot massages. Buford Hwy is the big international road the runs through the northern end of Atlanta, so anything “Buford Hwy…” usually indicates some sort of foreign experiences. The massages were not really anything special. The people did literally the exact same thing to our feet and I feel like if you’re going to give a massage, you need to make it specific to each person. What my feet need may not be what Laura’s feet need. There was also hardly any pressure and I left wanting Jon to give me a foot massage! But the atmosphere was nice and I decided I need to play spa music at my house more often to help de-stress. I haven’t done it yet though.

Thankfully, Jon did massage my feet when I got home from my foot massage that I actually paid for because he’s the best and he loves me. And then the next day Kassie told me that pregnant women need to be careful with foot massages because it can induce labor. So I googled it and there is so much stuff on google about inducing labor with foot massages! WTF! And the exact spots they showed were the exact spots where I have been sore and that Jon has really been focusing on. (My feet have reached a whole new level of being sore recently.) Good thing he hasn’t put me into labor yet!

Last night, we had our book club meeting at my house. Apparently there is a lot of drama in book club since I joined, since myself and one of the other girls don’t work normal hours. Before they would plan around her, but now there are two people to plan around. It has been so petty. And then at the last minute, one other girl cancelled. So it was Gina, Kassie, Rachel, and me. And we ate pizza and talked and I showed them all the baby clothes that Jon’s parents bought for us. It was just nice to hang to with friends, as always. I do love friend time!

I also made these Paleo pumpkin muffins that are delicious. If you leave out all the spices she mentions and just add cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and nutmeg, that’s what I did. Except I added a ton of cinnamon. And cooked them for way longer than that says, but they are super good. (I ate all the golden pieces off the tops while they were halfway through cooking. So that’s why every muffin is missing part of the top.)


Other than that, I managed to stay active this week. Clearly my sugar intake hasn’t decreased, but whatever. I did a 30-40 minute workout at LA Fitness on Tuesday. It was after I made my first French press coffee ever and definitely brewed it far too strong, but it was delicious and I drank all of it. So I killed the elliptical cause my energy was insane and then I felt totally out of it and weird from the caffeine. So the rest of my workout wasn’t that awesome. I went to CrossFit yesterday at my usual ClassPass gym and had to modify the entire thing since I’m trying to be careful not to further separate my abs. And then today I went to a CrossFit gym that I had gone to awhile ago on ClassPass (they didn’t have classes posted for a long time, so I haven’t been in a few months) and the owner was there, who I hadn’t met. But he was fun to talk to and I really liked the atmosphere and energy there today. I’m going back tomorrow, too. I plan on Saturday being an off day, and then our hotel has a gym in Tahoe so I’m taking gym clothes to hopefully work out every day that I’m there.

I also happened to work 4 hours this morning (I was called in) and I’ve already been called in from 7-11a tomorrow. So this afternoon will be my homework day and tomorrow will be my get-shit-done day before our trip.

Weekend Ramblings, Baby Ramblings, Workout Ramblings

Happy Monday! It doesn’t even feel like Monday! I guess cause I only worked Sunday this weekend, so my body is confused. Friday night, Jon and I decided to finally start out baby registry! We headed over to Babies R’ Us and started scanning away! It was kind of fun but also kind of stressful. We realized we needed to look up safety ratings for car seats and wanted to research the bigger items and also the body wash type stuff to make sure we’re using something chemical free. After coming home and reading ewg.org, I think I feel like our baby is destined to just get cancer in the future because of all the chemicals in products in the US.

I had planned on working out Saturday morning, but when I woke up, I decided I wanted to finally get breakfast with Jon at Sun in my Belly instead! We showered and headed downtown to go eat, but ended up standing in line for 45 minutes. Oh well. It was worth it! We each ordered a full meal and split a full meal, so I was stuffed by the time we left!

Jon and I ran some errands and tried to find him sweaters at Nordstrom Rack, but I ended up finding a few t-shirts that are more maternity friendly. They’re just longer t-shirts, but at least they’ll cover my belly! We decided to head home afterwards and I crashed on the couch for 2 hours while Jon finished up his errands.

