Life as a SAHM

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love staying at home! I know it’s kind of cheating because Jackson is actually in daycare three days a week, but I have so much more time! Jackson has been super fussy lately and giving me a run for my money. Even yesterday when he was fussing nonstop, I didn’t even get frustrated because I’m not really in a hurry anymore. I always felt a time crunch when I was working to get Jackson to sleep for naps so I could get stuff done and do schoolwork, but this is way easier. Despite his incessant crying (which is totally abnormal for him, but other than a cold, he’s fine according to his pediatrician here), I still manage to enjoy him.

Yesterday I went to the gym for the FIRST time in months! It was an easy day and nothing crazy. I knew I’d be sore no matter what I did, so I didn’t go crazy. I walked an incline for 20 minutes, did some step ups onto a bench, push ups, air squats, dips, and a few pull ups (I can still do them, yay! although not many), and that was really about it. I’m going back later today but I didn’t feel like sitting in traffic to get there when I dropped Jackson off today. The gym here has a lot of stuff but is so small! I think the whole gym is the size of the free weight section at my old gym, but the staff seems awesome and the gym has a lot of nontraditional stuff. Also, the childcare was wonderful! They have tons of toys and the girl was so nice working there and I felt good about leaving Jackson with her! I’m hoping the late morning/early afternoon will be less busy since I just feel awkward trying to navigate my way around a new gym like a lost person when everybody is in there. I also could definitely feel my foot after walking on the incline, but it seems okay today. I feel like it’s not all the way healed yet but I’m too impatient to keep staying off of it. Maybe I’ll just have chronic pain.

Jackson had a total meltdown after the gym, so our plans to go to this toddler time play thing at the rec center changed to just a little date at the playground with my boy! He LOVES being outside and had so much fun at the playground! We were coming up on nap time so we didn’t stay long, but he was the cutest thing ever in the swing! Pure joy! Another little girl was there so Jackson followed her around and wanted to do everything that she was doing. She and Jackson took turns on the slide and he was just in heaven! It was super cute.

We got home and did a quick lunch (he has been eating so little lately compared to normal, so any meal that he eats is a success to me) before he went down for a three hour long nap! He sat up and started playing in the middle of his nap and I thought for sure it was over, but he went back to sleep! So I did lots of food prepping and cooking, cleaned up, and did schoolwork and showered. The usual mom stuff that never ends.

He woke up from his nap and we played inside, had a snack, and then went for a long walk. Jon didn’t get home until later since he went to the gym but then he had a conference call, so most of our evening was spent hanging out inside. Once I put Jackson to bed, I ran to Target for all sorts of glass tupperware and new cleaning supplies that are green. Jon and I wanted to watch an anti-vax documentary the other night but we didn’t see any on Netflix, so we watched this movie about the chemicals (mostly in plastic). Not that I didn’t know this stuff, but man, I felt motivated to green up our life a little! No more plastic dishes and definitely better cleaning supplies! I bought glass water bottles for me too! I had wanted to do glass baby bottles with Jackson and we didn’t, but I think I might next time around. Even though bottles have a tough life and get thrown a lot, so I’m worried about how glass will hold up. I’m also glad I watched the documentary (have no idea what the name was) since I have to write about a bill for my master’s degree, and I’m going to write about banning bisphenols in plastics. So, save $150, search for documentaries on chemicals on Netflix, and then go to Target and buy all new stuff, haha.

I was going to have coffee with a girl at 1pm today that I “met” on a Charleston mom group on FB, but she is sick and rescheduled. Probably a good thing though since I’m feeling behind on schoolwork after spending all weekend in Georgia. So I’m going to run to the gym later and do schoolwork all day. I have a feeling it’ll be another late night for Jon since he’s in Savannah today and is going to the gym after. I’m pretty excited that he’s been going to the gym since we’ve been here! I really hope it lasts since health is important!

Anyway, off to start on school. I’m so unmotivated with school lately. I would be so tempted to just drop out and stay working super minimal hours, but I’m already halfway done and know I would regret not finishing it in the future. I actually am excited about my degree too and hope to use it one day, but for now, I just want to chill at home and live the life.


6 thoughts on “Life as a SAHM

  1. Okay, I think I need to find a “mom group” here. I was thinking about that today how I know NO MOMS here and that might be really bad. As much as I like staying at home too…I need a little real life interaction haha. Do you find groups like that ok Facebook?! Also. I’m tempted now to watch this documentary. But then I’m not because I really don’t want to go out and buy new stuff haha. Maybe I’ll stay oblivious a little while longer. And we have no bottles. Like I didn’t even register for any. Did you have to use bottles a lot because of Day care etc? I was just thinking how I will probably rarely if ever need to bottle feed….but I should get SOME. Maybe I’ll get glass ones and consider myself green haha .

    • I used bottles because I didn’t like nursing and I exclusively pumped for 11 months! So I spent HOURS a day pumping initially (it decreased drastically as time went on, but I made 55-60oz a day (babies eat about 30oz a day) for about 8 months. So if you ever have any questions about pumping, storing milk, anything- I’m your girl! I’ll send you my number on FB just so you have it! I also wanted milk saved (and J to take bottles) because I knew I’d be going out of town and wanted to be able to get out with the girls for an evening or go on a date with Jon and not stress about my boob being his only food source. But anyway, the documentary was so good! You should totally watch it! I did find the groups on FB! Atlanta had much better groups, but I found the Atlanta ones through Mom groups that co-workers invited me to. I just searched Charleston ones and found a few, but most are workout type groups and most aren’t very active (the groups, not the moms). You could check Hike It Baby and sign up and see if they have hikes near you. There are a lot of easy trail walks with strollers and that’s what I was going to do today (but Jackson ended up sleeping instead). Having mom friends is SO nice! Especially because babies are such a change that it’s nice to get out and feel like a person occasionally!

  2. I’ve just had a few days off work and could totally see myself being a housewife, haha!! So much time to work out and lunch with the girls! Damn work just gets in the way of life!!! Jackson sounds so cute! I didn’t watch any documentaries but I have read about plastics and detergents being linked to cancer etc, it’s actually frightening!

    • It is frightening! I bought all new detergent and I would love to switch Jackson to glass dishes, but it’s just not realistic with a baby! I want to have lunch with the girls! I need to find some friends here! I’m working on it, but it’s way harder as an adult!

      • I know!!! My sister has moved to a new town too and said if it wasn’t for baby groups she wouldn’t know anyone, people just don’t chat to strangers much these days!!!

  3. Oh and Well Done on still being able to do a pull up, I still can’t, haha!!!!!!

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