Life These Days: Gym, Sushi, Hangouts, Work, Volunteering, & Cooking

I’ve definitely been enjoying my time away from the computer lately! It’s been so busy being at home and when I’m not busy, I’m enjoying my own bed and my cats. As much as I love traveling, I’m really just loving being at home. It’s hard to imagine leaving here for months on end again. So here’s what I’ve been up to! I ended up working a bunch last week, which I suppose I should be really excited about since I’m getting paid better than I was expecting, but still- a break would be more welcome!

I also volunteered at the clinic that I mentioned in my last post on Tuesday night! Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. My role was super easy- I flowed patients from the different areas and then gave them their meds before they left the clinic. The clinic is a “free” ($20 donations suggested by patients, but apparently is rare) clinic for residents of certain areas in the county and they only take care of certain things (hypertension, diabetes treatment with oral meds, hypothyroidism…), but it was good! People were so grateful for the care and most of the people there have been working the clinic for awhile and the time really did go by fast! I plan on volunteering every Tuesday until I leave, and hopefully even when I get home from my final travels!

Last week, I finally broke out my Toasted Marshmallow coffee that I’ve been saving up! I think that light roasts just aren’t my favorite anymore! The flavor was good, but it’s just not bold enough for me. I prefer a little more oomph to my coffee. I’ll still be finishing the bag, but I’m looking forward to a darker roast next time. (Note my Death Valley cup!)


Although I got to cook while I was traveling, I missed my own kitchen! I missed my food processor and my own pots and pans and all my spices. I would buy things I knew I’d use in a shorter amount of time, but at home, I can buy whatever I want! So I had a day of cooking for work and making my main man some dinner in my kitchen!


The outcome of all that hard work:


I had what felt like a really long day at work on Friday! I loved my assignment, but we had a ton of back to back traumas with a bunch of ambulances coming in as well, so we got slammed. And the person who was flowing our department is not my favorite and always makes for a long day! So… By the time I left work, I was starving and in need of a break! Sushi it was! I haven’t had sushi since I stopped at a Hy-Vee on my way to Colorado the first week in October! Love me some sushi!


On Saturday, Jon and I went to the gym together. My hip has me even more limited these days and it was crowded as all get out with all these New Years Resolutioners, so we kept it to a fairly quick trip. We headed over to look at some shoes for work and then ended up meeting up with Crista and Billy for the evening! We had planned on ice skating but none of us were really feeling it, and since I have a cold, we decided against it! Instead we all just chilled inside and took down Christmas decorations!


Today I stayed in bed till 11:30 watching my cats sleep and then ran a ton of errands! I had a good hour at the gym, although my leg workouts have been pretty much non weight bearing and that’s a bummer! But I’m back to walking inclines on the treadmill and I maintain my heart rate around 180 during the inclines, so I’m happy with it. It’s definitely more tiring than just running is for me right now since I still can’t run that fast comfortably with my hip. Tonight, I think I managed to finish up my resume, so I’ll be sending that out to grad school since all my application stuff is due by Feb 1st! I meant to work on taxes today, but oops, I forgot. Instead, I enjoyed this face and am now about to head to bed!



Newport, RI and Roomie Hangouts

finally got to spend time with Jessica this week! After living together for two weeks now, I figured it was bound to happen at some point! Sunday we headed out to Newport, RI in the early afternoon. We didn’t really have any plans and didn’t stay for all that long, but we want to head back and do a tour of the mansions there.

We started the day with breakfast at the White Horse Tavern– the oldest tavern in the US. (There she is below.)



I had cranberry and pecan french toast that was pretty decent but way too sweet for me! I barely finished two pieces! The breakfast there was pretty pricey too and there really weren’t all that many options. I’m also a big eggs and bacon kind of girl and they didn’t have an option to just add a scrambled egg. They did have an $8 egg breakfast but ain’t nobody paying that much for eggs. I could have bought 32 eggs at the store for that price. The tavern was really cute on the inside though and the service was great.

IMG_2465 2

After breakfast, Jess and I spent the afternoon walking around Newport! It was super cute and for the most part, there was a nice breeze! I also found an art store that was closing out and bought this beauty!


