The pressures of blogging

I’m inspired to write this blog because of Hollie’s blog today! Actually, more of it was because of the comments.

I’ve been blogging for a long, long, looong time (14 years now, nonstop for the most part). My blog is always about what’s happening in my life. The three tags I used on every blog are “life, personal, blog.” I have never felt any blogging pressure. I have no desire to become some famous blogger. I mean, it’d be nice to get paid to go on cool ski trips or other “healthy living blogger” adventures, but I’ll just save my money and do those things if I really want. Ain’t nobody got time to be blogging e’ry day. I blog whenever I feel like it about whatever I want. And the blogs I like reading most are the ones who do just the same.

I don’t understand the “pressure” (from the internetz) to post about some exciting event. Do adults really expect that any other adult is going to have anything that exciting to say? I mean, I think my life is pretty cool, but most of my blogs are just like, “I went to the gym and did no set workout, then I drank coffee like I do every day, and then I worked like I do every day. I still hate my job. Maybe today I went to Boston or Providence, or maybe not. I think I’ll just go watch Real Housewives now and go to bed.” Every day. Is that exciting? No. Hello, we’re Americans. You know we spend like 98% of our lives working and 2% of our lives trying to clean the house and cook food. And we probably aren’t even going to have social security when we’re old and then we’ll all be poor and miserable, even though we worked so hard our whole lives (unless you’re just living off the government, in which case, you should not be reading my blog- you should be job searching).

Is there really pressure to come up with something that exciting? Or so much pressure that you need to post what you eat every day (the consensus among the general population is no- we do not care what anybody eats every day, especially when it’s all just prepackaged gluten free food- at least post something exciting)? Or your favorite thing Fridays? Sometimes I actually like those. I like to know what people like. I even sporadically like to know what people eat, but not their yogurt and oatmeal every day. Really? Boring. I actually do still like reading about people’s workouts unless they’re annoyingly obsessive, like say, over CrossFit. I still hate CrossFit people who just want to talk about how cool their workouts are and their new “I love snatches” and Reebok shoes. Come on guys, I wore Reeboks in kindergarten. You’re not cool.

I like to read about people I relate to and who share about their real lives. I’d rather read, “I was so tired today that I skipped the gym and then sat in my disastrous house eating bon bons and watching Parenthood reruns all day on Netflix. And now I feel like a disgusting cow and hope that tomorrow I’m motivated to do anything, but I might just eat more bon bons and wallow in misery” than, “I made it to the gym at 5am today for the millionth time even though I was exhausted and then I ate broccoli and celery all day.” I struggle. I struggle to make it to the gym, to feel happy about my job, to have a marriage with no arguing, to save money, to plan a life… Don’t you want to connect with people on a level deeper than just sharing a love for Noosa (which is something to bond over cause it is the best, but still)? I mean, everybody could love Noosa, but that doesn’t mean we can actually be friends.

I feel like blogs should be a glance into your life. Even some more “famous bloggers” (paleomg!) consistently have comments about how much they love her blog because she talks about her life and not just recipes. People are just a bunch of voyeurs. They like seeing what happens in other people’s lives. Why do you think Facebook and Instagram are so famous?! It’s a quick and easy way to know what other people are doing! So there shouldn’t really be any pressure to come up with something exciting for a blog… People actually seem to be satisfied just reading about your mundane, boring life. Unless you’re just some asshole, then nobody cares.