Life Updates

Long time no write! I don’t have much to say. My sister came in town the other week so I took a hiatus from school and hung out with her. My parents also came in town the first weekend that she got here and it was so nice to have my family in town! I don’t see Annie (my sister) that much and she had never been to Charleston, so it was just a lot of fun to have her in town. We relaxed a lot but we did get out and do some exploring. We walked the Ravenel Bridge (a big bridge here) and it was WAY easier than expected. I think I’m going to try to do it more often. I love the late evening and sadly, never get to get out much at that time of the day, so it was so nice getting out two nights in a row and seeing the city at my favorite time of the day. I wish she could have stayed longer! I’m thinking of road tripping to Wisconsin with Jackson this summer to visit her though.

I spent a weekend in Atlanta and saw the Braves home opener at the new SunTrust Park with Jon, Andrew, and Andrew’s girlfriend, Liz. I got in a workout at my old CrossFit gym, which of course, I loved. I miss that gym, even though I don’t know any of the members anymore. I’m excited to go back to CrossFit in September, although I’m thinking of just doing the 10 class punch card and stretching it out over 2 months while I just use LA Fitness the rest of the time. My schedule will probably be all over the place and I can’t just have my mom watch Jackson every night while I work out. So… who knows how that’ll go.

I’ve been struggling a bit with Jon working SUCH long hours lately. He gets home just before Jackson goes to bed at 7 and then typically pulls out his computer after Jackson is asleep to work more. I think part of the problem is just that I’M not that busy anymore. I hate that he works such long hours and I feel like I’m just sitting here all the time. I am really liking Charleston and I love the break from working, but I feel like my own life is just on hold. Also, I logged in to pay bills and I have a feeling I won’t be going out of the country again this summer, haha. We’re doing fine with money, but definitely not saving like we should be (we have paid a LOT of the Tahoe off, though… and went to Poland… And I have paid for a lot of Iceland)! I know if I was working, it’d be different, but I’m not going to be working much for awhile. That was a good reality check. But I feel like I’m not focusing on much else, so I just want to travel. I need to remind myself (and start to actually believe it) that this is just a phase and I will be immersed on my own work eventually. One year until I’m done with my masters and then we can either really invest in our life in Charleston or go somewhere else.

Speaking of, 11 days of school left! I have a paper to finish (I was just working on it) and a movie to watch and some assignment to do. I need to motivate myself to get this done! I have a lot left on my paper, but I sort of don’t care. This professor grades easily and I’m through the first three paragraphs, which is what I had to research for. Now it’s just creating a plan for improvement. Got it. The hard part for me is figuring out how to format this portion of the paper in a way that makes sense and flows in APA format.

Anyway, not much to say. I’ll be off to do more schoolwork. Can’t wait to just go to the beach on my first day of having a sitter in May! This break from school can’t come fast enough! Especially since I FINALLY checked my email and have been working on getting all of my internship documents together, which is a pain. I have to resubmit and redo a lot of physical testing (vaccinations, TB test, health assessment, etc).

Alrighty, have a great week, everybody.


10 thoughts on “Life Updates

  1. That sucks he has to work such long hours, that sounds so miserable! Is that just for a temporary time that he has to work so much or is it how his job goes? I know what you mean though about not working while Jon does, the stay at home thing gets tiring quick.

    Are you done after your masters? I’ve seen program for DPN which seems intense lol.

    • Yes, I am DONE after my MSN! If I do go for a doctorate, it’d be a DNS, since it’d be in nursing science and not practice. But, I don’t think I’m doing that! And if I do, it’ll be AFTER I get a job, because they have tons of huge projects that you basically have to be in a management role already to do. But I need a break. Jon has long hours at the end of every quarter and the beginning of every quarter, so for about 1.5-2 months at a time, and then it eases off for a month, but he STILL gets home pretty late. Sales is just a demanding job though. I DO like staying at home, especially since it’s temporary, but it’s just SO different than what I was doing before. I wish I was at least working part time. I was so burnt out from working, but I wish I could work at least one shift a week.

      • Oh okay, it’ll be cool to call yourself a doctor lol.

        When I was with my ex, I was unemployed (still am ha) and practically living with him while figuring out my living situation. He’d go to work and I’d be stuck at his place with three dogs and he lived an hour away from my hometown so I knew no one from the area. That got lonely quick. Taking care of the dogs and doing chores just made me stirr crazy. After a while I started to venture out but it usually meant going to the stores because that’s all there was in the area. Can you work part-time at a hospital in Charleston?

      • It’d be hard to get hired. I COULD have worked part-time, but even per diem still usually has an every other or every 3rd weekend requirement, and I have to work weekends in GA so I didn’t want to commit to two weekends a month again. I did that when I had two jobs while pregnant and I hated it. And I’m not licensed here. I’ve heard it’s easy to get licensed here, but it seemed like there was a TON of stuff (maybe the temporary license is faster, but I need a permanent one). Also, I didn’t want a SC license showing up because I’m already worried my tuition will switch to out of state since I had a whole situation with having to get my license here since my car insurance was cancelled due to a mess up with USAA, so now my background check for school has my address has SC, which I had to submit to the school. Such a mess. I didn’t want SC to be a permanent address for me. AND if I get licensed now, I’d just have to renew sooner and renewing requires a bunch of CEUs, so I just didn’t want to bother.

  2. The bridge is really not that hard of a run or walk. It is if you only run or walk in flat Charleston, of course. Plus the view makes it worth it and is distracting anyway, hehe. Honestly, a lot of people think the uphill is the worst part of the bridge run and they train super hard for the uphill but the harder part is the 2 miles when you come off the bridge and that’s where you see who trained for the race and who thought they trained for the race :).

    I love being downtown in the evenings. Honestly, around 6 PM is the perfect time right now to be at Whitepoint Gardens/Battery, Colonial Lake, or Waterfront Park and sightsee. Back in January we were running downtown in the evenings and the city itself felt really empty- doesn’t feel like that anymore but it is a fun time of day to be out on a weeknight.

    Good luck with finishing up school!

    • Yeah, even the city is MUCH busier now than when I got here in February. We made it out once or twice in the evening in February and nobody was out. There were TONS of people at the Battery this past week. We just walked up to the top and back down, since we didn’t think the sunset was going to be that great (it was, but we saw it from that little pier by the bridge). My shins hurt so bad though after that because I always walk inclines at the gym and never walk downhill anymore, haha. We were all prepared for a long walk, but really, to go up and down (just to the center) was only 2 miles, which is an easy walk and it seems so much steeper when you’re driving it, surprisingly. Once I’m done with school, we HAVE to get together finally! Seriously! Or else I’m going to move back to Atlanta before we ever meet up!

      • We do- just name a date and time, really. I’ll make it work.

      • My assignments are both due May 1st! So maybe that Wednesday! I think I’ll be heading back from GA that Monday since I have to go do some stuff for my internship in the fall.

      • That Wednesday will actually work great for me (Wednesdays normally do).

      • I thought you had said that. I’ll write it down! I should have a sitter all summer on Monday and Wednesdays too, but I go to Iceland at the end of May so it gets a little crazy. So maybe we’ll get a chance to do a few Wednesday lunches or coffee or something!

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