I was so excited about how cheap it was (still expensive- but for an original painting WITH a frame, it was a really good deal for art in the US- European paintings are always way cheaper). I can’t wait to take it home in September and find a place to hang it! Pretty much everything I have in my house is from my travels somewhere and I was looking to find a piece out here, so glad I was able to get this already!


We also got our very first picture together! Awwwww, roomie love (my Mac just changed that to rookie love). And yes, I was holding my hair for the picture because it was windy out. Don’t hate. I ended up googling things to do in the area and found Ft Adam’s State Park, so we headed over. It was on the water (as all the forts are) and did some walking around.


Pretty amazing views there! I love the water up here. I still have only had one beach day where I have spent some time sitting on a towel, but I don’t feel like I need it. I’ve been to beaches and got my tan on in my previous, non-travel nursing life. I just want to walk around and see all the rocky beaches and wharfs and marinas. And there are so many in Massachusetts so I’m pretty much happy no matter where I go. Even the most ghetto areas have coastlines that I like.

On our way back, we decided to get dinner at a Chinese place in Fall River, MA. We yelped it and found a place with 4 1/2 stars and 6 really good reviews. It was totally in the ghetto and served ghetto quality food (for the record, I’m really good at finding places to go in the ghetto- it’s becoming my new thing, which is also how I know that I like the coastline in ghetto areas). I can’t even remember what it was called now but if any of you ever go to Fall River (which you should probably just avoid), avoid their Chinese. If that one had great reviews, I can’t imagine what the other Chinese in the area is like.

Back on track now. So, I lazed around Sunday night and then Monday morning, Jess and I had our hospital orientation which was soooo boring. We were done by noon though so we had time for lunch in Plymouth before I had to go to work. We actually had breakfast for lunch (we both love breakfast- we’re a match made in heaven) and then went to see Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower from afar.


The Mayflower. In our scrubs, because we’re totally awesome nurses. And because I was totally working right after this picture was taken. Thankfully I only had to work 4 hours. They were busy hours but easy (I don’t think my old job has ever had a Monday that good).

After work, Jess and I headed down to Cape Cod for a Mexican dinner. I’ve realized that Mexican food is just really not all that great when you’re so far from Mexico. The Mexicans making my food (maybe they weren’t Mexican, but they looked like it) didn’t even speak Spanish. They didn’t even have queso. WHAT KIND OF MEXICAN IS THAT?! Clearly not. But my burrito was actually really good for the fake Cape Cod Mexican that it was.


Definitely had a good time with this girl. We walked around and ate ice cream and I imparted all the wisdom I’ve gained in my 28 years on this planet. But really, we did have good talks and I’m really glad we ended up finding each other on (/

Anyway, this was pretty lengthy, but all I did today was go to CrossFit and then head to Salem and Gloucester. I ended the day with lots of traffic and a trip to Whole Foods. Salem was alright, but not good enough to write a whole blog post on right now. Maybe if I’m bored later and am impressed with any of my pictures. And now I’m about to FaceTime Jon and sit in wet misery because the humidity has come back in Plymouth and we’ve already established that nobody in Massachusetts believes in air conditioning.

Alrighty, have a good night everybody!

Happy 28th Birthday to ME!

I wasn’t going to post a blog today because I’m cramming for my final (in beautiful weather- how depressing) but I’m drinking my coffee right now and I have a general rule that I can’t do any homework while I enjoy my coffee. Also, if you have a Keurig, try the brown sugar cake K-cups from Target.

Just a quick update on the highlight decision- I walked into Toni & Guy and said to the girl, “I have an appointment at 4pm with Malcolm” and then she said, “Nooo… It’s with Ashari,” who is my hair colorist! Cue freakout. My response was actually, “Oh shit, but I don’t know what I want to do with my hair color yet!” Haha. Anyway, I went with highlights. They’re fairly obvious in person, but the camera wasn’t capturing it well. I also had to switch my part because I have a weird darker stripe in the front of my head if I part my hair on the normal side. I may have them fix it, but then again, I haven’t switched my part in awhile and need to anyway. I don’t love the highlights but everybody at work said they looked good.

Thursday night, I got home and Jon let me open my birthday present!


