House projects galore!!!!

Wow! What a week! Christmas day we spent in Florida with Jon’s family! We got up fairly early (I was glad the kids are too young to wake up at 5am and annoy everybody to wake up) to watch Zoe and Slade open presents. Then we ate my french toast casserole, which was pretty good, and hung out with Brad and Rebecca and then Jon’s parents came over. After some family time, Jon and I headed out to meet one of his high school friends that I’ve been hearing about for 5 years now, and then it was back to Georgia!

We got in around 10pm, did laundry, and went to bed. I woke up for work early on Thursday and Friday. I had been planning on having productive nights, but instead Jon and I had two movie nights in a row. I can’t tell you how nice it was to just sit on the couch and cuddle up with him. I really wish we had an entire day to sit and do nothing together. But we don’t!

This weekend was spent painting from sun up to sun down! By sun up, I mean sun up for me. At like 9am. But still till sun down. My mom and dad came to help me for the weekend! I had picked a nice, light gray, which ended up being a nice, light blue once it went on the walls. I still like it though. It made a huge difference in how the house looks! I had planned on a greenish gray kitchen, but then realized I’d have to extend the wall into the dining room and I’m not okay with that, and I’m not okay with stopping paint in the middle of a wall. Anyway… One wall left tomorrow because we had to patch a hole and it wasn’t dry this afternoon. Another perk to painting was taking down all the alarm systems that were on my walls! Apparently nobody removes them. Ever. I had three alarm systems on my walls and they weren’t small.

Unfortunately, when my couches were delivered yesterday, the accent chair couldn’t be put together probably because the people didn’t try hard enough because it was “broken,” so I don’t get that until the 13th. But my couch is amazing! I was having buyer’s remorse about it because I thought it would look bad, but it doesn’t at all! And it’s really comfortable!  Now that everything is painted, I’m dying to decorate! I want to hang everything and go find rugs and buy new pillows! Unfortunately, I have spent an insane amount of money this month and am not buying anything until I pay off most of the floors.

The house is still a mess (when will it be normal again?!?!) and Jon is trying to change all of our outlets and light switches. Not just the plates, but the actual little pieces too. They were all yellow cause this place was built in 1985 and when it was renovated, it was only done enough to resell and not really up to a high standard, so we’re working on all the little things. And every light in our house is apparently controlled by one breaker, so I’m chilling in the dark while Jon works by lantern (for real, his dad got us one for Christmas).

I did get to go to our annual high school Christmas reunion last night! We normally go to Taco Mac for it, but this year had it at a girl’s house. It was a blast. Those kids crack me up all the time! I actually wasn’t even that good of friends with most of them in high school, but became friends with some of them over the years and am now friends with some of them solely because of our Christmas get together. We had a blast! I, of course, was the first one to leave (at 1am though, so I made it pretty late!). I also only drank one glass of wine and woke up with a headache that lasted the entire day, even with motrin and BC powder. Not sure if that was because of the wine or how I was sitting when I was painting trim all day yesterday, but it still made me feel old.

Clearly, I haven’t been exercising. I did take a look at my thighs last night and they look so small. I hate it. Where is my muscle?! Just kidding. I know it disappears when I don’t do anything active. But I’m itching to get back into working out. I’m thinking of dropping in to CrossFit tomorrow, but it seems pointless because I work Monday-Friday for the next 2 weeks after that, so I’ll probably wait since I couldn’t go back for so long. It has also been really dreary in Georgia (seriously, are we in Seattle?! this is so depressing!) and it kills my motivation and so does living in a messy house. I’m easily influenced by my surroundings. I’ve also been eating horribly. I can’t recall the last time I ate this much bread. French toast casserole, cinnamon rolls, bagels galore, Dove chocolates, popcorn (three bags in three days)… What is wrong with me?! I can’t wait to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

I also can’t wait to get this house back in order. I wish I had a nice, relaxing break from school all month, but it wasn’t at all. Is it sad that I’m hoping that by Thursday night, we have our house back in order (because we go back to Florida on Friday)? Three entire weeks of a house in shambles! I’m over it. This is the first time since the 12th that I’ve sat down and read blogs because I’ve been doing too much house stuff.