I finally drug myself off the couch at 4pm to go have dinner with my mom and dad for my mom’s birthday! My brother ended up coming too and I haven’t seen him in months. We went out for Mexican, which I enjoyed despite still being sort of full for breakfast. We were also celebrating Jon’s recent birthday (October 19) and my dad getting a new job! I was secretly (not secretly at all, actually) hoping my dad would retire (he is over retirement age) so he could watch Jackson when he’s born, but my dad loves to work too much. So, despite my free babysitter being gone, I’m still really glad my dad found a job since he’s happiest when he’s working! (I have no idea why that gene skipped me, but I would love it if I loved to work as much as my dad does.)

I laid down when we got home to read, and I’m assuming I just didn’t digest any food once I laid down. Around 10pm, right when I was going to go to sleep, I ended up getting really sick feeling. I only threw up once, but it was basically my entire dinner. I was worried that it was some sort of food poisoning at first because certain types of food poisoning can cross the placenta, so it always gets me so worried if I randomly get sick after eating! It really just reminds me how much I want a healthy baby and I’d be devastated if anything happened to Jackson at this point. (Thankfully, I’m getting close to 24 weeks, which is when the NICU can really work some miracles and that makes me feel a bit more reassured.) After I threw up though, I felt much better than I had and fell right to sleep.

I’ve still not been feeling great. I wonder if I just got to the point in pregnancy where my digestion has slowed down too much and I was still eating huge meals. I also tend to drink a ton with meals, and drinking with meals actually hinders digestion (other countries don’t really do drinks with meals like we do). So now I’m trying to eat smaller meals and not drink anything at all while I eat, in hopes of it helping. My appetite still took a huge turn from where it was just a few days ago though. I get hungry, but nothing sounds good and nothing seems to sit well right now. The joys of pregnancy.

Yesterday I worked all day. I had to work with the adults for the first four hours of my shift, and I had a really, really, really difficult drug seeking patient that really irritated me for the entire four hours. I got rid of him right before heading over to the children’s side, and let me tell you, I was so insanely happy to get back to my kids! Unfortunately, the children’s ER ended up being slammed all day long, while hardly any adults came in at all! I rocked an IV on a 7 year old (it was easy- he had a good vein), but I didn’t even get nervous before going in there. It’s little things like that that remind me of my progress as a peds nurse. I used to get so nervous about starting IVs in kids, and now it’s not as traumatizing (for me).

Last night I had to go let Andrew’s (Jon’s friend) dog out since he lives right by my work. Except I forgot. And drove all the way home before I remembered. So I spent almost 90 minutes in the car after working. I’ve never met Andrew’s dog and considering that I’ve been bit by three dogs (two of them were my friends and I knew the dogs, and one ran up to me while I was running and bit my leg), I get nervous around dogs that I don’t know. I went into his house and his dog was hiding from me, and then his dog started growling and barking. No way was I messing with that dog! Jon said she’s super sweet and she probably wouldn’t have done anything, but I wasn’t about to test that theory out.

My pregnancy hormones made me emotional about not being able to let his dog out, so I got a little teary on my way home and I was just feeling inadequate. And really, I am not sensitive at all about my fear of random dogs. I was never scared of them till I got older and was bit by the three dogs. Even after the second one, I wasn’t too fearful, but the third just made me have no interest in random dogs. Goes to show what pregnancy hormones will do to you though. (I should totally make a blog post of all the things I cry about now that I’m pregnant.)

This morning I went to work out and it was decent. I had worked out at CrossFit on Friday, but we had to run and with my first run, I got a ton of cramping in my belly again and had to walk. That night, Jon and I tried to go on a walk, but I started cramping up as soon as we started moving faster. (I had been at the table writing a paper all afternoon so hadn’t noticed earlier.) This morning, we were doing glute bridges and I got sharp pains in my belly. I’m assuming it’s just ligament or muscular pain since everything is stretched out and it’s superficial pain, but still, I just don’t do whatever makes it hurt. So my workouts have felt lame lately. Although, I did a good one this morning regardless. My workout tops are all getting too tight and I had to take my shirt off this morning because it was so annoying stuck to my belly once I started sweating. I really don’t want to invest in maternity workout clothes, so maybe I’ll just start going topless again. Let this baby hang out.

