Life Updates and Travel Updates

Hey-o! I need to go get working on school stuff since my professor posted yesterday that our project is due on the 19th, even though the calendar and dropbox say the week after. This masters program drives me insane. I just got counted off on my APA for using “et al.” incorrectly, and then I emailed the professor with the exact page from our APA manual to show her I used it correctly. Look yo, I’m a pro at internal citations. I know what I’m doing. I just feel like things are getting a little disorganized this year with the program, even though I think it’s still a decent program.

But anyway, I got back from Atlanta yesterday. It feels nice to be home in Charleston, but I’m going back to Atlanta on Tuesday to work that night, I have ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) on Wednesday, and am on call Thursday morning before heading back. And then I go back to Atlanta the following Friday. And then I go back the following Thursday after my sister is in town for part of a week. It’s going to be a busy month with a lot of driving. Thankfully, Jackson will be staying in Charleston so at least my drives an actually be pretty quick.

It was nice to be back in Georgia but it was just so busy. With working and having to go to bed early (because I’m old and grandmotherly), I only got to see friends on Monday night. We were planning Kassie’s baby shower and that was a lot of fun. She moved back in with her parents while she’s pregnant to save money, so it was kind of fun to feel like we were in high school again. I guess the cool thing to do at 30 is move back in with your mom and dad. (Like me.)

I got home yesterday afternoon and was pretty excited to see Jon! I watched the Bachelor finale and tried to talk to him about it, but he wasn’t interested so I texted Kassie the whole time about how irritating I found the entire episode.

Jackson has been sleeping until 7:15ish with the time change and I love it! But I have a feeling when the time changes back, he’ll go back to waking up at 6:15. I dropped him off at his sitter’s today and he did scream his head off when I left, but I still feel good about him being there! She was watching another little girl too so he has three friends to play with today! I’m sure he’ll have a blast! And it’s nice because I have the WHOLE day to myself instead of having to pick him up at noon. Good thing too, because I want to do schoolwork, work out, and run all the way over to Whole Foods to stock up on some stuff (I only go once a week usually now- we go to Publix for smaller things, but their organic section is pretty small).

I didn’t work out at all in Georgia. I planned on it, but my dad had to work so I couldn’t go during the day, and Friday was 17.3 and I just don’t care to participate in the Open stuff. I could have gone Tuesday, but it was so cold and dreary and I stayed in my pajamas all day and just didn’t care enough to go. So, I’ll head out this afternoon to work out finally and tomorrow is another personal training session.

I have been super anxious lately, which is really unlike me. So I’m trying to figure out why and stop it. I thought maybe it’s just because I’m a high strung person anyway and without having my work to focus all that energy on, it’s just festering in me. But I think it could also be coffee, since I make French press coffee and it’s super strong. So I’m going back to decaf today, even though I’m tired and really want regular! I also wonder if it’s spending too much time scrolling Facebook. I know it’s silly, but I get so irritated by how stupid people can be (that sounds terrible- I know). I don’t even care what happens on Facebook (I mostly read Mom groups), but I log in out of boredom and then read all 20 notifications every time I get back on. And I really don’t care about any of it! I deleted my FB for awhile while I was pregnant and really want to do it again, but it’s the only way I’m really getting to meet people in Charleston, so I feel like now I can’t delete it. Instead, I’m just trying to be more intentional about getting on there and am not just scrolling through at all commercial breaks and when I’m bored. Maybe I’ll see how these things go. Hopefully something helps, because the anxiety is totally interfering with falling asleep and that is really annoying.

Lastly, Laura shortened our Iceland trip by almost a week because her boyfriends wants her to use those vacation days with him. While this is kind of irritating because we have waited and waited for her to get three weeks of vacation to take this trip, it is what it is. I’m really trying to find somebody to meet me in Iceland for the rest of the week, but until I know if it’ll happen, I don’t want to book my trip with Laura. (Angela, want to meet in Iceland?!) But we’re getting down to the wire and need to start booking places to stay since Iceland has apparently boomed this year in tourism. But on an even more exciting note, I’m pretty sure I’m going to South Africa in December! Maggie, a girl who travel nurses and graduated a year behind me from nursing school (she was best friends and roommates with my best nursing school friend, Kayla) just went to Iceland and we were messaging about that. I love people who love to travel, and she said she’s been wanting to go to Cape Town. Which is perfect because ME TOO! I’m making this my year to travel (formerly the year to save for a house) since we’re trying for a baby next spring and I just need to go see as much of the world as possible right now! We also have friends moving to South Korea shortly and I’m talking about meeting one of them in Nepal. And then Jon and I should be doing a trip in October, possibly to Scotland or Ireland. So I am SUPER excited about all of these possibilities. Who knows which trips I’ll end up going on, but I feel like Maggie is pretty serious about South Africa and once I decide on a trip, I make it happen. I’m going to start planning after Iceland is over since Africa is a whole new continent for me and I don’t think I can throw that together as quickly as I can throw a European trip together.