Enough about my house and lack of exercise. Boring.


Our dining room. Don’t let looks deceive you. This is the only clean room in our house. Also, can’t wait to get a nice, round rug to put under the table and to hang up some pictures! It’s finally starting to feel like home in here!


The woes of a leaky shower

I bought my first condo a few months ago after deciding not to “throw my money away” anymore on an apartment. It totally made sense at the time. Pay $1100 for a safe one bedroom somewhere near downtown Atlanta and not listen to drunk college aged kids in the parking lot, or pay way less for a safe two bedroom somewhere near downtown Atlanta and not listen to drunk college aged kids in the parking lot. Owning a condo= paying less monthly and still winning.

So now I own a condo, which does have two bedrooms and the condo complex is also full of middle aged people, which is right up my alley. They never get drunk and hang out in the parking lot. Just how I like it.

Fast forward 20 days into my homeownership. (Quick background- my condo was remodeled completely before I moved in.) The grout around my shower seems darker than the grout elsewhere in my bathroom. Hmmmmm, I think, that’s odd. Fast forward 42 days into my homeownership. The wall just above the grout has split about two inches and feels, well, not damp, but “humid.” And it cracked in the middle of the wall, just under the faucet… Uuuuhh…

“Joooonnnn! Jon! My wall! Come look at it! It looks like it split! I think my shower really is leaking! What do I dooooo?!

“I don’t know. Call your parents.”

Well, of course. I totally bought this house as a dry run. One day, I won’t live 35 minutes from my parents. One day, they’ll be even older and may not be able to help me with my shower. Better learn now while I have somebody to learn from, or else I’d have to figure all this homeowner crap out on my own.

Anyway, so that’s what I did. I called my parents and they both talked to me on the phone at the same time about exactly what I saw. They came over a few days later and told me that I was right, something was wet. Thanks guys. That’s exactly what  I told you. But since they just “wanted to see it” and didn’t bring any supplies, my mom decided to come over to help me seal my grout and caulk all the corners in the shower (who doesn’t do that when they build a place?!) at a later date.

Fast foward 48 days into homeownership (also, who actually keeps track of the days? not me- don’t even know what day I closed anymore, but the numbers make this extra suspensful). My mom came over to help me with the shower, after crowding my bathroom with the dehumidifier and fan for the last three days and wiping the corners down with alcohol yesterday.

I’d love to say that my mom and I worked side by side to achieve optimum results, but that’s not what happened. Instead, my mom worked hard caulking my shower while my kitten tried to eat everything, and I laid on my bed studying ACLS (advanced cardiac life support- I’m a nurse) since I have to recert on Thursday and haven’t  taken care of patients in two months. Back to the story… Mom decides to use white grout (in a tan shower) so she can see it. Cool. I just want my walls dry. And she tapes it, which she’s done before in her showers. We eat gluten free crackers and Laughing Cow, which I’m sure my mom loved, and then go to remove the tape so we can see this beautifully caulked shower.

“Ooooh… Ooooh no… Well that didn’t work like it normally does… Oooooh…”

Yep, it didn’t work. We were left with somewhat damp caulk stuck to the grout and that was it. White caulk, nonetheless. We spent quite some time scraping excess caulk off, filing down my nails on the grout, and reapplying (well, Mom reapplied) caulk. We decided sealing the tile and grout would have to wait since it was almost Mom’s bedtime (8pm!!!!). I’ll seal the tile later, probably only to find out I need to call a plumber because my pipe is actually what’s leaking, and then I’ll be out some couple of hundred dollars and still have white caulk in my tan shower… And then away Mom went, to her house with no leaky pipes or leaky showers…

And here I am, left drinking wine, sitting next to a man playing on his phone that tells me to call my parents when issues arise in my condo, wondering why the f’ did I buy a condo again?!?!