Mmmkay, I just finished breakfast and my cup of tea, so time to get started on my paper. Ugh. I’m so over grad school. Five more semesters to go after this one. (That was depressing.) I’m heading over to my parent’s house tonight most likely to spend the night, but I’m not positive yet. I have to work tomorrow and am dreading it for some reason. I just dread going into my PCU/tele job now. I think cause the mornings are such a hassle with getting report and giving the morning meds, but then the afternoons are usually decent. The mornings just make me dread it though.

Weekly Updates: ClassPass, Dogwood Festival, Trip Planning

It’s been over a week since I did a life update! How did you all live without knowing what was going on in my life?!?! Kidding!

Remember how I ended up with my crown falling out and a UTI? After spending all week feeling nauseous and having a sore throat, I broke out in hives on Friday! I was having a serious wtf is going on with my body moment! I managed to get some steroids from work the next day and that helped immensely and by the end of the day, I was better. But really, I think I had an immune system crash.

Last Friday night, Jon and I went to the Braves Home Opener! I’d like to say I got some fun pictures from the night, but honestly, after breaking out in hives, taking Benadryl before the game, and then having a two hour rain delay (which also dropped the temp and I was freezing), I was not really feeling super ecstatic about being there! We left after the 5th inning since it was late and I was so tired from the Benadryl! I’m actually super excited about it being baseball season though and going to some more games! It’s a little sad going to games, since 1/2 the team has been traded since last season and we no longer have Kimbrel as our closer, but I’m sure it’ll still be a lot of fun! I’m trying to soak in Turner Field while I can since the stadium is moving in 2017!

On Saturday, Jon and I went to the Dogwood Festival (a big art festival) with Crista and Billy! I’ve gone plenty of times in the past, but this year was crazy! It was miserably crowded and it was actually really hot out! Unfortunately, since we met up with friends, we didn’t get to browse through the art tents like I was hoping to do. Instead, we walked around a bunch and then found some chairs to sit in and people watch.

piedmont park

Piedmont Park, Atlanta. Love my city.



After we finished with our festivities, we had Mexican food and then Crista and I went and sat by her pool after getting back to her apartment. It was a seriously beautiful night out and I was so happy to just be sitting outside.


Sunday morning, I went to a MissFits class (a ladies only CrossFit-esque class) via ClassPass. It was a really good workout and I really enjoyed it! That afternoon, Jon and I stopped by my parent’s house and started some planning for our Eurotrip and then headed to our friend Andreina’s baby shower! I had a really good time there and have enjoyed meeting a few of her friends at the last few things she’s had at her house! Very nice girls! After the baby shower, we came home to jump into some more trip planning!


This past week has been a busy one! I worked Monday, ran errands and cleaned up on Tuesday, did another ClassPass class at Hard Exercise Works (CrossFit type workout), worked Wednesday, spent the night with my parent’s on Wednesday cause Jon has a friend in town, worked Thursday till 4ish and went to CrossFit last night, and now it’s Friday morning!

I went to another MissFits class today and now my upper body is smoked after two days of big upper body CrossFit stuff!



I had planned on doing my favorite Cardio Muscle Mix tomorrow, but I don’t know if my upper body can take it! I think I may end up canceling and going to have a leg day at LA Fitness! I’m meeting up with Kassie and Gina in the morning for a bridesmaids dress shopping day and hopefully we’ll all spend some more time together in the afternoon! Definitely can’t wait to have some time with my girls!

