Sick Days

I never really log onto here after Jackson’s bedtime! But I had a pretty lazy day today and I’m not cleaning!

Last night, I ate quite a bit around 8:30. I was hungry and decided I really need to increase what I eat for dinner to continue gaining weight/muscle. Jon was out of town, but I headed up to bed at 10:30. And then I slept off and on all evening. I thought maybe I was anxious from him being gone (I rarely sleep without him home), but then I realized I was just feeling nauseous and my hips were aching from my workout at the gym yesterday morning. I barely slept at all, and I felt awful when I got up with Jackson this morning! Thankfully, we had a sitter day today since Ali (my sitter) is going out of town tomorrow, and we never do Thursday with her usually!

After I dropped Jackson off, I watched an hour of TV and fell asleep. I was up and working on my paper by noon, but I was still feeling sick. All I’ve eaten today is 1/3 banana, some hash browns and cheese (literally took me an hour to finish the bowl), and a protein shake (with Ripple- I couldn’t stand the thought of regular milk, but I like Ripple in my protein anyway). I got Jackson at 4 and fed him dinner immediately and then I literally laid on his floor with him until he went to bed at 7. Mom of the year. How do moms survive when they’re sick?! EVERY time I was sick so far, we lived with my mom and dad and my mom totally took over. This is my first time not feeling well and being alone. And had I been actually throwing up or something… Well, I probably would have had Jon fly home early from his regional meeting, since they were SUP boarding and hanging out at the beach today (tough meeting).

Jackson has been super fussy lately too. I think he may be teething. But I’m trying to avoid Motrin unless we really need it, and I don’t think we’ve needed it these last few days. He’s consolable and gets distracted. He just happens to have a LOT of meltdowns.

I weighed myself yesterday morning and I’m still right at 100ish lbs. My trainer mentioned adding a few more pounds, but I realized that aside from this belly, I’m happy with how I look. I wouldn’t mind adding some more muscle at all, but I had to go up a size in shorts and I’m feeling much thicker these days. So, if I hang out at this weight, I’m totally fine with it. I do need to eventually start doing more ab work (I have added a little in) and clean up what I’m eating some more. Less unhealthy carbs for sure. Maybe even cut out the Ghirardelli chocolates. Maybe not, though. Gotta live a little.

This may not be exciting for everybody, but for the first time in my entire 12 year long college career, I made a run chart! It literally took about an hour and I had to consult Google a LOT, but I did it. I’m really getting ready to be a masters prepared nurse, haha. I really am going to be in for a rude awakening when I get to my internship, I think. I’ve done well in my program, but I haven’t invested a ton of time into reading, which I have a feeling is pretty normal. Most of these people work full time and with the assignments, there isn’t time to sit and read everything. I’m getting kind of nervous though because I know I’ll have a whole capstone project to do and I get really shy doing things in front of people, so having to do this entire thing makes me nervous. And having to shadow and realize how much I don’t even know also makes me nervous. I don’t like feeling dumb! But our manager now has only been in her role for about 2 years, so I have a feeling she probably had a lot to learn when she got into the job, too. She went to NP school, so I HOPE it works out well.

Anyway, I’m going to go try to eat a little something else and then hang out on the couch for awhile. I’m really hoping I feel better tomorrow since I’ll have Jackson all day and really want to finish up my paper, so I need a productive nap time. And I want to make it to the gym in the morning.


4 thoughts on “Sick Days

  1. I honestly don’t know how sick parents do it. The only times I remember my mother being sick is when I started getting older and by then I could fend for myself. Hope you feel better soon!

    What’s a run chart? We technically had to do a capstone for engineering, luckily we never had to present! Our professor was on his last year and got lazy. I’m sure you’ll do fine!

    • I don’t know if we have to present it to the class, but I just mean like, in front of coworkers and stuff. Awkward. A run chart is just a graph over time. I did it for how many urinary catheters were placed in a year.

      • Haha, I would be more comfortable in front of co-workers because you know them better versus the class is a bunch of strangers. But it’s always nerve wracking when your boss is there.

        I looked it up after I asked haha, almost all my engineering lab reports required a run chart. I thought it was gantt chart which is super annoying to make and takes some time depending how detailed it is.

      • I’ve heard of Gantt charts but have no idea what they are. I just never have to make charts because it’s not ever needed on the clinical side of things. I took an Excel class through the hospital that was great, but I forgot everything I learned. I’ll probably do it again in the fall once I start doing my internship since I think it’ll be easier to remember things that I can actually apply to what I’m doing!

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