Quick update on the happenings of life!

I’m not sure what made me think now was a good time to start a blog. I don’t have any time! Welcome to adulthood. But really… I went back to work full time on Thursday. Unfortunately, my thumb still has pain but at this point, there’s no option for continued treatment because I have to go back to work.

Anyway, I worked 7-3 on Thursday, took a hard test Thursday night in biology and decided I needed some relaxing time after! I went downtown to have dinner with Kassie and got home later on in the evening. Then I worked 7-7 on Friday and was planning on doing homework, but went to Taco Mac with Jon and his coworker instead. We had another fairly late night for a work night since I worked 7-3 on Saturday. I finally managed to make it home to do an assignment and nap. Then Jon and I had a date night and some serious talks at Sushi Nami (mostly because I hadn’t had time to go grocery shopping and we didn’t have any food, but we rarely have date nights these days so it was really nice).

Today I woke up to bacon and eggs from my favorite man 🙂 Then did homework, grocery shopped, and Jon and I finally at 4pm made it to the pool to spend some time with Crista, Billy, Amy, and Austin. We had a nice time grilling out, but Jon and I both had homework and I had cooking and laundry to do. I did some more homework and now it’s 10:15 and I’m exhausted!

I’m typing this on Jon’s iPad, so excuse my boring and uninteresting explanation of the week. Free time has been slim!

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