A starter camera kit! That’s a Canon Rebel EOS T3i (I have no idea what all that means). I LOVE it! Granted, I have not a freaking clue how to use it, but luckily my brother and Jon’s sister both use DSLRs so they can teach me a thing or two. I was shocked and had no idea what Jon was getting me! I have been mentioning how much I want a nice camera since I travel so much. I’m always so bummed when I looked back at my Switzerland pictures because it was such an awesome place and my camera was such a POS. (I do have a better point and shoot now- I went to Switzerland when I was 21.) With travel nursing coming up, I wanted something to really capture all that I’m about to see! I also wouldn’t have invested in a camera for myself since I still have to buy a laptop, so Jon really did awesome with this gift!

I worked yesterday and had a fairly good 8 hour day. I asked to go to my favorite assignment for the last 4 cause it was my birthday and the supervisor let me. Always nice.

Then I went to Treehouse Pub with Gina, Brian, Kassie, Billy, Laura, and Jon for my birthday dinner. I was so glad Jon was able to make it! The food was pretty good and the atmosphere was decent! They had nice porch seating there which I love. I had a great time with my friends and was glad to get to spend some time with them on a Thursday night. It was actually a lot of fun and I’d like to do it more often.  We rarely get all the guys together too since I typically like to just enjoy the girls when I have a chance!

Here are some pictures with my new camera! They’re all on the automatic setting since I have no clue how to use it yet!


I included this mostly to try and get my hair. Jon was just messing around with the camera.



Again, attempting to get the hair. Not really working. Or maybe that is really what it looks like to other people and I just can’t tell in a mirror.


My handsome man! Love him!


Kassie, Gina, me, and Laura! I’ve been friends with them since I was 14!


Laura took this one! I love it! And we did not mean to match! I didn’t even notice till we were in the car! Also, he looks so big in that picture! Sometimes I feel like it’s not so obvious that he’s 14 inches taller than me and 110lbs more than me, but it is here!

Anyway, so that sums up our night! Also, on my 28th birthday, I got my Massachusetts nursing license (WOOHOO!!) and found out the girl I am going to travel nurse with is coming to my wedding. Today I take my last final for my BSN and then I walk down the aisle to that studly man above in 22 days (holy moly- I have a LOT OF PLANNING TO DO!). I also have a GRE study book now so may be hopping on the grad school train in the fall if I get everything done in time and get accepted!

Okay, I really stretched out this cup of coffee, but it’s done. Time to go memorize B cells, T cells, and helper T cells…

USAA vs State Farm + CrossFit

I have some really fantastic news. This is going to be totally boring for all of you, but I had switched my car insurance and homeowner’s insurance over to USAA so Jon and I could be on the same policy. Come to find out (which I should have known but somehow missed in my 3 hour long conversation with my insurance companies), when I went from State Farm to USAA, my homeowner’s doubled. I decided, clearly, to switch back to State Farm. In switching back, my homeowner’s insurance amount stayed the same, but somehow my car insurance decreased by $75-100 every 6 months! And if Jon comes over to State Farm, our total payment for both cars for six months will be $729. Holy. smokes. guys. That is INSANE. I just canceled my coverage with State Farm in February and was paying around $550 so to have two cars for $729?! Absolutely!!!! (By the way, USAA was $1029 for both cars with the multi-line “discount.”) And for all you other insured people out there, that’s for 100/300/50 with a $250 deductible for both of our cars. So, despite all my anger that Jon has had to endure after wasting 3 hours on the phone with the insurance companies to double my homeowner’s insurance, it was totally worth it. And besides, that was all my fault in the first place anyway.

Alrighty, so now that we have the boring adult stuff out of the way… I woke up feeling super energized today, which was surprising since I got home fairly late from having sushi with Crista last night and then Jon and I stayed up until close to two, which is super late for this grandma.

photo (3)

I woke up and started cleaning right away and handling insurance bi’ness. I made it to the noon CrossFit class for 8 minutes of power cleans and a 1 mile run. The 1 mile run felt great. It surprised me since I usually struggle through the first mile but I guess the beautiful weather helped. I used 63# for power cleans (it was supposed to be 90% of your 1 rep max- which was 95# today and I could have gone heavier, but opted not to- my real 1RM of power cleans is 105#) because I’m still really paranoid about re-injuring my thumb. In 8 minutes, I did 60 reps. The mile was untimed.