Anyway, my plans for the day are boring. GTL. I kid. I’m going to run to LA Fitness to cancel Jon’s membership, hit up Costco for some more protein powder, and then head to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Jon’s friend is still in town and they’re going out tonight for some dinner and drinks, so I’m thinking I may just have a low key night at home. I’m deciding if I want to make an effort to go out and do anything this evening, but it’s dreary and a night on the couch with my cats sounds nice!


I know it’s not healthy to be fat, but this Tom Tom breathes so loud 24/7, probably cause his fat is squishing his trachea, and it just melts my little heart to listen to his kitty grunts all the time. #crazycatlady

Octane Coffee & Travel Nurse Friends

Happy Thursday everybody! I was so happy to be off today after a busy last three days at work! Since I went to bed so early last night, I was up before 8! Doesn’t happen much on my days off! Especially not without a ClassPass class to go to! I was motivated to get up early so I could lay on the couch and catch up on some TV shows before Jon got out of bed. Productive use of my morning, I’d say!

Jon woke up just as my shows were ending, so I napped for about an hour while he made me breakfast like a sweet husband should 🙂 After we chowed down on some hash browns and eggs, we decided to head to Octane for some coffee! We hadn’t been there but it’s really well known in Atlanta. I was not disappointed at all! I had a vanilla latte and it was really good! I’ll definitely be going back there.


Jon and I headed to Nordstrom Rack to just kill time together since it was way too cold to hang out outside today. While we were in there, I saw on my Facebook Travel Nurse group that a girl was in Atlanta looking for housing and hadn’t found anything! She looked about my age in her photo, so I sent her a message that said she could come crash with us until she found a place.

Thankfully, my wonderful husband was agreeable to this since I offered it to her while I was using the bathroom and hadn’t even discussed it with him. I’m so glad he’s more easygoing than I am! I would totally not be okay with him extending an invite to our house without discussing it with me first.

Anyway, we ended up heading over to another coffee shop so that we could meet up with Haley, the girl who was going to be possibly staying with us! I ended up getting a turkey and gouda sandwich without the bread (I was going to work out soon and bread would have been too much). Haley was super nice so of course, we told her she could head to our house if she wanted!

We all came back to the house and I made some pancakes for work mornings and hung out for a bit before heading to CrossFit! I ended up picking out an On Ramp class off ClassPass (it wasn’t specified), so I showed up and it was a bunch of first timers! No big deal! We just did a super easy workout and I stepped it up a few notches from what they were doing and stayed after for some rope climbing and pull ups. It was still a good workout!

I made a quick stop for some eggs at Costco and came home to some pork chops and broccoli that Jon made us for dinner (he’s killing it with the meals, apparently!). We cleaned up the house some more since Haley was gone and I was slacking on cleaning the toilets and just needed to pick up a bit in general.

I’m about to head to bed and read. I have a STEMI (ST elevation myocardial infarction- aka: heart attack) conference lasting all day tomorrow and then I’m headed straight to have dinner with a bunch of travel nurses in the Atlanta area. And then bright and early on Saturday, I’m going wedding dress shopping with Kassie and fellow bridesmaids! I can’t wait! It’s so much more fun doing wedding stuff for somebody else’s wedding!

I’m headed off to bed! Have a good night, guys!

Hashbrown Crust Breakfast Pie

I had a pretty fantastic Thursday off work with Jon today! I’m hoping he ends up with a full time gig soon, so I’m trying to enjoy our midweek days off! We slept in a bit today and once we rolled out of bed, I decided to try making the breakfast pie I’ve been thinking about for the last few weeks! It was a major success!



I basically heated up about 4 cups of frozen hash browns on the stove, then smashed the excess water out and lined a buttered pie bowl with the hash browns. I baked the crust at 450 for about 20 minutes until it was a little browned on the edges. While that was in the oven, I had Jon cut up my veggies and sautéed 1/2 a white onion with 8oz of chopped up baby bellas, and then I added in a couple of handfuls of spinach at the end and wilted that. Jon cut up and cooked about 6 slices of bacon. We added all of that to a bowl and mixed in 4 eggs, 1/2 cup of milk, and 1 chopped up roma tomato that we smashed the excess water out of also. Add some cheese (maybe 1/2 cup) and as much pepper as you want and bake at 350 for about 35 minutes! (Like how fancy my “recipes” are?)

