Booty Gainz

Hey-o. So, I got a butt picture for you all.


If I’m remembering correctly, these photos are five weeks apart. I was sitting around 96.5-97.5lbs on a regular basis in the first photo, and now I’m usually 99-100lbs. I didn’t take photos of my arms or anything (though I think I do actually have some), but this is my butt/leg progress! I’d say it’s pretty good! Please ignore my face- I clearly don’t take mirror selfies very often and it takes a lot of concentration, I guess. I actually pulled out my post-baby shorts that I bought when I was heavier and they are much more comfortable than my usual shorts, so I know I’m makin’ them booty gainz. Kidding. I don’t actually talk like that. But guys, I’m actually really proud of this butt. I have been averaging 3-4 trips to the gym a week, but I took this photo this morning and had taken 5 days off from the gym. So, not like I’m going all the time, either. I’m just so glad that my pants are fitting better and I FEEL much better. I like feeling strong, and I’ve been feeling much stronger again. I’m actually not lifting anywhere even close to my heaviest, but I’m fine with that. I’m really working to target my muscles, even if the weights are a bit lighter than I used to do. I’m actually really going to miss my personal trainer when our time is over and have considered continuing with him until September. But I don’t want to get too “thick” right now because I can’t maintain that without a lot of work, and I want to get to a size where I can stay at without putting in a ton of effort.

Next up- that Mom belly.

We’re having a rough day around these parts. Jackson is napping (I really hope he sleeps the afternoon away!). He woke up a miserable boy. He had shots last Friday and he was totally fine afterwards. Yesterday I noticed a red spot on his thigh. Today it’s a pretty good sized nodule and the redness is much more pronounced and about quarter sized. I’d normally not be worried, but it was completely fine until yesterday. And he was a serious fuss-pants today. I gave him Motrin first thing this morning and it got him well enough that I took him to the gym with me. I only spent 40 minutes working out and then dropped in to check on him before I stretched and the poor kid was melting down. So I stretched with him in my lap the best that I could and then we came home. He has a runny nose too and Jon and I have had pretty bad colds, so I can’t tell if he’s been fussy from that or if his thigh hurts. And his butt is bleeding, since I think he pooped in his sleep last night, so he has been screaming when I clean his little bum. So, poor kid has a tough life. He felt warm yesterday and feels warm again today, so who knows what’s up. I hope he’s well enough to go to Ali’s tomorrow because I HAVE TO CLEAN! I haven’t cleaned my bathrooms in over a month (but really, our toilets here don’t even get dirty- how is that possible?) and need to since we have company coming on Saturday.

So I should be cleaning now. Or finishing up my project. But instead I was too excited about my butt and needed to share my progress.

Iceland is BOOKED! Woohoo! Everything is done and now we just need to do some researching into where we’re going. I’ve actually been looking at medical mission trips again and am seriously considering Cambodia. Our friends are moving to South Korea (Adam and Jessie), so I’m thinking of seeing if Jessie can meet me in Cambodia for a few days after the mission trip. I’m really feeling a pull to give more of myself to those in need, and the trip in Cambodia sounds awesome. You boat into different villages every day for medical clinics. It’s right under $3,000 and I would buy my own flight, but I think we can swing that next year. I really want to try and do a mission trip every year. I’m reading The Little Princes, and I had been wanting to go to Nepal lately, and now this just has be wanting to go give back in other countries. And once I’m out of school, I’m hoping to start volunteering at medical clinics in the US, also. Wherever we live. There is one in Atlanta that I could do, and I can look into ones in Charleston, also. (Like, actually 9-5 type clinics- not the free clinic I already volunteered at in Atlanta.)

It is super nice out today. I wish Jackson was a little happier so we could soak in this day. I was going to meet Lisa and Nora for a playdate at the museum, but that’s not happening! It would have been a great day to go walk around. The temps have dropped with the huge storms that came in yesterday and I’m loving it! I also wanted to do one of the Hike It Baby hikes this morning, but again, we weren’t having that today.

I’m going to go work on my project a bit more. Just kidding. Jackson just woke up…


7 thoughts on “Booty Gainz

  1. Hooray for the gains :). I am noticing some too (mostly my upper body because I didn’t lift upper body AT ALL until I got injured). I am definitely getting tank top shoulders :). Glad Jackson was OK and did okay for 45 minutes in the gym, and that your personal training has worked out well. Even if you don’t continue with it, at least you got something out of it and are feeling and looking stronger. You really do look great!

    • I like having some muscle back! My butt had gotten SO flat since I hadn’t done any lower body at all with that boot on my foot. And I didn’t really do any upper body stuff too because I didn’t want to have buff arms and no legs/butt, haha. I’d say Jeremy has almost been with the money 😉 Haha. Thanks!

  2. The first thing I noticed were the definition in your arms, I can see more difference there than in your legs. Yay for gains! Good personal trainers can be hard to come by, but this one seems to be worth it!

    Put vaseline on his little bum? It’ll help soothe the burn, or that diaper rash cream? It’s difficult because the wet wipes takes off moisture.

    I’ve wanted to do engineers without borders, I think it’s a great to do! You get to help people, travel, and learn about culture. It’s a win-win.

    • We always do coconut oil and a thick diaper cream over it. He just poops SO MUCH because of all the veggies and fruit that he eats. Like 5-7 times a day lately. You should look into engineers without borders now! Good time to do it! I wanted to do Doctors Without Borders and programs like that, but Jon was against it, of course. He ruins all my dreams, haha. My arms have gotten more definition too for sure, which is crazy because I actually don’t work on them nearly as much! I really do like this trainer. For 30 minutes a week, I’ve feel like he’s made a big difference.

  3. I really feel the urge to help people in need (the news reports from Syria are killing me right now) sometimes I really wish I’d done nursing!
    I hope Jackson feels better soon. I was going to suggest coconut oil but I see you already use that- my sister uses it on the twins butts, one of them has eczema and it seems to work!
    Wow, You look great!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you 🙂 Yeah, we LOVE coconut oil! I use it on my face and we put it all over Jackson’s body. His butt usually looks pretty good, but it’s in these little skin crevices that he seems to get really raw. But I wash him every morning and then we ALWAYS use cream! So I think it’s just from pooping SO much! I feel stuck at home and not able to travel much to help out, but maybe eventually I’ll be able to change that!

  4. Lookin’ great, lady!! 🙂

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