Charleston Dos

Hey-o, Day 2 in Charleston! Jon and I happened to wake up at 5:30 today (so did Jackson- we finally have our monitor mounted again so I can actually see him in the crib and he was sitting in his crib playing with all of his loveys- it was so freaking cute!)! I’m seriously loving these early wake ups. I’m like a whole new woman. And oddly enough, since coming back from Poland, I’ve had way more energy than before. I have no idea if it’s the early bedtime and early waking. Maybe it’s eating better. No idea. But I feel great. Maybe it’s just the beautiful weather motivating me at life. Haha. I didn’t even have coffee  until today, and I didn’t even feel like I needed it for energy. I just love coffee.

I’m solo-Mommin’ it today since Jon is in Savannah and has a late interview (he’s doing the interview- no new job in our future) today. And tomorrow I head back to Atlanta. I really wish I didn’t have to go back to Atlanta at all this month. It’s going to be a pain keeping my job back there, but I’m telling myself that it’s just one weekend a month and it’ll pay off in the long run. It keeps me from having a gap in my employment too, which will keep me more marketable whenever I need to apply for jobs in Charleston (or somewhere else!) after I’m done with school. I’m still sort of bummed about the fact that I’ll probably have to quit my job when I’m done with school, especially because I could probably get into a management role there once I’m done with school. I’m trying not to think about it too much since I know life could look totally different for us in a year from now, but I wish it was easier to plan my career. I guess that’s what happens when the other person is the breadwinner though, and I can technically work anywhere. I’m thinking of switching out of the ER though once I’m done with school and either get into pediatrics or go into public health. I think I’d love public health! I almost did my masters in it but decided to go with management since management has way more money in it than public health (and I can still do public health without a degree in it).

Anyway, Jon is kind of convinced he wants to do a ketogenic diet. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I mean, we admit patients into the hospital for being ketotic, so it doesn’t make sense to me to put your body in a state of ketosis. But from the little bit I’ve looked at, it seems to be beneficial. I just need to research it more. I don’t personally want to do it, but would make a switch back to mostly Paleo. I don’t want to lose any weight and am hoping to gain 5-10lbs (10 is probably not realistic- I need to gain a lot of muscle to get back to 105), so I don’t want a diet that encourages fat burning. So, we’ll see. It seems pretty strict for Jon to completely stick to, especially if I’m still making food that I want to eat too. But it’d be good to shoot for that with some extra carbs, since it has the basic principles of Paleo anyway (except keto allows dairy).

I’m just going to get some schoolwork done today and maybe clean the floors if I have time! Babies sure mess up floors! Mostly in the kitchen since that’s where he eats, but still… I haven’t cleaned them since we moved in so I feel like it needs to be done. And I want to pick our room up a little bit more and try to get things together. I also need to call to add our dresser to our claim since that got messed up in our move too, which I hadn’t realized. Man, fun stuff. Hoping to get Jackson around 3 since I’ll be gone tomorrow! I’m going to miss him over the weekend! He’s been so fun lately.

This post is boring, but I should go get work done now. I’m slacking big time. I really just want to go out to the beach, but hopefully if I get ahead this week, I can go next week one day if the weather stays good!


One thought on “Charleston Dos

  1. I feel so much better when I get up and start my day early too, I’m currently stuck in a cycle of bad sleep so it’s not been happening! Sounds like you are settling in, must be good having your own space again!

    I wish I had the will power to stick to diets!! A girl in my office does a ketogenic diet and she has lost lots of weight and looks amazing, but I do think it’s quite intense and she gets so grumpy, I think because she is craving carbs!!

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