Vermont & Camel’s Hump!

I’m back from Vermont, SADLY! I love Vermont! I loved Maine too, but I think they might be tied for #1 state (I hope I feel like this about all the states I explore!). Vermont was so peaceful and so amazing! I think that’s the first time in weeks that I’ve just had absolutely 0 stress! We got into Burlington around 5pm after some serious detours since Jess is a poor navigator, but we loved our detours so no big deal!

Burlington was adorable! It was such a hippie town (that part doesn’t impress me). People were so incredibly nice! We saw a guy carrying a kitten on a leash and he came and talked to us and I got to play with his kitten! We watched the sunset over Lake Champlain!

IMG_3286 2


Church St, Burlington.

We ended up enjoying a beer on a rooftop bar that night and then stayed at the Hilton Burlington for only $70 and it was in a great location! Jess and I already loved everything about Vermont but it really only got better!

We got up on the second day fairly late. We had plans of hiking but instead decided to go on the tour of Cabot cheese, Ben & Jerry’s, Green Mountain coffee, a cider mill, and a chocolate factory. All the brochures say the tours are all within 4 miles of each other. We started at Green Mountain and had breakfast right near there. Turns out, it’s not a tour. The factory is right there but you can’t go in, so we just drank our coffee (delicious) and were on our way… only to be further disappointed because ONLY Ben & Jerry’s was actually a tour! The rest were shops! Bummer! But it was still a good day!

We went to Little River State Park after to set up camp! We got out tent up in no time and went out to buy camp/hiking food! It didn’t take long and we went back to roast hotdogs and relax before hiking the next day!

We hiked Camel’s Hump the following day! We definitely didn’t get an early start and enjoyed a breakfast in Waterbury first! The drive out to Camel’s Hump wasn’t quite like a drive I’ve experienced before! It was very far out and was basically a dirt mountain road with a parking lot at the end. Thankfully, we made a bit of an ascent before parking since Camel’s Hump is a 4,000 footer.

The hike was fairly difficult. I think it was 2.7 miles up to the summit, but it was straight up almost the entire time, rocky, and there was no scenery along the way at all! I hate hikes where you look at trees for hours, so I was getting a bit bored with the hike. But the summit was so worth it!

IMG_3454 2

IMG_3489 2

We hung out at the top for a bit and then decided to head down. The real reason we wanted to hike Camel’s Hump was because our friend from Burlington with the leashed kitten had told us to do this hike so we could see a plane that had crashed into the summit! Apparently back during WWII, a B24 bomber was on a training flight and crashed into the summit. Only one soldier made it out alive and the rest died. Most of the wreckage was recovered, but part of it was still there. We were discouraged because nobody on the summit had heard of it and one lady said that it was really difficult to find anymore, but we were determined!

IMG_3498 2



Starting that descent was a bit daunting since it’s basically straight down huge rocks! It was also close to the edge! But then it turned back into a normal trail (a very wet, very rocky, very slippery trail)! I happened to find the plane because I thought part of a dark root might have been metal, and then I saw the light metal in the background! It was really eery coming up on it, hidden in the woods, but once we were near it, it wasn’t nearly as bad! We were told by a pilot that this is part of the wing, but I’m really not sure what it was! Very cool to be near that though!

The hike took about 4.5 hours total and we went about 6 miles after taking the detour to see the plane. I would say it was a somewhat difficult hike and shoes with good traction are needed for the slippery rocks! But I really loved the summit! It was absolutely amazing!

We stopped at a local inn on our way back (Mad River Barn) for some dinner! It was so cute inside and aside from the screaming children, we loved it! The inn was adorable too and I would love to stay there! They said they get crazy busy in winter since that’s a big ski area!

After dinner, it was back to camp to build a fire and relax! After our hike, we were just so happy to be out in the wilderness for another night with our campfire and tent! I never wanted to leave! I think I could have camped for an entire week and decided that for my health, I probably should try to camp more often! I think my cortisol levels decreased by 500% on that trip! I’m definitely a nature girl!

Yesterday morning was the last day! We took down camp and then headed out to try and find Heady Topper (the cases- we had the beer in Burlington but apparently it’s really sought after) for some people we work with. We had lunch in Montpelier which was so tiny! Then we walked around to find the coop with the beer. It was sold out and apparently there are lines to buy it when it gets delivered.

IMG_3547 2

As big as the streets get in the capitol city!


The capitol building!

Next we went to Barre to try another package store, only to have the same experience! We decided to hit up some covered bridges on our way out of Vermont because they have tons of them and we hadn’t seen any! We drove through some beautiful areas and I just stayed in love with Vermont the whole time! Still amazed by what a beautiful state it is and would absolutely love to take a travel assignment there!


An old mill we found!


Two covered bridges! From the 1700s.

IMG_3607 2

The third covered bridge, just down the road from the other two. Also from the 1700s.


Fourth bridge.

 IMG_3640 2

The fifth bridge! My personal favorite! It was super cute!


That concludes the Vermont trip! Hope you enjoyed! Today it’s back to work!