Weekend Fun & Personal Training Sessions

Hey everybody! We had a busy weekend around here and a busy day yesterday. Crista and Billy came in town on Thursday night for a wedding so they stayed with us. We spent Friday downtown with Billy’s family having brunch, walking around, and checking out the cat cafe! It was a beautiful day, although a bit chilly! It’s always nice getting out and exploring downtown and trying new places. Billy’s family is so incredibly nice too! His whole family is so down to earth and since they were married not too long ago, I had met everybody before.

I hung out around the house on Friday night (they had family stuff) with Jon. Saturday morning we went out for brunch in West Ashley before Crista and Billy had to go downtown for wedding activities. After Jackson’s nap, Jon and I headed out to Mt Pleasant to go to a baby boutique so I could try out a few baby carriers and then we came home for Jackson’s afternoon nap and an evening at home.

Sunday we headed to the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry. It wasn’t nearly as big as I thought it would be and some things were a little older and not in the best shape, but it was still a lot of fun. They have a little toddler area so Jackson got to roam around and play with other little kids and he seemed to have fun. It was nice to get out and do something age appropriate with Jackson and I had been hoping to find something similar to that before summer. It’ll be hard to go to the parks when it’s so hot and we’ll have to find things to entertain us and keep as active, especially since we don’t have a neighborhood pool here (which I really wanted, but we can’t have everything!).

Yesterday I had my second session with the personal trainer. We did a lot of leg work, but nothing super heavy. My legs are slightly sore, but not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. My lats and shoulders are SUPER sore though. I don’t ever focus on my lats at the gym, especially since CrossFit is super lat and trap intensive usually, so it’s nice to actually do stuff that’ll benefit them while I’m not doing CrossFit. I actually like having a trainer because it holds me accountable to not giving up when things get heavy (I do this a ton at the regular gym- like, “Oh, that was heavy, I think I’ll just do 8 instead of 12”). He also trains things in a way that I don’t typically do, since I do a lot of the same stuff. So it’s sort of nice to do new things, but then on days when I go alone, I get to do my regular comfort stuff. I plan on dropping into my old CrossFit gym in Atlanta this coming week if I can make it work (my evenings are pretty booked- but I feel like Jackson is at a good age to stay home with my dad for an hour between his naps while I do the noon class if my dad is off work). I weighed myself Saturday morning and was 96.7 (I weigh myself after my eggs in the morning, so same time). I weighed myself last night out of curiosity and was 100.2 after a full day of eating, but it was still nice to see a number over 100, even if it’s temporary! I’ve really been trying to eat more. I’m definitely a snacker though! I used to be a meal person, but with Jackson, I definitely snack much more. I eat a little of what I’m making him and then a little of my own food, so all day long is just food here and there. It works for now, but I’m having to make more food for Jackson so that there is enough for me to eat too and I’m starting to roast some of his veggies instead of steam them, so that I’ll want to eat them too.

Today is Jackson’s LAST day at his daycare! THANK THE LAWD! Seriously though. They didn’t change him at all while he was there yesterday until I picked him up. He had leaked through a diaper the other day all over my clothes when I picked him up (I put him in cloth in the morning and then they just never change him). After I feed him breakfast at 6:30am, they aren’t feeding him until a snack at 11am. Yesterday they gave him a pouch and that was it! I had sent a snack AND an entire lunch! I picked him up at 12 and he was so exhausted and fell asleep in the car, so I put him down for a nap at home even though I knew he’d be hungry, and he woke up 45 minutes later crying. I gave him lunch and put him right back down for a nap. I’m so over this place and I’m SO GLAD this is our last day. And we were told the max ratio would be 1:4 (state law is 1:6) but it’s 1:6 in his room now and Jackson is the oldest. The rest are all tiny babies so I know Jackson is getting shafted for the other kids to be taken care of.

Jackson went to his new sitter (Ali) on Friday and it was wonderful! I dropped him off at 8am and Ali sent us pictures throughout the day. She said he did great. He was super happy when I dropped him off and into all the toys and playing with her kids. Ali said he napped great and she gave him ALL the food that I sent with him. Jon didn’t pick him up until 4 since I was downtown with Crista and Billy and it was so nice to feel relaxed about where Jackson was and actually enjoy my day without stressing about him. I would never leave him at his daycare until 4pm because I get so anxious about them not properly caring for him here. I already feel so much better about this decision and I texted Ali back and forth on Saturday about days that I’d need help and she is so wonderful! VERY happy with the childcare situation!

Other than all that baby business, I went to the gym today and did some squats and a quick upper body workout. I’m going to get Jackson from daycare in a minute and then hopefully I’ll get some stuff done while he’s taking his afternoon nap.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to Atlanta with Jackson for a week. I have to work Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Monday night the girls are getting together at Kassie’s house to start planning some baby shower stuff and I’ll either head back to Charleston on Tuesday or Wednesday. It’ll be nice to go back to Atlanta, but I feel like home is here since this is where our family is together and I really don’t feel like packing everything up. This whole month and April is so much back and forth and I am not looking forward to it! Almost every week, Jackson and I will be back and forth. Thankfully he’s entirely off bottles so at least we don’t have to lug all of that around, but there is still so much stuff to take with a baby, especially while the weather is cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoons.

Alright, off to shower and eat some lunch and go get my boy! Hopefully he’s in a good mood this afternoon because he has been a little fussy pants lately and he is super clingy! I can’t get much done anymore while he’s awake!



3 thoughts on “Weekend Fun & Personal Training Sessions

  1. I’m so glad you changed daycares! It sounds like the first one was terrible if they lied to you about the caregiver to kid ratio and didn’t even change or feed Jackson. Ugh. Also you’re more than welcome to come to our pool once it opens. I have to go with you, but I can do that sometime. It opens in April and is a very nice pool.

  2. That is so bad!! I bet you aren’t second guessing yourself now about changing Jacksons daycare.
    I’m glad you are enjoying PT too, I totally need someone there to push me too!

  3. Oie! That is not the daycare experience you want!! What are they doing…!? Glad you found some nice outdoor play areas though – sounds nice for both the parents and the kids. And I’m really glad to hear you seeing some real positives with your PT sessions. I think its great. And snacking is great too!! I’m definitely more of a meal person, but should probably get practicing on those snacks.

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