Mommin’ So Hard

I’m being lazy and I think I’m just never going back to the gym. Except I will because I just paid WAY TOO MUCH MONEY for personal training, but today I’m being lazy.

I had my mom-date yesterday up in North Charleston. The girl’s name is Lisa and she has a 13 month old, Nora (although I may have asked “How old is he?” and some people really hate then when people don’t know if their kid is a boy or girl- they all look the same). We met up at a park and it was actually really good. Jon had my stroller, but she had her stroller and a baby carrier so I ended up wearing Jackson for a walk in the woods. It was so nice to have adult interaction again and she was pretty cool. Similar to my kind of mom, I think. Laid back for sure. She mentioned trying to meet up every week so I really hope we do that. It’d be nice to have a Tuesday mom-date every week!

Tonight I set up an event on a mom’s group on Facebook, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m not sure who will even show up. Lisa said she’d come, so that should be at least one mom. But I have no clue if other moms will come or not. If not, I’ll just hang out alone.

I looked at a home daycare on Monday afternoon. I thought the girl was great, but she just getting licensed and opening the daycare, so there are some downfalls. Her ratio is 1:6 but who knows what age kids she’ll get. I want Jackson to have kids to play with, so it would be unfortunate if he ended up being with five infants because he’ll obviously get much less attention and won’t have playmates. Also, if she has set part-time kids, I may not be able to switch up my days of the week. But she is a set daycare, so it’d be consistent, and she’s doing an opening rate that is cheaper than some of the other places I’ve seen. Because it’s an actual daycare too, she has a room just for the kids to nap in too so it’s quiet and darker. She also is big on schedules.

I’m going tomorrow to meet with the girl who has a 13 month old who just watches kids at her house on the side. That’s more expensive, but has more flexibility. I sort of hope she works out, just because I like the flexible days if I need to switch things up. Most of the time, a set schedule works, but if I have a work class, I have to have somebody to watch Jackson.

I was feeling like maybe I jumped the gun on the daycare thing since he was finally happy at pick up, but then as soon as Jackson saw the owner today, he melted down. He hadn’t even left my arms yet. And then I checked the app where they post everything and they immediately gave him a bottle, even though he literally had just had one at home and I told them they’d need to give his oatmeal. Instead of just skipping his oatmeal then, they gave it at almost 11am, which is when he usually eats lunch. So his schedule is ALL OVER THE PLACE! I don’t care if daycare days aren’t the same as at home: we’re on a two nap schedule here and he eats at the same times. But I want his daycare days to all look the same as each other. His naps should be consistent. His eating should be consistent. He shouldn’t cry when he gets there. So… I have to give two weeks notice but I don’t think I can even keep taking him. I think I’m going to take him this Friday and then take all of his stuff with me when I leave and just pay them for the next two weeks and we’ll just be out the money for daycare. I wanted to have something in place ahead of time, but I just don’t think I can do it. I can’t drop off a screaming child for two more weeks. If I have to keep him at home until we find a better alternative, then I will. I’ll just adjust to life with him for a little while and we’ll make it work. And the other kid who goes there is younger than him, and in three weeks, this was the first time the had him out of the swing they strap him in. I’ve never seen him sitting up before. And half the time, he’s crying despite being the only baby in there when Jackson gets there.

I was going to go to the gym today, but a girl who I “met” on FB (haven’t even met her in person) asked me if I could take her kids to daycare tomorrow and the next day. I was worried about the seats fitting in my car with Jackson’s seat, so she was swinging by today either around 10:3o or 2. By the time I got Jackson to daycare and ate, it was 9:30. I finally texted her around 11 to see when she’d be by so I could work out and she came right over, but now I’ve lost my motivation. Oops. I was also in the middle of something for school and by the time I finished, I didn’t want to rush to work out and then rush to shower before getting Jackson. See- if I liked his daycare better, I wouldn’t feel bad about keeping him there longer… But I feel like he’s probably bored and misses me, so I always go get him pretty early.

And now I think I just want to shower and get ready before I pick Jackson up, since I have that meet up tonight and need to look presentable for that. So I may go get him and go to the park with my boy. I should try and get started on my next project that’s due for school, but have been putting it off. I think I’m doing fine on timelines anyway, I just think March is going to be a busy month.




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