After that, I came home and did a quick arm workout and then went to The Fresh Market. I thanked my cashier so many times and she didn’t acknowledge me at all. How irritating. Anyway, now I’m getting to some blogs and about to start working on my study guide for my biology lab final tomorrow. I was supposed to be off all day tomorrow, but I’m covering from 7a-11a for somebody and am totally wishing that I wasn’t. But I was only scheduled for 24 hours this week, so I guess I should be glad to up that number by 4. I wish Jon had time to go sit on a patio and have dinner with me, but I think he may have some homework to do. Can’t keep up with him now that it’s finals time!

Everybody have a good evening!

When life is just too much!

Holy moly- I am drained. After putting off my biology class for the last few weeks (and missing about five assignments), I have a test in a week and now feel the need to cram. Plus I have a ton going on between now and Tuesday- mostly including work. I also have all my nursing licensing stuff figured out and need to take care of that, but for some reason, filling out forms and sending in $275 seems impossible. I have to apply for graduation (cause I’m done with school in 3 weeks), and sending in $130 also seems like way too much to do! I owe Jon for my car insurance and my health insurance is coming up, plus all the final wedding expenses will all have to be paid next month. Finals are coming up. I’m working more. I need to finish up my application with the travel nursing company and get all my letters of recommendation for traveling. I have to apply for the GRE and somehow find time to study. I need to decide if I can really muster up the strength to start grad school in the fall or if I should wait another year. And in just over two months, all of this has to be done, and I will be heading out to the door to my first travel assignment (I hope).

It just feels a bit like I’m drowning. And after the Braves home opener last night (woohoo, BRAVES!), Jon and I got into a huge argument and I’m just feeling totally blah. Also, I am either sick again or spending so much time out in the pollen has really caused me to have some throat and nose problems. I typically don’t get allergies, but I’m feeling like it this year.

I need to go read more biology. I have to get my essays together and quite frankly, don’t even know where to begin with any of them. Not even a clue. But I have a feeling that all three of them will require information from various chapters to be pieced together, and since I haven’t done anything, now I have a ton to do since I can’t find the information all in one spot.

I’m sure this all seems worse because I have 0 energy to exercise so my energy levels are just staying low and my endorphins are probably wallowing in pools of cortisol. Monday and Tuesday I didn’t have any time to go to the gym or run and tomorrow and Friday I won’t either. So today I will probably skip the gym to get things done. I need to talk to the gym owner about how he is processing my payments since I have barely made it to CrossFit. You know- if I even make it to the gym ever again.

I’m just going to add everything in this list to the reason why adulthood sucks. And while I know I am very fortunate to have all the things I have in life (family, friends, Jon, a good job, my education, a house, two cats, my health, etc), sometimes the to-do list becomes a little too hectic and you lose all motivation to cross even the smallest thing off your list…

Snowpocalypse Day 2

I’ve had quite the lazy morning! Instead of getting tons of schoolwork done last night and today like I had planned on, I spent the time watching Real World and Teen Mom. Can I just admit to my embarrassing love for Teen Mom and Real World? You know when your mind is so full of mush from having to concentrate on biology and you’re exhausted from taking care of patients for 12 hours and then you get home and want to kill your fiance for messing up your nice, clean house?! Me too. And when that happens and I’m overly stressed, I really just want to watch stupid drama on TV because it’s mindless. I don’t have to think about anything other than how stupid people can be. It’s wonderful. And Jon even watched Real World with me last night while we drank wine and cuddled under blankets. I asked him, “Aren’t you so glad I’m not crazy like these people?” and he said, “Yeah, but I’m concerned that you like watching these crazy people.”

I was wide awake at 8 this morning and considered getting up, but it was so warm in bed. I cuddled with Tom for an hour and then fell back to sleep until 10. I managed to drag myself out of bed and go for a 7 mile walk around in this snowy weather.


It was really windy on just that specific street!


Most of the bigger streets seemed okay, but the back streets were pretty icy. Along my walk, I met up with a middle aged woman who decided to turn around walk with me to try and see 285. I saw on the news that it was gridlocked, but people seemed to be moving fairly well. We talked about our condos and the weather and then she turned around and I continued my walk alone.


