Colds & Ear Infections & Charleston

Happy Monday! After finally starting to get back into the gym last week, I ended up sick. Womp womp. On Thursday (my rest day from the gym, but I went Tuesday and Wednesday), I noticed Jackson’s eyes were super crusty. I figured we wouldn’t be able to take him to daycare on Friday, so I ended up waking up at 5:30 to go to the gym on Friday morning. I was feeling a little under the weather at the gym, but nothing major.

Jackson and I hit up the pediatrician and found out he has an ear infection, not pink eye (THANK THE LAWD!). I brought him home and he ended up taking a nap that was just over three hours. So I did some schoolwork, did some cooking, and some other random stuff, I’m sure.

Jon and I went to bed early on Friday night because we’re lame.

I woke up Saturday feeling pretty miserable. I had planned on going to the gym super early again before our day started, but I snoozed until Jackson woke up too. I took a bunch of Motrin and ran to Whole Foods for the week and then Jon and I had to go to Savannah. His clinical rep had cancer in remission, but it has been back now for a little while and there was a fundraising event for her. It was nice to meet a lot of Jon’s coworkers (I had never met his boss), but it wasn’t the best circumstances. Jackson has been super sleepy since being sick and I was feeling pretty bad… Jackson also didn’t want to sit still at all (reasons we don’t go out to eat), so I walked him down to the beach for a little bit and let him go crazy since he LOVES the beach!

We left Savannah around 5:30, so Jackson passed out for the night in the car. I was exhausted s we hung out on the couch when we got home (around 7pm). I was being pouty because I’m bored with Charleston already. I really miss having a babysitter. I hate the thought of paying somebody over $10 an hour to watch Jackson for a date night and haven’t found anybody who can do a sitter swap with me, so Jon and I can’t get out. And I don’t have friends here yet and I miss being social! I miss working. But I feel like it’s pointless to make a huge effort to meet a bunch of people because I’m only here for 6 months anyway! And then I may be back here, but I may not be! I’m being a little overdramatic here, especially since I’ve still only been out here for a total of three weeks (one week in early December, and then over the last two weeks, I had to go back to Atlanta for one of the weekends) and Jackson and I have both been sick now in that time… But man, I miss my Atlanta life!

Enough of my drama. Saturday night once we went to bed, I ended up having cold chills almost all night. I felt so horrible. Jon woke up with Jackson on Sunday morning and let me lay in bed. Jon even brought me tea with honey in it because my cough is so horrible and my throat is killing me! It was sweet! I took some Dayquil and once that kicked in, I think my fever came down and I started feeling a little better.

We made it to Publix, where we stuck Jackson in one of those carts with the trucks on the front and he had a blast! It was so cute! I could hear him squealing from a few aisles away. We got home and had lunch, put Jackson down for his afternoon nap, and then Jon and I both fell asleep.

Jon had to go back to Savannah or the night to conduct interviews with his boss, so I was all alone. Thankfully I felt much better until about 8pm last night, so Jackson and I went out for a walk and then he went to bed by 6:20. I’m so glad we did Babywise and have 6:30 bedtimes. Seriously. My nights are the best.

I was in bed by 9:15. This morning I kept trying to figure out when I should take Jackson to daycare (he can go 3 days a week), but I decided to take him today. I had him for the last five days and just needed some alone time!

I dropped him off and then went to Vintage Coffee Co in Mt Pleasant. It was in a super cute area out there! The coffee shop was decent, but I couldn’t concentrate in there to get schoolwork done because it was too loud. So I left and walked around Shem Creek (super cute!) before coming home. I’m home now. Need to get on the school stuff, and then I’ll get Jackson around 3:30 probably. Jon will be home this evening.

This week will be busy! Jon’s twin sister and her family (husband and two boys) are supposed to come Tuesday night-Thursday morning, and Kassie and Billy come out Thursday night-Sunday morning. I’m excited!



4 thoughts on “Colds & Ear Infections & Charleston

  1. Oh no! Hope you feel better soon and Jacksons ear infection clears up, typical just when you get back into gym life!
    It must be tough to settle in when you know it’s not a permanent home!

  2. The thing with Charleston is you have to go to the different festivals and such. There’s always a lot going on on weekends but the weekdays can be a bit boring. Right now is a good time to go downtown because it’s DEAD in the evenings. We went to Second Sunday on King yesterday and it was really awesome (beautiful day for it). Then we bought a couch and pretty much passed out that evening so yeah.

    Have you taken Jackson to any of the playgrounds on Daniel Island? There are some awesome ones out there… it would make for a nice little morning trip away from the house. I don’t know the directions/address to the playground but one is pirate themed and I can ask one of my friends who used to live on the island to tell me where it is.

    • I didn’t know about the playgrounds on Daniel Island. I bet I could google the pirate themed one though. I’ve been taking him to the park and rec nearby since he mostly just likes the swings and the slide. He’s still a little unsteady if he’s walking on uneven ground so the playgrounds get a little tricky for him, but I think he’ll be ready soon to really play on them. Jackson goes to bed by 6:30 and a lot of nights, Jon doesn’t get home until 5, so it’s hard to go out together as a family. We’re going to try and start going to do something at least one evening during the week if he’s home early. I’m hoping to be able to go to stuff on weekends more soon, except our weekends are already getting so booked up with GA and FL and we have people coming in town and I’ll be in Georgia for a lot of March/April, so it’ll be hot by the time we make it back! I think I just need to be more patient- I haven’t even been here that long yet!

  3. Hope your feeling better – I hate feeling under the weather! x
    Izzy |

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