Weekends. Keto. Gym Clothes.

Two blog posts in a row, oh my!

Really, it’s just nap time again and I thought about cleaning the bathrooms, but then decided against it. Or maybe I will after this, since it’s kind of been awhile.

Yesterday afternoon, Jackson took a LONG, hard nap. I woke him up at 2:15, and then Jon and I headed out to Dick’s. I want a raincoat for Iceland, but we didn’t find one. I did get some new workout shorts, a hoodie, and three tank tops to work out in, except I wore one today and don’t love it. I like tight tank tops to work out in (I just hate anything loose at the gym) and hate built in sports bras. Seems easy to find tank tops like that, but I guess because I’m so small, hardly any fit like that. I’ve been working out in the same tank tops since 2011. Seriously. They’re in rough shape, but I just never find anything I like. I bet I’d like the Lululemon ones (same style as their long sleeved tops), but they’re so expensive. Maybe I should just invest in 2 of them though. I wore one of my white shirts to the gym the other day and noticed I have a dark oily looking spot starting right at my nipple and it’s huge and super obvious. I have no idea what it is. But it’s not cute.

We took Jackson to the park after that since it’s SO nice out! He had so much fun playing on the baseball field and opening and closing the gate. We came home around 5ish and he had dinner. I had wanted to go out and do something, but I felt guilty for spending money on gym clothes so I decided to just hang out with Jon at home.

Jon is starting the keto diet today. He sort of makes a lot of decisions and rarely sticks to them, so I really hope he sticks with this. He bought a TON of stuff, but really, not much for entire recipes. So, I’ll probably have to run to Publix later to get stuff. I’m hoping he can sort of get into a groove of making meals and eating throughout the day (he is the most sporadic eater ever), and even being more active. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes. I’m not doing it because I don’t want to lose weight, and I felt fine with Paleo and not watching my intake of specific fruits or vegetables. I feel okay with cheese though, so really, I just need to clean up the breads again. I think him doing keto will be good for me too though, since I should start cooking more too and I’ll eat more throughout the day if we have a bunch of food prepared already for us. We made Bulletproof coffee today, which I’ve always thought sounded so weird, but it was actually pretty good! We did 2 tbspn of butter and 1 tbspn of coconut oil and blended it in the blender. I still prefer my maple syrup and heavy whipping cream, but it really was good. I’ll probably do that when Jon makes coffee in the mornings.

I went to the gym for a little while this morning. I actually wasn’t really feeling it today, but decided to go since it’s easier to make it on weekends when Jon has Jackson anyway. I did mostly back stuff and left after about 45 minutes.

I headed to Wildflour to get a cinnamon roll for breakfast. It was a really cute little cafe so I think I may go back there to do work! The cinnamon roll was good, although it almost has a firmer glaze under the frosting. I think I prefer softer cinnamon rolls. I also haven’t eaten anything else other than that (well, and an avocado and some oatmeal before the gym), so I feel a little gross now after all that sugar, although I definitely didn’t finish the cinnamon roll since they’re huge.

Jon is at the gym now and Jackson is napping. I think we may head to the beach this afternoon since it’s not super hot out still. I definitely want to get out and do something though!

I have to head back to Georgia on Wednesday when Jon gets off work. I’m on call Thursday, working Friday and Saturday, and working 9-3 on Monday before heading back to Charleston. It’ll be busy and I kind of hate working two 12 hour shifts in a row, but oh well. I really hope I don’t get called in on Thursday, but the money would be nice (time and a half). It’d be nice to have a little extra cash too since Iceland is right around the corner.

I need to finish up the last of my paperwork for my internship in the fall. I was finally assigned a preceptor (I wasn’t sure how the process would go) and it’s my big boss. I’m a little nervous since she has a super strong personality and I feel like I haven’t learned much about the business side of management in the program, so I could totally see feeling dumb around her. But she is a REALLY good educator (when she was our manager and not our director, she would teach part of ACLS or PALS) and her portions of our education are always the best. She’s really engaging and despite being a little nervous, I think I’ll really learn a LOT from her. I can’t believe my internship is so close! Nine months of hell (because of how busy I’ll be, especially with Jon living 5 hours away) and then I will be DONE! I can’t wait.

Alrighty, time to go do something productive with my time. Even if that’s organizing photos and working on my album for Father’s Day for Jon (I plan on making him albums of every year of Jackson’s life for Father’s Day, which is sweet for him and nice to have for photos of our boy).


One thought on “Weekends. Keto. Gym Clothes.

  1. You can see if there’s a Lululemon outlet, they exist but not in many places lol. The tops are like $30-40 there which is cheaper than like $60.

    Being busy will make that internship go by quickly I’m sure!

    That’s a wicked cute idea on the father’s day gift.

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