Day One with a Personal Trainer

Today was Day 1 of Personal Training. I still can’t believe I spent so much money on a personal trainer because I really don’t feel like I need it, but I’m going to just move on from the fact that I spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY ON A PERSONAL TRAINER WHEN I DIDN’T NEED IT! Maybe some good will come of this!

I had written down three days of eating prior to meeting with Jeremy (my new trainer, who is 22 and I feel like 22 is so young now), but I didn’t bring it. Although I didn’t feel the need to bring it. I can identify the problems: all three days look exactly the same pretty much, not enough protein, not enough veggies, and NOT ENOUGH FOOD.

I’m all for eating when I’m hungry. I don’t think I could ever count macros. Or anything else, for that matter. I don’t want to track my food. But I want to gain weight. I’m somewhere in the 97lb range right now and that’s pretty consistent. I would love to get back to 105lbs, but that’s a pretty lofty goal. I’d also like my butt back. Maybe not as lofty of a goal, but without upping my weight, I probably won’t get much of a butt. While I would love to gain some weight back and get some muscles, I mostly just want to be in shape. That’s my biggest goal. The whole long healthy life thing is always the goal.

When I was talking to Jeremy today he said he wants me to write down what I do for workouts (boring- I see the benefit, but boring- I decide what I’m going to do at the gym while I’m warming up, and then I usually decide my second half of the time at the gym while I do the first half of my workout. I’m not a planner. I do try to alternate if I’m doing a heavier leg day with upper body and try not to do much heavy work on the same muscles back to back… He also said that if I’m trying to gain weight, HIIT workouts aren’t really the best. Obviously I know that. This isn’t my first gym rodeo. But that’s what I like doing. I do love to lift and I love to lift heavy (though heavy now is relative). My workouts are never going to be just lifting now. I’d rather have a nice mix that keeps me entertained and if it takes more to gain weight or if I only gain 2-3lbs, then that’s just how it’ll be. I’m not stressing it. I don’t need to be the next Kim Kardashian or anything.

Jeremy was good though. I liked him. I felt comfortable with him, which I think is important if you have to work out with somebody standing right there looking at you. (Awkward.) The only kind of annoying thing is that when I signed up for personal training, the guy who did my eval said that we would get a book with all of the workouts planned for me and that we do with the trainer. My trainer said he doesn’t like to keep a book and just uses his phone and he can send me the workouts. I’m not 22 anymore. I like books. I don’t want all that on my phone. I use up all my memory on pictures of Jackson. So I’d rather have a book. Also, I asked if I only did one day of training, would I get the plan for other workouts too and I was told yes. Now Jeremy said to do my own thing for a few weeks and then I can recycle the workouts that we’ve done. Well, I’m only doing this for three months. So I get a 30 minute workout once a week for $42 and that’s it? Because I can look at a website and get a 30 minute workout fo’ free.

Other than all that, I guess it went well. I definitely will be sore and I think it’ll be good to see some other exercises that aren’t necessarily from CrossFit (I still do pretty much all CrossFit type exercises at the gym and almost never use machines for anything) and I also think being accountable about my food will be good. I know I need to eat more, but it’s a struggle, especially if I’m not working out really intensely. I really had to focus on eating more today and have felt overly full (not full really- but I hate the feeling of being full so I never eat until I’m full). I also drank protein and now that I’m not pregnant anymore, the chalkiness was way less appealing (I loved how chalky the protein was when I was pregnant- I looked forward to it every morning). I’m hoping that with the increase in activity, I’ll get my appetite back and actually want to eat more. I managed to stay at 105lbs before and never had to really worry about what I was eating (other than being Paleo, because I was ate almost completely Paleo the entire time I was 105lbs), so I know I’ll eventually get to a point where when I eat enough, I’ll keep the weight on (or some weight on- maybe not an extra 8lbs). But when you really think about it, how much does a barely active 97lb person really need to eat to maintain their weight? Not much. I go on walks with Jackson, but I’m not burning much. And I’m pretty sure my metabolism slowed down a little after having a baby too.

After working out the last three days though, I really do feel motivated to keep working out. I know I did recently when I went back to the gym too, but then being sick totally knocked any motivation out the window. Even though I did a short workout at home with 5lb weights, I was still sore today. Goes to show how out of shape I am. But I already feel stronger and more in shape. It’s probably all in my head, but that’s okay. I’m going with it. At least if I lose motivation temporarily, especially as I get back into going to the gym regularly, I can’t get out of the habit for over a week, since I have a session every week. Totally worth $42 every week, right?! (No.)




