Baby Shower

Hello on another lazy Monday! I thought about picking up at work today, but my sleep has been terrible over the last few nights and I was worried I’d have yet another sleepless night last night. I have just been extremely uncomfortable at night and have really horrible lower back pain. I averaged probably 1-2 solid hours of sleep per night last week. Seriously. The third trimester is rough.

I’m going to just talk about my baby shower in this post though! Although there is much more to update you all on, I figure a baby shower post will be long enough! My two sisters (Annie and Tonie) flew in from out of town for 1 1/2 days, just to be here for the shower! My three best friends from high school, Gina, Kassie, and Laura were organizing the party and my mom was technically hosting it at her house. I asked Jon if he would come too, especially since his mom and sister were joining the party all the way from Florida, so he was around for most of it! It was a Lumberjack themed party to play off the name “Jackson” and because it’s winter and I love lumberjack stuff!


Saturday morning we woke up to snow in Atlanta, although the roads were perfectly fine. I was worried the baby shower was going to end up just being my close friends and family, but then again, I’m not a huge party person so I probably wouldn’t have been too upset! The roads ended up staying okay though and we ended up having a good turnout for the shower!

(Side note: I put on jeans for this party to be a little more “dressed up” and wore them for about an hour before the shower started and then decided to F the jeans- I was wearing leggings. So glad I invested in these leggings before I ever got pregnant!)

The girls came over at 1pm to set up for the shower. Everybody else started showing up around 2:50 for a 3-6 shower. I had a few girls from high school come, Jon’s mom and sister, five girls from work, and then some other girls that I’ve been friends with in my old(er) age. Gina and Kassie made me this cute “diaper cake” since I’m doing cloth diapers! They ended up putting a sheet and towels in there with the octopus cake topper! Genius!


We did a brunch party because brunch is my favorite meal of the day so it only makes sense! The food ended up being fantastic and we had leftovers of all of it! Surprisingly, the dessert hardly got touched! I guess when you fill up on French toast casserole, you just don’t need dessert! Kassie also made a delicious hot chocolate in a crockpot that she found on Pinterest so we had a little hot chocolate bar set up. The hot chocolate was SO freaking good. Holy cow. And I’m sure terrible for you (it had a carton of heavy whipping cream, milk, a bag of chocolate chips, and other stuff, I’m sure). I could have drank that hot chocolate all day long.

Once our brunch was over, we played the game where you guess how big the belly is! We had everybody cut a piece of twine (goes with the lumberjack theme) and I kept joking with Jon that he better win. Turns out, he was spot on! I mean, within a centimeter. It was pretty impressive! I guess all those massages he’s been giving me and me making him always touch my belly has payed off for him guessing my size, haha.


We opened gifts, which was actually a lot of fun. I can’t even remember the last time I had to open gifts like that in front of people since I skipped out on any wedding showers so I was worried it would be really awkward. Turns out, opening baby stuff is genuinely fun so it was natural to be more excited about the gifts I received! We got tons of clothes and sheets and blankets. I also got a pack n’ play from Laura’s mom (I love Laura’s mom- unfortunately she was sick and couldn’t make it) and was so thrilled! I definitely didn’t think we’d get any of our bigger items, so that was awesome.


Best friends since high school! Rachel (17 weeks pregnant with a baby girl!!!), Laura, Gina, me, Kassie.

We played a few more games and then the shower was over! Everybody headed out around 5:45ish. The time went by so fast! I was so glad that so many people came out! A girl I hadn’t seen at work in years (she went to a different department) even came and it is just really humbling that people take time out of their lives to come celebrate with you! Definitely a fantastic shower!


Mom, me, Annie, Tonie (the sisters)

I hung out with the family and Jon afterwards and relaxed. It’s always so nice to have my sisters in town! I wish they lived closer! Although I’m glad the shower is over, now we’re on the real countdown till Jackson’s due date! Less than 6 weeks to go and now it’s showtime! We’ve been putting off getting everything together until we saw what we received from the shower, so now we have a ton to do! And a ton left to buy! It’s going to be a busy six weeks, that’s for sure!


34 weeks. Hard to tell against the dark fireplace. And ignore the feet! Haha.