Seriously, this was the shit. And I made it all up on my own. I was pretty proud of myself! I think this is going to end up becoming a breakfast staple and I have a feeling the leftovers (though there aren’t many) will make a nice morning snack at work tomorrow!

After our breakfast, we worked on adding me to Jon’s new insurance plan so now we have decent coverage again with Coventry and if I get pregnant now, it won’t be the end of the world! Hallelujah!

We headed out for our routine coffee date and enjoyed our nice cup of joe. Then we looked at some more Jeeps and found a fairly decent price on one! Once Jon gets a new full time job, the new Jeep will be a done deal! We walked around downtown Roswell for a bit after and enjoyed the sunny (but cold) day!


We ended up going home after our little walk and then it was time for me to go meet up with Crista for some PM coffee! I had already had some, so I just stuck with a hot chocolate that was seriously delicious!


They had a pretty killer sugar free carrot cupcake that Crista enjoyed! It was really nice to have some one on one time with her since I’ve only hung out with her and our guys since I’ve been home! We can’t really catch up 100% in the company of the guys. Hopefully this will happen more often so she works so close to our house! I don’t think she realized how close we are to each other!

After coffee, I came home and then Jon and I headed out for our nightly driving lessons! I’m definitely getting much better at driving his Jeep! I learned a trick to manage hills without rolling back so much and I even drove on one of the “main” roads to go take out our trash (we missed trash day today). Our lesson lasted about 45 minutes tonight, which is longer than we’ve been able to go so far. I tend to get stressed out easily when cars are around because I’m really not used to driving a manual yet, but it’s getting way easier now! Luckily the road we live on is really calm at night and has plenty of hills and side streets to practice on, so we’re able to get a good lesson in without going far!

This was the first day off work in a long time that I skipped the gym! I had a pretty killer CrossFit workout last night, including 150 back squats and 150 hand release push ups and a 2000m row (I despise rowing). I only used a 35# barbell on the squats and definitely couldn’t go down as far as I’d like. I also noticed that I leaned to the left since that’s my uninjured side. But I had no increase in pain today so that’s a relief! I may add in squats to my normal workouts, but still at a really low weight and low reps until my form is able to improve again. Today I wasn’t feeling the gym at all and took it as a sign. Besides, I have been wanting to let my hip get a little more rest, and I’m going to ClassPass classes on Saturday and Sunday morning so I think having 2 days off the gym totally will probably be good.

Alright, time to go wind down before bed. I took 50mg of benadryl almost 2 hours ago and am still not tired. WTF. I need to go to sleep for work tomorrow! Ahhhh!

Monday Eats & Daily Life

Since I’m being lazy and have pictures of most of what I ate on Monday, I figured I’d just do a WIAMonday and WID(id)Monday.

6:45am: Woke up and laid in bed, hoping to fall back to sleep.

8:00: Jon left for work. I was hopeful of going back to sleep still.

9:30: Nope. Not happening. Got up and ate 2 scrambled eggs and a glass of Organic Wallaby blueberry kefir (no pictures, sorry). Started some laundry, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, and looked at ClassPass.

11:00: Got dressed and brushed my teeth.

11:15: Headed downtown to The Training Room for a FitCamp class.

12:00: Class for an hour. This was essentially the exact same as CrossFit, despite the coach telling me that it’s different than CrossFit and is more of a personal training type of thing. Well, in almost 6 years of CrossFit, I can say that this was a CrossFit gym without having to pay the affiliate fees. Smart. They did also have a personal training area in the back, which is nice. I fell in love again with HIIT and was able to do 135# deadlifts with no pain. I didn’t push it any further, but I think I’d have been fine to go up in weight. We basically did 6 minutes of abs, 2 deadlifts (mine at 135#) every 2 minutes for 4 rounds, and then a 20 minute AMRAP of 10 deadlifts (85#), 15 box jumps, 20 knees to elbows, and 30 plank rows. I made it for 4 rounds and 35 reps. It felt fantastic and now I’m considering if I really want to even keep up with ClassPass or just head back to CrossFit and work with my hip there.

