Beacon Rock State Park, Lan Su Chinese Garden, & Stopping The Pill

Since I told you all about my $100 parking ticket, I figured I’d include my $100 photos in today’s blog! This is at Beacon Rock State Park in Washington! While the photos are pretty, this was really all there was and it was definitely not worth the $100! (Some parks, I’d be much more okay with $100 tickets- like Rocky Mountain or Arches- not this itty bitty “state park.”)



I came home as it was starting to get dark, and Mt Hood was looking pretty spectacular! This is where I’m living out here, so on a clear day, Mt Hood is my usual view! It would seriously never get old to see her every day!

IMG_6965 2

Yesterday was definitely a tough day. I know I’m beyond fortunate to be out traveling all over the place, but I’m feeling like things have just been knocking me down lately! Thankfully, I love my job, so my job isn’t a contributing factor! I’m missing Jon like crazy on this assignment though, and so much is up in the air with him at this time, so I have no idea if he’ll be coming out here in December or not! I’m also feeling behind on bills (we have plenty in savings but I really try my hardest not to take money out of savings!) and knowing I’m about to spend much more heading home in a month than I did coming out here, and that I’ll be making WAY LESS money at home is a bit stressful! I’m glad to be going home for the holidays, but 8 weeks isn’t long enough to save up on a travel assignment! And getting that $100 ticket when I was already feeling a little down was just knocked me down some more! On top of all of that, my hip has been hurting a more over the last few days and I haven’t even been going to the gym (I also fell down the stairs tonight and irritated it even more!). I have a hard time dragging myself out of bed here since I tend not to flip flop my schedule very well either.

Finally, like I mentioned, this is my very first time in 11 years off my birth control! I’m only on my 2nd week off, so I had my usual “withdrawal” week, and now I think my body is just out of whack! I had been really emotionally stable over the last few months (aside from brief periods of time) and these days, I am feeling like a total wreck! After some googling, I’m realizing it’s pretty normal (also, a lot of women complained of headaches and feeling tired, both of which describe me at the moment also)! I’ve heard from friends who have gone off the pill that they felt great after and had no more mood swings! I’m feeling the total opposite! I’ve always been a little concerned about the effects of the use of the pill long term but never really researched it. I got my period when I was 15 and have been on the pill since I was 17, so I don’t even really know what my body is like without it! I’m hoping these moods even out! I did make it to the gym tonight and felt much better after going, but with my hip still bothering me, I’m trying not to go on a daily basis! It’ll definitely be interesting to see how things go for me.

Anyway, I slept till 1 today and then decided I needed to do something with my day! I started at Cup Coffee Co and had the best bagel ever! I try not to eat bagels because I try not to eat much bread, and that’s all a bagel is! So it’s been since NYC and I must say, it was a dang good first bagel to have!


I think I need to go back there! I was feeling a bit happier after sitting at a coffee shop on a fairly decent day (meaning not so overcast)! I headed to the Lan Su Chinese Garden  next! It reminded me of the Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai but way smaller! (For any of you visiting Shangai, I very highly recommend the Yuyuan Garden!) It was a nice day for it and not too insanely crowded!



I enjoyed about 45 minutes there and then headed to do some shopping! Made it to the gym tonight and wore myself out with clean and jerks (a sad 45#)! I did the elliptical backwards with a high resistance to work my glutes since my hip makes it so hard to do anything to work them! I do sumo deadlifts also, but I can’t go heavy and I can’t hit the weight on the ground because of the hip, but the elliptical felt good!

Tomorrow I’m really hoping to wake up early for a Mt Hood hike, but it’s almost midnight and I’m not tired, so we’ll see!