Soccer Games, Friend Visits, & Personal Training

Happy Monday! I always seem to finally make it back to the WordPress world on Mondays. This past week has been a good one, though a bit stressful!

For the fun stuff: Jamie Lynn, John, and their two boys (Jon’s twin sister and her family) came in town last Tuesday night. The boys are 2 and 4, I believe. It can be stressful hosting children, especially since Jackson is still pretty easy to care for and I can easily clean up after just him, but it was actually way less stressful and a lot more fun than I was expecting. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to sit down and talk to Jamie and we got to sit and chat with each other while the kids were napping and John ran out and it was just nice to reconnect. We also realized that we parent pretty similarly so we meshed pretty well. I think Jackson was a little overstimulated, but he did well.

Jon and I also realized we can take Jackson out to eat now! It was really difficult for a little while since he didn’t ever want to sit still, but we took him out on Valentine’s Day (just for a quick meal, nothing fancy) and he did great, and we took him out at bedtime with Jamie and the boys and he did wonderful. The dining experience is still not as relaxing and I prefer not to have him with me at restaurants, but I feel like it opened up some more doors for us now and we can start getting out to try new places more often.

JL & J’s family (Jon and I text each other in initials for everybody) left on Thursday morning. On Friday afternoon, Kassie and Billy (my friends) came in town. Kassie is 23 weeks pregnant now. They sort of did their own thing on Friday and then on Saturday, we all went to Poogan’s Porch for breakfast. They had such good chicken and waffles! Jackson fell asleep right before we got there so Jon stayed in the car while he napped, but then Jackson was so good the rest of the day! He just hung out in his stroller while we explored. We let him play in the fountains downtown and he thought it was the best thing ever!

Kass and Billy came in town for a soccer game (Atlanta just got a soccer team and there was a pre-season came in Charleston) that we thought was at 7:30, but it ended up being at 4:30. It was a whole mess. But anyway, the boys took Jackson to the house and Kassie and I got to hang out by ourselves for a little while! It was so nice to be out in Charleston with a friend and no baby! But then we realized we had to go home to watch Jackson while the boys went to the soccer game, except it turned out that we all had to go (long and confusing- I won’t get into the details because it’s boring).

Taking Jackson to the game wasn’t nearly as bad as taking him to the Braves home opener when he was three weeks old, but not quite that enjoyable. He didn’t want to sit still and he’s in a phase where he wants to walk ALL OVER THE PLACE, but he won’t hold me hand and he fusses if I won’t let him climb all the stairs in public places. He can’t be contained and he gets very angry if you try to contain him. So I didn’t pay attention to the game at all.


We got home Saturday night in time to put Jackson to bed and then Kass and I hung out (the boys were at the Charleston game then still- we drove separately). Kass and Billy left early Sunday.

On Sunday, Jon and I went to the outlets and I got a few things from J. Crew. Then we went to the beach with Jackson and he was so happy, as always. I was pretty tired last night. I’ve had an incessant cough at night that is driving me insane, so I’ve been taking Ambien every night and have just been so tired. So we just chilled last night at home.

So, last week was stressful because Jackson just kept melting down when I dropped him off at daycare. I made a post on a mom’s group I’m in on FB about his daycare and so many said it just didn’t sound right. It’s really hard because he’s at an age where he knows if we leave him (he even cries if Jon goes to work or if Jon’s in his office on the phone and Jackson can’t get in), so I can’t tell if he cries at daycare because he doesn’t like it or because of his phase. Then they turned off the cameras at daycare for parents to see (I never had access, but I decided I wanted to check them out because of the crying). You can’t just sneak it at pick up- you have to ring the doorbell and wait for somebody to come. I don’t know. He just doesn’t seem happy. So I cried like, all day last week (I can’t even remember when) because I just couldn’t decide if he’s happy. So I spent $60 for and shouldn’t have. I set up interviews with nannies, but don’t want to spend that money, nor do I really want him at home. But then a girl posted on my post and she was from Charleston too and let me know of a nanny share website! So I found all these great resources and in-home daycares that I’m going to check out this week. And the price isn’t too different from daycare. One is a few dollars cheaper and the others are a little more expensive. I just hate to switch him to a new daycare entirely since this is his third and he’s only a year! It’s stressful to constantly move back and forth. But his schedule is always different at this daycare and nothing is consistent, and I just hate that he seems so upset at drop off. Although, he stopped crying last week when I pick him up, so that’s good, I think. I guess I took for granted how amazing our daycare in Atlanta was (for like, over twice the cost). I felt GREAT leaving Jackson in daycare there and the ladies would kiss him before he left and tell him they loved him and Jackson got so excited about getting to daycare!

It still surprises me how much you can care about your tiny little person. It really does break my heart in a way I never even thought would be imaginable to have him cry and not want me to leave him. Especially since it’s such a new thing! I feel like HE’S not happy at daycare and it makes me so sad. I just want my boy to be happy and for him to feel loved. I feel like I never should have wasted all those tears on exes back in the day because my heart breaks enough for this kid. Being a mom is a crazy thing!