This is actually the street that I live on, just south of 285 (I live about 1/2 mile up the road from here). The road was closed off from all other cars because it obviously turned into an icy, abandoned parking lot for cars. Most of them were unscathed, but a few had run into each other (there’s a little pile up in the front there). When I was walking down the hill, two cars decided to go around the road closed sign. One young woman decided to try and make it up and icy hill at a really low speed. All bad ideas. She slid down the hill, right into a perfectly good car that had parked on the side of the road. A passerby asked her, “Are you okay?” and she screamed, “NO I’M NOT OKAY!” Well, you probably shouldn’t try to take your little bitty car around the road closed signs and then try to drive up an icy hill. As I was walking by the on ramp for 285, cars were driving in the wrong direction to get back off the highway. Looking east on 285, I could see tons of trucks just parked on the highway. And then my walk ended back in my nice warm house! Thankfully I didn’t bust my ass on the ice, although I was close multiple times. It was just a sheet of ice under the snow for most of my walk

I had some breakfast after and watched some more Real World. Now I’m finally about to start on my homework. Jon is off work already (must be slow at the hospital!) but he’s running coworkers all over the place since he has a Jeep with four wheel drive. I’m hoping he comes home and keeps me company sometime soon! I get cabin fever really easily.

I may do a few arm exercises at home later on today. I’ve been doing them a little more than usual lately since I have to wear a wedding dress in four months and don’t want my arms to feel like little bony things protruding from my body. I’ve been really sporadic with eating lately and have been going to bed hungry out of sheer laziness, so I’m going to have to get my act together so I don’t lose weight.

Anyway, everybody have a wonderful day!

What women “should” look like

“You’re supposed to have curves. You’re supposed to have an a**. You’re supposed to look like a woman. Being a woman does NOT mean you are automatically weak. It doesn’t mean you can’t be physically capable.” – from Lean Bodies Consulting

I read this excerpt from an article today. The article had an overall good message- it’s about loving yourself and accepting yourself for how you are. However, I have a problem with all these “love yourself” articles and photos. Why is this article telling women what we’re supposed to have? So I’m supposed to have curves and I’m supposed to have an ass? And you include this information about what I should have in the article about loving yourself?! Well, I don’t have an ass and I don’t have curves and I’m still a woman! I hate this type of “validation” on what your body should look like as much as I hate the media out there that tells you that you should be strong or you should be thin or you should be something or other!

What you should be is healthy


I like feeling strong, don’t get me wrong, but what if somebody is skinny?! What if that is their natural body type (which it is for me- I’m naturally about 95lbs- I can get up to 105 max if I’m lifting heavy and lifting very often)? So these images are spread all over the internet telling people who are naturally thin that now they need to be strong because it isn’t sexy anymore to be skinny, basically. And I know the message intended is to actually tell people that they should be strong and fit and not strive to just be thin. There is more to life than just losing weight (because I do know that that actually is the main focus for a lot of women out there- which I think is just as crazy as focusing on the numbers on the scale- muscle weighs more than fat, guys). However, as a thin women with absolutely no hips and curves, I am so tired of reading how I shouldn’t be skinny anymore and I should be fit and how women are supposed to have curves!

I have a ton of CrossFit friends so my Facebook newsfeed is obviously full of other CrossFitters. They like to post a lot of articles about CrossFit. A lot. Especially people who are new into it and feel like it’s omg the coolest thing eeeever. I’m so tired of seeing articles about how CrossFit is good for you and all these benefits of it with pictures of clearly jacked men and women. Yeah, there are a lot of people in CrossFit who are jacked. There are also a ton who are overweight or who are thin or are really just average. Include those pictures in the articles about CrossFit!

I’ll consider it a success when all the focus really does shift to being healthy and when the images of the healthy women actually vary. It is true that no matter how “healthy” you are, added weight does increase the risk of other medical problems. Your body isn’t meant to operate with all that added weight. However, you can have a few extra pounds, be in great cardiovascular shape, strong, and eat healthy and not lose all the weight! Who cares?! You’re healthy! Who cares if you never have curves? You can still be healthy without an ass or curves just as you can be healthy with them!

Rant over.