1:00: Left gym and headed to Costco for 2 dozen organic eggs, organic plant based protein powder, organic bananas, and organic medjool dates (so easy to go organic at Costco).

2:30: Came home to throw together some post-gym food and switch over some laundry. I decided to count the protein in my meal- 35-40g of protein. I was too lazy to count anything else but was curious for a minute. (Pancakes made with 2 eggs, 1/2 banana, 1 1/2 scoops of protein powder, a tablespoon-ish of cocoa powder- made 4, but I saved 2 for later.) I should have turned my plate the other way and I would have had a smiley face.


3:30: Went to Whole Foods for some steaks, raspberries, arugula, frozen hashbrowns/fries (also all organic- look at me go), kefir, cream cheese, bacon, and sour cream.

4:45: Got home. Long drive thanks to traffic. Switched over some laundry and started making some bacon wrapped dates filled with cream cheese. Ate 5 of them upon completion. So. Stinking. Good.


5:15: Started working on taxes. Decided that I hate my life and wondered how I ended up being the one who has to take care of taxes in our family. And paying bills. And grocery shopping. And managing money. And cleaning the house.

6:15: Finally took a shower. Admired my legs that are finally getting some muscle back in them, even if it’s not much. Also admired some abs since I feel like I’ve been doing more ab work lately.

6:45: Jon came home and I cleaned up the kitchen some more and prepped some meals for work for Tuesday and Wednesday.

7:15: Started looking at houses on Trulia.

8:00: BACHELOR! (How did I even get into this show?) I drank a large smoothie made with 1/2 banana, arugula, frozen mixed berries, and carrot juice.

10:00: Spent some time with Jon.

10:30: Got ready for bed.

10:50: Read the end of Wild. Good book. Everybody should read it and then go hike the PCT with me.

11:15: Went to bed and cuddled with Kitty till I fell asleep.

Working Out Through An Injury

As we’ve previously discussed multiple times now on this here blog, I popped my right hip at the bottom of a squat. No clue what happened (in the squat I do- I didn’t stretch enough beforehand and came out of the squat too quickly) to my hip. I was in such severe pain the first night that I couldn’t even sleep. I took 3 full weeks off from the gym entirely and tried not to do anything strenuous. I’ve been back a the gym for 3 weeks, but have been careful about doing anything that aggravates my hip and I have been going 2-3 times per week (all for less than 40 minutes each, and I do a lot of upper body lifts and run a mile in about 12 minutes every time I go).

I had a comment on my last post about how I should just hold off on the gym until it gets better, especially since I do occasionally go on (really short and easy) hikes and am still up and about all the time. I have always told people to rest with an injury! I tend to take time off completely when I have an injury. I didn’t initially with my thumb awhile back because I really though it was nothing. Once it was diagnosed, I stopped using it and started running.

So I thought to myself- why is it so hard for me to just not go to the gym right now?! 

I think the big reason really is my sanity. When I took 3 months off the gym for my thumb, I was busy! I was just moving into my condo. I went to Europe for 3 weeks. It was summer and I hung out with all my friends! Jon and I were in our early stages of dating again! I hate tons to do!

Now… I’m in Washington/Oregon alone. I have two friends here and one has a kid. They both work 9-5 jobs and also have lives outside of me (how dare they!). I get bored and I get lonely and I get grumpy. Those endorphins keep me going! I can be in a foul mood and that trip to the gym just resets me!

I also finally feel like I got back in the habit of the gym. I’ve always been really all or nothing with the gym. I either skip an entire month (or four) or I go all the time. There’s not much of a gray area! Lately, I’ve started seeing things other than CrossFit as exercise for me, and now even see things like hiking as exercise. It was hard for me to see anything where my heart race doesn’t really get up and I work up a huge sweat as a workout. I’ve been working on my overall fitness level in general and have really wanted to stay in the habit of going to the gym on a regular basis (whether that be 5 times a week or 2-3, I just don’t want to go an entire month or more without going anymore).