8 thoughts on “Day One with a Personal Trainer

  1. Gonna recommend the Orgain Organic protein that’s on sale at Costco this month (get the chocolate). It’s vegan but it is really, really good, especially blended with Fairlife milk which has extra protein in it. I make protein frappucinos by pouring in a little cold brew and blend with ice, too. It doesn’t taste as chalky as a lot of proteins. Also if any of your protein has that aftertaste, the Fairlife milk covers it up.

    I don’t think personal training is a bad thing especially if you are coming off an injury. You’ve been working out and doing CrossFit for so long that you probably know about good form and what to do but it never hurts to have someone evaluating you so that you don’t get reinjured or injure something else. Either way it is only temporary so if you don’t let the setup with this guy you can just cancel. I would want a book too and not just someone texting me workouts.

    I feel like 22 is so young too. When did 22 become young?!?!?

    • That’s the protein that I use! I get it from Costco, too. I’ll have to have Jon pick up another container while it’s on sale though! I haven’t gone to Costco since we moved here- he’s been doing all the Costco trips. I’ve been using regular milk for it but I thought about switching to Ripple since it has 8g of protein in that too. I have 22 year old coworkers and they never seem young until I’m in the break room with a few of them at once and then their age REALLY shows. I know I used to be just like that, but it seems like so long ago! Thankfully.

      • Costco has the chocolate one in stock but you can order the vanilla online shipped for the same $23.99 price and I do that (I need to get some more while it’s still on sale). They do have an Orgain whey on the website too and it’s also good!

        I have never tried the Ripple milk but if you are trying to gain weight, it might be a good idea. You could mix the shake with a milk with more fat to add some additional calories in, vs skim milk. Worth a shot and would probably make it a bit creamier and fluffier.

      • I use anything from skim to 2% milk. Just whatever has the latest date on the box! I need to just eat more fats in general. I should order the vanilla one for when I make smoothies! I never even thought about ordering it online. I actually just did order it, haha. Thanks! I haven’t actually tried Ripple plain before, but I use it in Jackson’s oatmeal. I might just suffer through a protein shake if it’s not very good though just to get more protein. Sometimes I use extra powder too.

  2. 22 is young, right? I was feeling particularly old yesterday because a kid I used to babysit turned 21 but your right its just that 21 is actually young, haha!!
    You probably know as much as your trainer does with regards to working out but trying new ways of working out motivates me, so its probably a good way to get back into it from your injury and post baby.
    I really don’t eat enough either , I don’t need to gain weight (infact I could be doing with losing a couple pounds…or ten) and my weight doesn’t change at all even if I have days when I binge eat donuts or weeks when all I eat is soup or salad. When I was training with Fiona she asked us to write a food diary for a week, I ended up adding stuff in that I hadn’t eaten cause I knew she’d comment on how little it was, especially carbs but I’m never really hungry and can’t eat much at once or I just feel bloated and sick!

    • One of my old CrossFit trainers just posted pictures of her after her second baby. She looked FANTASTIC and she said she hadn’t been eating enough to lose weight. She worked with one of our long-time workout buddies who is now a dietician, and he had her increase her intake (I’m not sure if it was just protein, fat, or what) but she looks amazing. I used to gain a pound or two here and there, but I’m always 97 now. I’m really hoping the scale goes up soon!

  3. I really appreciate all your honesty and willingness to share this journey of yours, Liz. I feel like our situations are eerily similar. I feel that personal trainers, though I don’t have one myself, would just be good for that extra accountability and help to stay focused – to not start veering off into too much cardio or HITT when our goal is to gain weight. And heck, someone besides ourselves to tell us “good job!” when we go up in weight? Can’t hurt right? It’s hard to gain weight – dear lord it is so much harder than people think – but I hope that strength training can continue to be a MOTIVATOR for both of us. And I’ll be amping up the calories right there along with you.

    • I had my second session today and I definitely feel like the accountability (mostly IN the gym) was good, because sometimes if something gets heavy I’m like, “Okay, that’s enough!” and move on. I am just NOT HUNGRY ENOUGH to amp up the calories more! I felt so stuffed the other day and then looked what I had eaten and I imagined that it was so much more. I should write about what I eat in one day now so I can look back and see down the road! I think my next step should probably be tracking macros for a day or two, but it sounds so horrible for me to track all of that!

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