I did make it to CrossFit today for the noon class. We did 2x2x1x1 front squats. I maxed at 113#, which is really good for not squatting much in 7 months. I have no idea what my 1RM is… I think it was 135# for front squats. Maybe one day. Maybe not. Then we did a 7 min EMOM (every minute on the minute) of rope climbs and 8 kettle bell swings (I did 35#). I love rope climbs but didn’t think I’d be able to keep up with 7 after being out of the gym for so long. I was wrong. I finished each round in 30-32 seconds. So I was glad that I made it! Definitely felt good to climb some ropes again! Then I grocery shopped and now it’s time to study and cook until it’s time to go wedding dress shopping tonight! I’d love to run today because it’s so nice out, but I don’t think I have time! The only reason I sat down to write this blog was because my accent chair was being delivered and I knew I couldn’t concentrate on studying with random people in the house!

Everybody have a good day!

WIAW and my first tricep workout since the rhabdo

I decided to go ahead and do a WIAW (from Tuesday, on Thursday). I already recapped my Tuesday without food so here’s just some quick pictures.

photo 1-2

Two eggs with spicy brown mustard (DO IT!), mashed sweet potatoes with goat cheese, and mango slices for breakfast around 10am.

photo 3-2

After a quick workout and running some errands: Slice of colby jack cheese and a few slices of Boar’s Head Tuscan Turkey, and then stir fried veggies made with coconut aminos. I think this was around 4ish. 

photo 4-2

Green Mountain Gingerbread K-cup with So Delicious French Vanilla Coconut creamer with my meal.

photo 1-3

I actually ate this in my car at 6:30 on my way to class while I sat in tons and tons of traffic. Noosa honey yogurt. My favorite.

photo 2-3

Dinner after class around 9pm: Apple slices, same veggie stir fry with coconut aminos, except with chicken this time.

Wednesday was spent working. I had hoped to get off work at 3p because the WOD at CrossFit looked really good, but I ended up being “called in” (I was already there anyway) from 3p-7p. So I got home around 8, did a short workout at home and watched my online syllabus review for biology, and then watched Nashville before bed.

Today I ended up getting called off of work from 7a-11a. They called me while I was getting dressed, so while I tried to fall back to sleep, I calculated my missed pay for those 4 hours because they would have put me into overtime pay for this week. While I wallowed in poor self pity (I kid), I managed to drift back off to sleep. I still went to work from 11a-3p, which was so insanely easy. The slowest day I’ve had in months!

I went to a new LA Fitness tonight right after work. It’ll be my new gym for Tuesday and Thursdays before class. It was actually a really big gym! It just kept going and going! They had the Precor EFX machine which my gym doesn’t have. I think I liked it better than the regular elliptical cause I felt like my butt was getting a better workout. I only did it for about 15 minutes and then went to do my standard hand stand push ups. I haven’t done any tricep work since the whole rhabdo thing, so this was my first attempt. This is actually really my first full day where my triceps weren’t bothering me at all. Anyway, I fell flat on my head once I got into a handstand and couldn’t get back up. I read that rhabdo leads to muscle weakness so I’m a believer now. I can easily do anywhere from 15-20 hand stand push ups before needing a break, so I was totally shocked not to even be able to get one. The gym was super busy so I felt intimated by walking around and finding the things I normally like. I also noticed at this gym, a lot more guys were making eye contact with everything but my eyes… I’m not a big fan of being checked out while I work out at all. I find it awkward. So I didn’t end up doing a ton but at least I went! I didn’t even get there till 5pm tonight because of getting out of work late and running an errand, so I hope to get there before so many people are there on the Tuesdays and Thursday to come! Although I have a feeling I’ll end up hating my schedule on Thursdays if I work (because I’ll typically be up from 5am and not getting home till 10:15pm), it is sort of nice that it forces me into the gym for awhile. And as long as I get out of work on time and don’t have errands to run, I think I’ll have plenty of time to study and to get a workout in!

The gym worked out perfectly because it took me about 10 minutes to get to campus after! Much better than the 1hr and 50min drive on Tuesday! My biology lab was over pretty quickly and this professor seems so much better than mine from last semester! I was so excited to get out at 8:30 (it ends at 9:45) that I left my book in the classroom! I realized that I left that stupid $250 book in the classroom when I was almost home and then I had to have security come let me back in! So I made it home around 9:30 tonight and Jon was cleaning, so I ended up cleaning until Parenthood came on.