There’s two big reasons for that: 1. I really and truly believe in the good of exercise. I think it’s absolutely crucial to living a long healthy life and I see too many lives suffering because people didn’t care for their health (thank you, nursing). I can’t just preach everything and then do something completely different. 2. Jon and I have decided to have kids in the nearer future than we originally planned. I know it takes time to make something an actual habit (for a lifetime- not just a month long while I have time for it). My life will be crazy- working, grad school, and momming it (I can’t believe I’m referring to myself as a mom- weird). I need to make sure now that I will make time in the future to go to the gym, despite my crazy life, because I need to. I need to start creating a lifelong habit when my life actually allows for that (hello 36 hours of work a week with no other commitments at all). This is the least stressful my life has been in years. Maybe ever, aside from my deployment! (Thanks to not being a student and not working any overtime!)

We all know I used to struggle pretty severely with depression for years. I’d say at least a good five years, and there were frequently times where I felt suicidal. I absolutely worry about postpartum depression and know that in the past, staying active has really helped with that. So I want to know that if my life is crazy and I feel overwhelmed, that I will look to the one thing that has worked well in the past, and that’s being active. With the habit I’m creating now, I’m hoping to curb that postpartum depression (and hopefully that doesn’t happen to me, but I’m honestly going to be very shocked if it doesn’t) in the future.

So, as of now, because I have no diagnosis of what’s wrong, I can keep on going with my more minimal workouts. If I prolong the healing by a few weeks, then so be it. I’m not in a hurry to get back to CrossFit (that’s sort of a lie- I actually really want to go back, but I feel patient about not being able to for awhile) and I’m definitely not trying to run any races in my near future! I sort of feel like the overall emotional benefit is going to take precedence over the physical benefits of not going to the gym at this time.

This outlook may change in the future. I may get frustrated with the daily pain. I may decide I do just want to get back to CrossFit once and for all. But I’m not there yet.

Road trip Monday and GARDEN OF THE GODS Tuesday!

Road trip recap!

Monday I woke up at 5am to head out before 6am. I got ready, finished packing, ate, and said my goodbyes to Jon! It was definitely hard leaving him, but no time to dwell! I’ll see him in 9 weeks!

The drive really went well on Monday. I stopped every 2 1/2 hours or more (mostly more) to pee, so I didn’t make very good progress on Monday at all!

I had planned on making it to Kansas City around 6pm their time, but realized pretty early on that there was no way that could happen (peeing plus accidents, not going to happen)! I decided to find a CrossFit gym in Missouri for an evening WOD to stretch out my legs after sitting all day! I picked CrossFit COMO in Columbia!

I was excited that it was near Mizzou cause I haven’t been to a “college” gym in awhile! It’s fun to have a younger crowd, but all my gyms lately are young professionals (like myself). It was really weird though cause the drop in fee was $16.20. Usually $10-$15 is the drop in, but $16.20? Really? Also, I had planned on running before the class, but because of 5pm traffic, I got to the gym right at 4:55 so there wasn’t time.

The group was really welcoming but the class was gigantic for the space! We did a decent warm up but I think I needed to warm up my legs a bit more. We started with a 10 min EMOM of overhead squats, but we teamed up on the bars. A bit of mass confusion at that time. So I did 5 sets. Unfortunately, at the bottom of my squat (105#- not heavy at all), my right hip popped and it hurt like a bit. I kept going with the squats and didn’t add weight, hoping it’d get better. WOD as follows:

10 Min EMOM of

10 push ups

Double unders for the remainder of the minute

Total score is the number of double unders (130, I was totally shocked that I did that many double unders since it’s such a weak point for me!)

My hip felt fine for this WOD, but then we had to sit on the floor to stretch at the end and I realized how sore it was to lift off the ground or swing side to side (all movements that I didn’t do for the WOD).