Back to regular life- Today I had a fitness eval for signing up at my new gym. I really liked the guy doing the eval but I totally got pressured into 3 months of training! Jon was like, “Why didn’t you just say you had to discuss the prices with your husband?” and I had totally planned on saying that in my head, but I ended up just somehow signing up. It all happened so fast, haha. But I am doing once a month for three months and it costs more than CrossFit, so I’m going to hold off on CrossFit obviously. Which is maybe good. My hip is so incredibly stiff and I’m more out of shape than I thought. I really want to take the time to get my hip flexibility back (this is the one I injured). And I need to strengthen my left foot from the stress fracture since it still causes me pain sometimes. Plus, I need to get my eating back on track. I’ve been eating healthier, but not nearly enough. I eat when I’m hungry, but I want to gain 7-8lbs back so I need to eat way more food. It’s just busy with a kid. I’m always on the go and doing things for him and feeding myself takes a back seat. So, over the next three months, I’ll do this and get back in the groove of working out and then I think I’ll actually go back to CrossFit. I’m just typing this all out to justify the amount of money I spent this morning. Also, I have thought about getting my personal training certificate (you know, because I’m not spending thousands on my master’s degree or anything) so this may actually be kind of neat to do. I’ve never done personal training so it’ll kind of give me some insight into what they do really.

I actually haven’t worked out at all (and didn’t today) because of my cough. I’m going to go tomorrow, I think, but I’m still so snotty and coughing nonstop. I’ll just ease back into it.

Alright, time to go do some work. I didn’t know I’d talk this much today.

8 thoughts on “Soccer Games, Friend Visits, & Personal Training

  1. Yeah, I’ve never done a fitness eval for any gym I’ve joined for that reason. They always try to sell you on personal training! Then if you don’t sign up, they call you and pressure you with it. I’ve never been a gym rat and only go for classes and cross training so I didn’t want any of that, I just wanted somewhere to go for yoga or BodyFlow or whatever class!

    I saw where you guys went to Poogan’s… it’s so good! Glad y’all enjoyed it and glad the weekend wasn’t too stressful with all the kids. It looks like you had a really amazing weekend, I don’t even know about the soccer games and stuff like that. I’ve been to that stadium for a rugby match though and that was a lot of fun.

    • I have done the evals before and refused the personal training plenty of times! I actually really like the guys who work in this gym though. It’s the same guys all the time and they’re super laid back so I don’t think it would have been an issue had I said no. But I didn’t, haha. And all I really wanted to do here was a little training to get in shape for CrossFit again, but oh well. I actually went to Poogan’s Porch years ago with friends but I didn’t remember the food at all. I only remember where we sat. We were actually headed to Toast but we parked in that deck right there and when I saw Poogan’s Porch, we decided do go there since I feel like it’s a Charleston staple. I really liked that stadium. They had food trucks out there and everything which I thought was really cool. And it was small enough that you literally can’t have a bad seat. Hopefully we’ll get to go to a few more soccer games.

      • Poogans >>> Toast. You made the right decision. I’ve only been to the West Ashley Toast location though, I just didn’t care for it (very slow and the food just wasn’t as good as Poogan’s or 82 Queen).

      • I saw 82 Queen and thought of you since I had just read that you went there. The reviews on Toast weren’t great, but we had Jackson so I was nervous about a lot of the places we read reviews on since it said they weren’t kid friendly! Toast said it was!

      • Haha, I never know how to answer that question on Yelp if a place is kid-friendly. I’m not sure what that entails… a kids menu? Bathrooms having a changing table?

        VA and I went to Poogan’s Porch and took Stella a few years ago and she was fine. But, I think it all depends on the kid and how they are in restaurants.

      • It’s kid friendly if it’s not overly quiet, if there is a place to set up a highchair, if it’s not super fancy and is okay if a little food gets on the floor (we clean it up, but you know, you never want to be the slobs next to fancy people!). Most places don’t have a changing table so I use the floor and don’t stress that. It’s mostly just not being smashed in a small space and not being too nice. Poogan’s was kid-friendly enough for us.

  2. I always get talked into signing up for stuff like that, kevin goes nuts at me sometimes cause I can’t even explain why I agree to it!Haha!
    Sounds like you had good fun having people visit and that’s great that you can’t take Jackson out to eat now. My friend had her one year old out for lunch the other day and she wanted to hold my hands and walk up and down the patio area, stupidly I did it once or twice then every time I stopped she had a meltdown so I had to keep doing it, my back was killing me but she was too cute to refuse!
    That does sound a bit off with the daycare!!
    I think personal training would be good to do!

    • I always resist stuff like that! I think just because the guy was so nice this time and it was never like I had an option to sign up. He just assumed I would (good sales tactic). One year olds are so picky, haha. Jackson is tons of fun right now, but it’s definitely a tough stage with him wanting to go everywhere by himself, especially since he’s still pretty unsteady unless he’s on a flat surface.

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