I’m off work tomorrow, so I’m definitely going to CrossFit, getting started on all this biology work, grocery shopping and cooking (I work Saturday, Sunday, and Monday- all 12s!), and then I’m wedding dress shopping with my friends! Woohoo! I should be looking at some venues next week and hope to find a good one so we can book it! May is coming fast!

I actually have more I want to say that includes more than just a “blah blah blah, I woke up at this time and did this, blah blah blah” but it’s 11:30 and I’m tired! Now that Jon is back in school, my computer time is severely limited! Maybe tomorrow!

photo 2-2

To end this with, here is our new mantle! The lighting is weird cause the porch door was open. That’s my Croatia picture (I carried that thing ALL OVER CROATIA AND ITALY- and it was impossible since I’m 5′ tall!), my little wooden face guy from the Grand Canyon, and the wine bottles are our two bottles of wine from Italy and our engagement champagne. I’m not positive that those things will be staying, but it’s a start!

Budgeting fun!

Today I finally went to the gym! After Jon and I argued till 2am (apparently planning a wedding is not easy and you will fight), I didn’t manage to drag myself out of bed till 10am. The luxuries of being off work! Kassie and I were texting first thing this morning about our Friday night plans and she invited me to the gym at noon! Perfect! I knew it would be a short workout since it’s on her lunch break, but better than nothing! I made some breakfast (I’ll do a WIAW tomorrow when I’m not lazy) and ate and then headed out to get her. We ran for 10 minutes on the treadmill and then did a few legs. That was really it. Then she had to get back to work (we typically have more time but had to go to the bank first).

I ran some errands and got same pictures framed and bought a new shower curtain (score! I LOVE IT!) for mine and Jon’s bathroom. Then I came home, did a shoulder and bicep workout with my 10# free weights cause I have to get my gym body back for the wedding, and then ate, showered, and went to class.

I sat in traffic for an hour and 45 minutes tonight to get to class! It took less than 20 to get home! But I really like this professor so I almost feel like it’s worthwhile. And my lab partner that I liked so much last semester is in my class too! I think I’m just going to make a plan to either hit up the gym or study in the area and leave way ahead of rush hour. I can’t waste that much time two days a week!

Anyway, I was asked to talk a little about my budgeting. So this is how I do it. I add up all my bills for the month (mortgage, condo association fee, power, gas, cable, phone, car and health insurance, and the gym). Those are all basically set fees. The gas and power vary slightly, but not much. So I set that as the high end. I factor in what I spend on gas and food (which is insane- about $350 on gas per month and $550ish for food for two at the grocery store). I add in a general amount for necessities other than food (aka: my Wal-Mart fund, even though I don’t use Wal-Mart anymore cause they’re ghetto near downtown). Then I add in my fun fund. I used to do $35 a week. I didn’t set one last night but I did set $125/mo as a house fund. We’re allotting $7,000 for our honeymoon, so we need to start saving for that.

My budgeting is a bit different because I’m not salaried, however. I need to have approximately $2,300 for my cost of living. I add in $125 for home stuff (I want new rugs!!), saaay $150 a month for “fun” (eating out, clothes, whatever), and then I will probably save about $500 monthly for our honeymoon. So I look at my total out every month and then I calculate on my fancy work calculator how many hours I need to work to make that. I easily clear the amount I need to make with my base of 120 hours of work a month. However, I also like to save for when my car messes up or I need a new AC unit at the condo or I tear the ligaments in my thumb and don’t work for 3 months. So I obviously want to work extra. Then I calculate how much extra I want to make and set my goal number of hours at work according to that.

Anyway, once I set my top limits, I keep a book with me in the car cause I don’t track things on my phone other than running and the daily lives of my cats. Then I tally up everything I spend and categorize it into the sections I said (necessities, fun, food, gas) and whatever I don’t use from that goes into savings (or right now, paying off my floors).

