Jackson’s FIRST Birthday Weekend!

Happy Monday! It was a rough weekend! A good one, but rough. Jon and I were planning on leaving for Florida on Friday afternoon, so I was planning on taking Jackson to daycare to get stuff done. He woke up and was a real fuss pants and Jon was paranoid his ear infection came back. So I took him to the pediatrician (he was fine) and then we kept him home all day. Jon woke up with no voice, so he stayed home all day and I was able to run errands. We still didn’t leave for Florida until around 6pm, since it’s always been easier to leave at night when Jackson is asleep for the night.

Didn’t work. We stopped at McDonald’s to eat (one of us eats at a time inside while Jackson sleeps in the car with the other person) but he woke up. He was not happy about it, but fell back to sleep quickly when we got in the car. But then he was awake for two hours when we got to Florida. Jon and I were SO tired! He was happy though, but awake. And that’s never fun at midnight when you normally go to sleep at 9:30pm.

Saturday morning was good. We stayed with Jamie Lynn and John (my Jon’s twin sister) and their two kids. We hung out around the house and watched Hacksaw during nap time. The boys played together and it was nice to just chill around the house.

We left at one to go to Jon’s parents. His mom put together a first birthday party for Jackson. It was a good day and thankfully, the kids weren’t too crazy. Jackson did fine with no nap but he cried during his cake smash and barely even touched his cake. It was pretty cute, but I didn’t get any photos on my camera! Rebecca (Jon’s sister) took some on hers, so she is going to send them to me. We headed out around 7:30pm, with Jackson in his PJs for what we hoped would be an easy ride home.

Except Jackson woke up SCREAMING at 9pm. Normally he calms down if he gets out of his seat, but no such luck. The kid was miserable. We changed his poop diaper at a gas station and he was still miserable, and of course I was out of bottles since we didn’t expect him to need another one. (He didn’t need a bottle- but it would have probably helped calm the kid down.) We didn’t have any Motrin with us (Mom Fail) so we had to go to Target with him at 9:45pm (and there were SO many kids there- why the F’ are so many kids at Target at almost 10pm?!) and buy some. We gave him some and then got back on the road and I basically let him watch YouTube on my phone until he finally calmed down and fell back to sleep over an hour later. He NEVER gets to watch TV, so he was pretty into it. I also had a quick meltdown myself because I have been so overwhelmed with the daycare situation and the stress of him crying EVERY time I drop him off and then worrying about him all day and it’s just wearing on me. And then he had a rough weekend and I think I just hit my breaking point. It’s hard when you feel like the little person that you love the most in this world isn’t as happy as he should be. All you want is for your kid to be happy!

Sunday was my boy’s FIRST birthday! We wanted to spend the day out and about and go to the children’s museum, but he woke up and was miserable. Even when Jackson is sick, he is typically pretty happy and calms down easily when you pick him up or give him a bottle. But not yesterday. He had a super rough day. We hung out around the house in the morning and then put him down for a nap. I woke him at 11 after his nap and he had a meltdown. Nothing worked. He seemed so tired, so instead of lunch, Jon went up with him and gave him a bottle in his room and they just sat in his room for so long. Jackson NEVER sits in our lap, so we could tell he was miserable when he laid in Jon’s lap for a good 30 minutes. Finally his Motrin kicked in and he cheered up. We tried to go to the park but the park we tried wasn’t actually a real park, so instead we decided to go to Publix since we needed a few things and he LOVES the truck cart and it was close to nap time anyway. Well, the truck cart was taken, so we had to use a regular cart, but he was still super happy.

We got home and put him down for a nap and when he woke up on his own, it was the same thing as the morning. Absolutely miserable. It was probably 1 1/2 hours before his Tylenol kicked in and he cheered up, so we just hung out watching cartoons and cuddling him. So no museum!

We did take him to the park for a bit in the evening since he was okay after the meds, so that was his only birthday fun.


I love this picture that Jon took of us yesterday.

I expected Jackson to be miserable this morning, but he woke up happy! Thankfully! We had breakfast together (we reintroduced eggs to him and his face hasn’t broken out, so I am SO glad he can eat eggs now since I eat it every day for breakfast and he wants to eat what I’m eating) and then got him ready for daycare.

I quit our daycare today! It went better than I expected, but he still has this week and a few days next week to go, and I am going to take him. Also, he was happy when I dropped him off for the first time, so of course I left second guessing my decision to take him out. But we’ll test out the place Friday and if I change my mind, then I can. I think we’ll still take him out of daycare though, since we can pay by the day at the new place and in the summer, we may only take him two days a week and then we save money.

I’m about to work on some schoolwork and I need to clean up around the house. I think I’ll head to the gym this morning and I’m considering trying somewhere to eat downtown and then head out to the beach for a little while before I get Jackson. I feel like I need some de-stressing time and to just take a few minutes to just forget about everything!


5 thoughts on “Jackson’s FIRST Birthday Weekend!

  1. I’m glad Jackson had a good birthday on Sunday even if the biggest thing that happened was going to Publix (and not getting that truck cart) and the walk. I liked the pics of you guys walking and his little car! Hopefully the new day care works out well and it’s neat that you can pay per day there. So sorry about the trip drama… I feel like it has to be tough travelling with a kid just around town here, much less travelling with him to Florida and also when you guys go to ATL. Hope this week goes better for ya!

    • Traveling with a kid definitely is harder than I thought it would be! I keep hoping it’ll get easier and easier as he gets older, but it hasn’t happened yet! He actually used to be easier to travel with. At least Jackson loves going to the store, so that was probably enough excitement for his birthday! Besides, he’ll never remember it anyway!

      • I feel like that too, especially say, birthday parties when the kid is 1 or 2. Those parties are really more for the adults to get together and hang out, drink, and eat cake than making it a special day for the kid, since the kiddo won’t remember it. I can imagine it might be easier to travel with a baby rather than a toddler or a small child.

  2. I can’t believe Jackson is a whole year old!!!! Your bump photos don’t even feel that long ago. That picture is beautiful, so natural. Poor Jackson feeling miserable on his birthday.

    • Isn’t it crazy?! I feel like I was pregnant so recently, but then at the same time, it seems like SO long ago! Having a baby does weird things to your time perception!

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