Alright, I need to get off here and get some work done! We have a major project due in a month that I need to get started on, plus this one that I need to finish this week!

5 thoughts on “Life Updates and Travel Updates

  1. I am SO jealous of all your travel plans, that sucks about the Iceland trip…I’d love to meet if it ties in with when my sisters can go, when are you planning on going?! South Africa is my dream place to visit!!!!
    Ok, coffee and stupid people on Facebook make me anxious too, I’ve cut back my coffee to one really weak one in the morning which was fine but I’ve started to feel it affect me too now so may have to go decaf or just have tea! As for Facebook, I deleted mine for a while but now my run group use it to organise and plan our long runs and a lot of my friends use it to promote their businesses so that’s my excuse for not deleting it now….and I can’t help but look at what people post, haha!

    Are you doing crossfit again? I’ve seen loads of people posting the workouts for the Open and I’m so intrigued to give it a go!

    That’s a lot of back and forth, how far/long a drive is it from Atlanta to Charleston?

    I don’t know how you do it all, baby, work, school, travel back and forth! No wonder you need an early bed time!!!

    • It’ll be June 4-6. We’re planning on going out May 26 and my friend wants to fly home the 6th. So I was thinking if we do Reykavic (I can’t spell that at all and I’m not looking it up now) at the end, then we could all meet up earlier (or whoever comes out) and then I can do a second leg with whoever comes out! When is your sister’s vacation? I’m not doing CrossFit again yet because I spent all this money on a personal trainer, so I’m waiting until this is over before going back to it. But it’s so worth it! I remember what I was doing CrossFit, I hurt something (I can’t even remember what now) and started running instead and I ran 4 miles in like, 36 minutes or something like that. It was ridiculous for never running. It really gets you in good shape! The drive between Atlanta to Charleston is 5 hours, but 7 with Jackson since we stop for lunch and to stretch his legs between his naps! I’m glad other people can’t help but look at posts of FB, haha. I really wish I had friends here so I could just delete it entirely, but I think when I get back to Atlanta in September and don’t need it to meet people, I’ll delete it for awhile again. I didn’t even miss it before, but I got it back so I could learn about cloth diapering on a FB group since I needed a place to learn about it. I never noticed coffee making me anxious before but I LOVE COFFEE so this is so unfortunate!

      • Damn! I go to Spain on the 8th June. My sister and I both have time off late July and November and haven’t decided when to go to Iceland, shes leaning more towards winter because she wants to try to see the Northern Lights (I’m not too bothered!) Yeah, I’ve been obsessed with all my friends Crossfit videos and I watched a docu-film on Rich Froning and everyone was just crazy superfit! That is soo good for never running, it takes me to do that!!!! I’m defo going to give it a go after the marathon.
        WOW, I always forget how tiny the UK is compared to the US, I hate driving, the longest I’ve ever driven was 3.5 hours and I’m sure I had to make a stop haha!

      • The longest you’ve ever driven is 3.5 hours?! REALLY?! That is so crazy, haha. We live on the east coast and I’ve driven across the country twice. Atlanta to Portland (where I did travel nursing) was 37 1/2 hours, haha. But I broke it up over a week. And then we did a total of like, 70ish hours over the course of 10 days when we came back. The longest I did in one day was 18 hours and it was a LONG 18 hours! The Northern Lights would be so awesome. I wish we could see them, but the days are so short in Iceland then and I want to pack the days full and really see a TON. Hopefully one day I’ll see the northern lights. Still dying to go to Lapland to see them! I’m looking forward to you trying CrossFit so I can read your blogs about it!

      • OMG That is so crazy!!!! I’m sure from the most Northern part of Scotland to the most Southern place in England is like 15hours drive total! London is a 6 hour drive from where I live and I would always fly because I think it’s really far haha!! I can’t wait to read about your Iceland trip, we probably will only go far a week so I’ll be taking notes of your best bits to squeeze it all in 🙂
        Crossfit is really taking off in my area at the moment there were no CF gyms here last year and now there are 5 within 3 miles of me…I’ll probably die haha!!

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