So like I said, my budgeting is different because I’m not salaried. I don’t work a set number of hours in a week even. If I feel like making the big bucks, I schedule myself 60 hours in one week and make time and a half for 20 hours. And I do that occasionally. How people budget on a set income isn’t my speciality, however, I really do find keeping a notebook with you to write everything down helps! I used to add it up every Sunday (I haven’t started yet) so that I’d know how much I have left in each area. Occasionally if I was way under on my gas allowance, I’d put it towards fun. But I try not to make a habit of it. Also, I typically go 2-3 weeks with spending my usual way at the start of a budget to track exactly what I spend my money on to help set the top limits. I already have a general idea because I’ve budgeted before. I also am sort of a bad budgeter because I refuse to cut corners on things like food. We won’t eat out, but I’m not about to buy cheap meats. I just try to cut out the excess spending (like shopping trips with Laura or getting my hair done whenever I want).

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes. Jon and I are starting our tracking on Sunday. We don’t share with each other what we spend now and I have no idea how much he makes (I know his hourly rate and he knows mine, but I don’t keep up with that). I don’t even know what’s in his bank account. Since we’re merging bank accounts eventually, we need to see how the other person spends before committing to that. Otherwise we’re staying separate. This will be interesting though because I haven’t actually budgeted in about a year and I do make a very comfortable amount of money, so the urge isn’t there as much. But with our upcoming wedding, honeymoon, and Jon’s school and hopefully my future school, we need to be aware of this.

This was probably boring. And probably not helpful. But I’ll let you guys know how our joint budgeting is going once we start on Sunday. 


Productive Monday!

I’ve had a really productive day so far, despite sleeping horribly last night! I had a class at work at 8 this morning since we’re updating our charting system. It was supposed to go till 11 and then I was on call from 11-3. Our class ended up at 9, so I went to Target and PetSmart up by the hospital (otherwise I would have sat in traffic for so long!) to get litter, cat food, and some other essentials from Target. I also found a shower curtain that I think I want for mine and Jon’s bathroom, but I didn’t buy it yet. Since my supervisor said staffing still looked good, she didn’t need me for my call hours!

I came home, changed into running clothes, and went running. It was an off day! I forgot my phone holder so I had to keep my phone in my shorts, which I hate doing. Then I started running and realized I forgot my iPod. It was windy… And I got 5 minutes into my run and my MapMyRun said I had gone a mile! I’m wondering if it had to do with the clouds! Anyway, I made it 15 minutes and then decided to walk. Once I started walking, I enjoyed the scenery for about 2 minutes until I started thinking about a budget.

Jon registered me for the Hot Chocolate 5K this morning, which was my idea, but I had decided not to do it and didn’t tell him. With so many expenses coming up, I didn’t want to spend over $100 for it! And the only reason I even wanted to do it was because they had XS hoodies and I love the hoodies! Come to find out, Jon registered me for it ($110 for two people!) and they’re out of XS hoodies! The only reason I wanted to run it! Initially I had actually wanted to start running a race every month until I make it to a 1/2 marathon but financially, I just can’t do that right now. But he had already registered by the time we talked, so I guess I’ll be running it!

After my “run,” I debated going to the gym for a shoulder workout. CrossFit had a good WOD today but my arms are still messed up so that’s out of the question, unfortunately. I have 10# weights at home and we’re supposed to have a nice rainfall today, so I decided to do a shoulder workout at home and skip the gym. Definitely don’t want to get rained on while grocery shopping again, which happens all the time cause it rains all the time here (one day I’ll quit bitching about the weather).

So I headed to Whole Foods and then to Kroger. Got a bit of food. Since classes start again this week, I can’t really make us a nice family dinner on Tuesday and Thursday anymore. I’m hoping I got some stuff that Jon will make himself though since he typically relies on me for food (I make his lunch for work so he won’t buy lunch at the hospital!).

Tonight Jon and I are going over to his friend’s house for dinner. I’ve only met them once and I don’t really love going to eat at people’s houses. At least not till I’m comfortable! I’m so picky with food that it’s hard for me to do that, but Jon hangs out with them fairly often so I should probably get to know them more!

Until then, I plan taking a quick nap, showering and getting ready, and I’m hoping to go to Lowe’s to pick up mineral spirits and some wood putty so I can get the floors finished today and tomorrow if at all possible! I also need to cut up all my veggies for the week and plan out a budget. Boring. Oh, and do my shoulder workout.

Everybody have a good day!