Jackson: One Year

I rarely make updates specifically for Jackson on here, just because it’s not really my thing. But now that Jackson is one, I feel like we must be due for it!

Jackson is seriously the best one year old EVER, but maybe just because I’m his mom. But really, I love him to pieces. He is the most fun kid ever! Jackson really started walking while we were in Poland a month and a half ago (so just before he was 11 months old) and this new stage is my favorite, by far. Everybody kept telling me I should enjoy my time before he was fully mobile, but I knew I would love it once he was walking around. It’s so fun watching him really master the whole walking thing. He used to not be able to walk in grass at all and now he is doing so much better. He still gets off balance if there are dips in the ground, but he’s working pretty hard on mastering steps, like up onto the porch or the curb. He has tried to run a few times but usually flops rights onto the ground. He definitely doesn’t want to be contained and if I try to hold his hand, he’ll use his other hand to pull my hand off of him so he can go his own way. It’s a work in progress. Maybe one day.

He is still sleeping like a champ. We followed Babywise because I’m not a mom who wakes up at night forever. I like my sleep a lot, and I’m a really difficult wife and not very loving mother when I’m exhausted. And Jackson is happier when he sleeps too. He woke up a few times here and there as soon as we moved into my parents house back in September (I think that’s when we got there), but he has slept all night since then. I thought with the move here and with him being sick and teething a few times, we’d surely have some night wakings. Nope. He wakes up anywhere from 5:50-6:15 and will play happily in his crib for 30-45 minutes before I go in and get him. He is still taking two naps a day, from about 9:30-11 and then 2:45-3:45ish. I’m hoping to continues with two naps or a few more months, although I can see the benefit of one nap now! He goes down super easily at night and in the morning, but his second nap can be hit or miss. Sometimes he plays in his crib for 45 minutes before he finally decides he wants to nap. Sometimes he cries and won’t nap. But overall, he is a really good sleeper and I’m so thankful for that (and our hard work to get him there).

We sort of did Babyled Weaning with Jackson when we introduced food, but not super strict. He never had baby food. We hadn’t been able to give him eggs since they broke his face out, but we’ve reintroduced them and they’re a huge hit. He can eat so many eggs in the morning! We also started giving him peanut butter toast and he absolutely loves it. His love for veggies seems less intense, but he loves fruit, bread, and eggs (sadly, he only gets one piece of bread max a day and no other grains- or I’ll do these oatmeal bars I made him with bananas and applesauce- but not both). My silly boy totally refuses his breastmilk in a sippy cup still. We totally cut out bottles two days after his first birthday (first birthday was 2-26). We let him continue since he had shots on Tuesday and had the roughest evening. But the next day we went cold turkey. He hasn’t even seemed to notice, honestly. Out of sight, out of mind. We plan to reintroduce breastmilk in a sippy in about two weeks and hopefully he’ll take it, otherwise he’ll just be drinking water (he won’t drink other milk, either).

Jackson loves to play outside right now. He also loves dogs. He does pretty well with independent play and can entertain himself for awhile, although he tends to like my pots and pans and tupperware cabinet the best out of everywhere in the house. I feel like he is a little easier to please in his bedroom and bathroom, where he has less to play with. It’s our “quiet” area, where I can lay on the floor when I’m tired and he can run around and do his own thing. He’s harder to manage downstairs, for sure. He also loves bath time and he loves the water! We like taking him to the store because he is always so happy looking around and the ladies just love him! Although he is doing much better with eating out, we still aren’t going out with him a ton because it’s just not nearly as relaxing.

Jackson is totally attached to us right now, which is pretty adorable! When I wipe up the floors, he comes and hugs my butt and then I’ll stop and he’ll crawl around to my lap. He is always super excited when Daddy gets home and he gets super upset when Jon is on a business call in his office and he can’t get to Jon. He gives up tons of baby kisses and hugs and just melts our hearts!

Anyway, I’m going to go because Jackson is actually waking up from his afternoon nap right now!



One thought on “Jackson: One Year

  1. Jackson sounds adorable! Toddlers are so much fun!

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