After the gym, I headed to HyVee for some deli meat and sushi. Pretty sure the Japanese guy making sushi offered to help answer questions I had about the sushi, but I was confused and asked him to make me an avocado roll with cream cheese. We had a conversation but I’m not sure what he said cause of his accent… All I know is that he did actually make me the sushi and it was phenomenal for grocery store sushi! So fresh!

My hip was really getting sore and I knew this couldn’t be good. I ended up driving to Kansas City to stay with my aunt that I haven’t seen in about 15 years! It was great to catch up, but once I got in bed, it was misery. Laying down was beyond painful and my sleep was not pleasant!

Tuesday I headed out by 6:30am to get to Colorado! Long, boring drive through Kansas and the eastern part of Colorado! I got to Colorado Springs at 2pm (good timing!) and had a meal at Whole Foods and grabbed some stuff for the road. Then I went to Garden of the Gods.

I LOVED Garden of the Gods! It was so beautiful and again, great weather! It wasn’t too crowded and it felt great to stretch my hip out! (I even considered running around the paved sidewalk there but decided I needed to rest longer.)


IMG_4909 111111

IMG_4958 2 111111

IMG_4962 2 111111

IMG_4963 11111

IMG_4967 11111

I could have walked around forever there, but I had been tired all day and knew I needed to head out to make it to my other aunt’s house! I ended up hitting rush hour through Denver so I decided against stopping in the city. I still would really like to see Denver, but since I prefer nature, I feel like there will be another time for that! I stopped at a burrito place for some dinner and then got to my aunt’s around 8pm! We chatted for 2 hours (also haven’t seen her in probably 10 years or more). Great to catch up with family!

Tuesday night I edited some photos and then headed to bed for a day of Wednesday explorations!

New CrossFit gym & New job!

No new travel post yet! I’ve barely made it to going through any more pictures from the trip! But I’m relaxing in the kitchen right now, eating breakfast after my first CrossFit class at a new gym. I keep hoping to sleep in a little bit, but it gets light here at 4:45! Diane gets in the shower at 4:15 and the light is already peeking out! I think tomorrow I’ll actually close my blinds. But I decided to take advantage of being awake and go to an earlier CrossFit class in hopes of getting a nap in before going to work at 3 today. Like I said, the people were very friendly. Everybody was asking why I’m living here for 3 months and making conversation. Pretty quick workout (5×1 deadliest and then 1×5, 3 rounds of 25 sit ups and 5 cleans). It’s the most I’ve ever paid for a gym but they didn’t seem very willing to negotiate, so I’m just going to suck it up and pay it. No other gyms near here to go to anyway.

I had my first day of orientation yesterday. Jessica and I (the girl who I will most likely be doing all my travel assignments with) just sat through some power points and really boring documentation classes. We both work today. I’m doing 3-11 shifts on this assignment and my schedule is really not very great, but I’m just going to suck it up. Maybe I’ll even end up liking it! I’m a little nervous to start working here since policies vary so much in hospitals and certain hospitals use certain drugs for things (some hospitals use ketamine for conscious sedation- we never use ketamine and typically use versed and fentanyl, for example) and doctors are always different. This charting system is completely different than what I’m used to as well! So, it’ll be quite an adjustment, I’m sure, but it’s 13 weeks and that’s nothing! It takes more than 13 weeks to really get good at a charting system and get the flow of a department, so I’ll be leaving just in time!

Being away from Jon is different! I cried quite a bit when he left on Sunday and was super bummed and it made me so entirely grateful that he got out of the Army and we’ll never have to do an entire year away from each other! But now I’m feeling fine. Still miss him, of course, but it’s so beautiful out here and I feel secure in our marriage, so aside from texting occasionally throughout the day and a quick phone call, we’ve not been in much contact. I do miss my furry babies though since we can’t text! 

Anyway, off to shower and clean up the kitchen! I really really want to get a nap in and I have some policies still to skim over before heading into work today (I have to be there at 1:45 for some more orientation stuff).