I’m Going to ICELAND!

I probably am about to get interrupted writing this since Jackson has been asleep for almost three hours, but oh well. I just found out that Laura is going to be able to go to Iceland with me this year!!!!!!!!

ICELAND!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her and her boyfriend are planning to move to Colorado this year, but they were waiting to see when they would be moving depending on if her boyfriend’s work contract was extended or not. The decision kept getting pushed off, but they heard this morning that it’s been extended again! Woohoo! I cannot wait to start planning Iceland! We already know we’re renting a car to drive around the country. This is my ultimate dream vacation. I cannot freaking wait! Good thing too, because I have travel fever again after Poland and need to get in every. single. vacation. possible. before we have baby number two.

(And now, finishing this post four hours later because I did get interrupted after that.)

Last night I had the meet-up with the Facebook mom’s group in Charleston. Four people had RSVPed and then Lisa, the girl I met up with on Tuesday, RSVPed in person. Turns out, only one mom showed up (not Lisa). I was totally prepared for nobody to actually show up so I wasn’t disappointed at all and it was actually kind of nice to just do a one-on-one dinner! The mom who came was great and she lives in a neighborhood right across the main road from us, so super close. I think I’ll message her sometime soon (like, next week or in two weeks- you never want to be that overly excited mom- it’s totally like dating) and see if she wants to meet up again for dinner or something.

I also went to the other “in-home daycare” (really just a SAHM with two kids) this morning and decided to go with that mom! I’m kind of nervous to give notice to the daycare tomorrow, but I think this will be best for Jackson. He was so excited to play with the toys today and the woman has a 13 month old boy and a daughter who is a few years old (I have no idea how old- oops). He was happy and didn’t cry at all and the mom is super flexible with days, so I think this could work great. And if it falls through in a few months, I’ll be done with school and we will just make it work! I feel good about the new place, but also a little nervous about making the wrong decision and I’m second guessing if he is really happy at his daycare. Ugh. Momming is so hard.

Jackson and I went to the playground this afternoon (we always go to the same one) and met another mom with a 13 month old. We talked almost the whole time we were there and I ended up getting her number (seriously like dating). She seemed really cool too but sort of not into giving me her number, but maybe I just read it wrong. But her son was also 13 months old and she mentioned not having any friends his age so she’s starting preschool for him in September to get him socialized. So I offered some playdates, but who knows if we’ll ever get together. I’ll shoot her a text next week sometime when I’m going to the park (they live in the neighborhoods right next to that park, which is maybe a five minute drive from us) and see if she wants to meet up with us.

It’s a lot of work making friends, haha. Although it is harder to move around with a kid, it definitely helps with meeting people. You always have kids in common and have playdates as an excuse to meet up. Even though the kids at this age just do their own thing. But I’m feeling pretty good now about this whole Charleston thing and am hopeful that somebody turns out being an actual good friend around here.

Other than that, Jackson has slept a ton today. I need to go wake him up because I have a feeling he’s going to wake up early tomorrow since he has napped SO much today. Oh well. I was getting a bunch of schoolwork done this morning (after I ate my breakfast in peace and quiet and enjoyed my cup of coffee) and this afternoon, I just cleaned up his crime scene from lunch.

We leave tomorrow for Florida just for the night/Saturday day. Jon’s aunt is going in town and his mom said we’re going to watch our oldest nephew’s t-ball game and then we’re going back to their house for a birthday party for Jackson. Which is nice, but I’m not a party person and had planned on not doing a party at all. I guess we’re going to be having one though. Jon and I are going to celebrate on Sunday with Jackson as a family (we’re coming back to Charleston on Saturday night when Jackson is asleep) and go to the children’s museum downtown and maybe to the beach if Jackson is doing well. I think I’ll swing by Saturday to pick him up a Nothing Bundt Cake since I love them and we can have that for his birthday cake. I need to go buy a #1 candle tomorrow for my big boy!

Alright, it’s 4:15. Time to go wake my bub up from his nap.


7 thoughts on “I’m Going to ICELAND!

  1. Nothing Bundt Cakes are so good. That red velvet one… white chocolate raspberry is good too! Glad you are meeting up with some moms and Jackson is getting socialization too. I hope the new daycare situation will work out. The lady we bought our home from keeps kids in her home as well, they moved to Grand Oaks, so there are definitely a lot of people in this area doing that and it seems like a better option than a large daycare.

    • Yeah, the person who is going to watch Jackson backs up to your neighborhood off one of the side roads. I actually thought she was in your neighborhood, but she’s just past it. It’s hard to find people who do in-home daycares, since the ones who are licensed by DSS are all full. The smaller ones typically aren’t listed publicly though. I love the white white chocolate bundt cakes and the lemon ones! I don’t really like the red velvet and chocolate. The darker cakes seem a lot more dry, for some reason.

      • I haven’t tried the white chocolate bundt cake, sounds like I need to try that one next! Clay loves everything lemon so I should probably get that one for him.

        Yeah, the in-home daycares around here seem to be mostly word of mouth. I know a few people in this neighborhood keep kids and have “advertised” on our Facebook group for the neighborhood. Once the daycare has so many kids, I know they have to have a license, so at least it should be a smaller caregiver-to-baby ratio?

  2. OMG that’s so exciting!!!! I’ve heard Iceland is AMAZING!

  3. AHHHHH I’m so excited you are going to Iceland, I know you hate them but please post about your trip so I can see what to visit when I got there.HaHa! I have the travel bug too, my sister is going to Goa next week and I was so tempted to join them, but house saving! UGH!
    I hope the daycare works out, I think you are right to follow your instincts as a mother and if you felt Jackson wasn’t happy then you are probably right! Glad you are making friends, it does sound like dating in an awkward and fun way!

    • I will do my best to post about Iceland, haha. I don’t have very much space left to upload photos on my wordpress though, so I’ve really slowed down on uploading photos! I need to figure out how to fix that. I found an awesome blog, unlockingkiki.com about a girl from Oregon who moved to Iceland a few years ago! I spent forever reading her blog the other night!

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