Iceland is Booked!

Happy Saturday! Jon’s parents just left, so we just put Jackson down for a (hopefully long) afternoon nap. I think I may run out to the store. I could have gone to the gym now, but I got ready already thinking I’d be working out this evening, so I may just stick with that plan. I’m kind of itching to get out of the house.

My most important news of that day is that ICELAND IS BOOKED! I decided to just come back home with Laura and not extend the trip. I’m actually thinking about trying to go on another trip this summer since flights to Europe are super cheap. If I go from Wed-Wed, it’d be my shortest international trip to date, but I think it’d still be fun. I’m having serious travel fever and am already feeling like I need to plan my next trip. I’m also just having this weird internal dilemma about why we had kids instead of just living a more nomadic lifestyle, but alas, I have a baby and I think I’ll keep him 😉 So no point in thinking too much about that! I unfollowed all my mom boards on Facebook to encourage me to unplug more, but when I did that, a travel page constantly started coming up (it never did before- I guess because I never commented on stuff on it). So now of course I’m hooked on reading about all of these vacations and hearing about people who just backpack across continents and I really wish I had done all of that before we had a baby! If I could go back and do my life over, I’d travel more. Anyway, we leave in 60 days for Iceland and Laura and I are going to go to Caribou after Kassie’s baby shower this Sunday to start planning. I am beyond excited about this trip! Except the flight has a layover AND our international flight is still a smaller plane and I hate smaller planes! I need the big planes to feel comfortable (mentally) because we all know I’m terrified of flying!

Speaking of flying, I really wish I was a better flyer. I’ve never gone on weekend trips because the flight anxiety is not worth it for me to hop on a plane just to go to Chicago or just to go out west for a weekend. I really need to commit myself to a longer trip to make flying worth it to me, and even now I really try not to fly in the US because I actually love road tripping and because my flight anxiety gets worse and worse as times goes on.

I had to go back to Atlanta this week without Jackson. I had my work schedule messed up, so I got in on Tuesday thinking I needed to head to work. Thankfully, I checked my schedule and realized that I didn’t actually need to be there and that I was on call (they didn’t need me). So I had the whole afternoon all to myself! I took my tax documents to our CPA, went to CrossFit at the gym I used to go to when I was really heavy into lifting, and then I went over to Kassie’s and went on a walk with her and hung out in her basement like the old high school times (she moved in with her parents to save money for the baby- her and her husband are moving in September out of town for her husband’s first job as a lawyer!). It was really refreshing to have an entire evening to myself and not have to worry about Jackson.

I had ACLS on Wednesday for work and then I went over to Gina’s that evening. Our class was over by 2:30, so I basically had the whole afternoon free again. We were crafting for Kassie’s baby shower but we decided to go get some coffee too. We usually just hang out at her house, but I really decided to just enjoy the free evenings in Atlanta! We went to Community Grounds Coffee which is actually in kind of a sketchy area just near Gina’s, but the coffee was so good!

I had to work Thursday morning until 11 and then came back to Charleston.

Friday morning, I dropped Jackson off and had my personal training session. We did upper body and I am so sore! Although I can’t believe I spent $42 a session, I actually am really enjoying my personal trainer. Even though he’s just a 22 year old baby (haha- I kid), I like my workouts with him. I was SO tired on Friday though and not feeling the workout, so I was a bit slack. I warned him though. We did some moves on the cable machine and I never use cables, so it was good to do something different.

I had to go out to Mt Pleasant to go grocery shopping afterwards, but it was a beautiful day and I decided I could put off school for another day. I looked up a French place near Whole Foods and headed out there. I sat outside and enjoyed the day alone. I was only 3 miles from the beach, so I headed to the beach to explore a bit, and then finally made it to Whole Foods. It was a really nice day. I ended up hanging out on the couch and watching TV and napping in the afternoon since I was just exhausted. It felt really good to just have an entire “me” day here. I always run errands and do schoolwork when Jackson is at his sitter’s house, so just putting off school to  do my own thing was nice. I cannot wait until summer when I can spend EVERY day doing my own thing (when he’s at his sitter’s house- which will probably only be 1-2 days a week in the summer).

Anyway, I guess I should go. I may run out to the store and look at some shoes. Or maybe just drive around. I’m just ready to explore and get out of the house since it’s nice out!

6 thoughts on “Iceland is Booked!

  1. Today is so beautiful! We went out for Mellow Mushroom and I’m going for a run later. Also our neighborhood pool opens on April 1 if you and Jackson are looking for a pool this summer. You’d have to go as my guest since I have the key but that’s okay, they have a shallower area for the babies and small children but no kiddie pool.

    I can’t wait to see your Iceland pics and how the trip goes. My friend Melissa is going to Iceland this summer too.

    • We would definitely love a pool to use! We go to the beach, but it’s such a production to get out there and park and then clean him up. We’ll have to figure that out when we FINALLY meet up soon!

      • Yeah- also the beaches will get WAY crowded in the summer so the pool will be more convenient. Plus I’m only a few miles away so a much shorter drive… not that the beach is far.

      • I hadn’t even thought about that! The pools in Atlanta get crazy in the afternoons but we don’t have beaches to visit. I’m hoping Jackson and I can get to the beach early in the mornings though and avoid a lot of the crowd. But yes, you are MUCH closer than the beach!

  2. I wish I lived next to a beach and somewhere with guaranteed sunshine! I hate flying too but I prefer shorter flights, I like to get it over with sooner. I regret not travelling more when I was younger and less fearful. YAHHH you booked Iceland, so exciting, that will be good if you can fit in another trip by coming home earlier.

    • I wish I had traveled more too! I was already afraid of solo traveling but now I feel like I should have just done it when I was younger so it would seem normal now!

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